Caraway Bakeware Evaluation

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Although there are many wonderful cookware sets available today from fantastic Direct 2 Consumer makers such as Goldilocks or Made-In, Abbio or Blue Diamond, bakeware is sometimes ignored.

Everyone appreciates a well-designed cookware set, but most people’s bakeware collection is a jumble of pans of varying quality and construction. Happily, Caraway, a firm that creates some of the best ceramic nonstick cookware I’ve ever reviewed, also provides a set of Bakeware that’s not only gorgeous to look at but also highly practical in the kitchen!

After weeks of living with and utilizing these pans, it’s safe to say I’m a convert. Whilst the Caraway bakeware set pleased me at first, I wasn’t sure that anybody required a whole suite of matching bakeware. Now that I’ve had a chance to cook with these pans, I’m certain that a well-made, matching bakeware set is significantly preferable to the jumbled mess I was previously using.

Caraway Bakeware: Non-Stick Ceramic Bakeware for Everyone!

What’s included in the Caraway Bakeware set?

  • Baking Sheet 1813
  • Baking Sheet 1015
  • 12 muffin cups
  • 913 rectangular baking pan
  • 99-square-inch pan
  • 1 pound loaf pan
  • 1813 cooling rack roasting
  • 2 9-inch cake pans
  • Two storage containers
  • two trivets made of cork

What we liked:

  • Amazing fit, finish, and workmanship.
  • Lovely colors
  • Good size variety, with enough pans to complete any baking activity.
  • Simple to clean

What needs improvement:

  • Over time, cloth storage containers may get greasy or unclean.
  • Pricey

Look and Feel.

When I was offered the opportunity to test the Caraway cookware set, I was instantly delighted with the pans’ overall fit, quality, and usefulness. So when I had a chance to look at the Caraway Bakeware set, I knew I was in for a treat.

I was impressed by how wonderful a matching set of ceramic, nonstick bakeware can be when I opened the Caraway packing.

As someone who has always had a haphazard assortment of baking sheets and pans, the matching set I discovered within the Caraway pan organizers was a welcome surprise.

The ceramic coating on each aluminum core pan was gorgeous and durable, much like the Caraway Cookware set. These pans are similar to well-known ceramic-coated cookware manufacturers such as Le Creuset and Lodge.

The pan’s lips are smooth and level, with nearly little lip curl, making them easier to clean and maintain by eliminating a gap that often accumulates extra oil over time. Our test set’s dark blue outer coating was stunning and wonderfully complemented my kitchen; nonetheless, it was difficult to select between all of the fantastic hues, particularly the yellow and bright green.

Eggshell that gleams and sparkles with the coating that makes these pans nonstick. The inside or top coating is a pale off-white color.

Undercounter Pan organizers

Caraway creates items that are not only beautiful but also very useful, and one way they stress this is by including clever accessories that make it easier to utilize their products.

These specially designed, fabric-covered organizers make it simple to store all of your pans together and safe under your countertop.

These slender, angled organizers are intended to fit side by side in a cabinet, making it simple to get the pan you want without having to remove everything else first, while also protecting the pans from scratches and dents.


Pan Size & Design

One advantage of choosing a bakeware set rather than separate pieces is the simplicity of collecting all of the pans you may want all at once. Although some bakeware sets go crazy with too many alternatives, Caraway has found the sweet spot between practicality and functionality while keeping their selections basic enough not to overload your area.

quiche. The walls are beautiful and high, allowing you to bake two huge cakes at the same time that may be divided into four layers to make a larger cake or project. To begin, the two 9-inch circular pans are ideal for baking cakes, cinnamon rolls, or a big pie.

The loaf pan is ideal for banana bread, brioche, or meatloaf, while the square baking dish is ideal for brownies. The rectangular pan may be used for anything from bigger tray bakes to lasagna or as a general-purpose roasting pan, while the muffin tin is self-explanatory. Yet, the ceramic layer allows you to bake straight into the cups without fear of sticking.

Lastly, the Caraway baking sheets are ideal for baking little and big amounts of cookies, crackers, bacon, or roasted vegetables. The 1813 pan is ideal for bigger quantities or enormous goods, and it is intended to accommodate the cooling rack within its dimensions for storage. When inverted, the chilling tray also functions as a roasting rack.

The 1015 Caraway baking sheet is significantly smaller and, in my view, would make an excellent tiny roasting tray or jelly roll pan!

Cooking with Caraway Bakeware

I’d used a variety of bakeware before trying these pans, but my go-to pans have become two 18X13 aluminum sheet trays with silicone baking mats and a pair of silicone cake tins.

I have drawers of ceramic, pyrex, stoneware, aluminum, and steel alternatives in addition to those four pans; I don’t use them because I don’t want to take out all the other pans to get to them.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I’m considerably more likely to utilize bakeware that’s conveniently available, and with my Caraway set, I found myself utilizing more of the set’s alternatives since they were easily accessible.

Ceramic Nonstick Coatings and Baking

One of the reasons I’ve avoided nonstick baking pans is because I couldn’t see the point, particularly since I nearly always use a baking liner of some kind.

Caraway pans are designed to be used without a liner, which is possible because to the durable ceramic covering. Although I still need parchment sheets for some foods, you may use these pans without concern of scratching or chipping if you have a set of non-abrasive, silicone utensils. Most significantly, the nonstick coating is very durable!

Over my weeks of testing this cookware, I attempted a variety of recipes to assess the general usability of both the nonstick coating and the pans themselves.

