Caraway Cookware Evaluation

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With so many direct-to-consumer, high-quality cookware manufacturers to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which one is worth the cost. There have been a number of newcomers to the cookware industry over the last several years, which has been a positive thing for customers worldwide.

Although D2C companies like Made-In, Abbio, and Goldilocks provide excellent examples of stainless steel, black steel, and cast iron cookware, if you’re searching for Ceramic Nonstick Cookware, you should look at Caraway.

Following weeks of daily usage, these Caraway pans remain our go-to option in our kitchen since they are both very useful and visually appealing pieces of cookware. I’d never used ceramic cookware outside of my beloved dutch oven, but after reading this article, I’m a ceramic cookware convert, thanks to Caraway Cookware!

Caraway Cookware: Incredible Ceramic Nonstick Pans!

What’s included in the Caraway Cookware set?

  • 10.5-inch fry pan
  • 3-quart lidded saucepan
  • 4.5 litre saut pan with cover (lid also fits fry pan!)
  • 6.5-quart lidded dutch oven
  • Holder for canvas lids
  • There are four magnetic pan organizers.

What we liked:

  • Amazing fit, finish, and workmanship.
  • Lovely colors
  • Great big variety, with enough pans to prepare any dish.
  • Magnetic pan racks and lid holders make it simple to keep your pans organized.
  • Simple to clean


What needs improvement:

  • The fasteners on the lids were slightly loose.
  • Pricey

Look and Feel.

Caraway cookware has some of the most beautiful pans I’ve ever seen. These are really stunning out of the box, and the packaging is both unique and appealing.

I picked the deep blue coloring for our set, and the glazing is really excellent, evocative of La Creuset ceramic cookware or dutch oven at a fraction of the weight.

These pans are not very heavy, but they are rather durable. Although you won’t strain yourself moving them about your kitchen, they aren’t fragile or thin. The only flaw in their overall structure was that the handles were a little loose when I took them up.

Tightening the handle screws was easy enough, but considering the price of the Caraway cookware set, I didn’t expect to have to.

Hanging Lid organizer

There are numerous extremely nice accessories included with the Caraway cookware set, but the hanging lid organizer was the first that caught my eye.

Keep your oven’s broiler drawer free for its intended use! The lid organizer, which is designed to hang from within a cabinet door, makes it simple to store and retrieve lids without taking up a lot of room. It also removes your proofreading.

The white canvas lid holder is sturdy and well-made, with tight looks tailored to each lid, the smallest at the top and the biggest at the bottom. The sleeves are carefully sewed and tight, which helps to keep the lids secure and snug against the cabinet door.

Magnetic Drawer/Cabinet Organizer Inserts

Apart from the hanging pot lid organizer, Caraway adds three drawer organizer inserts to help you organize your cookware. The gray, high-density plastic organizers are visually appealing and designed exclusively for your caraway pots and pans.

You may put the organizers in a cabinet or, if you have enough drawer space, in a drawer. The pots and pans are elevated and organized, minimizing their footprint and freeing up cabinet or drawer space for additional pans or appliances.

The four magnetic pan racks firmly keep the pans on their side and can withstand some shaking or the movement of a drawer opening without failing.

Pan Size & Design

3 lids are included with the stock pot. The Caraway cookware set includes a 10.5-inch fry pan, a 3-quart sauce pot, a 4.5-quart saute pan, and a 10-quart dutch oven.

The lids for the saute pan and fry pan are interchangeable, so you may use whatever pan you like.

The slope of the pan sides is the only major distinction between a saute pan and a frying pan. The saute pan has straight-sided sides, but the fry pan has gradually sloping walls that give it the form of a wok.

The saute pan seems like a braising pan, searing pan, or boiling pan to me, but the frying pan is what I use to saute vegetables or make fried rice!

The saucepan is simple to use and great for preparing mac and cheese, a tasty puree, or a small pot of soup.

The dutch oven, on the other hand, is a true workhorse of a pan, capable of blanching vegetables, boiling potatoes or pasta, braising huge chunks of meat, or constructing a beautiful pot pie.

Because of the ceramic nonstick coating on all of the pans and their aluminum core design, you can easily place them in the oven, making them ideal for slow cooking, braising, roasting, or baking!

Cooking with Caraway Pans

After years of accumulating pans, pots, and cookware in general, it’s fair to say that I’ve amassed quite a collection of pans, pots, and cookware in general. Although I like having a diverse kitchen, one of the most annoying aspects of assembling a piecemeal cookware set is that nothing truly matches or fits together.

The Caraway cookware set is lightweight and nicely matched. It’s simple to keep these pans organized and ready to cook at a moment’s notice thanks to the included lid holder and cabinet organizers. These pans are fantastic in terms of utility as well as appearance.

These pans are beautiful, lightweight, and cook equally on both gas and electric stoves. They have the feel of a traditional ceramic glazed cast iron pan but are half the weight and have the same superb workmanship.

Ceramic Nonstick Coating FTW

Over the weeks of testing, I used these pans for a variety of common jobs, including omelets, bacon, seared fish, and pasta sauces; I truly put these pans through their paces.

I discovered again and again that I could go for one of four possibilities and get precisely what I wanted out of that pan.

