Best Hot Chocolate Mixes of 2022

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In this post, we’ll look at one of the most delectable beverages on the market: hot chocolate! Perfect for a winter day, after skiing, or just as a treat. We’ll be reviewing our favorite hot chocolate brands and providing a brief buyers guide to address any questions you may have about this delectable drink.

Without further ado, here are our favorite hot chocolate brands. We’ve attempted to include a wide range of options in this list so that there’s something for everyone!

1. Land O’ Lakes Variety Pack (BEST OVERALL)

The Land O Lakes variety pack is our favorite hot chocolate! We believe that hot chocolate does not have to be expensive to be enjoyable. Land O Lakes is a famous brand that makes delicious hot chocolate at an affordable price (34 packets in one bundle).

This package’s four flavors are extremely appealing to us: double chocolate, salted caramel, French vanilla, and mint. They all taste fantastic, and we like varying our hot chocolate experience.

Land O Lakes may not be the most expensive brand, but we don’t believe it is the most crucial aspect of a good hot chocolate mix. The emphasis has always been on delivering a great, rich, and creamy mix, and you get precisely that. Classics are always a safe bet!


  • Classic hot chocolate blend.
  • Great value (34 packets/box).
  • Nice mix of flavors.
  • Extra sweet and creamy.


  • Different flavors may not be for everyone.

2. Ghirardelli Ground Hot Chocolate 3 lb.

Here’s a 3 pound bag of some of the best hot chocolate mix available. Ghirardelli is well known for their excellent baking and culinary ingredients, and they’ve applied their knowledge to this blend.

This hot chocolate mix contains genuine chocolate and only natural ingredients. It is undeniably a quality combination of ingredients, with a flavor to match. The extra creamy texture accentuates the authentic chocolate flavor. It’s not as sweet as the other selections on our list, but it’s quite sweet.

Overall, a high-quality product from a high-quality brand. It’s a little pricey, but we believe it’s worth it.


  • Made with genuine chocolate and all-natural ingredients.
  • Rich, creamy, deep flavors.
  • Multipurpose; may also be used as a baking ingredient.


  • On the expensive side for a ground powder.

3. Swiss Miss Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mix  (BEST BUDGET)

Swiss Miss, another legendary hot chocolate brand, comes next. We chose this as our top budget selection because the value speaks for itself: 30 packets at a very cheap price.

In terms of flavor, it has the typical flavor that you’d expect from a conventional brand. Sweet, chocolaty, and rich, with genuine milk. You’ve most likely tried Swiss Miss before, so you know what to anticipate.

Each package even contains actual marshmallows!


  • Very high value choice.
  • Real marshmallows in each packet.
  • Sweet, simple mix.
  • Made with real non-fat milk.


  • Not made with 100% natural ingredients.

4. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate (BEST PREMIUM)

The Ghirardelli Double Chocolate mix is our top premium selection. Few hot chocolate mixes can compete with Ghirardelli in terms of quality components. The combination is composed with hand-selected components and deep-roasted cocoa beans.

The only ingredients are cocoa, sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and genuine vanilla.

Most importantly, this combination is delicious. The double chocolate mix is notably richer and more flavorful than the standard Ghirardelli blend seen above. Chocolate fans will prefer this one, but you can’t go wrong with either.

It’s a premium option with a premium price tag, but we believe it’s well worth it.


  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Just 4 basic ingredients.
  • Extremely rich, deep chocolate flavor.
  • Can also be used for baking!


  • Premium price tag.
  • We wish the bag was a little larger (i.e. more servings).

5. Swiss Miss White Chocolate Blend

Here’s one for the white chocolate fans out there. Swiss Miss white chocolate is a popular variation on the traditional hot chocolate mix.

People either love or dislike white chocolate, therefore it will surely depend on your particular tastes. But it tastes just as a white hot chocolate should. It’s sweet, creamy, and notably lighter in taste than traditional hot chocolate.

For the ultimate treat, try dipping some cookies in it.


  • Sweet, creamy, and light.
  • Swiss Miss is a classic hot chocolate brand.
  • 9% caffeine free great for kids.


