7 Best Latte Makers in 2022

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So you like lattes.

But do you like going to the coffee shop? And what about waiting in line for your turn?

I doubt it.

Maybe you want to show off your creative barista talents while still enjoying your coffee whenever you want. Purchasing a latte machine is most likely the answer. A latte is produced with an espresso foundation and frothed milk on top. Some machines have a frother, whereas others need a separate frother.

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Most latte machines have settings for ordinary coffee, espresso, and cappuccino, as well as a frothing wand or a milk steamer. Everything you need to create a flawless latte is included.

There are several machines on the market, and your pick will be influenced by aspects such as features, price, and requirements.

Best Latte Machines

1.Best Overall – Breville BES870XL Barista Express

The semi-automatic Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is our top selection. You may personalize your drink and make your own latte art. Single and double shots are also possible. Depending on the quantity of latte you want, the grinder grinds and provides the appropriate amount of ground coffee beans.

It makes no difference what size beans you ground. The grind size dial allows you to adjust the grind size. The dial is easy to operate and straightforward. The Digital Temperature Control technology guarantees that the water temperature is optimal for espresso extraction.

It comes with a steam wand for foaming and heating milk for lattes. You may manually texture the micro-foam milk, which enhances the taste of the latte and enables you to create latte art. Since the machine is composed of stainless steel, it will not corrode or distort when exposed to moisture.

This machine is ideal for home baristas and latte fans who want to produce cafe-style lattes and personalize them to their desire.


  • Dial for adjusting grind size intuitively
  • System of digital temperature control
  • Excellent quality


  • It might be tough to use.

2. Best With Grinder – De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

The sensor grinding mechanism of the DeLonghi La Specialista ensures consistent and exact grinding every time. It precisely calculates the quantity of beans to ground, ensuring that you never run out of coffee beans during grinding. You do not have to wait for it to heat up. Just turn it on and you’re ready to make your coffee. The one-second heating technology also guarantees that your milk steams immediately.

A tamping station is also included with the machine. To attain your desired results, just pull the lever on the smart station and apply the appropriate pressure and tamp. You may also opt not to remove the portafilter if you don’t want to make a mess.

It contains a dual heating system to offer you with the ideal temperature, one for coffee extraction and the other for steaming or foaming milk. Also, the sophisticated latte system provides two frothing choices. You may make cappuccino with flat froth or latte art with micro-foam froth.

Would you want to make an Americano? The hot water spout of the La Specialista is distinct. You may also receive hot water from the spout without any coffee leftovers for preparing tea. Apart from speedy preheating, the machine notifies you when it is time to descale and self-cleans.

It includes a milk pitcher, a cleaning brush, and a descaler.


  • Separate hot water spout for tea or Americano brewing
  • Self-cleans
  • It serves as a reminder to descale.
  • System of dual heating
  • Innovative latte system


  • Pricey

3. Best Super-Automatic – Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Jura S8 Automated Coffee Machine takes care of almost everything. By pressing a control, it grinds the coffee beans, makes espresso, steams milk, and adds it to the espresso to produce a latte. Touchscreen controls are used.

You may choose the style of drink you want, as well as the temperature and volume of coffee you want to make. Our AromaG3 grinder quickly, quietly, and accurately grinds the beans to your specified size.

The S8 can make up to 15 barista-quality cocktails, and for double shots, just press the button. Unfortunately, the Jura S8 is extremely expensive. Nonetheless, if you want the complete experience and are ready to pay that much money, go for it.


  • Brews 15 beverage choices
  • More rapid than semi-automatic machines
  • Grinders with burrs


  • Pricey
  • When the grinder is turned off, it cannot be adjusted.
  • Touch screen technology might be sluggish.

4. Best for Beginners –  Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

If you’re new to coffee making, the Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is a great place to start. It’s a three-in-one semi-automatic espresso, cappuccino, and latte maker. The 15 bar pump system produces a richly flavored espresso.

It has an automated milk frother as well as retractable milk and water containers. The water reservoir should not be placed in a dishwasher. It is also advised that you clean the frothing tube after each usage to avoid warping and frothing variation.

The control panel is a touchscreen that allows you to choose the sort of drink you want to prepare as well as the adjustments. To create your drink, just choose between a single or double shot filter, the grounds, the milk reservoir, and the brew style.


  • There is no need for a steam wand or a frother.
  • Coffee maker with three functions
  • Plastic and stainless steel construction
  • Milk frothing machine
  • Water reservoir that is removable and simple to clean
  • Simple to use


  • Cleaning the frothing tube and milk reservoir at least once a week is required.

5. Best for Small Kitchens – Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

If you want to be a home barista but don’t have enough counter space, the Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is a good option. Other from reducing space, it also has great features that will give rich espresso. It includes an automated steam wand that changes the temperature of the milk to provide excellent micro-foam for latte art while also enhancing the taste for latte enthusiasts.

Tired of sitting about waiting for your coffee to brew? The Bambino Plus warms up quickly, reaching its maximum temperature in 3 seconds. You may be certain that your latte will be ready sooner than you think.