Whether I was boiling spaghetti or pan-searing a steak, Caraway equipment made the process easy and stylish. The nonstick coating is one of the smoothest I’ve ever used on a cooking surface; even when compared to well-seasoned cast iron or black steel pans, these Caraway pans stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Whilst the nonstick coating is excellent, one disadvantage of nonstick pans is the need to use soft utensils, such as silicone or high heat rubber choices. Although you may use your Caraway pans more aggressively than typical nonstick cookware due to the ceramic coating, you should still use non-abrasive utensils whenever feasible.

A rubber meat fork is ideal, but tongs or a spatula will do for most meat-related jobs. This is normally not a problem, particularly when creating saucy foods or things like omelets; but, if you’re searing steaks or vegetables in your fry pan, make sure you have silicone-coated tongs. Unfortunately, silicone is not available.

Caring for your Caraway Cookware.

To begin, a basic rule of thumb for nonstick pans and cookware is to avoid using the dishwasher at all costs. Most people are aware that steel or abrasive utensils may damage nonstick pans and make the coating ineffective over time, but few consider the abrasive nature of their dishwasher.

Dishwashing nonstick cookware is never a good idea, and the Caraway Cookware set is no exception.

The suggested cleaning process for your caraway pans is simple:

  1. sponges Use a non-abrasive cleanser and cleaning pads at all times.
  2. Immerse your cookware in warm, soapy water to remove oil or stuck-on food.
  3. To remove oil and char, scrub your pans using non-abrasive tools.
  4. Warm water should be used to rinse your cookware.
  5. Let to air dry

One thing to keep in mind while handling ceramic cookware is to prevent dropping, banging, or scraping the bottoms, sides, or lids. Although the Caraway ceramic glaze is strong, it may crack, revealing the pan’s core. This causes the region around the chip to become brittle and may lead to additional cracking, reducing the lifetime of your new pans.

If you follow these basic instructions, you should have little to no trouble with your pans in the long term. Just take care of them, and they’ll keep producing delicious food for you for years to come.

Are Caraway Pans Right For You?

To begin, there is no one pan or cookware set that will meet every demand or suit everyone’s own preferences. Some of us like cast iron cookware, while others prefer stainless steel, and still others prefer a combination of the two.

I appreciate the necessity for multiple pans for different duties as someone who cooks often, yet even with all of the time I spend in my kitchen, I still find myself depending on 1-2 pans more than others.

Caraway Cookware is both easy to use and well-made. It looks great and is simple to store and arrange owing to some of the provided accessories. Although I like my cast iron and stainless steel cookware, there is something to be said about the ease of a nonstick ceramic pan or pot, such as those made by Caraway.

Although these pans are not cheap, they are well-made and come with a very generous one-year guarantee in case anything goes wrong. They are made to last and are a delight to use.

If you’re looking for a new cookware set and appreciate the ease of nonstick ceramic pots and pans, Caraway Cookware should be at the top of your list!



What are the negative reviews of Caraway pans?

Bad Caraway Reviews expensive- Caraway cookware is not inexpensive…. not dishwasher safe- Caraway cookware is not dishwasher safe. Most nonstick cookware is not dishwasher safe…. gradually wears away- All nonstick cookware loses its ‘nonstick-ness’ over time.
Additional details…•January 4, 2023

Does Caraway make good pans?

These pans have been a delight to cook with in recent years since they are lightweight, sensitive to temperature changes, really nonstick, compatible with induction, gas, and electric cooktops, oven-safe to 650°F, and heat evenly. Of course, they look fantastic as well. I haven’t found any major problems with durability.

What’s so special about Caraway?

Caraway Kitchenware is nonstick ceramic coated, so eggs and vegetables slide off off the pan. Even better, the naturally slippery surface means you’ll need less oil or butter in your cooking, resulting in healthier (and tastier) results.

Is Caraway cookware made in China?

While determining where to create Caraway, our creator invented it in New York and screened suppliers all around the globe. As a consequence, our goods are all manufactured in world-class facilities in China, all of which adhere to our rigorous ethical manufacturing processes and meet the BSCI or SMETA requirements.

Is Caraway the same as GreenPan?

GreenPan cookware pieces, like Caraway’s, are great heat conductors because to their aluminum base and body. GreenPan, on the other hand, makes use of hard-anodized aluminum. Hard-anodization is the process through which aluminum is strengthened.

Can you use olive oil on Caraway pans?

The pans have a covering on them. Finally, Caraway Cookware shares my passion for olive oil.

In fact, anytime I make anything, it is usually the first item that goes into the pan. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that certain nonstick pans actually burn the olive oil, resulting in an impossible-to-remove discoloration.

Can you use butter on Caraway cookware?

The nonstick performance of Caraway Cookware is best matched with a little amount of oil, butter, or ghee to keep things slick and smooth when cooking.

Can you fry food in Caraway pans?

Our Fry Pan enables for healthy cooking without the use of dangerous chemicals in the kitchen: use it for slide-off-the-pan eggs, sautéing vegetables, and more.

Do caraway pan handles get hot?

The handles will undoubtedly feel warm to the touch, particularly as you go closer to the pan, so use oven gloves when transferring items from the cooktop to the oven, off the burner, and so on. The bottom of the handle, however, has an useful notch that shows where it becomes hot.

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