An Extensive Examination of Insinkerator Evolution Excel

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Insinkerator has progressed dramatically over the last 80 years to become one of the most famous and respected brands in the home appliance market. In comparison to other trash disposal systems on the market, the Insinkerator competitors are compatible with almost all septic systems.

Each component of an Insinkerator trash disposal is made of high-quality stainless steel to provide unsurpassed sturdiness and longevity. This attention to detail distinguishes this brand from the competition.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP is an excellent illustration of the brand’s offerings. This machine has exceptional performance that will make you smile with every usage, thanks to its top-of-the-line induction motor and effective noise reduction technology that will softly purr while efficiently crushing all of your food waste.

Longevity and quality are the least of your problems with the Insinkerator brand incorporated in the device. Evolution Excel is also backed by one of the industry’s strongest warranties, a 7-year in-home guarantee that its competitors lack.

Within this period, the guarantee covers free home visits, labor, and the replacement or repair of components. You’ll also be glad to learn that the device has a jam help function, which comes in handy when you let it bite off more than it can chew.

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is the ultimate depiction of trash disposal performance. The built-in strong 1 Horsepower (HP) engine can handle anything from hard veggies to rib bones. It outperforms earlier versions using HP motors, such as the Insinkerator Badger.

To be sure, if you’re looking to save money, the budget-friendly Badger series with or HP would suffice, especially for a small family of 1 to 3 persons. However, for bigger homes of 7 to 9 people, or if you like throwing parties, a more expensive 1 HP machine with unrivaled grinding efficiency is your Holy Grail.


  • Efficiently handles most food waste
  • Impressively quiet with a strong motor
  • Comes with an auto un-jam feature
  • In-home 7-year labor and parts warranty included
  • Powerful 3-stage multi grind system
  • Made of strong and long-lasting stainless steel


  • Bulky and hefty, which makes installation difficult.
  • No power cord included

About Insinkerator

An In-Depth Review of Insinkerator Evolution Excel

Let’s be honest. If you’ve grimaced as you rummaged in your kitchen bin for a fallen spoon or wiped the gunk off its side, chances are you’re jumping for joy and relief at this revolutionary creation, wondering why no one thought of it before.

An architect named John W. Hammes from Wisconsin created the world’s first food waste disposal system in 1927. It was constructed of sheet metal and powered by a tiny engine. He deftly adjusted the concept throughout the years, and in design, perfection in the shape of the Insinkerator was created.

The brand expanded rapidly in the years that followed, until it was bought by Emerson, a prominent worldwide engineering and technology corporation, in 1968, and became a vital part of its identity. Hundreds of thousands of devices are being sold to families throughout the United States.

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a global leader in technology and manufacturing. Along with producing cutting-edge food waste disposal systems, the firm is well-diversified, producing the greatest touchless kitchen faucets, hot water taps, faucet water filters, and entire home water filters.

Emersons activities include services and products in consumer and commercial markets. Emerson is well-known and regarded for its sophisticated technical talents combined with managerial expertise. The company now has 230 production facilities across the world, employing around 132,000 people.

Should You Invest in a Garbage Disposal?

An In-Depth Review of Insinkerator Evolution Excel

If you experience the following, it may be time to invest in a top-notch garbage disposal or replace your existing one.

  • You routinely empty your sink’s food crumbs into the trash.
  • Food crumbs that make their way down your drain usually block your sink. As a consequence, you will suffer ongoing fees for hiring a plumber to address the problem.
  • You regularly reset your current garbage disposal
  • The disposals blades fail to chop efficiently
  • The unit has an unfixable leak
  • Even with your present trash disposal, there remains a residual stink in your kitchen.
  • Your current disposal frequently gets clogged

Factors to Consider When Choosing Garbage Disposal

We’ve compiled a list of the most important purchase factors to consider, allowing you to make an educated selection. After all, the last thing you need is to waste your money on a product that will not do the job or will not meet your expectations.

Noise Level

Are you easily irritated by noise? Then bear in mind that all trash disposals make noise, although to varied degrees. As a result, while choosing a product, consider the noise levels that work best for you. If you are worried by loud sounds, the whisper-quiet Insinkerator Evolution Excel is ideal. Those who are less sensitive to noise may be satisfied with the noisier Badger 5 and Evolution XTR variants.

Motor Strength

It determines how much garbage your disposal can handle and how well it can grind things up. Stronger and more powerful motors can easily manage difficult rubbish, crushing it more finely than their weaker equivalents.

It matters because the finer the grind, the less likely it is to block the drain. Motors of 1 to 2 HP have the technology and strength to handle harder food waste and heavy usage, such as hard, fibrous vegetables and bones, which would cripple their less powerful equivalents.

Chamber Material and Size

It’s no secret that trash disposals with more horsepower are bigger, since their motors are built to handle more food. Furthermore, stainless steel blades and chambers are not only more efficient and durable, but also easier to clean and rust-resistant.

Additional Features

Superior and more expensive trash disposals provide a few useful additions. For example, sound barriers to lower decibel unit and anti-splash baffles, which are a lifesaver in keeping your sink clean, to corrosion protection shields. We suggest getting a model with an enzyme reservoir to help break down the food waste.

Special Features of the Insinkerator Evolution Excel

Here is a summary of the benefits of investing in this business.

