Excellent Food Processor (Review and Buying Guide)

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If you want to improve your cooking skills, you should invest in a food processor. Don’t underestimate this appliance: despite its modest size, it is a big aid in the kitchen for all home chefs.

Food processors come in a variety of forms and sizes. In a nutshell, they prepare meals by chopping, dicing, slicing, grinding, shredding, and pureeing. You don’t really need a vegetable chopper, cheese grater, or meat grinder once you’ve got your food processor. On top of that, these machines can knead dough. The more expensive the food processor, the more uses it has.

So, which food processor is the finest on the market? We’ve written this post to assist you answer that question. Initially, we’ll go through the top devices on the market. Finally, we’ll walk you through a food processor purchasing guide that outlines the important components and settings you’ll need in your machine. You’ll know precisely which model to buy at the end.


1) Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor: Overall Top Pick

This Cuisinart processor is very clever, so much so that it wins the best food processor award.

The 14-cup capacity is one of this appliance’s standout characteristics. That’s a nice-sized dish, with enough space to help you make enormous holiday dinners. On top of that, there’s a large feed tube you can use to add ingredients to the bowl without having to switch off the processor and open it up.

This model comes with a 750-watt motor, one blade speed, and a pulse function. It may not seem to be much, but since it includes two discs and a flexible stainless steel blade, you have a lot of control over what you’re dealing with.

Also, this Cuisinart equipment is simple to operate. Since the blades and discs aren’t adjustable, it requires very little setup each time you take it out of storage. Despite this, it produces high-quality output.

Another useful feature is the capacity of the chopping blade to act as a dough blade. You can avoid the time-consuming hand-kneading and yet enjoy wonderful handmade pizza or bread. This is a feature that few food processors have at this pricing bracket.

Major characteristics:

  • Spacious 14-cup bowl
  • Easy to use and put away
  • Good 750-watt motor
  • Dependable multi-purpose discs and chopping blade
  • Wide feed tube


  • Some nooks may be hard to clean
  • Some plastic latches may break off after a while


2) KitchenAid Mini Food Processor: Budget-Friendly Pick

Returning to simpler and more cheap food processors, we have the KitchenAid Mini device. Although it is not the most expensive device on the market, it does the job and is a user-friendly appliance for beginners.

When you buy a low-cost food processor, you’re going to receive a smaller bowl. This one only holds three cups, but don’t let that deter you. Even if you just prepare for two or three people, this will enough.

The KitchenAid Small Food Processor includes a 240-watt motor that is enough for chopping vegetables and herbs, as well as preparing dips, sauces, and dressings. Nevertheless, since it lacks a dough blade and a powerful enough motor, you’ll need to hunt for another device if you want to produce bready treats.

You may set the stainless steel blades to revolve at two different rates. You also have a pulse option, which is useful for cutting food into bigger, even bits. This allows you to prepare anything from smooth hummus to chunky pico de gallo.

Finally, this is a fairly simple item to clean. Except for the motorized base, all components are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Major characteristics:

  • Easy to clean and store
  • Good for small households
  • Takes up little counter space
  • Available in 18 colors
  • Dishwasher-friendly parts


  • Too small for large portions
  • The motor isn’t strong enough to handle large chunks of food


3) Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL Food Processor: Premium Pick

If you can afford it, invest in a Breville Sous Chef processor. The $499 price tag is reasonable for such a capable and versatile machine. Moreover, it is one of the best-rated food processors available, making it a fantastic purchase.

Its 1200-watt heavy-duty induction motor can chop even the toughest foods that conventional food processors couldn’t handle. While having just one speed and a pulse setting, the Breville processor allows you to choose how your chopped food comes out.

That’s because the system comes with eight multi-function discs. Install the one you choose and wait for the processor to complete perfectly chopping your food. When you use this capability properly, you can get slices as thin as 0.3 mm and as thick as 8.0 mm.

In spite of arriving with so many different pieces, the Breville Sous Chef machine is simple to stow away. It takes up little storage space and fits all of the supplies in the work basin.

Moreover, the S-shaped disc can handle a wider variety of foods and may assist you in preparing them to your specifications. When you use it, you may chop, mince, or puree meals.

Another noteworthy aspect is that the work bowl has a massive capacity of 16 cups. In addition, the Breville Sous Chef processor has a built-in timer that you can program to turn off the processor when the timer goes off.

Finally, the feed tube is quite broad, enabling you to put bigger items into the work bowl, reducing prep time.

