Best Meat Grinder for Your Kitchen: Ranked and Reviewed

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You need a meat grinder in your kitchen if you want to take your cooking to the next level. This cooking tool comes in useful whenever a recipe asks for minced meat. Furthermore, certain versions will allow you to fill sausages, giving you even more possibilities in the kitchen!

The key selling point of any food grinder is that once you start grinding meat yourself, meals become more cheaper and lot healthier. It’s a game changer for any meat lover.

Today, we’ll look at the top meat grinder devices on the market right now. We’ve evaluated and rated the top models to assist you in selecting the finest one for your requirements. You’ll also discover a comprehensive shopping guide and answers to commonly asked questions. We performed all of the work so you could have fun shopping.


1. Best Rated Meat Grinder: ALTRA Multifunction Stainless Steel Mincer

Best Meat Grinder for Your Kitchen: Ranked and Reviewed

If we had to select only one appliance, it would be this ALTRA stainless steel model. It’s very flexible, inexpensive, and simple to use. We have no doubt that it is the finest home meat grinder for the majority of home chefs.

This machine can grind up to two pounds of beef per minute. The simple on/off controls make it simple to operate.

The included accessories are also a great benefit, particularly if you want to be experimental and try out new recipes. Three stainless steel cutting plates (fine, medium, and coarse grind), a sausage stuffing tube, and a kibbe attachment are included. Its versatility is at its peak.

All components in touch with your food are made of food-grade materials. The stainless steel blades and ABS plastic attachments guarantee that your food is completely safe to consume.

In addition, this is a very strong electric meat grinder. The triple-wall architecture of the appliance makes it more resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and dents. It safeguards your investment and guarantees that you continue to use your grinder for a long time.

It’s also really simple to clean. Although the pieces are not dishwasher safe, they may be immersed in soapy water after use. After that, just pat them dry. Furthermore, the reverse button aids in unclogging the machine when it becomes slow.

Finally, the noise-cancelling function and the built-in accessory storage drawer are also excellent additions.


2. Best Budget Meat Grinder: Sunmile Electric Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

Best Meat Grinder for Your Kitchen: Ranked and Reviewed

Look no farther if you’re seeking for a more cheap apartment. This Sunmile electric meat grinder is the finest low-cost meat grinder available. It’s simple to use, surprisingly adaptable, and, most importantly, inexpensive!

This machine can process up to 150 pounds of beef each hour. That’s almost two and a half pounds each minute, so you’ll have dinner ready in no time.

You may choose the coarseness of your grind. The three disks provide you with flexibility and complete control over your cooking. Because it comes with unique sausage stuffing tubes, you can even stuff sausages with this machine.

Another great feature is how simple it is to use. The three large buttons indicate on, off, and reverse. Isn’t it straightforward? You will not be left wondering how to ground meat with this equipment.

In addition, the Sunmile grinder has a circuit breaker. It shields your appliance from electrical surges, allowing it to survive longer. This will increase the long-term worth of your investment.

Unfortunately, since the pieces are made of aluminum, they cannot be washed in a dishwasher. They are, nevertheless, simple to clean with warm running water and a neutral detergent.

Don’t worry, however; all materials utilized are food-grade steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic. That implies your food will remain entirely safe for human consumption.


3. Best Premium Pick: LEM Products Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Big Bite Mincer

We looked at methods to stay within your budget while yet getting a high-quality meat mincer. But what if you want to treat yourself? In that scenario, the LEM Products Big Bite Stainless Steel Mincer is the finest electric meat grinder available.

This huge meat grinder will set you back several hundred dollars, but you will get your money’s worth. It’s the closest thing to a commercial-use equipment you can obtain for your house. It is so strong that it can process seven pounds of beef in one minute!

The stainless steel cutting plates and blades allow you to simply and conveniently mince tougher meats and bones. Furthermore, since it comes with two separate steel plates, you may produce coarse and fine mince. Not only that, but it also includes three sausage stuffing tubes and one meat stomper.

