Bell Pepper Substitute: Top 7 Options

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Bell peppers may be a terrific addition to your recipes, and there are so many that use this popular non-spicy pepper. If you are unable to utilize bell peppers for any reason, you may be looking for a bell pepper alternative.

There are several bell pepper replacements to choose from, each with its own distinct flavor. It is entirely up to you to choose which bell pepper replacement is ideal for you and your dish.

When looking for a bell pepper alternative, seek for other pepper kinds that have comparable features. For example, if a green bell pepper is needed, a yellow or red bell pepper may be used.

You may not enjoy all of the raw bell pepper tastes, but they can enhance the flavor profile of various dishes. Continue reading if you’re looking for a terrific bell pepper replacement.

Why Should I Use a Bell pepper Substitute?

If you don’t have any bell peppers on hand or have a bell pepper allergy, you may need to use a bell pepper replacement.

Other peppers, vegetables, and spices are some of the greatest alternatives:

1. Poblano Peppers

Poblano peppers are often regarded as the greatest bell pepper replacement. They taste and look similar to giant bell peppers, with a few minor differences.

Poblano peppers have an earthy and deep taste that makes them a great replacement for bell peppers, although they may be a touch hot. People prefer poblano peppers over bell peppers because of these properties.

Poblanos, like bell peppers, have big cavities and strong walls, making them ideal for stuffing. Poblano peppers may therefore be used in almost every bell pepper dish.

2. Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim peppers, like poblano peppers, have thick walls that make them ideal for roasting and stuffing. They’re crisp, like bell peppers, but with a fruity taste.

It’s also known as the California Chili since it’s named for the city that popularized it, Anaheim, California.

This pepper is versatile and may be used in a wide range of dishes. When used as a bell pepper alternative, Anaheim peppers provide results that are extremely comparable to bell peppers.

Anaheim peppers are a terrific red bell pepper replacement, although they may be hotter.

3. Jalapenos

The spiciest bell pepper alternative is jalapenos. Apart from the heat, they are comparable to bell peppers in other ways, including filling.

Most people cannot tolerate the heat of jalapeos, therefore remove the ribs and pith before cooking them to reduce the heat intensity. The seeds are OK since, contrary to popular perception, it is not the seeds that make jalapenos hot.

4. Sichuan Peppers

Some individuals get indigestion after eating bell peppers, while others may be allergic to them. Sichuan peppers are the greatest bell pepper alternative if you fall into one of these groups and can handle some heat.

This Chinese pepper is often characterized as a cross between chili pepper and black pepper. Sichuan peppers have a citrus-like taste and a tingling feeling owing to their high spice content. It is an intriguing bell pepper alternative that will add flavor to your food.

5. Pimiento

With its sweet flavor, this bell pepper alternative is formed like a heart and tastes like a red bell pepper.

They aren’t perfect for stuffing, but they work well in recipes that call for diced bell peppers. They are most often available in jars since getting them fresh is difficult. The ones offered in jars lack the crunch iness of fresh pimiento peppers, so if you can locate fresh peppers, use those.

6. Cubanelle

These peppers may also be used in place of red bell peppers. They are ideal for adding to salads or pizza, as well as slicing and adding to other dishes.

Although Cubanelle peppers lack substantial walls, they may nevertheless be packed. They may be a bit spicy, but not as much as the poblano pepper.

When completely mature, these peppers have a vivid red hue. They are green or yellow when they are not ripe.

7. Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers

Different colored bell peppers have distinct flavors that vary from ordinary green bell peppers. Colored bell peppers have a sweeter flavor than green bell peppers, which have a grassier taste.

If you have a problem with the taste of green bell peppers, try red, yellow, or orange bell peppers.

Choosing a Bell Pepper Substitute

To achieve the greatest results from your recipes that call for bell peppers, consider the quality of the components. When it comes to bell peppers, you can usually tell a book by its cover.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the finest bell pepper substitute:

  • The skin of the pepper should not be wrinkled, spotty, or shiny. They should be smooth instead.
  • They should have a hard feel all over the pepper, be hefty, and be well-shaped. Fresh peppers are neither spongy or squishy.
  • If you opt to cultivate your own peppers, bear in mind that their spiciness and sweetness will increase as they mature.
  • When not in use, keep your peppers in a dry, dark cabinet or fridge with a consistent temperature.
  • Don’t store your peppers in the same spot you keep your fruits. This is due to the fact that fruit produces ethylene, which causes veggies to rot.
  • Touch the skin of your peppers to see whether they are still fresh. whether the skin is firm and smooth, the pepper is still fresh.
  • Don’t put off eating your peppers. Cook them within 4 to 5 days after receiving them.
  • If you cut your peppers and keep them as leftovers, consume them as soon as possible. Chopped peppers have a shelf life of three days.


What’s a good substitute for bell pepper?

The Top 10 Bell Pepper Substitutes
Peppers from Anaheim. Anaheim peppers are juicy and crisp when raw, exactly like bell peppers.
Peppers from the Poblano family.
Chilis from Sichuan.
Chilies de Pimiento.
Habanero peppers.
Choy sum.

What is the best substitute for green bell pepper?

The 5 Best Green Pepper Substitutes
1 – Red or yellow bell pepper.
Poblano peppers, 2 pcs.
3 – Jalapeno Peppers.
4 – Pimento Peppers.
Shishito peppers (no. 5).

What dry spice can I substitute for bell pepper?

If a recipe asks for fresh bell peppers, just replace dried pepper flakes for fresh peppers by substituting 1 tablespoon dried sweet pepper flakes for 3 tablespoons fresh, chopped bell peppers.

What are the five varieties of bell pepper?

The plant’s cultivars yield fruits in a variety of hues, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, chocolate, candy cane striped, and purple. Bell peppers are frequently classified as “sweet peppers” along with less intense chili variants.

What can I substitute for 1 red bell pepper?

Poblano peppers are often regarded as the greatest bell pepper replacement. They taste and look similar to giant bell peppers, with a few minor differences. Poblano peppers have an earthy and deep taste that makes them a great replacement for bell peppers, although they may be a touch hot.

What can I substitute for red bell peppers if I’m allergic?

Substitute celery, radishes, or Swiss chard for the bell peppers. Sweet potatoes, yams, or cauliflower may be substituted for potatoes. Substitute portabella or shitake mushrooms for the eggplants.

Can I use paprika instead of bell pepper?

You certainly can, but I’d sample it first. Paprika is powdered bell pepper, however the taste and intensity of bell peppers and paprikas vary greatly. Mild paprika just contributes color, while stronger types are quite tasty.

Can I substitute tomato for bell peppers?

Red bell peppers are an excellent alternative for tomatoes. While no fruit or vegetable has the same taste as tomatoes, bell peppers have a comparable sweetness to tomatoes and may work well as the foundation of a sauce or stew.

Which bell pepper is similar to green bell pepper?

Long and slim Cubanelle peppers are popular in Spanish, Caribbean, and Italian cuisines. We tried them uncooked and discovered that they were crisp and a touch fibrous. In terms of taste, they were less fruity than red bell peppers and more vegetal than green bell peppers.

Can I use paprika instead of red pepper?

Paprika is an excellent taste replacement for red pepper flakes. It won’t have as much heat as chili powder, and the texture won’t be the same.

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