Best Vegetable Chopper (Review And Buying Guide)

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If you ask any cook, whether a home cook or a professional chef, what the most difficult chore in the kitchen is, they could merely say food preparation. It’s not that washing, cleaning, and cutting fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as well as other prep jobs, are boring; rather, prep time is time-consuming and diverts energy away from the actual cooking process that follows prep. Some people must plan ahead of time, stay up late, or get up at the crack of dawn to guarantee proper meal preparation.

Fortunately, investing in a vegetable chopper may help you save a significant amount of time. Using a chopper to cut vegetables not only saves time but also eliminates tiredness, reduces tension, and ensures that each chop is perfect and precisely the size your recipe asks for. While some may object to using a specialized chopper since it is more difficult to clean than a kitchen knife, bear in mind that utilizing a chopper may even remove the need for a cutting board, enabling you to cut by dirtying just one item.

But, contrary to popular belief, vegetable choppers are not the same as food processors, despite the fact that the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. As a result, let’s go through the distinctions between the two kitchen equipment fast.

Vegetable Chopper vs Food Processor:

Vegetable Chopper:

  • Useful for modest amounts of food (from 1 to 4 cups).
  • Smaller kitchen appliance; easy to store
  • Chops mostly, but can also slice, mix, and blend.
  • Usually manual, but some are electric
  • Easy to clean

Food Processor:

  • Suitable for bigger amounts of food (7 to 12 cups).
  • Larger kitchen appliance
  • Often has discs for grating and slicing
  • Can knead dough
  • Usually electric, but some are manual
  • Has a feeding tube
  • More expensive than a vegetable chopper
  • Time-consuming to clean

Having said that, a food processor frequently has more functions but is more difficult to clean, more costly, and more difficult to store. A vegetable chopper, on the other hand, is frequently more basic while yet offering a myriad of various blade attachments, is more portable, and is less in weight.

If you’re still interested in buying a vegetable chopper, let’s look at the best vegetable choppers to assist you decide.

1. Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper

Best Vegetable Chopper (Review And Buying Guide)

Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper is a perfect solution for quick chopping and dicing at a reasonable price for individuals looking for a basic vegetable chopper for home usage. This push-operated chopper is BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free, has three variable blade sizes, is dishwasher safe, and has a beautiful design that seems high-end in aesthetics when compared to many other food choppers in its price range.

The Brieftons manual food chopper has sharp, German 420-grade steel blades that cut through almost any vegetable flawlessly. While most vegetable choppers only have three to four cups of storage space in their chamber, this one has eight. That said, this is a convenient food chopper for those needing to prep large quantities of food. Youll also get a cleaning brush to remove sticky food from your food chopper’s blade, recipe books distributed by e-mail (if you shop from Amazon.com), and a keep-fresh cover for easy storage.

Many reviews of this kitchen item were quite satisfied with the overall quality of the Brieftons QuickPush, since choppers on the lower end of the budget often have duller blades, must be pushed harder to function, and are prone to chipping or cracking. This vegetable cutter, however, is not one of them. Other advantages of this equipment are its long lifespan, simplicity of cleaning, razor-sharp blades, and quiet and smooth functioning. All of these factors combine to make the Brieftons QuickPush a fantastic, low-cost vegetable cutter.

Top Features:

  • German 420-grade steel
  • BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free
  • Non-slip base
  • 8 cup capacity
  • 3 blade inserts (, , )
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Included are a keep-fresh lid, a cleaning brush, and three special recipe booklets (sent through email).

2. Alligator Professional Grade Steel Chopper

Best Vegetable Chopper (Review And Buying Guide)

If you value superior stainless steel construction, this Alligator hand chopper may be precisely what you’re looking for. Aside from the gorgeous steelwork, this chopper also has durable, BPA-free plastic components. Nonetheless, it provides quality, beauty, and durability. However, keep in mind that this is a higher-end chopper. However, the average 4.5 out of 5-star rating obtained from over 90 reviews indicates that this item is worth the higher price.

