A Comprehensive Comparison between Air Fryer and Convection Oven

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There’s no doubting that toaster ovens and air fryers are useful equipment that serve comparable purposes. While they have some commonalities, they also have some differences.

As a result, it’s not surprising that there’s some discussion over which of the two machines provides superior quality food, with most consumers siding with the one they own.

That being said, if you’re drowning in uncertainty about which appliance is best for your house, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this post, we will compare an air fryer versus toaster oven to assist you in making your decision. Continue reading!

What Is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer vs. Convection Oven: A Detailed Comparison

Air fryers, in a broad sense, are small kitchen gadgets that cook meals using convection air currents. These machines feature strong fans that circulate hot air at high speeds, producing crisp dishes with fried textures.

The fact that an air fryer may substitute a standard deep fryer is why this handy appliance is gaining popularity among chicken aficionados. Air fryers, as the name implies, do not utilize oil.

How to Use an Air Fryer for Meal Preparations

The basket in an air fryer is housed in a detachable bucket that rests above the drip tray. To begin cooking, remove the bucket, insert your food in the basket, and yank it back into the air fryer. Then, to obtain the desired result, adjust the timing and temperature control.

Because the heating components of the device are on the top, youll need to shake the basket a few times to guarantee consistent cooking of your dish. This is especially critical if the components are clumped together.

What Is a Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven, being a smaller version of a standard oven, is useful for broiling, toasting, and baking, depending on the cuisine. Furthermore, this appliance comes with front doors, allowing you to open it horizontally, vertically, or with top-notch components at the bottom and top.

How Does a Toaster Oven Work?

Radiant heat will flow from the oven of your toaster for hot food. As a consequence, it will heat the components and warm the air in the toaster, meaning that conduction from the baking pan is the primary heat source.

Air Fryer vs Convection Toaster Oven

The sole difference between a standard toaster oven and a convection oven is that the latter is powered by fans. While air fryers utilize convection to cook food, they are more powerful, which means they circulate heat more quickly than convection toaster ovens.

In addition, air fryers come with baskets that hold tiny amounts of food. It goes without saying that smaller spaces imply greater constriction. As a result, the fan of this device is primarily concerned with heating in a limited area.

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven: What’s the Difference?

Now that you know what these two appliances are and how they function, let’s look at how they vary.

Cooking Methods

Some meals, such as chicken nuggets, breaded foods, and baked chicken, need an air fryer rather than a toaster oven. When compared to toaster ovens, it is kinder on food.

However, this does not indicate that a toaster oven can not make similarly delicious baked goods, since it might generate more flavorful delicacies depending on the kind of cuisine and the chef’s competence.

You may reduce the amount of fat in your diet by using an air fryer since the meals cooked in them do not need any oil. The evenly distributed heat will flawlessly cook and bake your food, making it an excellent choice for anybody pursuing a better lifestyle that involves reducing fat consumption.

While a toaster oven is more adaptable, cooking a wide variety of dishes in an air fryer requires a dab of oil or more for moisture.

Heat Source

To be sure, both appliances produce heat. The procedure, on the other hand, varies. Toaster ovens employ a basic strip of heating elements placed on the top and bottom at the same time. The heating components are only placed on the top of earlier versions.

An air fryer, on the other hand, contains more powerful heating components, which are often in the shape of a coil. Nonetheless, an air fryer’s strong fan makes all the difference. Even if you use a convection toaster oven, it will still fall short of an air fryer.

Cooking Duration

Because it reaches high temperatures quicker, an air fryer cooks food in approximately half the time it takes a toaster oven. This ensures that the components are well-preserved without harming the nutrients.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In terms of maintenance and expense, an air fryer and a toaster oven are comparable. While cleaning any item is simple, if you don’t use oil to cook your meals, an air fryer takes the cake.

The air fryer pan is generally nonstick, making it simple to clean. Furthermore, maintaining the surrounding materials is a breeze.

Although the time difference between cleaning each appliance is minor, air fryers may require less time since they are smaller. The wider area of toaster ovens, on the other hand, makes it simpler to reach all corners inside while cleaning.

It’s worth mentioning that manufacturers have recently started producing self-cleaning toaster ovens, making them an appealing alternative to explore.