It’s not called Big Bite for nothing. Large pieces of meat may be ground into the feeder without clogging or breaking down the machine. This implies that the whole grinding process is much simpler and faster than with other models.

Despite its size, this device is quite quiet. It’s hardly something you’d expect from a professional-looking appliance, is it? The lubricated engine, broad grinding head, bigger auger, and improved gears will reduce noise to a minimum.

It simply takes one glance to notice how well made this item is. The strengthened stainless steel and brushed-steel finish ensure that it runs and looks great for many years. Furthermore, the circuit breaker safeguards it from power spikes.

If you do encounter any issues, youll be relieved to know that the LEM meat grinder comes with dependable lifetime customer service and a five-year guarantee.


4. Best Stand Mixer Attachment: KENOME Metal Mincer

If you already own a stand mixer, the GVODE attachment is ideal for you. It’s simple to set up and much simpler to use. What’s more, the finest part? It works as well as any other electric meat grinder without costing a lot.

This accessory is designed to work with all KitchenAid stand mixers. Assemble it on your appliance’s hub, make sure it’s secure, then start your machine. It’s that simple to use.

This adapter is composed entirely of food-grade stainless steel. They are not only healthier in terms of food safety, but they are also more durable and will last you longer.

This attachment will also give you greater control over your cooking. It comes with three grinding plates: two fine grinding plates and one coarse grinding plate. You may also stuff sausages using the two special stuffing tubes that come with it.

These accessories may be readily placed in the dishwasher or soaked in soapy warm water.


5. Best Manual Meat Grinder: LHS Hand Crank Food Grinder

So far, all of the models we’ve looked at have been electric, save for this one. If you like to grind your own meat, the LHS mincer is the finest crank manual meat grinder you’ll discover. It’s also less expensive, so that’s something to think about.

Because there is no built-in electrical system, you must grind the meat by hand. This entails turning the hand crank to drive the food between the blades and stainless steel cutting plates. While you won’t be able to buy minced meat easily, you won’t be reliant on power to prepare your favorite dishes.

This also makes it more user-friendly than other models. It’s the simplest method we’ve seen: insert the meat in the feeding cone and spin the handle. That’s all.

Despite the basic design, you get two separate stainless steel plates. You may obtain both finely ground and coarsely ground meat this way. Surprisingly, it also has a dough shaper. When you connect it to the grinder and feed the dough through it, it will come out with one of four fantastic patterns on the other side!

Finally, the safety measures on this item are excellent. The suction-cup base keeps your gadget firmly attached to the tabletop while in use, preventing it from dropping and breaking. Furthermore, the plastic meat stomper protects you by eliminating the need to put the meat into the grinder with your palm or fingers.


6. Best Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder: STX Turboforce Platinum Mincer

This STX Stainless Steel Turboforce variant is the last item on our list. It is without a doubt the greatest heavy-duty commercial-use meat grinder, since it comes with a plethora of attachments and useful functions.

This machine can prepare up to 225 pounds of beef in one hour. Grinding difficult meats and bones has never been simpler or more easy thanks to the 2000-watt engine and large, strong grinding head.

If you’re in the midst of a lengthy grinding session, you’ll be relieved to know that you can power this device with the foot pedal. Press it to ground the meat and let go to stop. Isn’t it simple? This manner, you can handle meat with both hands without getting the grinder filthy or smeared.

This gadget also gives you a lot more control over your cooking. It has three speed settings: slow, medium, and high. Choose the one that best suits your requirements, based on the cut of meat you’re grinding and the ultimate result you desire.

When it comes to control, no mincer outperforms this one. It comes with a plethora of accessories from which to pick. To begin, there are five distinct stainless steel plate sizes (from extremely fine to coarse). Then there are three stainless steel blades for various types of meat. A set of three sausage filling tubes and a kubbe attachment are also included. It also includes a patty maker press, meat shredder claws, and a stainless steel meat tray. Of course, it comes with a strong food pusher.


Why Use a Meat Grinder?

