Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers of 2022

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My hot coffee intake falls significantly when the weather warms. While I like hot coffee as much as the next person, on a hot day, hot coffee is not the refreshing beverage of choice. While some people like converting hot coffee into iced coffee, I find it tastes stale and less palatable when cooled. Personally, I like cold brew coffee throughout the warmer months.

With so many different choices for fantastic cold brew coffee makers on the market, it’s easy to get confused by the many promises and reviews. I’ve produced a list of some of the top cold brew coffee machines on the market right now.

Whether you want a top-of-the-line, Yama-style cold brew machine or a basic steeping bag to assist keep the coffee grinds contained, this list offers a choice for you.

8 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers:

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee beans in chilled water for an extended period of time, generally overnight. The end product is a rich, tasty cold coffee that is fruity, little acidic, and great over ice.

While making cold brew coffee isn’t difficult, investing in a purpose-built attachment may help make the process much simpler. Fortunately, there are several solutions to suit all budgets and demands. Whether you want to produce 1-2 cups of cold brew for yourself, large quantities for a party, or even a pro-level Yama tower for a super-powered cold brew experience, there is a solution for your kitchen.

1. Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker For Beginners: Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a stylish cylinder-style immersion coffee maker. You can effortlessly prepare the ideal glass of iced coffee, again and over, with no waste except the coffee grounds, thanks to a tiny mesh attachment that keeps grounds and sediment out of the coffee.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Can be used hot or cold


  • Produces four servings at once; if you drink a lot, a bigger system is recommended.
  • Over time, the plastic structure may absorb food smells and discolor.

Using the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

Making decent cold brew with the Takeya Coffee Maker is a really simple operation, and if you’re experienced with cold brew, it should be quite intuitive.

To begin, you will need coarsely ground coffee beans. While you may use whichever coffee you have on hand, a finer grind produces lighter, fruitier coffee with less bitter sediment at the bottom.

Fill the carafe with 2 quarts of water and place the infusing cone inside. Fill the infuser with the desired quantity of coffee and secure the lid.

Refrigerate the coffee maker for 24 hours before removing the coffee infuser. At this stage, you may serve your cold brew anyway you choose. In my iced coffee, I prefer to use sweetened condensed milk, but you may dress it up whatever you like.


This cold brew coffee machine is suitable for both the novice cold brew fan and the expert connoisseur, thanks to its huge carafe, dishwasher safe construction, and very simple design.The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an excellent all-purpose cold brew system. Using a medium

While I would have preferred a stainless steel insert, the fine mesh strainer screen would enough to keep particles out of your morning coffee.

2. Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker Overall: Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System

The Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System is one of my favorite cold brew coffee makers for a simple reason: it regularly produces wonderful cold brew. The Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System can make one of the nicest homemade cold brews I’ve ever tasted by steeping coffee and letting it to gently trickle down through the grounds into a carafe.


  • Great for batch brewing.
  • Easy to use.
  • The glass carafe doesnt pick up odors over time.
  • A scaled-down replica of the professional systems seen in coffee shops throughout the globe.


  • Slightly top-heavy when filled initially.
  • Clean-up can be a mess.
  • Paper filters need to be purchased regularly.

Using the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System:

A toddy system is a bit more difficult to operate than an immersion brewing cold brew arrangement. To begin, insert the washable wool filter and paper filter into the Toddy Cold Brew System coffee machine section.

After that, you add your ground coffee and fill it with cold water. At this point, gently move the coffee maker to a cold area on your countertop or, if available, your refrigerator.

As the coffee infuses in the Toddy system, you may filter it by removing the rubber stopper from the bottom of the Toddy System and placing it over the glass carafe to collect your delicious, sweet cold brew coffee.

Because of the paper bag and reusable felt filter, cleanup might be a chore. When combined with a greater number of bigger parts than other cold brew systems, cleaning the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker requires much more work.


Despite its size and the fact that it may be more difficult to clean, the Toddy Cold Brew System came in top position for various reasons. The most crucial is that it consistently creates the greatest cold brew coffee in the world. The Toddy System enables coffee to steep before filtering it thoroughly via the paper filter bag and felt filter pad. This additional filtering produces a smooth, creamy, low acidity cold brew coffee concentrate that will make your mornings in the summer very delightful.

If you’re seeking for the greatest cup of cold brew and don’t mind a little additional cleaning, this is the cold brew coffee machine for you.

