Best Paella Pan of 2022: How To Choose

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Which Spanish meal is your favorite? If you proceed down the list, you will undoubtedly come across paella somewhere along the line, if not at the very top.

Paella has been a wonderful Spanish hit for ages, handed down via generations of Valencian households. Thankfully, this delectable delicacy did not remain exclusive to Spain.

People all around the world may now not only eat paella in Spanish restaurants across the world, but also prepare it at home. With the greatest paella pan, you can begin making your own unique paella recipes that are similar to what they do in Spain.

Consider this: a substantial rice casserole that can be topped with almost anything, from veggies to herbs, a variety of spices, meat, and even seafood. This delectable world of taste may be yours. The first step is to get the greatest paella pan for your household.


The Best Paella Pan for Your Kitchen

Best Paella Pan of 2022: How To Choose

1. Best Overall – Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Paella Pan

This Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Paella Pan, which can cook for 6 to 8 people, is one of the best-built paella pans on the market today. When you use it for cooking, you get nothing but outstanding heat distribution and temperature control since it is made of black carbon steel.

Because black carbon steel is a natural mineral that encourages healthy cooking, you don’t have to worry about this pan contaminating your food; it’s free of harsh coatings and chemicals. It’s nonstick, so it’s simple to cook in and clean up afterward.

The design and workmanship are also quite good. It features two robust handles that are soldered to each side. Furthermore, these handles are rivet-free, which means they will not retain germs. The pan features curved edges that enclose a large and shallow cooking surface that is ideal for preparing vegetables and sautéing meats.

This pan is made in France and is incredibly flexible and pleasant to use. It is strong enough to endure and sustain very high temperatures, so it may be used on any kind of burner, even induction.


  • Durable
  • Made using natural non-stick material
  • Smooth welded handles for stability
  • Highly versatile
  • Can cook 6 to 8 servings
  • Resistant to chipping, peeling, and scratching


  • It must be seasoned in order to obtain and keep its nonstick characteristics.

2. Best Innovative Design – Machika Enameled Steel Paella Pan 10 inch

If you are the kind of person who is concerned with keeping a trendy kitchen, which means only having beautiful and distinctive equipment or utensils, then you should take a second look at this Machika Enameled Steel Paella Pan.

It has a creative design and is composed of high-quality enameled steel, making it thin and lightweight while remaining robust and adaptable.

This pan’s construction also makes it extremely simple to clean. All you have to do after using it is run some water over it, clean it with a little soap, and then rinse it off. That’s all! Simply make sure the pan is dry before storing it for the next time you use it.

The pan is intended to transfer heat evenly throughout, enabling you to make the ideal paella for two.

In reality, the only disadvantage of this pan is that it can only prepare a dish for two people. Everything else is near-perfect, including the revolutionary hammered dimple technique, which makes the pan’s bottom stiff and ideal for paella cooking.

It is the ideal paella pan. The firm has gone to considerable measures to guarantee that you get the highest quality available.

Machika really collaborated with Spain’s premier paella producer (Garcima) to provide you this fantastic design and construction. So, when you purchase this paella pan, you are investing in a long-standing heritage as well as high-quality standards.


  • Beautiful design
  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable


  • Only cooks two servings at a time

3. Best Wide Option – Virtus Spanish Paella Pan

This Virtus Spanish Paella Pan is 35 inches in diameter and can cook enough paella for 20 to 25 people! It’s the type of paella pan you’ll want in your kitchen if you entertain often.

This pan is made of heavy-gauge carbon steel and is ideal for cooking almost any form of paella dish. Because of the hammered base, the pan uniformly distributes heat and can readily expand while cooking, eliminating buckling. It also warms up rapidly and efficiently.

This shallow dimpled pan is ideal for producing real Spanish paella with a crisp socarrat rice crust right at the bottom. As the pan warms up, the shallow depression enables water to evaporate fast.

Conversely, the low sides around this shallow depression allow for equal heat distribution, making this pan ideal for slow cooking. The design is completed with twin zinc handles that are not only attractive but also durable.

You can easily transport the pan from the kitchen to the dining table. When it comes to the kitchen, this pan is quite adaptable and can be used on any kind of burner, grill, or oven.


  • Excellent quality
  • Wonderful design
  • Massive size
  • Can cook for up to 20 people
  • One-year warranty
  • Made out of heavy-gauge carbon steel


  • Not dishwasher safe

4. Best Copper Option – Sertodo Copper Alicante Paella Cooking Pan

This Sertodo Copper Alicante Paella Cooking Pan appreciates the rustic aesthetic that copper lends to the kitchen.