  • White chocolate is a love it or hate it flavor.
  • bundle (only 8 available).We wish there were more options.

6. Godiva Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

This product was a strong contender for our top premium selection. It’s yet another premium hot chocolate combination of great quality. After all, it is Godiva, one of the world’s most prestigious chocolate brands.

This dark chocolate combination is extremely appealing to us. It’s prepared from carefully picked cocoa beans that have been processed into dark chocolate powder. The final product is an extremely creamy, velvety-smooth mix that is renowned for its texture as well as its flavor. Its less sweet than milk chocolate blends, as expected, but has the distinctive depth of flavor inherent in world-class dark chocolate.

If you want your chocolate drinks to be more delicate, we believe this is the one for you. It is, however, a quality product, so don’t expect it to be cheap!


  • Godiva is one of the world’s most recognized chocolate brands.
  • The ingredients list is highlighted with hand-selected beans.
  • Dark chocolate mix for those who like a less sweet hot chocolate.
  • Very attractive packaging.


  • Premium price tag.
  • Only 10 servings/package.

7. Hot Cocoa Protein Powder

What about a more creative spin on hot chocolate? Here’s some vegan protein powder with a hot chocolate taste!

If you want to combine the advantages of protein powder with the delectable flavor of hot chocolate, this highly specialized product offering may be for you.

It’s really a rather efficient protein powder, containing 20g per serving and being completely vegan. It is mostly composed of brown rice protein and pea protein.

Don’t expect it to taste as sweet as a conventional hot chocolate, but it’s quite sweet for a protein powder. So, although it’s not a replacement for hot chocolate, it’s a nice way to have the best of both worlds.

We realize this isn’t a standard choice, but we like to round out our lists with something entertaining!


  • Very efficient protein source.
  • Tastes like hot cocoa!
  • 100% vegan.
  • Well-priced for protein powder.


  • If you want the genuine thing, this will not suffice.
  • A bit sweet for protein powder.

8. Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cups

Let’s move on to another choice that prioritizes convenience. Starbucks K-Cups may be inserted directly into your Keurig machine for a steaming cup of hot chocolate in seconds.

If you’ve ever had a Starbucks hot chocolate, you’ll know what to anticipate here. This is their traditional thick and creamy hot chocolate. We believe it’s excellent. Even in terms of hot chocolate, it’s clearly on the sugary side.

Another bonus is that its made with non-fat milk.


  • Classic Starbucks hot chocolate.
  • Rich, creamy, and extra sweet flavor.
  • Made to exacting quality standards.
  • Made with non-fat milk.
  • Convenient K-Cups for fast preparation.


  • Quite expensive.
  • K-Cups are bad for the environment (albeit they are recyclable if the grounds are drained).

Buying Guide

Best Hot Chocolate Mixes of 2022

Now that we’ve investigated our favorite market items, let’s delve a little more into this delightful beverage area. In this part, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hot chocolate so you can make the best decision for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Chocolate Mix

As you can see, there are several options for hot chocolate mix. You could even get a bit overwhelmed. Consider the following criteria to help you make your selection.

  • Quality Ingredients: First and foremost, there are the ingredients. The chocolate is the most crucial element! Some luxury companies take pleasure in utilizing genuine chocolate and all-natural ingredients, and some even advertise where they get their cocoa beans. This is something to consider since it not only effects the depth and complexity of the taste, but it may also have a significant impact on the price!
  • Flavor: This may be the only thing you care about! Pay close attention to the components listed above, since they have a significant impact on the taste. Pay attention to the sugar amount as well, since you may like more or less depending on your tastes. Some manufacturers even provide a variety of hot chocolate tastes, such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, mint, and more!
  • How to create the Drink: Take note of the packaging, since it will impact how you create the drink. The cheapest choice is a bucket of mix, but you must measure the components yourself. Individual packets or even K-Cups are preferred by certain folks. All alternatives are included in our buyers guide above.
  • serving.Nutritional Factors: Although hot chocolate isn’t well-known for its health advantages, there are a few that may be obtained from pure cocoa powder. Of course, hot chocolate is unlikely to be the most effective method to get these advantages. However, if you want a somewhat healthier combination, choose a brand with fewer calories.

