Best Blender for Immersion (Review And Buying Guide)

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Maybe no one tool in the vast universe of kitchen gadgets can improve your culinary game as swiftly and inexpensively as an immersion blender. These portable machines, often known as a hand blender or stick blender, are meant to make high-powered blending more accessible for a variety of meals and culinary preparations.

The trouble with typical blenders is that they aren’t all that large. Even the greatest Vitamix countertop blenders have a capacity of little more than 2 liters. It implies that if you want to produce a larger batch, you’ll probably have to perform some tiresome and dirty back-and-forth pouring. Immersion blenders solve this issue by bringing the fight to the food. In other words, they enable the mixing to take place inside the pot (where the food already is).

The greatest immersion blenders provide the same power as a countertop blender in a tiny, one-handed ergonomic style. They also take blending technology a step further by providing replaceable accessories, something your countertop blender is unlikely to have.

We’re counting down the top ten best hand blenders of the year, followed by a quick explanation of how to choose one for yourself. In the conclusion, we’ll disclose which blenders reached the top of the list.

Braun MQ9097 Multiquick Hand Blender

The MQ9097 from Braun, like the MQ537 we evaluated earlier in the article, is a sophisticated consumer immersion blender with a dependable engine and a slew of well-made attachments. In fact, the MQ9097 ups the accessory game with different chopper cup sizes and a dedicated mashing attachment. There is no question that this model provides a more comprehensive food processing package for the more expert home cook, but that is not the only reason it is one of the finest immersion systems available.

For starters, the MQ537’s 350W motor has been replaced with a 700W motor that is double the size. The increased power is immediately noticeable when you switch the device on, and it just gets better when the one-handed speed selection brings you all the way up to maximum power. What’s truly amazing is the pressure sensitive power button, which means that a mild pull will get coarser results while pressing it firmly would yield finer ones. Why don’t more blender makers use this kind of trigger?

A clever slow-start system enables the blade to start more slowly. Anybody who has used an immersion blender on high speed at the wrong moment can attest to the fact that it is an altogether new method to produce a tremendous mess. Another reason why Braun remains one of the top automobile manufacturers in the world.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 700W

2.02 pound weight

Whisk, masher, beaker, 1.5 cup micro chopper, and jug blender

The Braun MQ537 includes two unrivaled industry features: a pressure sensitive trigger and a slow-start system for the motor.

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

Mueller, the Austrian appliance manufacturer, is back with the Ultra-Stick multi-purpose hand blender. Although no wheels are being reinvented here, the Ultra-Stick remains one of the most well-built immersion blenders in the $25-$45 price range. It boasts a sturdy s-shaped blending tip that is ideal for mixing anything from soups to infant food. It lacks the various attachments included on the most of the models on this page, but the whisk attachment is sturdy and the locking mechanism works well.

The motor seems stronger than the quoted 500 watts, which might be attributed to the razor’s sharpness. This allows you to use the Ultra-Stick 500 as an immersion blender to prepare vinaigrette and oil-based sauces. This bottle’s buttons are extremely appealing to us. The tactile feedback is amazing for a low-cost stick blender, and it seems to be illuminated by a tiny colored light. In a busy kitchen, this modest signal showing the machine is plugged in is useful.

Several consumers have reported hearing a minor whining sound when initially powering on the device. This is not something we have encountered, but after some investigation, we can tell you that it is not a problem. A dab of food-safe lubrication or even coconut oil on the blade assembly should suffice.

The harsh edges of the blade guard, on the other hand, are a bigger problem. If you use the Ultra-Stick 500 on a nonstick surface, be aware that some small scratching may occur.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 500W

2.15 pound weight

Additions: Whisk

Best Feature: The Ultra-Stick 500 is an excellent entry-level immersion blender with sufficient power for the ordinary kitchen, and it is reasonably priced.

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

We were captivated to the Breville BSB510XL from the minute we saw it. This is a sleek and ergonomically built hand blender that exudes a sense of futuristic perfection. Although it may seem to be from the near future, the looks aren’t worth much if the pieces behind the panels aren’t up to pace. Thankfully, Breville is another company that you can put your faith in when it comes to blenders of all kinds.

The BSB510XL is known as the Control Grip for a reason. The ergonomic shape is obvious from a distance, but the soft-touch finish must be experienced firsthand. The extra grip is a good addition for us clumsy chefs who have a habit of dropping the blender straight into the sauce.

