Best Butane Torch of 2022

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Some dishes may be made in the kitchen with little equipment, while caramelizing crème brulee or roasting meringue requires a butane cooking torch. There’s no way to get the ideal creme brulee firmness without using a butane flame to sugar the top.

But, if you’ve never used an open flame in a kitchen before, it might be scary. That is why we have come! We’re not here to tell you which butane torch is the finest; we’re here to help you figure out which butane torch is best for you and why.

So sit back and prepare to learn all there is to know about utilizing fire in the kitchen in our butane torch review and purchase guide.

Best Overall Butane Torch

Best Butane Torch of 2022

1. Sondiko Refillable Butane Torch


For a variety of reasons, we believe the Sondiko refillable butane torch is the finest overall butane torch.

First, it has a safety lock that will prevent the torch from accidentally igniting. This increases the safety of utilizing a gadget that can ignite an open flame with the touch of a button.

After lighting the butane lighter, turn the starting dial to the right to keep the flame glowing. The flame intensity may then be adjusted by sliding the regulator on the side. When you’re ready to turn off the torch, spin the dial to the left, and the flame will go out.

For safety reasons, the butane torch does not come with a butane gas tank, but a gas butane tank may be used to fill the canister with gas for quick refilling when you need to replenish the torch. Just make sure that the butane gas tank you chose has a long universal refill point that can fit the gas canister to fill it.

The butane torch also includes a silicone basting brush for brushing various foods with butter or glaze before caramelizing.

It can reach a maximum temperature of 2372 degrees and comes with a chart that shows the flame setting to use for the sort of food you’re searing, caramelizing, or flambeing.

Best Premium Butane Torch

2. EurKitchen Culinary Butane Torch with Finger Guard and Gas Gauge


The EurKitchen culinary butane torch is the greatest premium butane torch. It’s a professional-grade cooking butane torch with safety features and a precise dial to ensure you always use the appropriate size flame.

When the butane heater is turned on, a heat guard on the top of the butane tank canister protects your finger from the open flame. There is also a safety lock that prevents the flame from accidently or unintentionally igniting.

When not in use, the butane torch has a solid, flat base that allows you to effortlessly place it down on the counter. When you need to use the torch lighter, you may securely take it up again.

A butane gas tank is not included with the butane torch for safety reasons, so you must buy one separately. To refill the butane tank, it must have a long universal refill tip that fits the gas canister. The gas tank gauge indicator on the torch’s side, which shows how full the butane tank is, is one of the torch’s greatest features.

The butane torch can achieve a maximum temperature of 2370 degrees. It offers an adjustable precision flame so you can use the exact size flame you need for whatever you’re heating, as well as a continuous flow function that keeps the flame blazing without you having to hold the nozzle down the whole time.

This premium butane torch lighter is at the top of our list because of its safety features, gas gauge, and continuous supply of intense heat.

Best Budget Butane Torch

3. ARCBLD Culinary Butane Torch Lighter



The ARCBLD refillable butane torch is the greatest cheap butane torch. It comes with everything you need to sear, flambe, or carmelize any dish for less than $15.

Because this is a low-cost butane torch, it lacks several safety features and gas tank indicators to indicate how full the butane gas tank is. It does, however, include a safety lock that prevents the butane flame from accidently igniting.

What it lacks are finger guards and a strong foundation. This is not hazardous, but the lack of these characteristics might raise concerns while utilizing it. Nonetheless, it is a useful and inexpensive butane torch for any work.

The flame intensity may be adjusted using a sliding turn dial on the side of the torch. The temperature of the flames varies from 800 degrees at the lowest setting to approximately 2500 degrees at the highest level.

When the butane torch’s canister runs out, it may be refilled with butane. To fill the canister, the butane gas tank must have a long universal refill point. A butane gas tank is not included with the butane torch for safety reasons, so you must buy one separately.

4. Iwatani International Culinary Butane Torch



The Iwatani International cooking butane torch is another excellent alternative. If you’re searching for a higher-quality butane torch, this is another professional grade premium alternative.

This butane torch differs from the previous three on our list in that it connects to the butane gas tank, while the first three alternatives had a refillable gas tank canister integrated directly into the butane torch.