Major characteristics:

  • Powerful 1200-watt motor
  • Eight multi-purpose discs
  • Versatile discs and blades
  • Built-in timer and LCD
  • Wide feeding chute
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Steep price
  • Customer support leaves something to be desired


4) Braun FP3020 Multi-Purpose Kitchen Processor: Worthy Mention

German appliance makers are well-known for producing high-quality, long-lasting products. The Braun FP3020 processor definitely matches that description, as seen by the number of positive consumer reviews available online.

For starters, its high-performance 600-watt motor is strong enough to handle difficult components such as bread dough. Since the machine comes with seven blades for grinding, mincing, pureeing, kneading, whipping, slicing, and shredding, you may produce a variety of dishes without the need for additional tools.

Another outstanding feature is its dual locking mechanism, which secures the bowl to the motor base and the cover to the bowl. This is fantastic because it avoids unpleasant spills from getting all over the machine’s buttons and all over your surfaces and walls.

Moreover, since the work bowl has a capacity of 12 cups, you may prepare family-sized dinners. It’s even big enough to produce dips and sauces for gatherings.

But we saved the best for last: you may experiment with the 15 changeable blade speeds. Select how swiftly or slowly you want the blades to revolve to get properly processed food.

Major characteristics:

  • 15 adjustable blade speeds
  • 12-cup bowl capacity
  • Seven adjustable blades
  • Two-way locking system
  • Powerful motor
  • Dishwasher-friendly parts
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Quiet and discreet while running


  • None


5) Cuisinart Elemental 8-Cup Food Chopper

For the price, the Cuisinart Elemental is one of the greatest food processors available. Its manufacturing is reliable, and it has received hundreds of favorable internet reviews. Just because we placed it seventh doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out!

The 11-cup food processor design is a major plus. It offers adequate space for large family feasts. It’s even large enough for hosting or holiday feasts. The broad feed tube is also a bonus since it allows you to easily add ingredients to the bowl and save time in the kitchen.

Its 550-watt motor is also an important element. A robust motor like this one can process even the hardest veggies and handle enormous volumes of food.

This Cuisinart model has a changeable disc for chopping or shredding foods. It also comes with a stainless steel blade for kneading, mixing, or cutting meals into medium or fine parts.

This device also has a proprietary two-way locking mechanism. The cover secures the work bowl, preventing spills, and the blade locks into place, avoiding any culinary mishaps.

Finally, there are two blade speeds on this processor: high and low. You may also make full use of the pulse option if you desire even chunks.

Major characteristics:

  • Two blade speeds and a pulse setting
  • Sealing bowl and locking blade
  • Reversible chopping and shredding disc
  • Versatile stainless steel blade
  • 11-cup work bowl capacity
  • Wide feed tube


  • Customer support isn’t helpful with repairs


6) KitchenAid Exact Slice KFP1133CU 11-Cup Food Processor

With this Kitchen Aid food processor, we’re venturing into more pricey territory. You may be certain that this unit is a solid investment since it is made by a reputable company. If that wasn’t enough, there are hundreds of positive web reviews awarding this product five stars.

The motor on this one is 380 watts, which is less than that of comparable priced KitchenAid appliances, but it still gets the job done. Nonetheless, the two blade speeds and pulse setting are useful features in this processor. They provide you with greater control over what you do in the kitchen.

The sealed lid is one of our favorite features of this model. A rubber ring runs around the rim of the lid to keep the contents of the bowl from pouring out and making a mess on your worktops.

The ExactSlice method, however, is possibly the most inventive feature. You’ll discover a knob on the side of the processor that you can move left and right to regulate how your food is sliced. If you slide it all the way to Thin, you’ll get almost paper-thin slices. If you move it the other way, toward Thick, you’ll get meaty slices.

Major characteristics:

  • 11-cup bowl capacity
  • Adjustable thickness of slices
  • Sealed lid and bowl
  • Two blade speeds and one pulse setting


  • The motor isn’t as good as you may be expecting for a processor of this size
  • Some outside plastic parts aren’t sturdy
  • Not powerful enough to knead dough safely


How to Pick the Best Food Processor for You?: Buying Guide

This shopping guide has been put together to assist you in selecting the finest appliance for your requirements. While purchasing for this appliance, we’ve highlighted the most critical qualities to look for. The more boxes it checks, the more secure your money.



First, consider how much food your processor needs to handle on a regular basis.

If you just prepare for one or two people, a 5-cup food processor will enough. Nevertheless, if you need to make meals for a bigger household, youll need a processor with at least an 8-cup capacity.

Note that the bigger the appliance, the higher the price. You may acquire a smaller-capacity machine and do things in batches if you’re on a limited budget. Certainly, it will take longer to do everything. Yet you’ll stay to your budget and achieve the same outcomes.