3. Runner Up: County Line Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The jelly jar look appeals to me, and given the large number of them I have laying around from different projects or experiments, the ability to reuse them throughout the home is a significant advantage for me.I am a big advocate of reusing and recycling. I also like using mason jars. I adore that mason jar.

The County Line Mason Jar Cold Brew, Coffee Maker is here to help.

The County Line Cold Brew Coffee Maker is one of my favorite cold brew solutions since it converts a 2 or 1-quart mason jar into a full cold brew coffee system.

Every morning, the 1-quart version is ideal for a personal cold brew. For a fast, on-the-go cold brew experience, brew and then prepare your coffee right in the mason jar.

This lid attachment enables you to brew directly in the mason jar and then serve from the mason jar after removing the infusing strainer, which is ideal for those with limited space or who like a minimalist style.If you want to make a bigger quantity of cold brew, the 2-quart model will be more suitable. Having a handle


  • Comes in 2 sizes.
  • Fits practically any mason jar, offering customers a variety of brewing and storage choices.
  • Brew and store in the same container.
  • Small profile for easy storage.


  • The use of a stainless steel filter insert may result in sediment in the coffee.

Using the County Line Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

It is quite simple to make coffee with the Count Line Cold Brew Coffee Maker. To begin, I prepared my coffee grinds and poured cold water into the mason jar that came with the coffee maker.

I next added the infusing strainer attachment and the required quantity of ground coffee. Then I secured the cover and placed the mason jar set in my fridge to brew for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, I removed the coffee filter and let it drain for about a minute before pouring a cup of cold brew. I discarded the grinds and washed the infusing insert before leaving it to air dry while I sipped my lovely cold brew iced coffee.


This coffee machine is fantastic. While the stainless steel insert does not have the filtering power of the Toddy system, it performs a fine job, and the sediment residue from the coffee grinds was minimal.

Infuse into other mason jars. By adding another mason jar to the system, you may make cold brew more often and utilize the second mason jar to store any extra.Aside from the amazing cold brew it creates, my favorite feature of this coffee maker is the flexibility to switch out the cover.

Overall, if you want a quality cold brew coffee maker and want to use mason jars or have a few hanging around, the County Line Cold Brew Coffee Maker should be at the top of your list.

4. Honorable Mention: Ovalware RJ3 1.0 L Coldbrew Maker

I like the Ovalware RJ3 for two reasons: one, it creates a delicious cup of cold brew, and second, it looks extremely great while doing it.

I’m a sucker for interesting design, and the Ovalware RJ3 may bring a fun design element to your everyday coffee routine with its form suggestive of a chemical lab. Aside from its good appearance, the RJ3 1.0L Coldbrew Maker produces excellent cold brew. Though the batch size is lower than I would want, the flexibility to brew and pour from the same container is useful, particularly for the space-conscious user.


  • Fun scientific design.
  • Airtight lid for cleaner brewing
  • Brew and serve from the same container
  • Glass container wont stain or absorb flavors.


  • Smaller batch size.

Using the Ovalware RJ3:

infuser. You remove the strainer attachment and serve coffee straight from the RJ3 carafe after the coffee has been infused.The Ovalware RJ3 is a self-contained cold brew coffee maker, similar to the Takeya model and the County Line Mason Jar Coffee Maker. This implies that you prepare coffee in the same vessel from which you serve it, using an immersion strainer.

To make cold brew in the Ovalware R3, fill the glass carafe halfway with chilled water, leaving space for the coffee grounds and strainer attachment.

Fill the glass carafe halfway with ground coffee and insert the stainless steel filtering attachment. Set the Ovalware RJ3 cold brew machine in a shaded area on your counter or in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours after securing the airtight cover.

When the cold brew is done, remove the stainless steel insert and discard the coffee grounds. You may either serve your cold brew straight from the carafe or move it to another container so you can make another batch right away.


Despite its tiny size, the Ovalware RJ3 creates a good cup of cold brew. This is a terrific coffee maker for someone who appreciates a distinctive look and a streamlined form factor, with a fun, wacky, scientific design.

This coffee maker is ideal for 1-2 persons, making it ideal for brewing for yourself or a buddy. Having a large supply of cold brew on hand might be useful, particularly when entertaining guests, but if you just need enough for your morning cup of coffee, the Ovalware RJ3 is an excellent alternative.