It’s worth mentioning that an air fryer heats up more quicker and to far greater temperatures than a toaster oven. It does so because it is smaller and has a superior heat distribution system. This characteristic is what makes air fryers ideal for fine dining and a wide range of desserts.

A toaster oven may contain an automatic temperature control mechanism that re-adjusts the heat level within. This fantastic tool encourages you to test out a variety of recipes.


Because an air fryer is much smaller than a toaster oven, it is inappropriate for large course dinners. Nonetheless, it can prepare a wide variety of items in rapid succession.

A toaster oven is bigger, enabling you to cook greater amounts of food at once. For example, you can cook lamb chops and chicken, something an air fryer cannot do.

Furthermore, since an air fryer is more compact, it may be easily hidden away in smaller locations in your kitchen. Remember that both appliances may be disconnected and stowed when not in use.


A toaster oven has less insulation when compared to an air fryer. As a result, its external surface warms very quickly. To avoid dangerous fire scenarios while using a toaster oven, experts advise avoiding storing plastic products or combustible materials near it. Furthermore, it is recommended that you use a toaster oven in a well-ventilated area.

The frying basket of an air fryer is put in a well-insulated bucket. Furthermore, the appliance is well-insulated. As a result, if you live in a hot climate, we suggest utilizing an air fryer rather than a toaster oven.

Power Usage

A Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven has a rating of 1400 watts, whereas the Ninja Air Fryer has a rating of 1550 watts. This wattage difference is negligible for a more powerful kitchen item. Furthermore, the higher insulation provided by an air fryer makes it more energy efficient than a toaster oven.

Safety and Potential Mechanical Problems

Air fryers are newer cooking gadgets that employ more powerful and complicated heat sources to cook food more evenly. Toaster ovens, on the other hand, are more straightforward and have been around for a long time. Overall, research suggests that air fryers are more prone to mechanical difficulties than toaster ovens.

Even if you buy a high-quality air fryer, it will eventually break down. However, the chances are substantially larger than with a toaster oven.

Furthermore, the high temperature of air fryers makes them more prone to safety hazards. An air fryer is a safe device when used properly. However, as compared to a toaster oven, safety concerns are more likely to arise.


When comparing an air fryer to a toaster oven, there is no disputing that air fryers are more expensive. Both appliances feature a diverse product line, as is typical.

However, when searching at the most economical toaster ovens on sites like Amazon, you’ll find many in the $30 to $40 range, such as the Betty Crocker BC-1664CB.

The cheapest air fryers, on the other hand, cost at least $50. Most folks will spend $40 on a toaster oven and several hundred dollars on an air fryer. That is a significant price difference.


Almost all air fryers now include digital screens that seem modern and give the sense of being a smart appliance. The same cannot be true for toaster ovens that still employ rotary dials.

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven: Common Features

Despite their differences, these two appliances have the following features in common.

Easy Cleanup

A traditional air fryer is considered simpler to clean since the frying chamber can be lifted completely out of the appliance and cleaned in the sink with soap and water. Cleaning a toaster oven, on the other hand, is a simple operation. In the end, both units are simple to maintain.


In comparison to traditional ovens, both kitchen equipment are tiny countertop devices. Their small size makes them convenient to tote about the kitchen.

A toaster oven and an air fryer may be quickly tucked away when not in use. It’s worth mentioning that an air fryer’s improved insulation makes it simpler to store.

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven: Which Is Healthier?

In terms of health, both of these kitchen gadgets are quite comparable from a layperson’s perspective. Some may claim that a toaster is the healthier choice since it enables you to prepare things without using oil. However, for dishes fried in an air fryer, spray the surface with oil to improve crispiness.

To Wrap It Up

As you can see, there is no foolproof technique of determining which kitchen equipment will best fit your requirements. Because toaster ovens and air fryers serve several tasks, it is important to understand all of them before selecting the equipment that best suits your cooking style.

If you have a tiny kitchen counter and want a flexible appliance, an air fryer is the best choice. Furthermore, it is advised for anybody who wishes to reduce the quantity of fat in their prepared dishes.

Because it is less expensive than an air fryer, a toaster oven is the perfect solution for consumers who prefer toasted items over fried ones and are on a limited budget.

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