Food Rich List: Instagram may earn famous chefs up to $226,800 each year.

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Influencers on social media are not a new phenomena, but the launch of Instagram in 2010 provided a whole new market for marketers to tap into and leverage. Influencers no longer had to create content for YouTube videos, the first significant influencer platform; they could just snap a fast photo of their Starbucks or newest fashion purchase, add a filter, and a snappy message, and their work was (almost) done!

The Instagram we use now, on the other hand, has fundamentally transformed influencer-brand relationships, making influencer marketing worth over $10 billion by 2020*. Instagram stories, IGTV, reels (Instagram’s equivalent of TikTok), and the introduction of business accounts have made it even simpler for companies and influencers to collaborate on the platform, enabling influencers to make a significant sum of money.

Instagram has a vast range of influencers; beauty, gaming, fashion, lifestyle, sport, travel, and the list goes on! At The Ellellekitchen.com, we are particularly interested in the world of food influencers, namely how much money they make from their social media celebrity.

We were curious as to how much the top food influencers and celebrities make each year from sponsored posts on the site, so we took publicly accessible data and analyzed the influencers’ postings from the previous 12 months to build the Food Influencer Rich List. The data takes into account how much each influencer or celebrity makes every sponsored post they upload**, as well as how many paid posts they uploaded in the last 12 months, to calculate their yearly revenue from Instagram.

The influencers making the most money off of their Instagram posts are:

(Influencer, Instagram handle, followers, annual revenue)

Yumna Jawad, @feelgoodfoodie, has 2.3 million Instagram followers. $226,800

2. Rosanna Pansino, @rosannapansino, has 4.4 million followers on Instagram. $108,000

3. Yolanda Gampp, @yolanda gampp, has 2.8 million followers on Instagram. $80,400

4. Mariam Ezzedine, @cookinwithmima, has 2.2 million followers on Instagram. $54,000

Gordon Ramsey, @gordongram, has 10.3 million followers. $21,600

Kevin Curry, @fitmencook, has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. $19,500

Hannah Hart (@harto) has 1.1 million followers. $17,400

@chefaz, Andrew Zimmerman, 877k followers $6,300

Brad Leone, @brad leone, has 888,000 followers. $4,400

$10,500 Molly Baz, @mollybaz, 607k followers

Feel better, foodie. Yumna Jawad is at the top of the Food Influencer Rich List after posting 42 sponsored articles and costing $5,400 each post in the previous year. Incidentally, that is 10 times more than celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who made just $21,600 from paid Instagram posts over the previous 12 months, which is expected given that he only submitted one sponsored photo. With a net worth of $63 million***, we don’t believe he’ll be too upset.

The price per post seems to be the decisive factor in how much money you may make on Instagram; Rosanna Pansino earned $108,000 in the last year despite only publishing 10 sponsored photos. However, Yolanda Gampp earned just $80,400, $28,400 less than Pansino Gampp, who would need to submit 16 sponsored articles in a year to knock Pansino out of second position.

According to recent estimates, Instagram is the most popular medium for influencer marketing, with 87% of firms utilizing it for social media campaigns*. Additionally, more than half (55%) of firms that deal with influencers have a dedicated budget for content marketing, with a quarter (26%) spending $50,000 or more on this kind of marketing in particular*.

If you believe you have the abilities and business knowledge to become a culinary influencer but lack the millions of followers to back it up, don’t worry! According to our research, influencers with fewer followers can actually be more successful in terms of engagement rates (important if you want to earn commission on any of your sponsored posts); studies show that those with less than 1000 Instagram followers have engagement rates of 7.2%, while those with 100,000+ followers have rates of only 1.1%*.

Obviously, there are several methods to generate money online, notably on Instagram. Whether you’re a seasoned micro-influencer or a want tobe Yumna Jawad, what matters is that you appreciate what you’re doing and believe in it.

This list demonstrates the importance of influencers in the food industry and community. It’s maybe predictable given the popularity of social media platforms, but the sums paid to top influencers were really eye-opening!

Because of the pandemic’s worldwide lockdowns and limitations, many individuals have had the opportunity to be creative in their kitchens. Even if you don’t want to be a food influencer, everyone begins with cooking, and it’s something we want to foster at The Ellellekitchen.com. This year’s Food Influencer Rich List is more than simply educational; it’s a testimony to where hard work and practice can bring you!





Who is the biggest food influencers on Instagram?

List of the Top 100 Food Influencers in 2023
Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram) has 93 million followers.
Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) has 8.2 million followers.
Rosanna Pansino @rosannapansino has 4.5 million followers.
Ree Drummond, @thepioneerwoman, has 3.4 million followers.
Rena @healthyfitnessmeals, with 3.4 million followers, is number five.
More to come…

Who has the highest income from Instagram?

What Do Instagram Influencers Get Paid?
Cristiano Ronaldo | cristiano | $2,397,000 per post | 442 million followers.
Kylie Jenner | kyliejenner | $1,835,000 per post | 338 million followers.
Lionel Messi | leomessi | $1,777,000 per post | 327 million followers.
Selena Gomez | selenagomez | $1,735,000 per post | 320 million followers.
Additional details…•March 10, 2023

What are the 3 biggest food influencers?

Celebrity food critics
Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) Twitter: @jamieoliver Instagram: @jamieoliver (9.2M followers) @jamieoliver on TikTok (463.1K followers) Gordon Ramsay (@gordonramsayofficial)… @gordonramsayofficial on TikTok (35.6M followers) Ree Drummond (@thepioneerwoman) Twitter: @thepioneerwoman Instagram: @thepioneerwoman (4.2M followers)

Do Instagram food bloggers get paid?

As a food blogger with a large Instagram following, you may generate money by selling a digital cookbook that doesn’t take much time or work to create. If your Instagram followers like your recipes, it’s time to produce a cookbook and begin advertising it to prospective book buyers—on Instagram!

What is the most viewed Instagram food?

This list also contains celebrities.
Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter handle is @gordongram.
Jamie Oliver’s Twitter handle is @jamieoliver.
@thepioneerwoman is Ree Drummond.
Martha Stewart’s Twitter handle is @marthastewart.
Antonio Cannavacciuolo’s Twitter handle is @antoniochef.
Yolanda Gampp is on Twitter as @yolanda gampp.
Nigella Lawson’s Twitter handle is @nigellalawson.
Guy Fieri’s Twitter handle is @guyfieri.
More to come…

How much Instagram pay for 2 million followers?

On average, influencers with over a million followers make $15,356 each month. Influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers earn $1,420 a month.

How much Instagram pay for 1 million followers?

How much money can you generate with a million Instagram followers? An Instagram influencer with 1 million followers will earn $10,000 each post. If you have more than one million followers, you may charge between $10,000 and $100,000 every post or campaign.

How does Instagram pay you?

Instagram allows you to get compensated in the following ways: Make sponsored articles for companies that wish to reach your audience. Become an affiliate and earn a commission by selling the items of other companies. Make a tangible or digital product and sell it, or provide a paid service.

Who are the most successful food bloggers?

Who knows, you could be inspired to start your own food blog.
Taste that is inspired. Inspired Taste is a culinary blogging website and YouTube channel. Smitten Kitchen began in a modest New York City kitchen…. Cookie + Kate…. Simple Recipes…. David Lebovitz…. Minimalist Baker…. Pinch of Yum…. The Food Critic.
Additional details…•February 28, 2023

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