Speed settings are one area where this model clearly excels. There are 15 in all, which may be accessible by a switch on the top of the handle assembly. The option to switch between settings on the fly is essential for any chef who prefers to work with both hands at the same time. Surprisingly, our favorite feature is a slightly longer power cable. It is easily twice the length of the normal chord at 6 feet, allowing the user complete access to blending accuracy even if they don’t have a lot of outlets in the kitchen.

In comparison to the competitors, the motor is a bit modest. Although this implies that the BSB510XL cannot compete with professional immersion blenders for fine puree, it is unlikely to have a detrimental impact on household applications.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 280W

Weight:3.8 lbs

Accessories include a 25-ounce chopping bowl, a 42-ounce XL jug, and a whisk attachment.

Main Feature: The BSB510XL offers 15 precise motor speed settings that can be toggled with one hand.

Braun MQ537 Multiquick Hand Blender

Spoiler alert: if you stick with us to the finish, you’ll see more than one hand immersion blender from Braun, the same brand that makes the top-of-the-line electric razors that men have been gushing about for decades. Braun seems to have a flair for producing economical yet strong portable motors, and the MQ537 is no exception. Although it is not the most expensive or powerful immersion blender offered by Braun, the MW537 is a well-constructed entry-level blending machine that delivers where it matters.

The EasyClick attachment system, as shown in the image, is one of the great strengths of Braun-built hand blenders. Various sections easily snap on and off, enabling the same equipment to function as a masher, blender, processor, or crusher without blinking an eye. Although the concept of customized attachments is not unique to Braun, it is reasonable to argue that this was the system that virtually mastered it.

We had expected the Turbo Boost option to be a bit of a gimmick given the name, but it is really extremely useful to be able to reach a greater blending speed with the touch of the pulse button. This not only relieves some of the load on the motor, but also enables the user to reach even more exact degrees of food processing, whether preparing tomato salsa or a creamy squash soup.

The whisk attachment is well-made, however be in mind that it may rust fast if left in water.

Key Specifications:

Wattage: 350W

1.59 pound weight

Blender, chopping cup, whisk, 20-ounce beaker, masher

Best Feature: Braun is recognized for producing high-quality motors; the MQ537 is expected to last a long period.

Dualit Immersion Blender with Accessory Kit

We now move on to one of the most sophisticated meal preparation devices on our list. The Dualit immersion blender not only features one of the most powerful motors available, but it also outperforms the competition in terms of accessory and attachment options. There is likely no better price on a prosumer hand blender with this sort of accessory set for the high volume home chef or the aspiring professional cook.

Although modest by professional food service standards, the chopping bowl is a simple method to transform the immersion blender into a full-service vegetable cutter. A robust whisk attachment can handle egg whites and French sauces, while the 1000ml measuring jug will undoubtedly find use in the kitchen, with or without the Dualit blender.

While 400 watts is approximately normal for an immersion blender, most home cooks and chefs will find the Dualits total power to be more than enough.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 400W

4.5 pound weight

Chopping cup, whisk, and 1000ml blending beaker

Best Feature: With a strong 400 watt motor, this immersion blender is one of the most complete on our list.

KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid deserves credit for supplying us with yet another useful invention in the home appliance game. The KHB2561CU contains three separate detachable and interchangeable bell blade assemblies, which is an apparent industry first. This is the true business end of the hand blender, and being able to swap between various shaped blades is nothing short of a bloodless coup in the world of immersion mixing. We suppose KitchenAid has a patent for this, but if not, you can guarantee that this is a feature that we will see on more and more stick blenders in the next years.

The lattes or egg whites for baking may be handled by the beater blade. Even better, these bell blade assemblies may be replaced out without the need of any tools. You’ll want to choose an S-shaped blade for blending, while a multi-purpose blade is better for crushed ice and frozen beverages. Lastly, there is a carefully crafted frother.

The KHB2561CU has an 8-inch blending shaft, but those wanting for something a little longer can look for model KHB2571, which is essentially the same blender but with a 13-inch blending shaft.

The one thing we don’t like about it is the stiffer-than-usual power cable. It’s very difficult to wrap up, which is necessary for storage.

Wattage: 200W

Weight: 2 lbs.

Accessories include a 2.5 cup chopper cup, a whisk, and three replaceable bell blade assemblies.

Top Feature: The KitchenAid KHB2561CU is one of the most specialist hand blenders available, with to easily changing bell blades.

YISSVIC Hand Blender


The YISSVIC hand blender is one of the most powerful stick blenders we’ve looked at, capable of reaching an incredible 1000 watts at maximum speed. This type of strength extends beyond soups and smoothies. On its maximum setting, this blender can transform dry grain into flour or entire coffee beans into ready-to-brew grounds. Although we would still suggest one of those high-tech burr type grinders for the coffee beans, it does demonstrate how much power this equipment has.

