2022’s Greatest Margarita Mixes

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If you want to enjoy a soothing drink after a hard day at work but want to stay at home, one thing you can do is look for the finest margarita mix so you can prepare wonderful cocktails at home.

Do you want to learn more about it? This blog discusses some of the greatest margarita mixes available on the market. The greatest thing is that they are quite simple to create. Just take a glass and your favorite alcoholic beverage, and you’re ready to make the ideal margarita.

Do you need a margarita machine to precisely combine your margarita? You may be interested in this ranking of the best margarita machines.

5 Best Margarita Mixes Worth Buying

Getting a nice margarita mix is not difficult. Nowadays, there are several margarita mixes available; the issue is, which one is the best? Seeing them in many brands, flavors, and packages might make it difficult to select one.

Choosing the finest margarita mix can be a simple with our list of some of the top margarita mixes. So, are you ready to investigate them? Let’s get started!

1. Lt. Blender’s Margarita in a Bag – Best Budget Choice

Do you want to wow your guests? You can never go wrong with Lt. Blenders Margarita’s margarita mix. This easy-to-make margarita mix comes in a compact bag, making it simpler to transport to a picnic, beach, or BBQ.

This combination is nut-free and vegan, with significant components such as lime orange, sugar, and citric acid. One of the most intriguing aspects of this mix is its packaging.

The bag is intended to make measuring the precise quantity of ingredients easy. It eliminates any guesswork from crafting the perfect margarita.

Why not match it with a delicious gluten-free green loaded cauliflower crust pizza? Check out the whole recipe here.

  • Gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free
  • There are no artificial flavors.
  • Mixture of lime, lemon, and orange
  • Simple to prepare
  • Contains a lot of sugar

2. Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix – Best Overall

Tres Agaves meets all the boxes for what to look for in the ideal margarita. It has four natural ingredients: lime juice, agave nectar, vitamin C, and filter water.

Above important, this sweetened mixture has no high fructose corn syrup and just 68 calories per serving. Since it is on the sweeter side, you may want to add some more lime to boost the sourness of your drink.

  • Margarita mix with lime
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • There is no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Glass bottles that may shatter during delivery
  • Since it is a sweeter mixture, you may need to add more lime.

3. Owl’s Brew Watermelon Margarita Cocktail Mixer – Best Premium Choice

This margarita mix contains unusual ingredients such as watermelon, pomegranate, and freshly brewed organic white tea. It works best when combined with tequila.

But, you may mix it with other spirits like as vodka, gin, bourbon, champagne, or even wheat beer. If you don’t want to drink, try adding sparkling water for a delightful treat.

The fact that this cocktail mixer has no artificial flavors is its finest feature. It is vegan, gluten-free, and calorie-free. With all of these benefits, isn’t this margarita mix at the top of your list?

  • Composed entirely of natural components
  • May be combined with a wide range of spirits.
  • Low calorie intake
  • Vegan and gluten-free options
  • Contains vitamin C
  • It lacks the traditional lime taste.
  • After opening, keep refrigerated and use within two weeks.

4. Zing Zang Margarita Mix – Best Natural Ingredients Mix

Are you looking for a colorless and preservative-free margarita mix? Have a look at this Zing Zang Margarita Mix. When combined with fresh lime juice, this mixture produces a smooth and tasty margarita cocktail.

Pure cane sugar, blue agave nectar, citric acid, salt, natural flavors, and a juice combination of water and concentrated lime, key lime, and grapefruit juices are among the components.

Enjoy a refreshing, zesty lime drink with a dash of sweetness. It also makes an excellent alcohol-free cocktail when combined with sparkling water.

  • Natural substances were used.
  • The delicious flavor of limes
  • There are no preservatives.
  • It may not be sweet enough for certain people’s preferences.

5. Thoughtfully Gifts Skinny Margarita Set – Best Gift Pack

Choose this gift box if you want to get something unique and memorable for the margarita enthusiasts in your life.

This unique gift set includes a delightful lime margarita mix bottle, a wonderfully sized cactus cocktail shaker, rimming salt, and two Cactus Shot Glasses. In brief, it has everything a margarita enthusiast needs to prepare the ideal margarita (except alcohol).

  • Excellent present
  • A fantastic kit with everything you need to create a margarita (except alcohol)
  • More expensive than a margarita mix

Why Buy Margarita Mix?

Margaritas have a unique place in the hearts of all cocktail enthusiasts. Making homemade margaritas is usually a good idea, but the effort of doing it is another story.

It is not always feasible to squeeze an incredible quantity of fresh lime juice, which is why it is advisable to have pre-made margarita mixes on hand.

Imagine holding a party and squeezing the juice from a dozen lemons and limes instead of attending to your guests and enjoying the celebration.