5. Yama Style Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker

Yama, also known as ice brewed cold brew, is a Japanese technique of making iced coffee using a coffee tower apparatus. Cold brew made with ice is smoother and more balanced than immersion brewed coffee, with less acidity overall. It also has the advantage of brewing quicker, in 2-3 hours as compared to the standard 12 hours for immersion-style cold brew.

As long as you have the room and funds for it, this Yama Glass Cold Brew Maker is a lot of fun to operate and creates an absolutely amazing iced coffee. The Yama Cold Brew Maker requires far more room than any of the other alternatives on our list, and with all-glass construction, this is not a gadget you want to move about often.

While all cold brew coffee requires some fiddling to get exactly perfect, the Yama Cold Brew Maker and slow drip cold brew need even more effort. Once you understand how to use the Yama properly, it is simple to replicate results day after day, but it does have a higher learning curve than many other cold brew systems.


  • Great tasting cold brew coffee in less time.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Used by professional baristas worldwide.


  • Expensive.
  • Large space requirement.
  • Lots of parts to clean.

Using the Yama Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

The Yama is a bit more difficult to use than the other alternatives on our list. To begin, the Yama cold brew coffee machine seems to be a scientific experiment, and you must check that it is correctly built.

Fill the water chamber with ice and cold water first, then fill the ground coffee vessel with the quantity of coarsely ground coffee required for your batch size.

Set the collecting carafe under the spiral condenser and the water vessel to the desired drip speed. The Yama slow drip cold brew machine generates amazing, tasty, low acid cold brew in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare a standard batch by dripping water over the coffee grinds and filtering through the base and then the condensing spiral.

Depending on the drip rate and batch size, you should be able to complete your cold brew in 3-4 hours. The Yama cold brew coffee maker’s drip rate is where things get interesting. I strongly suggest researching appropriate drip rates; there are several video lessons online that will walk you through the advantages of employing various drip rates and the impact it will have on the taste of your completed product.


If you want the greatest taste cold brew and money isn’t a problem, the Yama Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an excellent option.

While the Yama is more difficult than the other cold brew machines on our list, it makes the finest coffee pound for pound. It obviously takes up more counter space than the other models on our list, but it is a lovely kitchen addition that will pique the interest of friends and visitors.

At the end of the day, the Yama Cold Brew Coffee Makers are not for everyone, and there are many simpler methods to create cold brew at home, but for coffee enthusiasts, this is a fantastic alternative.

6. Best Cold Brew Steeping Bag: DoppleGanger Goods Reusable Cold Brew Bag

I used a setup similar to the DoppleGanger Goods Reusable Brew Bag when I first began preparing cold brew. I would pour ground coffee into a straining bag I bought from a homebrew shop, then immerse the bag in a pitcher of cold water and steep it overnight.

The Reusable Cold Brew Bag is similar to the straining bag I purchased from the homebrew shop, but much better. The DoppleGanger Goods Reusable Cold Brew Bag, made of washable organic cotton with a tight enclosure and drawstring, is a perfect solution for anybody who wants to prepare cold brew coffee but doesn’t want to add a big new appliance to their kitchen.

Wool filter throughout the whole toddy system!Its main advantage is that it may be used in combination with the Toddy Cold Brew System. This reusable cold brew bag may be used instead of the paper filter and felt.This cold brew bag has one very appealing feature.


  • low cost
  • planet-friendly
  • reusable
  • can be used by itself or with the toddy system


  • carafe/jar not included
  • Grounds may get into the coffee if not properly knotted.

Using the DoppleGanger Good Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Bag:

It is quite easy to use this reusable cold brew coffee maker bag. Fill a pitcher or jar halfway with chilly water and the filter bag halfway with ground coffee.

Tie the nylon drawstring around the coffee bag and place it in the pitcher. The coffee will float at first, but you may assist it sink by punching it down with a spoon or fork.

Once the cold brew coffee bag is completely submerged in the water, cover the jar or pitcher and store it in a cool area on our counter or in the refrigerator. After 12 hours, gently remove the coffee bag from the pitcher. Squeeze it to extract as much delightful cold coffee as possible from the grounds before dumping it into the garbage bin.

Turn the bag inside out and rinse with warm water over your sink to clean the DoppleGanger Goods Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Bag. After completely rinsing the bag and ensuring that no coffee grounds remain, squeeze the excess water out of the bag and allow it to air dry.


