Best Canned Tomatoes: Tasted and Reviewed

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Professional chefs and amateur cooks alike know that canned tomatoes are your greatest friend whether creating marinara sauce or tomato sauce, patiently building the ideal eggplant parmesan, or cooking a tomato-based stew. No matter how often you cook, consider this helpful product a pantry basic, and have a can or two hidden in your kitchen cupboard at all times.

The problem is that there are so many varieties canned tomatoes to pick from. With so many various brands, preparation techniques, processing methods, and spices available, choosing a simple can of tomatoes may become a difficult chore.

As a result, we sampled our way through twentycans of these powerful red fruits to determine the greatest canned tomatoes in a few distinct categories, making your shopping simpler!


What Are Canned Tomatoes?

Best Canned Tomatoes: Tasted and Reviewed

After being harvested and cleaned, the tomatoes are cooked (in varying amounts depending on the desired final product) before being portioned and packed into sterilized containers. Many canned tomatoes include citric acid and calcium chloride, which have extra preservation characteristics that help the tomatoes taste fresher for longer and keep their form better.

Regardless of the kind of canned tomatoes in issue, they are almost always produced using plum or roma tomatoes, which have an optimum texture and water content ratio for the canning process. Heirloom or cherry tomatoes are rare to be seen in cans since they simply do not keep up well, and the canning process would only serve to deprive them of some of their natural and greatest qualities.

Types of Canned Tomatoes We Tested

We examined the following 20 canned tomato brands and varietals to find the best:

  • Tricolor Rustic Cut Tomatoes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Italian Spices, 365 Whole Foods Market
  • Tomatoes Bianco Dinapoli: Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes
  • Cento Pomodoro San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes
  • Colavita Crushed Tomatoes
  • Contadina Roma Diced Tomatoes
  • Del Monte Quality Diced Tomatoes
  • Food Club Italian Style Stewed Tomatoes
  • Good & Gather Diced Tomatoes
  • Hunts Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic, and Oregano from Hunts
  • Original Zesty Mild Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies from La Preferida
  • Organic Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Medium Green Chilies from Muir Glen
  • Muir Glen Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes
  • Pomi Chopped Tomatoes
  • RedPack Whole Peeled Plum Tomatoes in Puree
  • Ro-Tel Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies
  • Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes
  • Trader Joes Organic Crushed Fire Roasted Tomatoes
  • Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes with Basil, No Salt Added
  • Tomatoes Tuttorosso Stewed with Basil, Garlic, and Oregano

How We Tasted and Reviewed These Products

We divided our selections into six categories to organize the many different canned tomato product varieties listed above: Best Canned Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Best Canned Diced Tomatoes, Best Canned Crushed Tomatoes, Best Canned Stewed Tomatoes, Best Canned Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies, and Most Unique Canned Tomatoes.

When making our decisions within each of these distinct categories, we considered a number of critical aspects.

  1. Taste and Texture: assessing the taste and consistency of each tomato type.
  2. Appearance: because looks matter!
  3. minerals.Nutritional composition, including salt content (important in canned meals), macronutrient profile, and any added vitamins
  4. Extra flavor components or a distinct preparation method are examples of distinguishing characteristics.
  5. Value: price per ounce.
  6. Production & Availability: where each item is manufactured and how readily accessible it is to the majority of buyers.
  7. Container size, package characteristics, label information, and any other data are included in packaging.

1. Best Canned Whole Peeled Tomatoes: Cento Pomodoro San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Best Canned Tomatoes: Tasted and Reviewed

Canned whole peeled tomatoes are precisely what they say they are. Roma or plum tomatoes are blanched briefly to remove the skins before being packaged in cans with tomato juice or tomato puree. Some canned whole peeled tomatoes are seasoned, while others are not.

Canned whole tomatoes are undoubtedly the most versatile kind, since they can be used for almost anything! For sauces or stews, dice, slice, or purée them.

About Cento Pomodoro San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes

The phrase San Marzano will surely come up in any debate regarding canned tomatoes. San Marzano tomatoes are a special species of plum tomato cultivated in the volcanic, rich soil of Southern Italy and are a favorite canned tomato option.