Simply twist and lock the torch into position onto the tip of the butane torch to attach it to a butane gas tank. A big and durable safety base will protect the butane torch from toppling over when you need to set it down.

This professional butane torch lacks a safety lock, but it compensates with an ignition trigger that requires some energy to start the flame. It is still a one-touch ignition trigger, but the pull of the trigger takes additional power since there is no safety lock.

You may change the strength and form of the flames by adjusting the gas flow using the knob on the rear of the torch. This will change the size and degree of the flames, allowing you to prepare various sorts of food or liquids. The butane torch has a maximum temperature of 2700 degrees.

5. FunOwlet Culinary Butane Torch


This torch by FunOwlet is another butane nozzle adapter that may be attached to a butane gas canister.

It is identical to the Iwatani International butane torch option, except that it lacks the massive safety base that the Iwatani International option has.

When connecting the butane torch to the gas tank canister, ensure that the canister has a snap connection so that the torch can properly attach to the tank. When you spin the nozzle into position and it firmly latches onto the gas canister, you’ll know it’s properly connected.

When you pull the trigger on the butane torch, it will light, and you can modify the flame size and intensity using the turn dial knob on the rear of the torch.

This butane torch has the advantage of being able to be operated upside down. If you need to light or heat the bottom of an item for whatever reason, you may do so with this butane torch.

The butane torch has a maximum temperature of 2500 degrees. When you’re finished, just shut the valve switch and the flame will go out.

Just keep in mind that there is no foundation for the butane torch to rest on; it will just be the canister that sits on the counter, so be cautious while placing it down while using it.

6. Cadrim Double Fire Cooking Torch


Why use one flame when you can have two?

Cadrim’s twin fire cooking torch provides twice the flame when one is insufficient. Don’t worry, you can still utilize a single flame if you choose. If you’re going to be heating a huge dish, a double flame will cover a larger area than a single flame.

The ceramic body of the butane torch keeps it cool and pleasant in your palm while you hold it. The butane torch has a safety lock that prevents it from accidently igniting.

After lighting the butane torch, you may modify the strength of the flames using the adjustable sliding dial on the side of the torch. If you take your finger off the igniter, the flame will continue to burn. The torch has a switch on the top that enables you to select between a single and double flame. When you’re ready to turn off the flame, flip the switch on the torch’s side to the off position.

The maximum temperature of the butane torch is 2100 degrees. You’ll need a butane gas tank long universal tip to refill the torch’s canister body.

7. Harnmor Kitchen Butane Torch


This Harnmor butane kitchen torch is another refillable choice on our list that is inexpensive, adjustable, and simple to use. The extra nozzles supplied with this butane torch set it different from the competition. These nozzles aid in filling the butane gas tank safely and completely, with no air pockets or waste.

The long nozzle is used to expel all of the air from the canister of the gas tank. This frees up all of the space in the tank, allowing you to completely fill it with butane gas. Otherwise, air pockets would take up a large portion of the area in the canister tank, preventing it from being entirely filled with butane.

To refill the torch with butane, use a butane tank with a long universal tip that fits the refill valve on the torch.

The torch features a Piezo ignition, which enables it to be lighted with one hand by pushing the torch’s ignition trigger. Once the ignition is ignited, you may continue to burn by pressing the button on the side of the torch. When you’re through using the torch, press the igniter button to switch off the flame.

There is a sliding adjustable flame regulator on the side of the torch to adjust the size and temperature of the flame. The flame reaches a maximum temperature of 2372 degrees.

8. RAVS Kitchen Butane Torch


The final item on our list is the RAVS kitchen butane torch. The butane torch includes a complete copper body with a ceramic nozzle for comfort, cooling, and safety while in use.

The torch has a turn dial on the side that opens the flame and allows it to be lighted. When the turn dial is fully turned to the right, the torch’s ignition on the rear may be pressed to ignite the flame. Once the flame has been kindled, you may change the intensity using the same turn crank on the side. To turn off the flame, turn the dial entirely left.

You will need to acquire a universal long tip can of butane gasoline to replenish the butane gas tank canister. The long point will pierce the fuel canister gauge. This will enable butane to be added to the canister.