As a brunch meal, I baked cakes, bacon, roasted vegetables, and a creative egg Strata dish. Every time I used these pans, I grew to appreciate them even more. The nonstick coating is fantastic, but they are also simply extremely beautiful pans.

These look nice and are well-made.

Cooking is a lot of fun, and when the equipment you’re using look as wonderful as the final dish, it’s simple to enjoy the process even more.

I’m not suggesting that a high-end matching bakeware set is a must-have for the kitchen, but it does make it seem prettier.

Caring for your Caraway Cookware.

If you’ve read our Caraway Nonstick Cookware review, you’re probably already aware with how to clean Caraway Pans, but just in case, here are the specifics.

While nonstick ceramic cookware is designed to withstand regular usage, there are several things you can do to prolong the life of these pans.

Most importantly, avoid using utensils that are sharp or abrasive, which includes practically everything made of steel or metal. Employ silicone, rubber-coated or wooden utensils. This will keep the nonstick coating from scratching and the ceramic surface from chipping.

While caraway cookware may be washed in the dishwasher, it is better to hand-wash whenever feasible. If there is any stuck-on oil, immerse the pans in warm soapy water for a few minutes before scrubbing with a non-abrasive sponge or scrubber.

The suggested cleaning process for your caraway bakeware is simple:

  1. sponges Use a non-abrasive cleanser and cleaning pads at all times.
  2. To remove oil or stuck-on food, soak your cookware in warm, soapy water.
  3. To remove oil and char, scrub your pans using non-abrasive tools.
  4. Warm water should be used to rinse your cookware.
  5. Let to air dry

One thing to keep in mind while handling ceramic bakeware or cookware is to prevent dropping, banging, or scraping the bottoms, sides, or lids. Although the Caraway ceramic glaze is strong, it may crack, revealing the pan’s core.

Since these ceramic-coated pans are so nonstick, baking directly against the pan surface might be appealing. To maintain the finish, I still use paper liners wherever feasible. Although this isn’t required, it may help maintain your pan’s coating looking fresh and free of scuffs and scratches.

If you have very difficult, stuck-on oil outside of the nonstick cookware, you may use baking soda and vinegar to assist get the stains off. Pour the vinegar over the baking soda-coated surface of the pan. When the fizzing reaction has subsided, the grease should start to move and may be wiped away with some elbow grease. Repeat the procedure until the harsh baked-on grease has been removed and your pans have been restored to their former brilliance.

Our Unboxing of Caraway Cookware Video

Are Caraway Pans Right For You?

Whether you believe a matching set of baking ware is a smart purchase or not, it is difficult to dispute how elegant and well-made the Caraway bakeware sets are.

Its nonstick cookware leaves a lasting impact because to its durable ceramic coating, high-quality design, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Although this set is not for everyone, if you want to replace your present bakeware and have a solid foundation to start from, the Caraway Bakeware set offers everything youll need to bake any dish you may come across. These pans look wonderful and make baking your favorite recipes simpler than ever before, thanks to a practical storage organizer, gorgeous fit, and finish.

Although these pans are not cheap, a set like this is designed to deliver value for many years to come!


Is Caraway baking set worth it?

The verdict is in. There’s no doubting that Caraway bakeware is expensive, but it’s also undeniably worth every cent. This is a bakeware set that, if properly cared for, might last a lifetime. It’s an excellent investment that will almost certainly save you money in the long term.

What are the negative reviews of Caraway pans?

Bad Caraway Reviews expensive- Caraway cookware is not inexpensive…. not dishwasher safe- Caraway cookware is not dishwasher safe. Most nonstick cookware is not dishwasher safe…. gradually wears away- All nonstick cookware loses its ‘nonstick-ness’ over time.
Additional details…•January 4, 2023

What’s so special about Caraway?

Caraway Kitchenware is nonstick ceramic coated, so eggs and vegetables slide off off the pan. Even better, the naturally slippery surface means you’ll need less oil or butter in your cooking, resulting in healthier (and tastier) results.

Does Caraway make good pans?

These pans have been a delight to cook with in recent years since they are lightweight, sensitive to temperature changes, really nonstick, compatible with induction, gas, and electric cooktops, oven-safe to 650°F, and heat evenly. Of course, they look fantastic as well. I haven’t found any major problems with durability.

Do Caraway baking sheets warp in the oven?

Due to the heat, it is usual for bakeware to somewhat “warp” and create a popping sound in the oven. Don’t worry, the strengthened rim of our bakeware will guarantee that it flattens once cooled. Not to be used on the broil setting of an oven, over 550°F, or in a microwave.

Can I put my Caraway pan in the oven?

The days of the 16-piece cookware set are long gone. Caraway’s set includes four only-what-you-need pots and pans that can handle any recipe, any burner (even induction!) and are oven safe to 550 degrees.

Is Caraway FDA approved?

Our ceramic nonstick pans are created using inorganic natural elements that are 100% safe to use with all meals (and FDA approved).

Can you use olive oil on Caraway pans?

The pans have a covering on them. Finally, Caraway Cookware shares my passion for olive oil.

In fact, anytime I make anything, it is usually the first item that goes into the pan. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that certain nonstick pans actually burn the olive oil, resulting in an impossible-to-remove discoloration.

Is Caraway the same as GreenPan?

GreenPan cookware pieces, like Caraway’s, are great heat conductors because to their aluminum base and body. GreenPan, on the other hand, makes use of hard-anodized aluminum. Hard-anodization is the process through which aluminum is strengthened.

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