We found Cento Pomodoro San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes to be delightfully firm and flavorful. Instead of being packed in tomato juice like some others, these tomatoes arrive in their own canned tomato pureea rich combination with a wonderful, velvety feel. Fresh basil leaves offer intrigue and a wonderful, vibrant flavor without dominating the taste of the tomatoes themselves.

The salt content in this can is also fairly low, the lowest of all kinds we tested, with just 40 milligrams per cup serving, which helps keep the tomato taste front and center. And we love that the ingredients list just has four components: whole tomatoes, tomato puree, salt, and basil!

On the negative, these canned whole peeled tomatoes have a less spectacular nutrition profile than many of the others we tested, with a smaller variety and lower amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Perhaps more crucially, there is still uncertainty concerning the legitimacy of these San Marzanos. This can claims to be validated by an independent third party, however it is worth noticing that it lacks the D.O.P. (protected designation of origin) stamp, which is the actual symbol of an authentic can of San Marzano tomatoes. Our can, on the other hand, has a helpful code and a URL address where you can identify the specific region where your tomatoes come from, so it’s all a little intriguing. What is certain is that this is a delicious can of tomatoes!


  • Nice, firm texture and robust tomato flavor.
  • Unlike some other products, the whole tomatoes are placed in a rich tomato puree rather than watery tomato juice.
  • Packed with fresh basil leaves that create a taste contrast without being overbearing.
  • With just 40 milligrams of sodium per half cup, this kind had the lowest sodium content of any we tested.
  • The ingredients label is simple and basic, with nothing added.


  • Not as nutrient-dense as many of the other canned tomato brands and varietals we evaluated.
  • Some people argue over whether they are D.O.P certified San Marzanos or merely San Marzano Style tomatoes.

2. Best Canned Diced Tomatoes: Hunt’s Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes

Canned diced tomatoes provide flavor and texture to soups (such as our Classic Lasagna Soup), stews, casseroles, sauces, and may even be used straight from the can!

Unlike whole peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes are canned with the calcium chloride and citric acid chemicals stated previously, which help the tomato cubes keep their form and structure throughout the canning process’s high heat. This makes them great for dishes where you want the tomato chunks to be visible in the finished result.

About Hunt’s Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes

Almost every major canned tomato company makes its own canned diced tomatoes, giving consumers a plethora of options. However, after trying this Hunts kind of chopped tomatoes, it was virtually a no-brainer.

These diced tomatoes have a very deep, rich taste thanks to the additional process of fire-roasting. Whether you’re preparing your own salsa or mixing chopped tomatoes into another dish, like pizza sauce, Hunts Fire Roasted chopped Tomatoes are a simple way to boost the taste profile. We also found the texture of these tomatoes to be more gratifying than that of many other types, which we found to be extremely watery.

These diced tomatoes are not only tasty, but they are also non-GMO confirmed, come in a BPA-free container, and include a scannable smart label QR code that links you to their website for comprehensive nutrition and product information. In terms of nutrition, we like that this can of tomatoes has 240 milligrams of potassium per cup portion! This is almost 6% of your total recommended daily consumption, which is rather high among all canned tomato kinds we examined.

Our least favorite aspect of these diced tomatoes is that, unlike many other diced tomato alternatives, Hunts Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes do not have their skins removed before being chopped and bottled. This is significant since the skins are required for the fire-roasting process, but they also provide a certain degree of chew and roughness to the overall tomato experience.

Furthermore, they were by far the most costly of the diced tomato kinds we tested, as well as the ones with the greatest salt level (300 milligrams per serving).


  • The tomatoes are fire-roasted before being chopped and canned, adding a layer of savory taste and intensifying the inherent tomato flavor.
  • Because of the extra heating, they had a satisfying texture, as compared to many other brands and kinds, which were a little watery.
  • Non-GMO verified.
  • Packed in a BPA-free can.
  • Each meal contains an astonishing 240 milligrams of potassium!


  • Unlike many other canned tomatoes, they are not peeled, which adds a hint of roughness and necessitates a bit more biting.
  • We found the most costly canned diced tomato kind.
  • With 300 milligrams of salt per serving, it had the highest sodium level of any canned tomato we examined.