This wonderfully distinctive paella pan was designed and handmade by professional craftsmen using the best grade copper. It’s crafted of robust 14-gauge hammered copper produced from a variety of recycled sources.

It includes a hot-tin interior that allows heat to be properly spread throughout the pan for optimum cooking. Some individuals may be worried that the tin or copper used to make this pan contains lead since it is made from a variety of recycled sources.

You may be confident that there is no lead in this pan. This is just a gorgeously crafted pan with a tiny shine from the copper exterior.

The pan is 15-inches broad and 2-inches deep, with a creative design that allows it to accommodate enough food for 6 to 8 people.

Because the copper and other materials used to make this pan have low conductivity, you may easily handle it while cooking or transporting it from the burner to the table. Nonetheless, the pan includes excellent handles that make it easier to transport.

While this pan has a few advantages over carbon steel due to its copper construction, the one that stands out is that it is practically maintenance-free.

Every other carbon steel pan on this list must be seasoned before use, but not this one! All you have to do with this pan is clean it with soapy water and heat it up.


  • High-quality build
  • Beautiful rustic look
  • Doesnt need any seasoning before use
  • Sturdy
  • Made out of copper and other recycled materials


  • Its a bit expensive

5. Best Enameled Option – Magefesa Enameled On Steel Paella Pan

Are you seeking for a huge paella pan that is also created in the origin of paella, Spain? All of those requirements are met by this Magefesa Enameled On Steel Paella Pan. With a 5.5-inch depth, this pan can cook up to 30 or 40 paella dishes.

The greatest thing is that it was created and constructed in Spain, the home of paella, thus it is made exactly as the original paella chefs wanted their pans made.

This pan is made of carbon steel and is fairly durable. The pattern is completed with a lovely, speckled enamel coat, giving it a stunning appearance that will complement any kitchen style. This pan is extremely simple to maintain since it is very resistant to corrosion and scratches.

It may be used on a variety of stoves, including an outdoor firewood stove, as long as the temperatures generated by the stove do not exceed 400 degrees. Finally, the pan is incredibly sturdy and will not deform over time.


  • Made in Spain
  • Big enough to make up to 40 servings
  • Durable
  • Beautiful enamel finish
  • High quality
  • Affordable


  • Needs seasoning to keep its non-stick properties

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Paella Pan

Best Paella Pan of 2022: How To Choose

Because there are hundreds of different paella pans on the market today, selecting the ideal one for you may seem difficult.

The procedure may be simplified if you have a set of rules or criteria to follow. With that stated, here are some crucial aspects to consider when purchasing a paella pan.

Size and Depth

This is most likely the most essential consideration. How many people do you intend to prepare for on a regular basis? If it’s only you, you can get away with a smaller pan.

However, if you like entertaining and showing off your paella cooking talents on occasion, you may want to consider acquiring a larger pan that can cook dishes of up to 20 or even 40 at once.

To be sure, a pan so large is best suited for restaurants. Paella pans come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 inches to 35 inches and beyond.

However, it is not only the diameter of the pan that is important, but also its depth. The depth of the pan determines how much rice and other ingredients it can hold at one time. Most pans vary in depth from 2 to 5.5 inches.

Here is a simple size breakdown to help you make your decision:

  • 10 inch pan serves 1-2 people
  • 13 inch pan serves 2-3 people
  • 14 inch pan serves 2-4 people
  • 15 inch pan serves 3-5 people
  • 16 inch pan serves 4-6 people
  • 18 inch pan serves 6-8 people
  • 20 inch pan serves 7-10 people
  • 22 inch pan serves 9-12 people
  • 24 inch pan serves 10-16 people
  • 28 inch pan serves 15-20 people
  • 32 inch pan serves ~20 people


If you want to make real Spanish paella, you’ll need a pan with the same structural qualities as they do.

This signifies anything with a large diameter that may be shallow or deep depending on the size desired. The sides must be slightly sloped so that heat may be distributed evenly over the full area of the pan.

You should also evaluate the material utilized to make the pan. Paella pans are often constructed of carbon steel, enameled steel, copper, or even cast iron. Let us briefly go through them.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is the traditional material used for paella pans by professionals and home cooks alike. Its appeal stems from its high cooking temperature, uniform heat distribution, and nonstick surface.

A dimpled surface on quality carbon steel pans helps liquid to swiftly evaporate during the cooking process. This produces the crispy socarrat crust on the bottom of the dish, which is essential if you’re making true paella.