Number of Speeds

Some food processors have a dozen blade speeds to pick from, but others just have one. The difference between these two methods is that the former allows you to have greater control over how your food is prepared. The latter does not provide such flexibility, but it is also less expensive.

If you believe that not having as much control would be a deal breaker, seek for a machine that has more than one or two speed levels. If it’s not a major concern, you can save hundreds of dollars by foregoing nicer settings.


Motor Quality

Before purchasing any electric gadget, it is critical to ensure that the motor is in excellent working order. The more powerful the motor, the greater its wattage. In this situation, an 800-watt motor can handle tougher and harder meals than, say, a 280-watt motor.

For example, do you wish to slice raw sweet potatoes? It would be best done in a strong CPU. If all you want to do is slice a tomato, a less powered machine will suffice.



Why spend money on a device that doesn’t even perform its function properly? Read online customer reviews to prevent being trapped with a worthless model. Who better to tell you how a machine stands the test of time?


Easy to Store & Easy to Clean

A food processor makes our lives simpler in the kitchen. Is it truly helpful if you have to spend hours constructing, dismantling, cleaning, and storing it? Look for units with dishwasher-safe components and simple locking and unlocking mechanisms.


Types of Food Processors: What Food Processor Do I Need?

Electric food processors are classified into three types. They differ in size, cost, and utility.



The simple, uncomplicated form of food processor will be discussed first. These machines generally feature a single speed setting and a single pair of blades. There will be no expensive accessories or add-ons. That is why they are among the cheapest and smallest versions available. Don’t get me wrong: they still get the job done and are ideal for tiny kitchens.



The sophisticated, all-in-one processor is the second kind. These machines can do much more than simply grind, puree, and chop. They often come with a number of attachments, ranging from several blades (such as a chopping blade) to multi-purpose discs. These units may be used to knead bread dough, whip egg whites, and much more. Those are the most costly appliances available. They also use a lot of counter and storage space.



The hand-help processor is maybe the most uncommon kind of processor. You’d be excused if you mistook them for ordinary food choppers. They do not include any attachments, LED displays, numerous speed options, or anything remotely similar. These are modest and adequate for novice cooks wishing to save a couple of dozen bucks.


Final Words: Is a Food Processor Worth It?

Let us be impartial and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of these equipment. Are they really worth the money?


  1. They’re relatively inexpensive gadgets
  2. Even the simpler models are great at cutting down prep time in the kitchen
  3. The fancier units are super versatile
  4. They’re great for making dips and sauces
  5. They work just as well as a coffee grinder


  1. You can’t make smoothies with them, for that you’d need a blender
  2. They can’t crush ice


What to look out for when buying a food processor?

Determine the size of the work bowl you believe you will need.
For the greatest quality, make sure the blades are stainless steel.
Check the processor’s functions….
A broad funnel is great for cutting and slicing big vegetables.
Examine the power and watts.
More to come…

How many watts should a good food processor have?

A 250-watt motor should be powerful enough to chop and grind modest quantities of herbs, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. But, if you want to process big amounts of food or use your machine for more difficult jobs like kneading bread, you’ll need a powerful motor with at least 600 watts.

What is a good inexpensive food processor?

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor is the best overall.
Elechomes Electric Food Processor is the best buy.
KitchenAid KFC3516WH Food Processor is the best small capacity food processor.
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor is the best large capacity food processor.
ZYLISS Easy Pull Manual Food Processor is the best manual.
Blending Strength.
More to come…

What is the best capacity for a food processor?

Small food processors typically hold 6-9 cups, medium food processors hold 10-13 cups, and giant food processors hold 14-16 cups or even more. Food choppers perform some of the same functions as food processors but have a lower capacity of roughly 3-5 cups.

Which brand is better for food processor?

The best overall

Overall, the Bajaj FX-1000 Food Processor is one of the finest food processor deals in India. It has a 600-watt motor and an overload protection. Bajaj also provides a 2-year guarantee on the goods and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

Is 750W good for a food processor?

The 750W energy-efficient motor provides superior dependability and allows you to finish your food processing task in minutes.

Is 850 watts good for a food processor?

The 850-watt motor and preset programs cut vegetables, shred cheese, and create homemade cookie dough. 850 Watts: The powerful kitchen food processor can easily handle even the hardest materials.

Is 800 watts good for a food processor?

The power needed for such operations ranges from 400 to 700 watts. The larger, more powerful ones can operate for extended periods of time without overheating the motor. These may use up to 1200 watts of electricity. When you overwork your food processor, you risk overheating it.

What is the lifespan of a food processor?

The longevity of a food processor is determined by its usage. Well-maintained units may last 8 to 10 years, although this equipment often has to be replaced every 5 to 6 years.

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