3. Best Canned Crushed Tomatoes: Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes

Canned crushed tomatoes are a middle ground between canned diced tomatoes and completely pureed tomato sauce. They should be considerably more broken down than diced tomatoes, but still have some tomato bits and an uneven texture.

When we opened the several packages of crushed tomatoes, we discovered a variety of diverse textures! Some crushed tomatoes were liquid or had a sauce-like texture, while others were thick and chunky, but this can of Sclafani tomatoes was exactly perfect.

About Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes

In 1911, nearly 100 years ago, the Sclafani product line was created in a tiny Italian grocery shop. Today, under the B&G foods name, this well-known specialty foods business is still family owned and run, enabling the items to preserve their unique, handmade texture and taste.

From the bright, fresh tomato taste all the way down to the fact that the label is written on the can itselfa significant departure from the more contemporary paper-wrapped cans you normally see, our navy blue can of Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes gave us that same sense. The texture is precisely what you want in a can of crushed tomatoes, nicely balancing chopped and pureed tomatoes.

While many of the top canned tomato vendors claim to utilize exclusively Italian-grown tomatoes, Sclafani boldly claims to use Jersey Fresh tomatoes, and we found them to be an excellent tasting, more local alternative to imported fruit. We also liked how this can of crushed tomatoes wasn’t as seedy as many of the other kinds we tested. And, as usual, it’s amazing when a product can be as good as this one without the inclusion of extra or complicated components. There are just two components in this can of crushed tomatoes: tomatoes and salt.

On the flipside, depending on where you live, Sclafani brand items may be more difficult to find. This corporation has significant links in New Jersey and Connecticut, and as a result, its goods are most frequent in the United States’ Northeastern Corridor. Although they are not available in most grocery shops around the nation, they do sell a variety of items via online sellers such as Amazon. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s unknown whether or not this firm will use BPA-free packaging.


  • Everything about the product, from the product itself to the packaging, has a true, small-batch, handmade feel to it.
  • The crushed tomato texture is perfect.More processed than chopped tomatoes, but not completely pureed.
  • Instead of importing tomatoes from Italy, this recipe uses tomatoes produced in New Jersey.
  • As with many other smashed tomato types, it is not too seedy.
  • The ingredient list is quite simple: simply tomatoes and salt!


  • Sclafani is a rather localized brand, which may make it difficult for certain buyers to find.
  • There is no indication if BPA is utilized in the liner of this brand’s canned tomato products.

4. Best Canned Stewed Tomatoes: Tuttorosso Stewed Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic, & Oregano

Stewed tomatoes, also known as Italian Style Tomatoes, are often halved or sliced plum tomatoes that have been cooked and canned with tasty ingredients such as onions, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Stewed tomatoes may vary greatly from one brand to the next, making it difficult to anticipate what you’ll receive when you open a can. Nonetheless, they are a great place to start when creating a tasty sauce or dish!

About Tuttorosso Stewed Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic, & Oregano

Tuttorosso, another family-owned and controlled canned tomato manufacturer, has created a reputation for itself in the tinned tomato industry. They create canned tomatoes and exclusively canned tomatoes, which we believe is one of the reasons their product is so good.

The scent got hold of us as soon as we opened this can of Tuttorosso Stewed Tomatoes, and we knew we had a category winner right then and then! Large tomato halves and slices were mixed in with visible bits of onion, celery, and bell pepper, as well as oregano and basil.

The tastes of all of these varied components worked well together, and when we looked at the label, we discovered even more excellent news. This product is made in the USA in a sustainable manner and has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It also has a relatively good nutritional profile, with 20 milligrams (20% DV) of vitamin C, 34 micrograms (4% DV) of vitamin A, 16 milligrams (2% DV) of calcium, and 230 milligrams (4% DV) of potassium.

The bell pepper and celery bits were rather crisp, almost as if they were entirely uncooked, which was a significant disappointment with these stewed tomatoes. This may be immaterial if you want to use your stewed tomatoes in a meal that will be cooked for a long time, but as is, they have a fibrous bite.

Keep in mind that since this is an assertively flavored tomato product, it has a few more limits of usage than simple whole peeled, crushed, or chopped tomatoes. Because they are so intensely seasoned, they should not be used in a recipe where you desire pure tomato taste. You should also examine the other components in your meal to ensure that they will play well together.