When you need to place the torch down, there is a large base that it will sit on for added safety. A pair of anti-scald BBQ gloves has also been provided by the manufacturer. The torch can reach a maximum temperature of 2300 degrees.

Butane Torch Buying Guide: Features, Uses, and More!


Butane torches may have a variety of styles and characteristics that distinguish them from one another. While the premise of a butane torch is typically the same (an very hot flame is started by a handheld butane kitchen torch), each butane torch may have varied safety features and designs.

Safety Features

Butane torches may be equipped with a variety of safety measures, such as a safety lock, finger guard, and a sturdy base.

Safety Lock

Before the flame may be started, a safety lock on the butane torch must be rotated or pressed. This provides a layer of security, allowing you to be certain that the butane torch will not be accidentally lit.

If there is no safety lock on the torch, examine how it is lit. If it has a trigger that must be pushed to light the flame, you will most likely need to apply some force to pull the trigger. While this is not a genuine safety feature, it usually needs enough power to light the flame, preventing the flame from being accidentally started.

Finger Protection

To protect your fingertips from the heat of the flame when it is lit, the butane torch may additionally contain a finger guard or finger shield. This will be a little piece of material that extends outward from the canister’s base and serves as a shield to protect your hand, particularly your index finger, from the tremendous heat of the flame.

Sturdy Base

You should also look for a butane torch with a solid base. When not in use, the sturdy base will keep the butane torch upright when you place it on the countertop. This provides an extra degree of safety by keeping the butane torch upright rather than falling down onto the counter, prompting you to grasp the torch by the hot torch head.

Attachment Nozzle Torch Head vs. Refillable Canister

The butane torch will be either an attachment nozzle torch head or a refillable canister butane torch, and both choices have pros and downsides.

Attachment Nozzle Torch Head

An attachment nozzle torch head will fit directly into the butane gas tank’s nozzle. The benefit of an attachment nozzle torch head is how simple it is to connect and use. The torch head is ready to use after it is properly attached to the nozzle of the butane gas tank.

The downside of an attachment nozzle torch head is that it usually does not include a safety finger guard or shield to protect the hand holding the butane torch from the extreme heat it emits.

Another drawback of an attachment nozzle torch head is the lack of a base on the tank’s body to hold the torch permanently upright while not in use.

If safety is a concern, choose a refillable canister with additional safeguards such as a safety lock, finger shield, or robust base.

Refillable Canister

A refillable canister butane torch features a canister of refillable butane gas permanently connected to the torch head. A refillable canister butane torch has the benefit of having a range of safety features, such as a finger shield, safety lock, and robust base.

The drawback of refillable canisters is that you must replenish the butane gas tank when it runs out. This may be a time-consuming or painful operation since you must ensure that you obtain the correct sort of butane gas canister to place into the torch tank.

Remove all of the air from the tank before filling it, and then let the butane settle for a few seconds before topping it up. If you are unaware that your butane torch has run out of fuel, this might shorten your cooking time.

Fuel Gauge

If you’re using a refillable canister butane torch, look for one with a fuel indicator that shows how much fuel is remaining in the canister. This will protect you from getting surprised when your butane torch runs out of fuel. At the same time, it may save you from purchasing an unneeded butane gas can when you don’t need to.

Flame Adjustability

Not all meals or beverages need the maximum heat possible. Some may demand a low and gradual burn, while others may require a high and quick burn. As a result, you should choose a butane torch with an adjustable flame.

A sliding lever, a rotary dial knob, or an adjustable nozzle tip may be used to modify the size and temperature of the flames. Simply ensure that the butane torch you choose has an adjustable flame option so that you can control the size and temperature of the flame.

Different Ignitions

The butane torch will be equipped with an ignition button or trigger. The flame appears as a result of this.

Your butane torch will have many distinct sorts of ignitions. Piezo ignition triggers and quick-fire ignition buttons are examples of these.

Piezo ignition is an electric charge that happens when there is a lot of pressure or a lot of impact. This electric charge burns the butane fuel, resulting in the flame released from the butane torch’s nozzle.

Typically, a quick-fire ignition button is situated on the rear of the nozzle head. The gas is usually released by rotating the knobs dial on the rear of the nozzle. Then, to start the flame, push the quick-fire ignition button.