The speed is controlled with a hand-twist micrometer dial that has nine basic settings. Although there is no gratifying click to signify a new setting, the dial is as smooth and responsive as a busy home cook need.

The 3-in-1 functionality is the main attraction here. The 500ml food grinder functions similarly to a standard food processor, only on a smaller scale. And the beaker, when filled with frozen fruit pieces, is the ideal size for producing a pair of morning smoothies. The whisk is well-made, but there isn’t anything more that distinguishes it from any other whisk attachment.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 1000W

Weight: 3.9 lbs.

Accessories include a 700ml beaker, a whisk attachment, and a 500ml food grinder with a quad-blade and a cover.

Top Feature: Yissvic’s substantial 2-year warranty is among the finest in the business.

XProject 5-in-1 Hand Blender – 12 Speed

The XProject 5-in-1 hand blender is one of the greatest buys on the internet since it has 12 different speed options and a comprehensive collection of accessories and attachments. While being priced at the cheaper end of the spectrum, the XProject offers more extra functions than similarly priced products like as the Cuisinart Smart Stick. The accessories are all dishwasher safe and readily detachable, so whether you’re processing veggies or creating watermelon juice, cleaning will be a pleasure.

Although titanium plating is not novel, it is odd to find it on an entry-level stick grinder at this pricing. Titanium coating functions as a protective layer on top of the stainless steel structure, increasing hardness and corrosion resistance while reducing friction substantially.

800 watts is a lot of power for a one-handed stick blender. When you combine that type of power with the enhanced hardness of titanium coated blades, you have a blending machine capable of crushing ice down to nothing more than a mound of snowflakes.

Surprisingly, we have no idea what the 5 of the 5-in-1 refers to. We counted four items: a blender, a whisk, a chopper, and a beaker. We think it’s a 4-in-1, but we’re probably missing the secret hidden feature.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 800W

Weight: 4 lbs.

Whiskey, chopper, and juice beaker

Excellent mid-range value for a versatile immersion blender.

KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

We discussed the KitchenAid KHB2561CU farther up on our list. The 3-speed model of the same line of home hand blenders is the KHB2551CU (we know, looking at these product numbers may be laborious). It is one of the best-selling hand blenders on Amazon, if only because it is made by one of the industry’s most reputable brands. Overall, the 2551 model is a simple to use entry-level immersion blender with enough extras and attachments to justify the price.

There is no denying that the 85 watt motor on this hand blender is about as little as it gets when it comes to hand blenders, yet it manages to deliver more than enough power for your basic blending requirements. It won’t withstand hours of continuous mixing or whatever, at least not without overheating. But it does the job, and that’s all that counts.

The storage bag is a memorable detail that we enjoy. It’s preferable than having all of these bits rattling around in the kitchen cabinets. But, it would be difficult to put all of the attachments in there at once; maybe just the base unit, the blending attachment, and the whisk would suffice.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 85W

Weight: 2 lbs.

Accessories include a whisk, a chopper attachment, and a beaker.

Best Feature: The KitchenAid 3-Speed comes with a canvas storage bag, which allows it to be simply hung from hooks for out-of-the-way storage.

Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender

It wasn’t difficult to choose our top budget selection immersion blender. We were previously aware that Cuisinart is one of the most dependable companies for low-cost cookware and small appliances. Although they do offer some more costly items if you are seeking for them, the vast bulk of Cuisinart’s product range is comprised of basic, easy-to-use appliances at some of the most competitive rates in the business. This is not to mean that we were solely interested in the cheapest hand blender available. The CSB-75BC Smart Stick has to perform well in order to make our list.

We can proudly state that the Smart Stick is everything a typical customer would desire from a simple hand blender. The modest 200 watt motor may only provide two blending speeds, but they are enough for basic food preparation such as soup blending and dough mixing. The Smart Stick, unlike many of the other immersion blenders on our list, does not come with a slew of accessories. It does, however, provide a strong 2-cup mixing beaker. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, and it’s a convenient method to mix liquids of any temperature.

It’s worth noting that later versions of the Smart Stick need two-handed use, so double-check the product details on your exact item before buying to ensure that you’re receiving the type you want.

