2022’s Top Truffle Oils

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Truffle oil might be the hidden ingredient you’ve been hunting for to elevate your pastas, pizzas, polenta, popcorn, salads, and sauces. Truffle oil imparts a particular taste to your cuisine, leaving you wanting more.

This article will provide you recommendations for selecting the finest truffle oil for your recipes as well as a review of some of the top truffle oils on the market.

The 8 Best Truffle Oils

1. La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil


Natural white truffle taste, natural flavors, and natural truffle extract are all found in organic high-oleic sunflower oil.

The taste of the La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil is complex (woodsy, earthy, and fruity), as is typical with white alba truffles. It may be used in a variety of dishes, such as as a spread or dressing in pastas, soups, and marinades.


  • Free of BPA packaging
  • Natural white truffle extract is used.
  • Suitable for a variety of diets (kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian)


  • Several consumers thought the taste was too light for them.

2. D’allesandro White Truffle Oil

Canola oil, olive oil, and white truffle taste are among the ingredients.

The basic oils for the Dallesandro White Truffle Oil are canola and olive oil. It is prepared by flavoring the basic oils with white truffle oil. It tastes lightly garlicky.


  • Affordable
  • It comes in lovely packaging.
  • It has a lovely garlicky scent and flavor.


  • It is not made from actual truffles.

3. Taste of Truffles White Truffle Oil


White truffles, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil

This truffle oil is created from a combination of base oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, and grapeseed oil. It infuses the truffle taste with genuine white truffle. The manufacturer suggests using the oil solely as a dressing and not for cooking or sautéing.


  • May be used as a dressing in a variety of dishes.
  • It has a strong garlicky flavor.
  • Non-GMO
  • Suitable for a variety of diets (kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian)


  • A little costly

4. Truff Hot Sauce


Organic Agave Nectar, Olive Oil infused with Black Truffle Essence, Lycopene and Glycerin (for color), Organic Cumin, and Xanthan Gum, Red Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Organic Sugar, Garlic, Salt, and Black Truffle, Organic Cumin, and Xanthan Gum.


  • Vegan and gluten-free options
  • If you prefer to spice up your food, this is a great alternative.
  • There are no preservatives.


  • If you dislike heat, this is not a good choice.

5. Urbani White Truffle Infused Oil


Aroma of olive oil and white truffles

The Urbani White Truffle Infused Oil is prepared with artisan olive oil and the scent of white truffles. It is not produced with genuine white truffles, but rather with their scent. It has a subtle scent that is ideal if you want to prevent an overpowering garlicky flavor.


  • It has a light scent.
  • Affordable
  • May be used in a variety of dishes.


  • It is not prepared with genuine white truffles.

6. TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil (Tuber Borchii)


Extra virgin olive oil, white truffles, and white truffle taste

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil (Tuber Borchii) is created by steeping fresh white truffles in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It has a strong garlic fragrance and flavor. It works well as a finishing oil in a variety of dishes, including salads, pastas, pizzas, risottos, and as a marinade. This truffle oil is kosher, devoid of nuts, gluten, vegan, and vegetarian.


  • Prepared with extra virgin olive oil that has been cold-pressed.
  • Garlic flavor and aroma
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and kosher
  • Gluten-free and nut-free


  • Some individuals find truffle oils to be overpowering.

7. Chef Jean Pierre’s White Truffle Oil


Chef Jean Pierres White Truffle Oil is made in Italy using natural components such as olive oil and genuine white truffles that are steeped in oil. It has a distinct but subtle scent and flavor of white truffle. It may be used as a dressing in a variety of dishes, including mashed potatoes, rice, eggs, soups, risotto, mashed potatoes, and popcorn. Since it has a strong taste, use it sparingly.


  • There are no chemicals or artificial tastes.
  • To add taste, genuine white truffles are used.
  • It has a strong taste.
  • May be used in a variety of dishes.


  • Some folks find the taste overly overpowering.

8. Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Oil


Black truffle taste, olive oil, natural black truffle extract

Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Oil is prepared by infusing olive oil with actual black truffles and natural black truffle extract. It has a rich earthy taste. It works well as a finishing oil in a variety of recipes.


  • Using actual black truffles
  • It has a strong taste.
  • May be used in a variety of dishes.


  • Some folks find the taste overly overpowering.

Types of Truffle Oils

Truffle oils are classified into two types: black and white. The taste of black truffle oil is deeper, stronger, and more complex than that of white truffle oil. White truffle oil tastes garlicky-peppery, and black truffle oil tastes earthy.