Having the finest margarita mix on hand eliminates the headache and inconvenience. All you have to do is combine the mix with the booze of your choice in a pitcher and give it a thorough swirl.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Margarita Mix

Consider the following factors to guarantee that you acquire the finest margarita mix for your needs:


When selecting your margarita mix, one of the most crucial items to consider is the components. If you want a pure combination, choose one with simple components like sugar and juice from actual limes or other citrus fruits like lemon.

Similarly, if you’re searching for low-sugar choices, seek for a mix with just a trace of sugar. Several mixes are sugar-free and low in calories, yet many include artificial sweeteners.

If you prefer an organic blend, you may be able to discover choices that include exclusively organic components. Check the ingredients to verify that the combination you want to buy meets your requirements.

Liquid Mix or Powdered Mix

That is entirely a matter of personal preference. A powdered mix, on the other hand, will be simpler to store than a liquid one. Whether you decide to take it to a friend’s party or on a picnic, you won’t have any problems with portability.


It is recommended to choose a blend that provides real flavor and taste to your margarita drink. Again, this is a subjective taste, with some being sour and others being sweeter.

Examine the components to see how sweet or sour they are. In general, authentic-tasting mixtures are constructed entirely of natural flavors. It may take a few attempts to discover the right blend for you, but you will ultimately find it.


There are many different margarita mixes on the market. This means that you may purchase margarita mixes at a variety of pricing points, flavors, and volumes.

You may usually pick between a single serving bottle and a 32-ounce bottle. It is advisable to evaluate the price per serving to see if a certain mix is within your pricing range.

Conclusion + Our Top Pick

Which of the margarita mixes mentioned above would you choose? Lt. Blenders Margarita in a Bag is our favorite. It is inexpensive, one of the simplest to make, and vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free.

Moreover, the measures printed on the bag assist in creating the ideal margarita cocktail.


What margarita mix do most restaurants use?

Most Popular Margarita Cocktails
Organic Margarita Mix Tres Agaves.
Classic Lime Original Margarita Mix by Jose Cuervo.
Classic Margarita by Powell & Mahoney.
Citrus Agave from Morris Kitchen.
Organic Margarita Mix by Agalima.
Margarita Blend with Zing Zang.
Habanero Margarita by Hella Cocktail Co.
Triple Citrus Margarita Blend from Barsmith.
Mar 30, 2022

What is the best already made margarita?

Premade Margaritas with Alcohol
Golden Margarita by José Cuervo. 4.8 stars out of 5…
Prepare to drink Margaritaville Lime. 5 stars out of 5…
Margarita Durango Ultimate. 4.4 stars out of 5…
Margarita from Chi Chi…
Strawberry Margarita by José Cuervo…
Margarita de Salvador…
Margarita Skinnygirl…
Skinny Margarita by Chi Chi.
More to come…

What is the 321 margarita rule?

To make a traditional margarita, remember the 3-2-1 ratio: three parts tequila, two parts excellent triple sec (such as Luxardo Triplum, Cointreau, or Combier), and one part lime juice. Serve it on the rocks with salt, as shown, or in a cold glass.

What margarita is most popular?

It should come as no surprise that the most popular margarita flavor is lime. When you order a typical or ordinary margarita at a restaurant, you will be served a lime-flavored margarita.

What is Texas Roadhouse Signature margarita Mix?

The Legendary Margarita at Texas Roadhouse is created with 19% Persian lime juice and blue agave from Mexico’s Jalisco area, combined with orange oils to produce a one-of-a-kind taste profile. The Legendary Margarita has been the trademark cocktail of Texas Roadhouse since its inception in 1993.

What is a top shelf margarita vs house margarita?

Tequila, Triple-sec orange liqueur, lime juice, and a ton of sugar are typical components in a Margarita. A top-shelf Margarita, as the name implies, has higher-quality ingredients: Anejo Tequila that has been aged with a high-end orange liqueur like Grand Marnier.

What is a top shelf margarita made of?

The Best of the Best Margarita
12 oz. top-shelf tequila.
Cointreau, 12 oz.
12 oz. Grand Marnier.
1 ounce fresh lime juice.
½ ounce fresh lemon juice.
½ ounce fresh orange juice.
½ ounce simple syrup.
For garnish, use a slice of lime.
More to come…

What is the difference between a Texas margarita and a regular margarita?

A standard margarita is prepared with lime juice, while a Texas margarita includes a splash of orange juice. The inclusion of orange adds another layer of flavor and sweetens the drink, making it very refreshing. This margarita is ideal for hot summer evenings!

How do you make store bought margarita mix better?

Grapefruit juice, for example, may also be used to refresh your drink. A splash of fruit juice may also be used to enhance the taste of your margaritas. Grapefruit juice has a tangy, somewhat sour taste, whilst pineapple juice has a more tropical flavor.

What does ordering a margarita say about you?

A unique blend of sweet, salty, and sour elements creates a robust flavor that reflects the personality of a Margarita drinker. If you pick this vivid drink, you are likely to be highly active, extroverted, and at ease being the center of attention.

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