Why not simply purchase ground beef from the grocery, you could ask? That’s an excellent question with an even better response.

To begin with, store-bought minced beef isn’t as fresh as meat that you crush yourself. It’s often created from unsold slices that have been laying out for a few days. There is simply no means of knowing what kind of beef were ground at the butcher shop. There may be bone, connective tissue, and cartilage in the meat.

Second, grinding your meat allows you to have the greatest control. You may choose how fatty or chunky you want the ultimate output to be, for example. Furthermore, you may choose the cuts of meat (or even the sorts of meat!) that will be used in your mince. To produce a healthy ground beef, for example, substitute turkey for the beef. In this circumstance, you are the butcher: all power to you!

Third, grinding meat is usually less expensive than getting it minced. Are you taken aback? Compare the prices of one pound of beef with one pound of ground beef the next time you go to the butcher or the grocery store. Make the same comparison with various types of meat. You’ll notice that doing it at home saves you money.


What Are Meat Grinders Used For?

Meat grinders, of course, can grind meat. There are several dishes that call for minced meat, including burger patties, lasagna soup, and beef tacosthe.

However, your culinary imagination does not have to stop there. The finest meat grinders are flexible and may be used in a variety of different dishes.

For starters, if you have the correct tools, they may be used as sausage stuffers. Experiment with various kinds of meat and grind coarseness. It’s a kind of choose-your-own-meat adventure.

You may even ground up bones and give them to your pet. Animal bones are high in nutrients and minerals, which are necessary for Fido and Mittens to grow up well. They are more healthier and safer for them than entire bones, which may strangle dogs.

Surprisingly, electric meat grinders can also ground veggies. Some chefs have abandoned food processors in favor of a food grinder. If you’re making vegetarian dumplings or veggie buns, your grinder will come in helpful.


Different Types of Meat Grinders

Meat grinders are classified into three categories. They all have advantages and disadvantages, so the ideal one for you will be determined entirely by your preferences and budget. Let us dissect each of these models.


Electric Meat Grinder

If you don’t want to give your arms a workout in the kitchen, an electric meat grinder is the best option. Connect it to the power source, turn it on, then feed the meat via the feeding tube. It’s that simple, and you don’t have to do anything else.

If you need to grind a lot of meat, these machines will do it in a flash, often in less than two minutes.

Remember that they are the most costly food grinders available.


Manual Meat Grinder

If you’re on a limited budget, a manual meat grinder is a great option. You will have to spin the hand crank and utilize your muscles, so keep that in mind. Regardless, these models will suffice.

They are also easy to store due to their tiny size. Furthermore, they are lightweight and substantially less expensive.


Stand-Mixer Attachment

Do you have a stand mixer already? If this is the case, you may save money by just purchasing a stand-mixer attachment. They are often constructed of stainless steel, plastic, or a combination of the two. Connect them to the mixer, then feed the meat via the feeding chute.

Stand mixers feature an in-built motor, so using an attachment is like having an electric meat grinder for a fraction of the price.


How to Choose the Best Meat Mincer?: Buying Guide

Perhaps none of the things we discussed found their way into your heart. (Don’t worry, we won’t harm you.) Put on your comparison hat and go to work. Look for these aspects while searching for the ideal model for your house. Most of these requirements will be met by the finest meat grinders.



When studying food grinder models, the most important element to consider is power. The more powerful the meat grinding machine, the more pounds of meat it can grind every hour and the more smoothly it will operate. A device with a weak motor, on the other hand, will not perform as well and may even overheat and break down.

The watts of a device simply indicates its power. We suggest purchasing a device with a power range of 400 to 800 watts. For instance, heavy-duty and commercial-use electric meat grinders available at butcher shops have up to 2000 watts of electricity.



When purchasing an expensive kitchen device such as a meat mincer, you will want to ensure that your investment is secure. That is why it is preferable to get a strong model, even if it is somewhat more costly than other options.

Pay close attention to the materials used to make the meat grinder pieces. Your best bets are stainless steel and aluminum. They can bear the biggest strain and are excellent at maintaining their form. Furthermore, they prevent rust from forming and destroying your meat grinding equipment.