The digital temperature control guarantees that the water is at the optimal extraction temperature. After steaming, it automatically purges the heating system so that the next time you use it, it can extract the correct coffee.

The portafilter requires 19g of ground coffee for optimal taste. There is a low-pressure pre-infusion that progressively rises as extraction begins to guarantee a rich and consistent flavor. Use the touchscreen control to choose the kind of drink. There are five different kinds to pick from.


  • Tiny and small dimensions
  • Microfoaming on demand
  • Auto-purge of the heating system
  • Grinders with burrs


  • It needs constant attention and upkeep.

6. Best POD Latte Maker – Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker

The Keurig K-Cafe uses a K-cup to make coffee (Keurig reusable coffee filter). It includes a detachable water reservoir with a capacity of six cups.

This latte machine can prepare three different drinks: cold coffees such as iced cappuccino or lattes, cappuccino, and latte. It has an automated stainless steel milk frother that froths milk till frothy by just pressing a button.

To make lattes, just fill the reservoir with water, insert the K-pod, and position the cup. The coffee will be brewed and heated by the machine. Steamed milk from the frother may be added. It may also be washed in the dishwasher.


  • In one step, it heats the water and brews it.
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Produces iced beverages
  • Water reservoir that can be removed
  • Automated milk frother


  • The K-cup is purchased separately.

7. Best Semi-Automatic – Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker

Breville latte machines feature often on our list since the company is recognized for producing high-quality equipment. The Breville Barista touch Espresso Machine follows suit. The semi-automatic machine includes an easy-to-use touchscreen display where you may choose the sort of drink you desire. You may also change the milk texture, coffee strength, and temperature to suit your tastes.

You may prepare your preferred coffee in three simple steps. In other words, grind, brew, and milk. The dosage control on the conical burr grinder ensures that the proper quantity of coffee beans are ground for best taste.

The Thermojet heating system warms up in seconds to produce the optimal extraction temperature. You will not lose time waiting for the coffee to brew. Your drink will be ready in a matter of seconds.

The machine also has automated micro-foam milk texturing and an automatic steam wand that provides water at the proper extraction temperature. When the espresso has been made, you may add steamed milk or micro-foam if you want to produce latte art.

What’s more, the finest part? Instead of altering them every time, you may establish eight unique coffee settings and preserve them in your name. There’s also a unique grinding cradle that lets you grind straight into the portafilter.


  • Customized coffee settings
  • Texturing milk with microfoam automatically
  • Hands-free mode of operation
  • Touchscreen display with intuitive swipe and choose
  • Heating system with ThermoJet


  • Several folks have noticed temperature issues.
  • You need replace the water filter with the identical Breville model.

Things to Consider When Buying a Latte Machine


Latte machines come in a variety of sizes. While purchasing one, keep your kitchen countertop space in mind. If you have a lot of room, you can get a big machine. If room is restricted, a smaller machine, like as the Breville Bambino Plus, may be appropriate.

Grounds or Pods

When purchasing a latte machine, one of the most crucial considerations to make is whether to use coffee pods or coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are coffee beans that have been ground. Fresh coffee beans have a deep, genuine flavor that will make you cherish each cup of coffee.

Coffee capsules, on the other hand, do not provide flavor or taste but are simpler to use, clean, and consume. They are, however, non-biodegradable and cost more per serving than ground coffee.

It is entirely up to you whether you like a real barista-like coffee brewing experience with taste and diversity or the convenience of coffee capsules.

Type of Machine

Latte machines, as previously said, are either automated, semi-automatic, or super-automatic. The one you choose will be determined by your requirements and, in certain cases, your degree of expertise. Super-automatic machines do all of the job with the push of a button, which is advantageous for novices with no brewing experience.

They are also loaded with sophisticated features. They are, nevertheless, rather expensive. Semi-automatic is the least expensive, while automatic is in the middle. Before you purchase, make sure you know what kind of gadget you want.

Milk Frothing

There are three kinds of milk frothers available for machines. A frothing wand allows you to have greater control over your coffee. It is the most often used kind of frother in coffee shops. Yet, it may become cluttered and noisy.

Several automated devices have tankers that are foaming. The milk is frothed by pushing a button, and the machine does the rest. Nevertheless, it must be cleaned on a regular basis, which may be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Other machines come with a separate frother. This is advantageous for persons who have limited kitchen space since the milk frother may be stored in the cabinet after use. As a result, they conserve space, yet their efficacy and strength differ.

Maintenance and Cleaning

You must maintain the machine like you would any other piece of household equipment in order for it to serve you for an extended period of time. After each use, remove and discard the old coffee grounds, then clean the portafilter.

If the milk frother is not cleaned, germs might form on it. Backflush the portafilter with hot water to remove any residual coffee grounds.

Another crucial maintenance activity is descaling. Minerals accumulate in the machine over time and must be eliminated. After 1-3 months, you should be able to descale. If you don’t, your machine may malfunction, fail to achieve the optimal temperature, change the flavor of the coffee, or even clog.