The Alligator Professional Grade Chopper comes with three different-sized, rust-free chopping and dicing blades, featuring blades with -, -, and -inch squares for simpler chopping flexibility. Regardless of the blade insert you choose, the Alligator Professional Grade Steel Chopper delivers precise slices every time without turning vegetables mushy. The inclusion of the -inch blade attachment is very useful since it allows for extremely fine, even cutting that even the finest chef cannot achieve with a kitchen knife.

But it isn’t all. According to the reviews, this device is on the heavier side, which allows the user to not have to press down as hard while cutting their veggies. That being said, if you want simple, pain-free, and strain-free vegetable chopping, this Alligator kitchen gadget is a terrific choice. Furthermore, the Alligator Stainless Steel Chopper from Sweden is simple to clean since it is both hand-washable and dishwasher safe. To summarize, this chopper is one of the most visually appealing on the market and outperforms many food processors in terms of performance.

Top Features:

  • Stainless blades
  • BPA-free construction
  • 3 blade inserts (, , )
  • Rust-free blades
  • Dishwasher safe

3. Vidalia Chop Wizard™

The Vidalia Chop Wizard hand vegetable chopper, as shown on TV, delivers manual, press-down action into a handy container for a quick, mess-free chop. Users will just need to cut their vegetables in half or quarters before putting them in this gadget to be chopped; nevertheless, once placed in this vegetable chopper, one will be left with uniformly-chopped vegetables in seconds.

The advantage of choosing the Vidalia Chop Wizard over the Vidalia Chopper Pro is that not only is it easier to use and works well, but the container that the vegetables fall into once you finish your chop can double as a storage container and can easily be transferred elsewhere or popped in the refrigerator for later use. For your convenience, the Vidalia chopper comes with a specific cleaning tool to aid in the removal of excess food from the blades of your chopper. Easy-peasy!

Even clean-up is a breeze as the Chop Wizard is dishwasher safe. Only three parts of this gadget must be removed and washed: the container, the blade, and the lid. There is also a second blade if you want to dice rather than chop. While not intended for professional usage and made of simple materials, this Vidalia chopper is ideal for casual household use. Plus, for less than $20, you can easily cut veggies without breaking the budget.

Top Features:

  • 2 blade inserts for chopping and dicing
  • Excellent onion chopper
  • Features measuring cup marks from cup to 2 cups
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes cleaning tool

4. Rösle 16272 Multi-Cutter Manual Fine Vegetable Chopper with Pull String

The Rosle 16272 Multi-Cutter is an onion chopper with a string-pull function. This chopper, on the other hand, has a low price tag yet manages to give 5 out of 5 star quality and a food processor-like function by elegantly chopping just about anything: fruits, herbs, veggies, you name it.

Each draw of the Rosle vegetable cutter causes the twin blade mechanism to spin seven times, requiring very little effort on your part and providing hours of entertainment for the kids. With its innovative cutting mechanism, the machine joyfully handles the guessing for you while delivering the ergonomics you deserve with its comfortable grip and non-slip base. This vegetable cutter also comes with a basket for drying herbs as an extra bonus.

Many people find the Rosle 16272 Multi-Cutter to be an efficient, quick-to-use equipment with almost as rapid clean-up. One reviewer even said that cleaning this gadget was simpler than cleaning an electric vegetable cutter while still providing electric-grade performance. Fortunately, a chopping session with this product shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 string pulls until you have the exact final result you want. To top it all off, Rosle adds a lifetime guarantee with the purchase of the 16252 Multi-Cutter.

Top Features:

  • Lid made of stainless steel
  • Patented cutting mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti-slip base
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes basket insert for drying herbs

5. Mandoline Slicer, Godmorn All In 1 Professional Vegetable Chopper

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced onion chopper with a variety of blades ideal for a variety of veggies, the Godmorn Mandoline Slicer All in 1 Professional chopper is a flexible, high-quality alternative. You’ll never want to use another kitchen knife again after using this vegetable chopper.