1. Multi Grind Technology

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel, with its strong 1 HP induction motor, can handle almost anything you throw at it. The advanced 3-stage grinding mechanism can quickly mince bones, hard vegetables, banana peels, and other items.

Because the food is crushed into a near liquid state, your drains are less likely to block or accumulate debris. Check out this video for additional information on this feature:

2. Dura-Drive Technology

Many trash disposal manufacturers have publicly attempted but failed to replicate the top-tier technology featured in the Insinkerator Evolution Excel. The model’s induction motor’s power may be felt in its performance and every time it is switched on.

3. Quick-Lock Technology

Excel’s innovative locking mechanism makes it simple to install almost anyplace. Replace an old Insinkerator unit by unscrewing it and screwing in your new one. Nonetheless, this technology works in conjunction with other trash disposal manufacturers.

4. Sound Seal Technology

This proprietary technology enables the Evolution Excel to operate nearly noise-free. The device may be utilized at any time of day or night without causing any disruption to other members of your home. Let’s take a look at what Sound Seal Technology has to offer.

Quiet Collar Sink

It’s a one-of-a-kind design piece that’s meticulously placed at the mouth of a kitchen sink. A silent collar sink builds up a thin layer of water above the sink hole. As a consequence, it muffles the noise produced by the trash disposal. Check out this video for an example:

Anti-Vibration Mount

The mounting bracket and disposal aperture are connected via a rubber connection on the unit. The anti-vibration sink mount dampens vibration and reduces noise. Here’s a video that explains how this functionality works:


If you have any particular wants or requirements for your trash disposal, here are three options worth considering.

  • Are you looking for a trash disposal that will fit snugly beneath your kitchen sink, especially if you have limited space? The Insinkerator Evolution Compact is the Holy Grail for you. It is not just lighter than its Excel equivalent, but it is also not as hefty. It is suitable for small families.
  • While the Evolution Excel is septic-friendly, the Insinkerator Evolution Septic Assist offers a layer of assurance to septic-tank-equipped houses. The unit’s Bio-Charge function allows for the automated introduction of microorganisms that properly break down food waste.
  • If you want raw power in a trash disposal but don’t want to spend additional money on the fancy features that the Evolution Excel has, the American Standard ASD 1250 is definitely up your alley. It has 1.25 HP, which is more than Excel’s 1 HP.


The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is your best choice if you’re looking for a high-end, top-rated, and all-powerful garbage disposal for your chef-quality or premium kitchen. It will provide you all the power you could possibly want without breaking the bank or producing noisy disturbance. It’s ideal for folks who dislike constraints and want the durability and strength to dispose of almost anything without clogging their sink.


What is the life expectancy of an InSinkErator?

How long, for example, do InSinkErator waste disposals last? Some versions have 10-year guarantees, implying a longer lifetime. With good maintenance, an InSinkerErator unit may last 10 to 15 years.

What should I not put in my InSinkErator?

11 Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Garbage Can
Ground coffee. Don’t be fooled by coffee grinds.
Pasta, rice, and bread are all options. What are the three things in common? …
Bones from animals.
Shells and nuts.
Seeds and pits.
Layers of onions.
Shelled eggs.
Fruits and vegetables that are fibrous or stringy.

Are Insinkerators good quality?

InSinkErator is a well-known brand in trash disposals, with a long history of dependability and customer care. The Badger 5 is our top option since it is strong, contains galvanized steel components, and is suitable for a wide range of families.

What is the difference between a garbage disposal and an InSinkErator?

A Waste King trash disposal has an average RPM of 2,500, however an InSinkErator disposer has a maximum RPM of 1725, which is 30% less than the Waste King. InSinkErator does offer various versions with numerous grinding stages to compensate for this drawback.

What can I do with an old InSinkErator?

Check with your local recycling firm to check whether your trash disposal may be placed in their metal recycling container. Small appliances may be recycled in a town that has a permanent electronics recycling collection facility.

How much does it cost to fix an InSinkErator?

Repair of Garbage Disposal

If your trash disposal’s motor is still operational, repair may be a possibility. This ranges in price from $50 to $400. Here are several indicators that you should see a professional to identify the problem: Blades are stuck.

What do plumbers think of garbage disposals?

The Importance of Garbage Disposal

Installing a trash disposal machine in your house is a terrific idea that any plumber would strongly advocate since it is an excellent method to deal with typical kitchen waste such as uneaten food by shredding it into little bits. As a consequence, they may flow through plumbing with ease.

Can I put potato peels in my InSinkErator?

Place these foods in the garbage or compost. Keep the peels out of the trash disposal while making loaded baked potatoes, hash-brown casseroles, or plain ol’ mashed potatoes! The starch in potatoes and potato peels may form a “thick paste,” causing the blades to stick.

Can you put banana skins in an InSinkErator?

What kinds of household garbage may I grind? Most ordinary food waste, including leftover meats, vegetables, fruits, and meal preparation waste, may be ground by InSinkErator disposals. Don’t be scared to crush things like avocado pits, banana peels, and bones!

Do plumbers hate garbage disposals?

I’ve been a master plumber since I was 29 years old, and I have a love-hate relationship with trash disposals. They’re useful if you don’t like throwing food leftovers out, but they may wreak havoc on plumbing drain systems if used incorrectly.

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