Having said that, the flavor of both white and black truffle oils is very divisive. Some individuals like the flavor, while others despise it.

Why Are Truffles So Expensive?

Truffles are pricey because they are scarce. They are tough to cultivate and have a limited shelf life. As a consequence, the truffles themselves are exceedingly costly, often costing hundreds of dollars per pound. Additionally, every ounce of pure truffle oil requires many pounds of truffles.

How To Use Truffle Oil Correctly

Since truffle oil has a particular flavor, use it sparingly in your dishes; otherwise, it may overpower your meal. Sprinkle a little quantity at the end of a recipe.

Culinary experts advise against using it as a cooking oil since high heat destroys the truffle oil taste. Truffle oil is best used as a dressing oil in dishes with a lot of fat, cream, or cheese.

They are also appropriate for soups, eggs, sauces, French fries, pizzas, spaghetti, risotto, roasted potatoes, and fish, among other things.

How Is Truffle Oil Made?

Truffle oil is created by infusing truffles in a base oil like olive oil, grapeseed oil, or sunflower oil. As a result, truffle oil is truffle-infused oil. The base oil extracts the truffle flavor and taste from the truffles. The kind of truffles infused into the base oil determines whether a truffle oil is white or black.

Things to Consider Before Buying Truffle Oil

When purchasing truffle oil, the most important element to consider is whether or not it is genuine. Truffle oil is created from genuine truffles that have been incorporated in a base oil. Check for a mention of genuine truffles in the product’s ingredient list, and be wary of any artificial components.

Avoid items with labeling like “natural truffle scent” or “truffle taste.”

The best truffle oils include truffle bits at the bottom of the container and have a strong truffle taste.

Use truffle oil manufactured with high-quality base oils like olive oil over lower-quality oils like canola oil. In terms of texture and consistency, imitation truffle oil has a watery consistency.

The Verdict

If you haven’t tried truffle oil yet, you should. Try both black and white truffle oils to see which you prefer. The TruffleHunter White truffle oil is our top selection for the finest truffle oil. It’s produced with premium cold-pressed olive oil with a smooth, garlicky taste.


What is the top truffle oil?

Silk Road Spice Company White Truffle Oil has the most intense flavor. To add strong flavor to any meal, this truffle oil is produced with extra virgin olive oil from Spain and white truffles. Despite the fact that it is white truffle oil, its taste and scent are more intense than black truffle oil.

What is the most flavorful truffle?

There are several varieties, but the most precious and savory are the Tuber magnatum pico, or Italian white truffle, and Tuber melanosporum, or Périgord truffle. The Périgords are currently in season (white truffles are almost finished), with sales peaking around the holidays.

How can you tell the quality of truffle oil?

Read the ingredients list on the back to ensure that the oil you’re using contains genuine truffles. Be cautious not to use a synthetic oil; genuine truffle oil is created from high-quality olive oil that has been thoroughly infused with truffle bits to give it its characteristic flavor.

What do chefs think of truffle oil?

Although many chefs refuse to use commercial truffle oil at all, others think that moderation is essential. Some chefs, such as Florence Bertheau, the creator of FoodFlo in Los Angeles, say there is no alternative for the genuine thing.

Why doesn t Gordon Ramsay like truffle oil?

In terms of truffle oil, Ramsay stated he despises it the most since cooks don’t know how to utilize it properly. Ramsay said that truffle oil should be poured in little quantities, but restaurants utilize huge lids that allow too much to be poured at once.

Why is truffle oil controversial?

Truffle oil is a contentious flavoring ingredient since virtually all of it is made from a single synthetic taste molecule and may lack the nuanced smells and scents of genuine truffles.

What is better white or black truffle oil?

White truffle oil has a garlic aroma. Both should not be used as cooking oils, although they may be utilized in a variety of cuisines. In comparison to the more delicate onion oil, black truffle oil is stronger and earthier.

What is more flavorful black or white truffle oil?

Black truffles have a more powerful and earthy taste and scent than White truffles, which have a more delicate flavor. When used in the rich and savory recipes mentioned above, Black Truffle oil may be the hidden ingredient that has everyone asking for seconds.

What is a high end truffle?

The white truffle, which grows in the woodlands of Alba, Piedmont, Italy, is the world’s rarest and most costly truffle. This sort of truffle is larger, more aromatic, more savory than others, with a touch of nuts and sweet garlic.

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