With a variety of replaceable blades to choose from, including a slicing and julienning blade, you’ll be glad you bought this Godmorn vegetable chopper. A ribbon and spiral spinning blade, as well as blade inserts for juicing, shredding, grating, and separating egg whites, are included. This gadget also includes a BPA-free, high impact-resistant container that can store up to 2.53 quarts at a time, as well as a hand guard to protect your hand while using some of the blade attachments (for example, grating blade).

According to consumers of the Mandoline All in 1 Professional Vegetable Chopper, this is a tiny kitchen tool that is useful not just for speeding up prep duties but also for securely including youngsters in the culinary process. Some have also commented that, while being constructed of plastic, this veggie does not feel cheap; it is created with high-quality components that will perform the job properly. Furthermore, cleaning up is a breeze with this gadget, and each chop, slice, grate, and so on is provided fully each time. There isn’t much to complain about with Godmorn’s Mandoline All in 1 chopper since it’s a good value for money.

Top Features:

  • 2 rotating blades (1 ribbon, 1 spiral)
  • Six blade inserts are included, including an egg separating, slicing, grating, julienning, shredding, and juicing.
  • It’s a competent vegetable cutter that may be used in a restaurant or at home.
  • FDA- and LFGP-approved
  • BPA-free construction
  • High impact-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2.53-quart capacity
  • Hand guard

6. Salsa Master Salsa Maker, Food Chopper, Mixer and Blender

The Salsa Master Salsa Maker, Food Chopper, Mixer, and Blender works differently from the prior vegetable choppers we’ve seen. Instead of being controlled by putting a lid down or pressing a button for electrical chopping, this one has a crank that must be rotated 360 degrees to accomplish a variety of jobs. This manual vegetable chopper is now Amazon’s Choice for Salsa Maker, indicating that it is a worthwhile purchase. Furthermore, Salsa Master promises that this gadget will chop veggies 20 times quicker than a standard kitchen knife.

There are various aspects of this concept that should be highlighted. For starters, this gadget is BPA-free, which ensures your and your family’s safety. This equipment also includes surgical steel blades, a pouring spout, and an egg weight separator for added quality and flexibility. The Salsa Master Food Chopper’s anti-skid base assures that while you’re cranking, the chopper won’t slide on your slick countertop.

If you are not satisfied with this chopper, there is a money-back guarantee. nonetheless, with a price tag of less than $20, one cannot have unrealistic hopes for this vegetable cutter; nonetheless, it still delivers good quality and a variety of features. Finally, this machine works excellent, but bear in mind that it is particularly for softer herbs and vegetables, such as those that may be used in salsas, since this is basically a salsa chopper. You can’t put thick pieces of meat or dense potatoes in this machine, but you can anticipate faster meal prep and an easy-to-clean equipment with a 5-cup capacity.

Top Features:

  • Surgical stainless steel blades
  • Anti-skid base
  • Egg white separator
  • Pouring spout
  • 5 cup capacity
  • BPA-free construction
  • 100% money-back guarantee

7. Ninja Express Chop NJ100

When it comes to electric vegetable choppers, this Express Chop model has a simple, clean design and BPA-free construction. It’s an inexpensive electric chopper that costs a fraction of the price of a typical food processor, yet it performs similarly.

The Ninja chopper allows you to chop, mince, and puree items. This is an excellent purchase if you are seeking for a high-quality product that can be used to prepare salsas, salads, pasta or dipping sauces, soups, or even mince herbs. This electric vegetable chopper has just one speed and a two-cup capacity, but it boasts simple push-down ignition and trademarked Ninja blade technology to give significant power.

It purees in 3 to 5 seconds and is simple to clean. However, if you want an acceptable chop, mince, or puree with a fantastic motor, rapid operation, and razor-sharp blades for top-notch performance at a reasonable price, the Ninja Express Chop is a terrific device for many of your kitchen prep duties.mincedAccording to reviews, this Ninja tool is wonderful since it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to work and it cuts things quickly.

Top Features:

  • BPA-free construction
  • Ergonomic head with push-down ignition
  • Patented Ninja blade technology
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 1 speed motor
  • 2 cup capacity

8. TTLIFE Multi Chopper Good Grips Pro-11

The TTLife Good Grips chopper, like the Godmorn Mandoline All in 1 Professional Vegetable Chopper, comes with numerous blade attachments to give lots of use in the kitchen. The Good Grips Pro-11 has excellent, BPA-free design, and 430 stainless steel blades that provide the sharpness and accuracy required for proper preparation.

