Best Leek Substitutes

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What would be a decent leek substitute? Leeks are a perplexing vegetable that many people overuse and misinterpret. Leeks are related to ramps, scallions, shallots, and onions, but most people mistake them for onions, particularly when they’re sliced up.

They’re not easy to come by at the grocery store. Many retailers do not stock leeks because they are unpopular, have a limited shelf life, and are difficult to identify.

So, what can you use in place of a leek? How much of your leek replacement do you need for your recipe?

What Are Leeks?

Best Leek Substitutes

Leeks are intriguing plants that are related to onions and garlic, but they do not have the same taste. They seem to be big scallions.

Leeks aren’t often utilized, but when they are, they’re usually in soups. Some individuals boil leeks on their own and consume them alone.

If you want to sample a raw leek, just eat the whitest section of the bulb.

The Best Leek Substitute

Best Leek Substitutes

Most leek recipes will mention a precise amount of leeks or, if you’re fortunate, a quantity in ounces. When cooking with leeks, just utilize the white and light green sections since the dark green parts are too difficult for your body to digest.

If you can’t locate leeks, here are some good options.


Onions may be used in place of leeks. Use green onions or mild sweet onions when utilizing onions. The trick is to choose an onion that isn’t too strong, since you don’t want it to overshadow your dish.

As a leek replacement, onions may be used in a 1:1 volume or weight ratio.


If you can’t get onions, you may substitute shallots for the leeks. Shallots will not have the same bite as leeks, but they will provide garlic flavor.

You may use shallots in a 1:1 ratio by volume or weight, or you can use more if your dish lacks taste.

Onion Powder

If you don’t have any other choices, onion powder may be used in place of leeks. Onion powder has no substance, so don’t bother using it in recipes that primarily call for leeks.

Onion powder is best used as a leek replacement in stews or soups if leeks are just a minor element.

One teaspoon of onion powder replaces one cup of chopped, raw leeks when used as a leek replacement.


You would believe that celery is a wonderful alternative for leeks, but this is not the case. Celery may be used as a leek replacement in certain recipes, however celery seldom acts like leeks, particularly in stews and soups.

Celery breaks down and becomes mushy quicker than leeks. So, if you’re going to use celery as a replacement, check the cooking times to see how long you can use it before it breaks down. When replacing celery for leeks, use a 1:1 ratio.

Wild Ramps

Leeks are also known as wild ramps, so if you encounter them at the grocery store, they are most certainly leeks. There are wild ramps, but they are not found in the Western world.

If you come across wild ramps, you may utilize them in the same proportion as leeks. So, if your recipe asks for a certain amount of leeks, add the same amount of wild ramps.


Scallions or green onions are the closest and finest substitutes for leeks. Scallions may be used in any dish that calls for fresh leeks. Keep in mind that some scallions have a stronger taste than leeks, but you should be able to utilize them.

Scallions will have a distinct texture in dishes where leeks are cooked, but it doesn’t imply you can’t use them. You may use them in place of leeks in a 1:1 ratio.


Garlic has a more pungent and stronger taste profile than leeks, yet they may be used as a leek alternative and are fantastic for flavoring. Keep in mind that garlic will not work as a leek replacement with the same texture or in the same quantities.

Garlic, on the other hand, works if you don’t have any other options. To add perfume and taste to your dish, use tiny quantities of roasted or minced garlic. Begin by replacing a teaspoon of chopped garlic for each cup of leak.

What to Look for in a Leek Substitute

You should keep a few factors in mind while looking for a leek alternative. Leeks are connected to numerous of the above-mentioned spices and vegetables, including shallots, scallions, garlic, and onions. They all, however, have a distinct tongue feel and taste.

Leeks have a moderate taste and a solid structure, which makes them popular in creamy and rich meals. They are often used to provide contrast to other components in the dish. The white stem of the leek, rather than the greens on top, is used in most recipes.

If you have a dish that includes a lot of fresh ingredients, such as a soup, you don’t have to worry about which leek replacement you use. If you’re cooking a side dish using leeks as the primary ingredient, you’ll have a more difficult time finding a leek alternative.

Why Should You Try to Find Leeks?

If you’re in a pinch, you may use any of the above leek alternatives, but you should attempt to obtain leeks if possible. This is because they provide a number of health advantages that no other leek alternative can match.

Leeks include flavonoid antioxidants that help protect the blood vessel lining from damage. They are the greatest foods to consume for this sort of protection.

If you have excessive cholesterol levels or a fatty liver, leeks have been shown to enhance your lipid profile.


What green vegetable is similar to a leek?

Scallions or green onions resemble leeks and have a flavor profile comparable to leeks’ onion-garlic tastes. Because they are smaller, you may need more scallions than leeks. In a recipe, replace 1 big leek with 6-8 scallions.

Which onion substitute for leek?

Onions, sweet or white

Because of their mild taste, white and sweet onions are excellent substitutes for leeks. White onions are excellent substitutes for fresh leeks in meals such as salads. Sweet onions complement meals that call for sautéed leeks better.

How many onions to substitute for 2 leeks?

It’s simple since it’s in equal parts:

For one cup of sliced onion, use one cup of sliced leeks. Leeks are a simple replacement!

What can I substitute for leek puree?

Here are a few of our favorite leek substitutions:
Shallots. Shallots’ mild flavor works well. Let’s start with my personal fave.
Onions that are sweet. Sweet onions are an excellent substitute.
Onions in red. Red onions work well! …
Celery. Celery is one of my favorite snacks, but it may also be used in place of leeks.

Can green onion used in place of leeks?

Leeks and green onions may be used interchangeably. Because leek stems are bigger, you must use green onions when substituting green onions for leeks. Take into account that raw leeks have a milder taste than green onions.

Are leeks just big green onions?

Leeks are a vegetable that looks like gigantic scallions or green onions, with a thin white bulb at the bottom and long green stalks on top. The green stems of green onions form short, slender cylinders, while the leaves of a leek are flat and piled on top of one another.

Can I substitute chives for leeks?

In place of chives, you may use scallions, leeks, shallots, and garlic.

Are leeks just onions?

Leeks resemble green onions in appearance, but they are an entirely separate plant, despite being in the same family. First and foremost, leeks are substantially bigger than green onions. Their leaves are larger and denser, and their tastes and applications vary.

Does bok choy taste like leek?

Bok choy is a Chinese cabbage with a mild flavor, but leeks have a considerably stronger flavor. Bok choy is utilized in a variety of ways, with larger amounts forming the foundation of stir-fries or being grilled.

Why use leeks instead of onions?

If you’re one of those persons who can’t stand a lot of onions in a meal, consider leeks instead. They’re gentler, despite the fact that they contain many of the sulfur compounds found in onions that some people find difficult to stomach.

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