Constant Flame

Another feature to consider is a butane torch that will maintain a steady flame, either by pushing an extra button to keep the flame going or by having the ignition button maintain a constant flame until it is turned all the way off.

A steady flame button will assist minimize hand fatigue when holding the butane torch considerably. Otherwise, you’d have to hold the butane torch’s trigger or button to keep the flame blazing. This may cause your hand to weary rapidly, making this a very desired feature in the kitchen when cooking various foods.



You can use a butane flame for more than simply crystallizing sugar on crème brulee. Sear meat, melt cheese, roast veggies, roast marshmallows, and char wood for a smokey cocktail are all options. When you have a butane torch, the culinary choices are limitless, and you don’t have to wait for an oven broiler to cook the food. Simply take your torch, light it, and heat your dish.

Things to Consider When Buying a Butane Torch

  • A butane torch can reach temperatures of nearly 2300 degrees Fahrenheit in a handful of seconds. This makes the butane torch hazardous if it is not properly kept or falls into the wrong hands.
  • Keep your butane torch cold and away from heat, bright sunlight, and other food and drink items.
  • Make certain that no youngsters have access to the butane torch. Even if the butane torch includes a trigger or button that needs force to light the flame, a youngster may be able to ignite it nevertheless, hurting themselves or accidently setting fire to the environment.
  • You’ll also want to avoid using the butane torch for more than 5 minutes at a time. Long durations of usage of the butane torch might result in harm to the torch or even yourself. Butane torches should be used in short bursts of heat to prevent them from being damaged and you from becoming harmed. The good news is that most meals only need a few of minutes of heating time at most, so you should never be using your butane torch for more than 5 minutes.
  • Using too much heat on food can result in a torch flavor. Torch taste is the unpleasant flavor that results from searing meat, such as steak or fatty meat. Torch flavor is often inevitable with these sorts of foods, even when utilizing a lower heat for shorter lengths of time. Torch flavor is often not detectable in sweet foods, roasted vegetables, or crème brulee, so if you are searing a steak or fatty piece of meat, you may get torch taste if the heat is applied for an extended period of time.


A butane torch is a culinary item that should be kept on hand at all times. They are affordable, easy, and incredibly efficient at completing any meal or dessert.


What is the best brand of butane torch?

The most effective butane torch
Butane Torch with Safety Lock by Sondiko.
Butane Micro Torch with Adjustable Flame from Power Probe.
Butane Torch Blazer GT8000 Big Shot.
The Master Appliance GT-70 Industrial Professional Anti-Flare Butane Torch is a high-quality, anti-flare butane torch.
Tencoz Cooking Torch for the Kitchen.
Torch of Bernzomatic.
Micro-Flame from SFC Tools Soldering Torch using Butane.

What is the best torch for soldering?

When soldering tiny earrings, jump rings, and little links, a butane torch is a suitable option. It features a flame that burns at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,371 degrees Celsius) for 35 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the size and type. All contain a refillable butane canister and, in most cases, an adjustor level to control the size of the flame.

What is high quality butane?

Butane Xikar Purofine

Because of its ultra-low impurity level, odorless aroma, and adaptability, Xikar’s Purofine Butane is regarded as one of the best quality products available.

Is there a difference in butane quality?

Yes, there is a variation in the quality of butane lighter fuels for cigar lighters, but this has more to do with the lighter that burns the cigar than with the cigar itself.

What torch gets the hottest?

Because oxy acetylene torches burn extremely hot and can readily burn through most copper and brass pipework, they need more expertise to use than propane, acetylene, MAPP gas, or other fuel types.

Is a butane torch hotter than propane?

The biggest difference between propane and butane torches in terms of utility is their size. Propane torches are much bigger to compensate for greater and quicker heat, while butane torches are substantially smaller.

Which Bernzomatic torch burns hotter?

The yellow cylinder contains MAP-Pro, which is more efficient and burns hotter than propane. This high-quality fuel is ideal for a range of tasks, including soldering or brazing big copper pipes and heat treatment.

What brand of torch do police use?

Wolf-Eyes Pro Police torch.

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