If you need to chop, slice, dice, or grate your vegetables, this is one of the finest vegetable choppers. Fortunately, the non-slip base of this instrument allows for long-term stability while using this vegetable chopper, dicer, and grater. To guarantee safety when grating, a hand guard is included with the purchase of your chopper. The TTLife Good Grips is dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean and use. In general, the TTLife Good Grips transform a laborious work into a straightforward, enjoyable responsibility.

Reviewers notably mention that the Good Grips Pro-11 chopper is simple to assemble, durable, cleans well, and helps simplify multiple kitchen prep activities into a single gadget. Users have commented on how sharp the blades on this chopper are and how they create efficient, high-quality cuts. With above-satisfactory function and lots of blades to pick from for a cost within many peoples price range, its difficult not to consider the Good Grips Pro-11 by TTLife.

Top Features:

  • BPA-free construction
  • FDA-certified
  • 430 stainless steel blades
  • 11 blade inserts
  • Non-slip base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hand guard
  • Plastic brush
  • Lifetime warranty

9. J&Jonson Mandoline Slicer Dicer Cutter & Grater

With this handy J&Jonson vegetable chopper, you can cut food like an expert while making no mess. This economical bargain, at around $30 and with colorful, green embellishments, is guaranteed to look lovely on your kitchen countertop. Despite the fact that this vegetable chopper comes with a plethora of accessories, the J&Jonson Mandoline Slicer Dicer Cutter & Grater includes stackable blade inserts that fit nicely into its plastic compartment for easy transport and storage.

The steel components on this chopper perform a multitude of purposes, including chopping, grating, juicing, and more. Having said that, this is an excellent tool for not just veggies but also cheese and fruit. While you already get a lot for your money with all of the attachments included with this gadget, J&Jonson kindly includes cut-resistant gloves, a cleaning tool, and a ceramic peeler with the purchase of this vegetable chopper to make it even better.

Overall, this multi-purpose cutter is thought to be useful for a wide range of applications. If there is one criticism, it is that some of the attachment blades have a lesser surface area than other comparable devices. Some people also remark that they must use a lot of pressure to slice their veggies. Regardless, most people are satisfied with this chopper, and once you get the feel of it and how much stuff to put in it at a time, meal prep becomes a pleasure with no bother.

Top Features:

  • Made of Stainless blades
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Ceramic peeler, cut-resistant gloves, and cleaning tool are included.


With so many various kinds and models of vegetable choppers available, it’s almost hard to choose one fast without being strategic about your selection. If you’ve never had an onion chopper before or are searching for a good one to replace one you already have, go through the commonly asked questions below.

How does a vegetable chopper work?

Each vegetable chopper may have a unique mode of operation. When the string is pulled, the crank is turned, or the proper button is hit on vegetable choppers with a pull string, crank, or electric operation, the chopping blade swiftly spins to cut the veggies into bits.

In the case of vegetable choppers that must be forced down, vegetables are chopped by pressing down on the chopper’s lid, causing the vegetables to be sliced by the blade below them, and falling into a storage container.

How to use vegetable chopper?

Not every chopper will be used in the same way. Some may need you to click a button, press down on a lid, pull a rope, or turn a crank. They will also vary in the kind(s) of blade(s) they provide, some of which may be replaceable or even provide a different sort of cleaning (e.g., handwash, dishwasher). That being stated, consult your device’s handbook for specific instructions on how to use it.

Where to buy vegetable chopper?

Electric or manual devices may be purchased through general merchandise stores, home goods stores, kitchen supply stores, general discount stores, manufacturer websites, or huge internet sellers such as Amazon.com.

How to clean vegetable chopper?