Carbon steel may be used on practically every cooktop except induction. It still works, but properly spreading heat will be tough.

The sole disadvantage of carbon steel is that it rusts readily if not properly maintained. Before using your pan, keep it clean and thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Enameled Steel Paella Pans

Enameled steel is a fantastic second alternative since it is more sturdy and lasts longer than carbon steel, but it is not as effective for cooking real paella.

The enameled surface prevents corrosion and the nonstick surface is ideal for cooking nearly anything. Enameled pans are fantastic at withstanding high heat, but if not properly cared for, they may become black over time and even chip.

Copper Pans

Copper pans are another excellent choice for preparing paella. In addition to its attractive appearance, copper offers excellent thermal conductivity. This ensures uniform heat dispersion even while cooking big quantities of paella.

The sole disadvantage of copper pans, like with many others, is the upkeep required to keep them looking and working at their best. The bottom will most likely discolor and the pan will wear down. However, since most internal surfaces are composed of stainless steel or tinned, lead-free materials, you won’t have to worry about copper leaching into your food.

Cast Iron Pan

Some paella pans are constructed of cast iron, although this is definitely not the ideal option for folks who want to serve and enjoy their paella the traditional manner in the pan.

The cast iron is a little too hefty. Paella pans made of enameled steel are the most fashionable to look at and use. Given that you may be bringing the pan to the table on occasion, design and weight are important considerations.


Type of Cook Top

You may want to examine various kinds of pans depending on the sort of cook top you have or intend to use for the bulk of your cooking.

Gas Cook Tops

Any paella pan will work with gas stove tops, so there’s no need to worry.

Electric or Induction Cook Tops

If you have an electric or induction cooktop, look for a paella pan with a flat and smooth bottom. Why? Because electric and induction cooktops have flat surfaces, heat will not be distributed as evenly unless the pan is similarly flat. Because many classic paella pans are designed for outdoor or gas cooking, the bottoms are circular.

Flat bottom carbon steel pans, flat bottom enameled pans, or stainless steel pans with a magnetic plate built in (which is particularly made for induction) are your best alternatives for induction.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to attempting to discover the greatest paella pan, the list given above is a fantastic place to start. Every single one of them is capable of doing the job properly.

All you have to do now is choose one that meets your unique demands, purchase one, and begin eating paella in the comfort of your own home.


How do I choose a paella pan?

The size of your paella pan should be determined by how many people you regularly feed. The most common pan sizes are 14 and 16 inches, and all of them can feed four people. If you regularly serve four people, you may choose between a 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch pan.

What type of pan is best for paella?

Carbon steel is the typical material for paella pans in Spain due to its strong thermal conductivity and ability to heat quickly and evenly. This permits you to make the ideal socarrat—the crispy, crusty component of the paella that caramelizes and toasts on the pan’s bottom while cooking.

How many people will a 22 inch paella pan feed?

22-inch paella pan with 16 servings. For 20 servings, use a 24-inch paella pan.

How many people will an 18 inch paella pan feed?

Traditional enameled paella pan 18 inch (46 cm) for up to 12 meals.

How many people will a 15 inch paella pan serve?

This vintage steel paella pan has the same dimpled bottom that Spaniards have used for ages to guarantee consistent heating. This paella pan may be used in the oven, on the stovetop, or on an outside barbecue. This 15-inch pan serves 6 people comfortably.

How many people does a 17 inch paella pan feed?

This large pan creates enough paella for an 8-person feast. It is the classic steel paella pan that Spaniards have used for ages. The pan bottom is dimpled to distribute heat evenly.

What is the difference between paella pans?

The word “paella” comes from the Latin word for “pan.” Paella pans are broad and shallow to maximize surface area and enable liquid to drain while forming as much crispy golden crust (socarrat) on the bottom as possible.

How thick should a paella pan be?

The sizes range from 4 inches in the smallest to 3 inches in the biggest.Because paella tastes better when the rice cooks in a thin layer, paella pans are purposefully shallow. The depths vary from 1 to 3.

How big of a paella pan do I need for 40 people?

80 cm Carbon Steel Paella Pan for 40 People.

How deep should rice be in a paella pan?

2 inch). The idea is to get as much rice as possible touching the bottom of the pan since that’s where the flavor lies. As a result, paella pans expand in diameter rather than height.Valencians believe that cooked rice should be no thicker than “un ditet,” or the breadth of one finger (approximately 1 cm).

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