  • These stewed tomatoes were immediately fragrant and appealing!
  • Composed of huge tomato chunks and slices, as well as other veggies and fresh herbs.
  • Sustainably produced in the USA.
  • There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in this product.
  • It has a good variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium.


  • As is, the extra vegetablesonions, bell pepper, and celeryhave an unpleasantly crunchy quality.
  • Because these stewed tomatoes are heavily seasoned, you should think about the entire taste profile before putting them into a dish.

5. Best Canned Diced Tomatoes With Green Chilies: Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Medium Green Chilies

Although diced tomatoes with green chilies are not the most prevalent canned tomato kind, a little amount of this material is essential for some cuisines! Consider queso dips, spicy pasta salads, warm casseroles, or any other time you want vivid tomato taste with a kick!

About Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Medium Green Chilies

We were pleasantly delighted with the complete Muir Glen canned tomato collection, given the variety of items available. These people seem to have everything, from canned whole peeled tomatoes to tomato paste and salsa. However, the majority of their things in the other categories did not stick out to us.

However, in the instance of their Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Medium Green Chilies, they surely made an impact on us! These were by far the finest tasting of the several types we tried.unmistakably hot but not blistering, with a lovely roasty taste that seemed to balance everything out. These canned tomatoes are USDA organic and non-GMO validated by Oregon Tilth, an independent organic certifying organization. The box features a QR code that can be scanned to obtain recipes and other product information.

Not to mention that these spicy chopped tomatoes have some fantastic health benefits! They not only provide a few key minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium, but they also have the lowest salt content, with just 190 milligrams per cup portion. Because, hey, if you’re going to eat chips and queso dip, you may as well get some nutrition!

The texture of these organically produced diced tomatoes with green chilies is our main issue. They are really more sauce-like than the other alternatives, which all had a more solid feel and distinct structure. As a result, utilizing them may not have the desired impact in every meal, particularly when creating dips. Furthermore, these organic tomatoes with green chilies were the most costly and a little more difficult to obtain than the larger, more popular brands. However, we were able to locate them at our local Whole Foods, suggesting that they should be accessible to many others via Amazon as well.


  • The best flavor of all the spicy diced tomato variants we tried. Moderate heat that is properly balanced by delicious tomato flavor and roasted taste.
  • USDA certified organic and non-GMO verified.
  • The label’s scannable QR code will connect you to full product information and interesting cooking ideas!
  • Each meal contains essential minerals such as iron, calcium, and potassium.
  • Has the lowest salt content of all of the kinds we tested, coming in at just under 200 milligrams per serving.


  • Because the texture is saucier than other canned tomatoes with green chilies, it may provide a different outcome than intended when used in certain meals.
  • We tested the most costly can of chopped tomatoes with green chilies.
  • We couldn’t locate them in many of the grocery shops we visited, but we did discover them at Whole Foods.

6. Most Unique Canned Tomatoes: 365 Whole Foods Market Tricolor Rustic Cut Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Italian Spices

When we first saw these tomatoes, we realized they would be in a class by themselves since we couldn’t find anything like anywhere. What we didn’t know was whether they’d be good enough to make our list of the finest canned tomatoes. We’re delighted to say that they are!

About 365 Whole Foods Market Tricolor Rustic Cut Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Italian Spices

This tiny can of tomatoes includes a rainbow of multicolored tomato bits that are clumsily sliced in a primitive way and are neither whole nor diced, stewed nor crushed. Don’t get us wrong: we use the phrase haphazard with love here.

Not only does this tomato mix taste unexpectedly fresh, but the mixture of red, yellow, and orange-colored tomatoes sliced in an endearingly imperfect style makes for an altogether gorgeous look. Needless to say, these tomatoes are best utilized in situations where appearance is important, such as gently tossing them into a pasta salad or presenting with a large ball of fresh burrata. To be honest, they’re even good right out of the can!

The touch of extra virgin olive oil in these tomatoes is complementing and not overpowering, and it does not overpower the tomatoes’ naturally brilliant sweetness. The package also states that these tomatoes are selected and packed on the same day, that they are made in the United States, and that the can liner is BPA-free. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Our primary complaint about these tomatoes is that there aren’t enough of them. The can is fairly tiny, weighing just 10 ounces, and is one of the smallest containers we found among the many brands and variations.