If you’re considering a manual model, ensure sure the hand crank is sturdy. Handles are often constructed of inexpensive plastic, which does not account for the amount of pressure required to manually grind meat and bone.


Grid Options

Take note of the size of the holes on the stainless steel grid. That is, to the size of the little holes on the metal round disk from which the meat falls. That is what gives the earth its squiggly appearance.

Remember that the thickness of the holes controls the coarseness of the ground meat. Coarse ground is ideal for chilis and other stews since it retains its form throughout cooking. Finely ground beef, on the other hand, works well in sloppy joes, sausages, and dumplings.

For a greater range of grinding, the finest meat grinders will include at least two separate grids.



While this isn’t a deal breaker for most people, having a large selection of accessories is always a bonus.

The greatest food grinders have several grid sizes, duplicate blades, and a metal or plastic food pusher.

In addition, some versions contain a stainless steel plate, burger kits, sausage stuffing tubes, and occasionally even kibbe-making instruments.

These grinder accessories aren’t necessary, but they will expand your culinary options and make cooking more easy and enjoyable.


Size and Capacity

How many pounds of beef do you intend to ground at one time? This will influence the model you purchase.

Models with a large capacity are more costly, but they can grind hundreds of pounds of beef every hour. These are ideal for hunters who need to grind a significant amount of meat.

However, if you just need to grind a few pounds of beef, hog, lamb, or turkey at a time, a smaller machine would suffice. You will save money as well as counter space.



We previously noted that the finest meat grinders are made with aluminum and stainless steel elements. They are simple to clean, long-lasting, and do not collect as much rust as other materials. Furthermore, they are absolutely safe to handle food in a healthy manner.

Plastic pieces are also used in certain versions, both outside and within the meat chute. Don’t be worried if you see that: it’s not always a terrible thing. Plastic components may make a food grinder considerably more inexpensive and lightweight, which are both advantages. You also have nothing to worry about as long as they utilize high-quality plastic. ABS plastic is strong, long-lasting, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, making it the ideal material for handling foods for human consumption. Please keep this in mind.


Easy to Use

A grinder, like other kitchen equipment, should be simple and easy to operate. It’s the only method to get the ideal minced meat without losing your mind over an overly complex device.

Look for models that are simple to set up, power on, and power off. Some models will wow you with their complexity and complication. If you’re not cautious, it may take you longer to assemble and start your grinder than it would actually ground the meat.


Easy to Clean

Similarly, machines that are simple to clean after use are always the ideal option. Before purchasing a certain model, consider the following: Will I be able to readily remove all of the pieces, or will it take me hours to figure this out? You’ll get a response soon enough.

In addition, examine the components closely. Will they rust if washed in hot water with soap? If this is the case, your appliance will not survive long. Are these okay to put in the dishwasher? Is there anything in difficult-to-reach places that will make cleaning impossible?

Always remember to clean and sterilize any portion of the grinder that comes into touch with meat. Failure to do so will be disastrous. Raw meat traces may soon create a breeding ground for every nasty bacterium looking to wreck your health.


Safety Features

Meat mincers have safety precautions built in to lessen the possibility of an accident. When combined with conventional safety precautions, they may safeguard both you and the unit.

To begin, only get a model that has a huge metal or plastic food pusher. This avoids the need for you to insert your hand and fingers into the feeding chute, which might result in catastrophic accidents including cuts and amputations. This is not simply our opinion; OSHA guidelines prescribe the same thing!

Second, you can shield your appliance from power spikes. Units with a circuit breaker and overheating protection are more durable. Choosing a model with an extended warranty will help protect your investment. They are optional extras that will cost you additional money, but they are definitely worth considering.



Finally, for obvious reasons, we prefer units that create little noise. Especially if you want to grind dozens, if not hundreds, of pounds of beef. However, while all units create some noise and louder ones may claim some spectacular extra features, this one is entirely up to you.

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