Key Characteristics:

Wattage: 200W

2.2 pound weight

Attachments: 2-cup microwave-safe mixing beaker

Best budget-friendly hand immersion blender

Hand Blender Buyer’s Guide: What You Need to Know about Hand Immersion Blenders

Hand blenders aren’t difficult equipment, but buying for one might seem like it. Exploring the plethora of stick blenders on the market (many hundreds) might seem like an impossible endeavor. Instead of settling for the cheapest or shiniest immersion blender, empower yourself with a few essential information points to help you pick which blender is ideal for your kitchen and cuisine.

And don’t be concerned. When it comes to which hand blenders to purchase, we have a few suggestions. So we’ll keep it for last.

What follows is an investigation into not just the criteria we used to assess these blenders, but also how they function and are assembled.

Traditional Blenders vs. Immersion Blenders: What’s the Difference?

For those of us who are less familiar with food preparation, the fundamental question of what an immersion blender is and what use it performs in the kitchen may still be there. After all, why not simply use your existing large jug-style blender?

There are two answers: volume and accuracy.

For example, while cooking soups, volume is a crucial factor. Assume you’re cooking a large quantity of tomato soup using your own homegrown tomatoes. Blending so much lumpy soup in a standard household blender may take hours. Instead of the other way around, why not take the blender to the soup?

Immersion blenders, since they can run within various types of cookware, may save hours of prep and cleaning time merely by being immersible.

Every excellent chef strives for precision. For example, a flawlessly emulsified salad dressing or a salsa with consistently sliced bits. The immersion blender’s pulse control and open visibility make it an excellent choice for food prep chores requiring a high level of attention and care.

Immersion blenders have special qualities that make them more suited for certain applications, but they are still blenders. This means they can also accomplish things that regular blenders can’t, like shatter ice and make fruit smoothies.

Watts & Motor Size

Watts, a popular measurement of power, was one of the metrics we included under our product evaluations. Watts (W) in appliances refer to how much power the motor can draw from the electrical source. While the connection is not perfect, it is usually considered that more watts equals a more powerful blending motor, allowing for a finer-grained result.

Yet, a variety of variables combine to influence how effectively any specific motor will work with the same amount of power. Moreover, the blending shaft assembly might vary widely from unit to unit, resulting in even greater quality gaps across models.

The claimed wattage of the blenders in our evaluation ranges from 85W to 1000W, a substantial difference. We included Watts as a characteristic since it has a link to overall performance, but it is not the primary predictor of whether or not an immersion blender would be excellent or terrible.

Blade Shape & Quantity

The shape of the blades at the end of the blending shaft may have a significant impact on performance. Most immersion blender blades are straight-edged, similar to standard blender blades. This enables users to break ice, fruit, and entire veggies into a smoothie-like consistency.

Curved blades are offered on certain models, generally as a separate food-processing attachment. The curve of these specialist blades is ideal for soups, sauces, and dressings, where the blending action is on a much smaller scale and uniformity is key.

Attachments and Accessories

Just a few stick blenders do not include at least one replaceable attachment, and these are generally the simple 2-speed ones at the lower end of the pricing range. Although they serve most functions well, the flexibility to replace blending heads for different methods is what has made these immersion blenders so popular in contemporary kitchens.

The following are the most typical attachments that will be found with your regular immersion blender:

Whisk Attachment

This is perhaps the most prevalent. A basic motor-powered whisk is an excellent way to take your baking to the next level, and since whisks are very inexpensive to produce, they are often the first item included in the package.

It is important to note that the quality of these whisk attachments varies, notably in terms of building material. If yours is made of aluminum, as many are, be sure to properly dry it before using it to prevent rusting.

Cup Chopper

Several immersion blenders, like full-sized professional food processors, may use their internal engine to power a larger blade encased within a plastic chamber. By adding food to this chamber, such as chick peas and oil, and then turning on the motor, the user may prepare precise dishes like hummus and tzatziki without the trouble of a regular blender.

Several immersion blender sets include a variety of chopping accessories of differing sizes.

Beaker for blending

These mixing beakers are typically constructed of hard, transparent plastic and have broad mouths with volume readouts. By putting food or ice inside the beaker, it transforms into a kind of stand-in blending cup that may be utilized for almost any purpose.

Specialty Blade Assemblies

The blending arm may be adjusted at the tip, where the real blade joins the arm, in certain situations. This is where S-blades, like as the KitchenAid KHB2561CU, come into play. This kind of bond is less common, but we believe it will become more common in the coming years.

Attachment for Masher

One of the most significant disadvantages of a competent immersion blender is that it might be much too strong for its own good. Such is the situation with mashed potatoes, where the tiny, sharp blades and high RPM produce an overly-blended potato goop that is not acceptable for mashed potatoes or mashed veggies.