Hot Chocolate vs Hot Cocoa

Next, we’ll address a frequently asked question in the realm of hot chocolate. What exactly is the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa?

Some argue that the components in hot chocolate and hot cocoa vary. Hot cocoa is often prepared with cocoa powder, sugar, and milk, while hot chocolate is made with melted chocolate.

Having said that, a term’s use might occasionally define it. To put it simply, both words are used interchangeably. While some may argue that there is a distinction, the majority of the time the terms are used interchangeably. Any of the combinations on our list might be dubbed hot cocoa or hot chocolate.

Conclusion & Our Top Pick

Thank you for taking the time to read our guide to this delectable beverage! As you can see, there are plenty delectable options. We chose the traditional Land O Lakes as our best overall selection, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options on our list!


What is the best sugar free hot chocolate mix?

There are many wonderful options, but we like this one from Swiss Miss.

What snacks go well with hot chocolate?

Almost every dessert pairs nicely with hot chocolate! We like anything that can be dipped, such as cookies, brownies, or wafers.

Is hot chocolate good with milk?

Definitely! Some people like to soak their hot chocolate grounds in milk rather than water. Try it with some frothy milk on top.

Is hot chocolate mix good in coffee?

Absolutely! Some people like a dash of hot chocolate in their coffee instead of a teaspoon of sugar.


Are hot chocolate bombs still popular 2022?

Yes, hot chocolate bombs continue to be popular. They’re a fun and simple method to create a tasty cup of hot chocolate.

What country drinks the most hot chocolate 2022?

Swiss hot chocolate is traditionally prepared with milk, cocoa powder, and sugar, and it is often flavored with vanilla or cinnamon. It’s thick, rich, and very wonderful, and it’s no surprise that the Swiss drink the most of it.

What hot chocolate powder do Starbucks use?

STARBUCKS ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE Cocoa powder (42% cocoa) with silky and smooth overtones. Inspired by STARBUCKS Hot Chocolate, which is available at STARBUCKS coffee establishments. Made with 42% cocoa powder of the highest grade.

What is the difference between hot cocoa mix and hot chocolate mix?

Because of the additions, hot cocoa has a thinner consistency and is creamier and sweeter. True Hot Chocolate, on the other hand, is more richer and thicker; depending on the kind and proportion of pure cacao used as the basis, it may also include bittersweet undertones.

What’s the best hot cocoa mix?

Top Hot Chocolate Selections
Overall winner: Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate.
Ghirardelli Cocoa Beverage Mix is another excellent choice.
Godiva Milk Chocolate Cocoa Canister is the best milk chocolate.
Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa is the best classic hot chocolate.
Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa is the best dark chocolate.

Does Dunkin Donuts sell hot chocolate bombs?

The creamy Belgian Milk Chocolate shell of the Dunkin’ Original Hot Chocolate Bomb is packed with mini-marshmallows on the interior.

Who makes worlds best hot chocolate?

Which Hot Chocolate Mix Is the Best? We put 14 of the best cocoa brands to the test.
Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Mix with Double Chocolate.
Starbucks Original Hot Cocoa.
Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate by Chamberlain.
Classic Rich Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix from Nestlé.
Classic Hot Chocolate by Jacques Torres.
Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix from Good & Gather.

What is the number 1 hot drink in the world?

Tea is the most common drink in the world after water. Hot water is poured over cured tea leaves to make tea. This popular beverage may be either hot or cold and has a variety of health advantages. Tea plants are mostly found in Asia, however tea is consumed in many nations across the globe.

Which state drinks the most hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate was the most popular drink in the nation, landing in first place in 17 states including New York, California, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

What is the difference between hot chocolate powder and drinking chocolate powder?

The two products share a fundamental component — cacao — but are prepared and mixed differently. Hot cocoa is frequently bland and sugary, but drinking chocolate has a rich and nuanced taste that may be sweetened or left unsweetened.

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