Latte machines have attachments like grinders to help you prepare the ideal cup of coffee. Grinders are integrated into most super-automatic machines, but not all. Coffee grinders are classified into two types: blade grinders and burr grinders.

Burr is more costly, but it is more consistent. A good portafilter will provide rich espresso shots. Some machines have a portafilter, however they are generally of poor quality.

You need also have a kitchen scale to measure the coffee-to-water ratio. A scale is more accurate than a coffee scoop. Consider purchasing a kitchen scale if you want to brew the ideal cup of coffee every time.


Every time a coffee maker is used, it comes into touch with water. You may even unintentionally pour water on them. You should get a machine built of long-lasting materials. Stainless steel is rust-resistant and consequently long-lasting. Others are constructed of hard plastic, which is problematic since plastic is influenced by heat.

Choose a machine built of high-quality materials. Otherwise, replacing or repairing it every year will be expensive.


Depending on the sort of equipment you choose, you will have varying degrees of control. You can choose the number of grounds, the sort of drink you desire, and even the amount of pressure you apply to the espresso shot with certain machines.

Some include touchscreen control panels for their displays, while others have buttons and knobs. Touch displays, on the other hand, might be slower than manual controls.

Ease of Use

Is the machine you’re contemplating simple to operate? You don’t want one with a complicated control panel or a difficult-to-use frothing wand. Although some machines need you to perform part of the job, others are completely automated and handle all of the work for you.

Types of Latte Machines

Latte machines are classified into three types: semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic.


They are the most difficult and least costly of the three options. They are just intended to create espresso. The milk is then heated, frothed, and added to the espresso. The advantage of this is that you can create latte art in whatever manner you choose. These are best suited for folks who already know how to brew.


Semi-automatic machines are somewhat more advanced than automated machines. The update is that they turn off the water flow when the espresso is excellent and ready. But, you must still perform the majority of the labor yourself, such as grinding and drawing the espresso shot. They are either the same price as semi-automatics or somewhat more costly.

Super Automatic

They are the most costly. These are high-end premium equipment that need very little effort to use. Typically, all you have to do is press a button and the machine will do the rest.

You will just sit back and watch as the beans are ground and the milk is heated and frothed to make a latte. You may change the parameters so that the machine makes a customised latte for you.

Some machines let you to create and preserve various drink settings. You may then have the same consistency and flavor every time.


Having a latte machine allows you to get your coffee whenever you want and spend less money. Yet, selecting the correct machine is not an easy process.

The machines on this list are the finest on the market and will consistently provide you with the ideal cup of coffee. When purchasing a machine, consider the material, kind, milk frothing choices, accessories, size, and other variables.


What’s a good latte machine?

Top 5 Latte Makers
Cleaning is the simplest: K-Café Latte Maker from Keurig.
Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine is the easiest to use.
Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine is ideal for small kitchens.
Philips Automatic Espresso Machine is the most versatile.
DeLonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is the best buy.

What latte machines does Starbucks use?

There is no true ‘Starbucks espresso machine’ accessible for home use since they acquire their espresso equipment from Mastrena. Although other cafés may utilize Breville or Nuova Simonelli, the Mastrena series was specifically designed for Starbucks.

Who makes the best quality espresso machine?

Our Favorite Espresso Machines
Overall winner: Breville Bambino Plus.
De’Longhi Stilosa Espresso Machine is the best buy.
Gaggia Classic Pro is the best coffee maker for coffee enthusiasts.
De’Longhi Magnifica Automatic Espresso Machine is the best automatic espresso machine with a grinder.
Nespresso Essenza Mini + Aeroccino Milk Frother is the best capsule espresso machine.
More to come…
•Oct 26, 2022

What should I buy to make lattes at home?

Lattes are simple to prepare at home, whether you have an espresso machine or not. You’ll need coffee and milk whether you use an espresso machine or not. Any sort of milk or milk substitute will do. You may either use espresso beans or your preferred roasted beans.

What latte machine does mcdonalds use?

Cappuccino Maker ( MEX-1B ) Melitta MEX1B Espresso Machine

What do baristas use to make latte art?

To create latte art, you’ll need an espresso machine with a steaming wand. Why is it necessary? To produce latte art, you must obtain flawless microfoam. The amazing “wet paint” texture of microfoam allows you to create drawings in the espresso.

What brand milk is best for latte art?

However, for the best results, get “barista quality” milk from a company like Califia Farms. These barista milks have extra plant-based thickeners and stabilizers that aid in the production of froth. This is beneficial to oat milk since it has less protein and hence requires something to keep it together.

Do Starbucks baristas do latte art?

Several partners (workers) have embraced latte art in addition to crafting drinks that consumers will adore every time. Starbucks Coffee & Tea Education expert Mackenzie Karr shows how to create a latte heart.

What kind of espresso is best for lattes?

When the latte is made using espresso, choose dark-roasted espresso beans. Medium-dark roasted beans provide the greatest espresso and offer a unique taste and crema to your latte.

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