Furthermore, these Tricolor Rustic Cut Tomatoes are heavy in salt. The serving size is one cup, but when it comes to a product that tastes like fresh tomatoes, you’re tempted to consume more. The tiny can only contains little more than 1 cup of product, but it includes a staggering 690 milligrams of sodium, which is 30% of your recommended daily consumption!


  • The flavor is as similar to fresh tomatoes as we’ve found in all of our testing and assessing!
  • Red, yellow, and orange tomato chunks in rustic cuts make for a lovely appearance.
  • Contains a little amount of extra virgin olive oil for taste and balance.
  • Picked and packed on the same day.
  • Product of the USA!
  • Lining of the can is BPA-free.


  • The can is rather little.There’s just 10 ounces in there, and we didn’t see any bigger cans for sale.
  • Pretty high in salt, particularly if you eat more than the recommended serving size of a cup, which doesn’t seem like enough for tomatoes that taste as fresh as these.

Ranking the Best Canned Tomatoes: The Bottom Line

We hope that all of this sampling and assessing has streamlined your tomato purchase experience. As with any products, there are advantages, disadvantages, and distinct qualities, so your favorite canned tomatoes may vary from ours!

Whether you want the most delicious diced tomatoes to top your tacos or the greatest texture tomatoes for creating marinara sauce, the bottom line is that there are lots of wonderful alternatives to pick from!


What type of canned tomato is best?

San Marzano whole canned tomatoes are the most expensive. This type is native to Southern Italy, and in order to be branded as San Marzano, the tomatoes must be cultivated in the area that has the same name (via The Chef & The Dish). If you encounter these tomatoes in any form other than whole, they are most likely phony.

What canned tomatoes do chefs use?

Chefs and Italian cooks recommend the best canned tomatoes for marinara sauce.
Cento San Marzano Peeled Tomatoes from Amazon.
Walmart. Tomato purée from Redpack.
Whole plum tomatoes from Alta Cucina on Amazon.
Bianco DiNapoli whole peeled plum tomatoes from Amazon.
Gustarosso DOP San Marzano tomatoes from Amazon.
Amazon. Amazon.

Why are Cento tomatoes so good?

San Marzano tomatoes are the prime option for any dish due to its rich volcanic soil, high water table, and excellent Mediterranean atmosphere. Agri-Cert, an independent third-party body, certifies Cento Certified San Marzano Tomatoes.

What brand of canned tomatoes does Ina Garten use?

Ina Garten exclusively uses San Marzano tomatoes in her recipes, and she isn’t the only one who adores the tomatoes named after a region in Southern Italy.

What is the absolute best tasting tomato?

The Brandywine tomato is often regarded as the best-tasting tomato varietal. It has the proper combination of sweetness and acidity, as well as that wonderful, old-fashioned tomato flavor. Growing circumstances may have a greater impact on taste quality than some of the other kinds on this list.

Do professional chefs use canned tomatoes?

These tomatoes serve as the foundation for a variety of sauces, soups, and stews, making supper preparation a breeze. This crucial component is used not only by amateur cooks, but also by professional chefs.

What canned tomato sauce does Bobby Flay use?

According to People, his preferred pasta sauce is Simply Sugo. According to the Simply Sugo website, these pasta sauces are excellent as a foundation for innovative dishes. That’s precisely how Flay utilizes it, by enhancing the taste with his own additions.

What kind of tomatoes does Campbell soup use?

One of the tomatoes cultivated by Campbell’s was the Rutgers tomato, which can be traced back to the guy who pioneered the condensed soup method, John Thompson Dorrance, who worked for Campbell’s at the time.

What canned tomatoes does Lidia Bastianich use?

San Marzano tomatoes in cans are the way to go.

Lidia Bastianich, the culinary maven, advises San Marzano tomatoes – certified whole peeled tomatoes considered an Italian product — from shop shelves.

Which canned tomatoes are actually San Marzano?

The D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) insignia (seen below, bottom right) distinguishes authentic San Marzano tomatoes. Certified products will be branded as San Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese – Nocerino and will have the appropriate certified markings (seen below, bottom left).

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