Because vegetable choppers are constructed of various materials and some are electric while others are manual, cleaning instructions should be found in the user handbook of your vegetable chopper. Unfortunately, not all choppers are dishwasher safe; some may only be dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

When in doubt, though, always hand wash your vegetable cutter. Be especially cautious of the materials used to manufacture your chopper so that you do not clean it with a chemical that might possibly harm your equipment (e.g., lemon juice, vinegar).

Furthermore, always fully dry your vegetable chopper after cleaning (particularly before storing), especially metal components (stainless or not), to prevent corrosion and stains.

How to repair vegetable chopper?

Vegetable choppers are often repairable via the manufacturer. Even if your warranty has expired (if applicable), the best advise is to always contact the manufacturer first. If you’re up for a challenge and have the time, there are plenty of YouTube videos and online instructions available to help you diagnose and repair your utensil on your own.

What is the best vegetable chopper?

These are the best veggie chopper models from our top 10 best vegetable chopper list, based on both vegetable chopper reviews and popularity:

  • Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper (4.6 out of 5 stars; 285+ reviews)
  • Ninja NJ100 Express Chop, Red (4.6 out of 5 stars; over 250 reviews)
  • Alligator Professional Grade Stainless Steel Chopper (4.5 out of 5 stars; 90+ reviews)

Despite just 37+ reviews, the Rsle 16272 Multi-Cutter Manual Fine Veggie Chopper with Pull String has an average 5-star rating on Amazon, making it another top-tier chopper on our list.

However, our top 10 best vegetable chopper for sale list may or may not include the equipment most suited to your needs, but one thing is certain: there is a chopper within your price range that will meet your requirements. When shopping for a new vegetable chopper, always examine the reviews, features, pros and drawbacks, and manufacturer information before making a purchase. Because it’s your money, you should get the greatest chopper possible.


Which veggie chopper is best?

2023’s Top 5 Vegetable Choppers
Electric, best overall: Presto Professional SaladShooter from Amazon.
Amazon’s Best Overall, Manual: Fullstar Vegetable Chopper.
Ninja Express Food Chopper at Amazon is the best value.
Amazon has the best large capacity: MOSAIC Electric Food Chopper.
The best mini:

Are vegetable chopper worth it?

To summarize, if you want to be more efficient in the kitchen, vegetable choppers are well worth the investment. They not only chop up your vegetables and make them simpler to consume, but they may also help you receive more nutrients from your meals, which is fantastic for individuals trying to lose weight or keep track of their carbohydrates.

What is the best vegetable chopper and slicer?

Top Choices
Overall, the best. Vegetable Chopper from Fullstar.
The best cordless. Cordless Food Chopper by KitchenAid.
The best manual. Vidalia Pro Max Chop Wizard.
The best compact. Chopper by OXO Good Grips.
The best electric. Food Chopper by KitchenAid.
Electricity at the Lowest Price. Ninja Express Chop.
The most versatile.
Handheld is the best.

What is the best food chopper at America’s Test kitchen?

Cuisinart Custom 14 14 Cup Food Processor is the best food processor. We had a winner after all of the cutting, shredding, slicing, and kneading.

How do I choose a food chopper?

In general, the larger the model, the more features it has. However, keep in mind that a food processor that can do everything will take up more room than one that merely chops, grates, and purées. A food processor with a capacity of 2.5 litres will enough for most kitchen operations.

Which is the best handy chopper?

Butterfly Vegetable Chopper Premium.
Food Master Chopper Square by Signoraware.
Glory String Vegetable Chopper by Wonderchef.
Food Chopper by Stewit.
Vesta Mini Handy and Compact Chopper from Wipro.
Stovekraft Pigeon Green Handy Mini Plastic Chopper with 3 Blades.

What is the average price of a chopper?

On GlobalAir.com, the average price of a helicopter for sale is $1,305,555. Within the last 30 days, the price has varied from $300,000 to $2,990,000.

What device for chopping vegetables?

A food chopper is an efficient equipment for chopping, dicing, and mincing various items such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. A food chopper may make meal preparation considerably quicker than chopping each item by hand with a knife.

Can a vegetable chopper chop potatoes?

It may be used to cut, chop, and crate fruits and vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cheese, and so on.

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