8 Best Half-and-Half Substitutes

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Half-and-half is not an ingredient that is at the top of my regular shopping list, but every once in a while, a recipe will call for it, and when that happens, I like to take advantage of the convenience of using it as a coffee creamer or in specific recipes like quiche, mashed potatoes, sauces, and ice cream. Don’t you agree with me?

So, what should we do if we don’t have any and we don’t feel like going to the shop even though we know we need some? Do you think we could make our own half and half? In just a few of minutes, or even less, you may make a replacement for half-and-half by simply combining a few components that are simple to locate and can be found in the kitchen of any home. Is it really that simple? You got it right!

Here are some of the most effective methods and recipes for preparing an alternative to half-and-half that does not include dairy products and is suitable for vegans.

What Is Half-and-Half?

Milk and cream are combined in a half-and-half mixture to produce a pre-mixed dairy liquid product called half-and-half. It is exactly what its name suggests: a mixture of milk and cream in equal parts. Half-and-half must have between 10.5% and 18% milk fat to be sold in the United States.

It is a very adaptable ingredient that may be used in place of whole milk or heavy cream, but with some subtle alterations to both the taste and the consistency of the final product. Milk is thinner and less flavorful than half-and-half, whereas cream is thicker and more flavorful than half-and-half. If you use it instead of milk in a recipe, it will make the dish more decadent, but if you use it in lieu of heavy cream, it will make the dish more airy.

There is also a form of half-and-half that does not include any fat, however the flavor of these products is often altered by the addition of chemicals such as stabilizers and sweeteners. Do you agree that this is all the more of a reason to make your own half-and-half at home?

Half-and-Half Alternatives

1) Whole milk plus heavy cream

Blend together a half cup of heavy cream and two thirds of a cup of whole milk to make one cup of half-and-half. This recipe is the one that most closely resembles the half-and-half that can be purchased at the shop. You may use it in recipes for cooking and baking as well as in your coffee, but the coffee will have a more robust flavor than if you had used half-and-half instead.

If you don’t use heavy cream very frequently, you may want to consider purchasing some, then storing it in the freezer until you have a need for it. You may also use powdered heavy cream, however it will be much harder to get.

2) Whole milk mixed with light cream

Light cream, which is often referred to as “coffee cream,” has a higher percentage of fat (20%) than half-and-half does. This is a fantastic choice to use while cooking, or if you want your tea or coffee to have more of a creamy texture.

To make a cup of half-and-half substitute, combine one-half cup of whole milk with one-half cup of light cream in a measuring cup.

3) Low-fat or skim milk plus heavy cream

If you like low-fat dairy products, there is a good chance that you have some low-fat milk in your refrigerator at all times. The fact that you may utilize anything you already have in your refrigerator means that you do not need to make an additional trip to the grocery shop. This is excellent news.

You only need to combine two thirds of a cup of low-fat or skim milk with one third of a cup of heavy cream in a blender. Because this alternative has a lower percentage of milk fat (about 10%), the final product will not be as creamy; yet, in most situations, this will be enough.

4) Unsalted butter blended with whole milk

If you want your coffee to taste like butter, you shouldn’t try to use this combination as a creamer since it works better in baking and cooking than it does for coffee. Blend together one tablespoon of butter and one cup of whole milk to make half-and-half for each individual cup of milk. Remember that the butter has to be melted before you can whisk it into the milk.

You may substitute margarine for the butter if you do not have any on hand.

5) Whipping cream and whole milk

The main difference between heavy cream and whipping cream is that the latter has a fraction of the amount of fat and calories that the former has. Baked items benefit from increased volume and a silkier texture when this cream substitute is used.

Blend together two thirds of a cup of whole milk and one half of a cup of whipped cream to use in the preparation of the main meals and sauces. You may add one teaspoon of butter to the mixture if it asks for it in the recipe. This will give it a creamier texture overall.

Always make sure you follow the instructions on the recipe when making homemade ice cream or mousse. If the recipe asks for one and a half cups of half-and-half, for instance, you may use one half cup of milk and one cup of whipped cream in its stead.

6) Full fat coconut milk combined with oat milk

Coconut creamer is a great option to consider if you are seeking for a dairy-free and vegan alternative to half-and-half. You may use it in baked items, put it in savory recipes, and even put it in your tea or coffee. You may get it already packaged in cartons in the refrigerated dairy area, or you can simply prepare it on your own at home.

After cracking open a can of coconut milk with the full amount of fat, remove the cream that is floating on the surface of the milk. Blend together one-half cup of coconut cream and one-half cup of unsweetened oat milk to make a substitute for one cup of half-and-half. You may substitute soy or rice milk if you don’t have any oat milk on hand.

7) Soy Creamer

Silken tofu and unsweetened soy milk, in equal parts, may be blended together to make soy creamer, which is another vegan option that can be used in place of half and half.

8) Evaporated milk

Our last recommendation is evaporated milk, which may be used in lieu of half and half at a ratio of 1 to 1.