Mashing attachments have broader, duller blades that spin at a lower RPM. This enables the user to keep some of the important bits and texture of a good batch of home-style mashed potatoes.

Q: Are immersion blender blades dishwasher safe?

A: Although we cannot promise that every product will adhere to this guideline, it is typically fair to assume that your blender accessories, such as the blending arm or the whisk, are dishwasher safe. To avoid damaging the internal electrical components, wipe the handle base with a dry cloth and minimal quantities of moisture.

Be careful to read the handbook for whichever product you choose, since there may be key exceptions to the norm.

Q: Are these immersion blenders cordless? They look cordless …

A: The immersion blenders in our review are not cordless; they all use a standard power cord. For marketing reasons, the cables are not shown in the photographs, but the power cord normally emerges from the base of the blender (or the top, depending on which way you hold it) and is between 2.5 and 6 feet long.

If you want a cordless blender, several of these same manufacturers create some fairly unique travel blenders that are worth looking into.

Q: Can stick blenders be used in hot liquids?

A: If you want a hand blender that can handle hot items, such as a boiling pot of sauce, be sure the immersion blender you choose has a full-metal blending arm and blade assembly. This is the most frequent style of construction, while there are plenty of all-plastic blender arms in lower-priced versions. Not only are they not intended to be used with heat, but it might also violate the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Check the product specs before purchasing, and read the instructions from beginning to finish before using the blender in anything hot.

Conclusion: The Best Immersion Blender

One of the difficulties with assessing food appliances is that the work often makes one hungry, making it difficult to complete the task and choose a definite preference.

We expect to be able to utilize the Braun MQ9097 for our next large pot of corn chowder. It boasts a powerful 700 watt motor and more attachments than most of its competitors, making it the ideal partner for a busy kitchen where a lot of tasty food is being prepared.

However, there is always a need for a good hand blender that is not too expensive. The Cuisinart Smart Stick 200 is our top budget selection for a hand blender. It is dependable, inexpensive, and completely straightforward, a rare combination of attributes in one device.


What to look for when buying an immersion blender?

Power and speed. Most low-cost immersion blenders have just one or two speed options. For most applications, you won’t need anything more sophisticated. If you want to chop raw carrots or frozen fruit, opt for a blender with an amp rating of 200 to 250 watts.

How many watts is a good immersion blender?

Consider how you will use your immersion blender the most. Some are ideal for purees, such as when making baby food. Others are designed to cut through ice quickly for smoothies. Most immersion blenders have a power range of 200 to 1,000 watts.

Who makes best cordless immersion blender?

The Top 3 Immersion Blenders in 2023
Breville BSB510XL Control Grip. Overall, the best immersion blender. $130 on Amazon…
KHBBV53BM KitchenAid Cordless Blender. The most effective cordless immersion blender. Amazon charges $100…
Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick. Best immersion blender for the money. Amazon charges $70 for this item.
a week ago

What is the best hand blender on the market today?

Our choice. Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender with Control Grip. The greatest immersion blender for the money. Braun MQ505 MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender. A simple choice for occasional usage… Also excellent. Braun MQ7035 MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender. A strong variable-speed blender.
Nov 10, 2022

Is a corded or cordless immersion blender better?

Since they do not need a power outlet, cordless devices provide maximum convenience and mobility. They are also safer since there is no danger of the cable of your blender coming into touch with a hot surface. Nonetheless, they are less powerful than their corded counterparts.

What are the disadvantages of immersion blender?

One disadvantage is that they are difficult to use on hard meals and very thick liquids, particularly in large quantities. You must also exercise extreme caution when using portable blenders since, although they are simple to operate, there is a risk of spilling food during mixing.

Which immersion blender does Rachael Ray use?

Rachael Ray Show – Blendtec Designer 625 Blender.

What is the difference between a stick blender and an immersion blender?

An immersion blender gets its name because you immerse the blender blades in your ingredients rather than dumping them into a blender jar like other kinds of blenders. A handheld immersion blender, often known as a hand blender or stick blender, may perform many of the same functions as a regular blender.

Is 1500 watts good for a blender?

Blenders with a power output of 1500 watts

High-performance blenders, such as the Vitamix or Ninja, often operate at 1200 to 1500 watts. These blenders are ideal if you are a heavy user who makes smoothies, juices, or dips on a daily basis.

What is better than a ninja blender?

The Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender is outperformed by the Vitamix 5200. The Vitamix is of higher quality and easy to clean by hand. It produces a smoother mix with fibrous items like kale and processes hard foods like almonds considerably better.

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