If you want the simplest cold brew coffee setup, you can’t get much simpler than a cloth bag filled with coffee. The DoppleGanger Goods Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Bag isn’t a sophisticated technique to cold brew coffee, but it does produce a fantastic pot of coffee.

Although cleanup may be a bit messy, and if you don’t knot the bag firmly enough, you may wind up with grinds in your coffee, the DoppleGanger Goods Cold Brew Coffee Bag is an excellent alternative for preparing cold brew at home, particularly if you don’t want to invest in a big cold brew machine. If you want to convert an existing pitcher into a cold brew carafe, our Cold Brew Bag will make it very simple to produce world-class cold brew coffee at home!

7. Best French Press Coffee Maker: Veken Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker

Making cold brew concentration using a french press, like as the Veken Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker, is one of the finest life hacks I’ve ever discovered. I prefer sipping french press coffee, particularly on chilly winter mornings when I have time to read the paper or listen to a podcast.

I like cold brew, although I’ve been using my french press all year. You can easily produce a wonderful cold brew concentration at home by filling your french press with ground coffee and cold water, then leaving it to soak in the fridge or a shaded location on your counter.In the summer, I usually store my french press since I consume more iced coffee.

While most french presses have a limited capacity, it’s simple to generate a supercharged cold brew coffee concentrate by combining equal parts coffee and water, straining it, and diluting it with water or your preferred milk. You can create simple lattes using cold brew by foaming the milk and combining it with the coffee before pouring it over ice.


  • You may already have a french press at home.
  • Easily brews hot or cold coffee.


  • The batch size is smaller.
  • You must keep the coffee in a separate container.

Using the Veken Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker to Make Cold Brew:

Using the Veken Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker to produce cold brew is quite similar to using it to make hot coffee.

Allow to strain the plunger to the french press before straining the grounds. Allow the coffee to brew for 12 hours before filtering to ensure optimal extraction.Fill the Veken Kitchen French Press halfway with coffee grounds, then halfway with the quantity of water specified in your recipe. Once full, place the coffee pot in your refrigerator. The cover may be attached.

After the coffee has brewed, gently depress the plunger to remove the cold brew coffee. You may rinse the french press and start a fresh batch straight away if you wish!

50 ratio. If you’re not accustomed to it, concentrated cold brew might be really powerful and give you the jitters.Once the cold brew coffee concentrate has been poured out, dilute it with water or your preferred dairy or nondairy milk. I like to froth skim milk with a milk frother and create iced cold brew lattes. You may, however, dilute your coffee concentrate and blend the coffee in a 50/50 ratio.


If you don’t already have a french press, you should definitely purchase one, and the Veken Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker is an excellent example of the category.

The Veken Kitchen French Press creates a particularly delicious cup of coffee, both hot and cold-brewed, with a high-quality metal frame, dishwasher-safe glass carafe, additional filter screens, and a well-made plunger. With the bigger model, which comes in three capacities (12, 21, and 34 oz), you can prepare almost a quart of cold brew coffee concentrate at once.

Final Thoughts on Cold Brew Coffee Makers.

Making great cold brew coffee at home is a simple way to save money while still enjoying high-quality, barista-style coffee beverages every morning. Cold brew coffee requires the least amount of effort and consistently produces great results, even with less costly equipment.

You should select coffee that is most suited for producing cold brews for the best outcomes. While pre-ground coffee may be used successfully, utilizing a coffee grinder and grinding your own coffee beans at home can significantly improve the taste of your coffee.

As you explore and fine-tune your cold brew method at home, you’ll discover that steeping the coffee for differing durations of time yields variable taste levels. A shorter steep produces lighter-bodied, less delicious coffee, but a longer extraction produces a deeper coffee taste while also allowing some of the coffee’s more bitter ingredients to show through.

Aside from cold brew coffee, you may prepare a variety of infusions and extracted teas with your cold brew coffee machine. Sun tea is one of my favorite summer treats, and it’s a lot of fun to prepare with kids who will enjoy watching the tea soak in a sunny window!

Whatever your budget or level of skill, all of the choices on this list will help you produce amazing cold brew coffee batch after batch. Whether you want a professional-level yama type coffee maker, a new cold brew carafe for beginners, or want to repurpose a french press if you like cold brew coffee, any of these solutions will help you get your daily coffee fix!

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