Hamilton Beach Brewstation Evaluation

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The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is one of the market’s best-selling coffee machines. It distinguishes itself as an automated drip brewer with a unique internal tank design that eliminates the need for a carafe.

As a result, it can keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours while retaining the fresh coffee’s flavor. It is reasonably priced, and its quality guarantee is supported by the Hamilton Beach Company’s strong reputation.

This article presents a thorough examination of the Hamilton Beach Brew Station Summit, including its characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks. We also address the most frequently asked questions about Hamilton Beach Brew Station.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station Review


Overall Design

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is pretty sleek and contemporary in appearance. The 12-cup summit model comes in two colors: black and stainless steel, and black. Its body is composed of plastic, with a rubber base for robust and durable support. It features an LED display that shows the time, temperature, and other settings. It weighs 7.3 pounds and measures 9.25X12.50X16.00 inches.

Programming and Functionalities

This coffee maker allows you to regulate the brewing process. There are four brewing options: strong, normal, 1-4 cups, and iced coffee. It also boasts a stay-hot mode that allows the coffee maker to keep brewed coffee warm for up to 4 hours and a 24-hour programming option.

OFF button, start time button, brew strength button, Keep warm hours button, H button, and M button. To adjust the brew strength, keep pressing the brew strength button until the desired brew strength is highlighted. The six buttons on the front panel are used to implement the different programming choices. These programming buttons have an on/off switch.


The Hamilton Beach Brew Station Summit holds 12 mugs. But, you may program it to make coffee at smaller quantities, with a capacity of 1-4 cups.

No Carafe Design

This brew station functions similarly to an automated drip coffee maker. The lack of a carafe is what distinguishes this coffee maker from other brewing stations on the market. Instead of a hot plate, it contains an internal heater. It contains an insulated internal storage tank that keeps the brewed coffee hot until you pour it.

From the first cup to the last, the quality and temperature of the coffee prepared are consistent. You don’t have to worry about the glass shattering and the coffee spilling since there is no glass carafe. It has paper filters that sift the brewed coffee. It makes quite good coffee and uses ground coffee.

Dispensing Mechanism

It can only discharge one cup at a time. Place a cup under the spout and push the dispensing bar to dispense. The dispenser will automatically turn off after one cup has been poured. The area between the dispensing spout and tray is large enough to accommodate a tall travel cup.


  • Huge storage capacity. It’s excellent for workplaces, small gatherings, and huge families.
  • It is possible to brew lower amounts of coffee (1-4 cups)
  • The absence of a carafe means that the taste and temperature of the coffee remain constant for up to 12 hours.
  • sufficient pouring space for bigger glasses
  • Countertops provide sturdy seating.
  • Removes the water tank for simple cleaning.
  • Design that is minimal and somewhat sleek
  • Control buttons that are simple to use
  • 4 brewing possibilities
  • 24 hour programming
  • Reasonably priced


  • Several individuals consider its general structure to be weak and of poor quality.
  • According to the manufacturer, the brew station makes hot coffee. Yet, most reviews say that the coffee it makes is warm rather than hot.

The Verdict

The Hamilton Beach Brew Stations revolutionary design gives the benefits of an automated drip coffee maker without the drawbacks associated with classic carafe type brewers.

It contains a programming option that lets you to control the strength of your brewing. Because of its big 12-cup capacity, it is ideal for large families, small gatherings, small restaurants, and workplaces. But, you may still purchase it for personal use since the settings can be adjusted to generate 1-4 cups.

This brew system comes at a reasonable price. Yet, it has been chastised for having a fragile, low-quality feel, a lack of durability, and delivering tepid coffee rather than hot. If the style, feel, durability, and quality of coffee made by a coffee maker are important to you, you may want to consider alternative better quality Hamilton Beach coffee maker choices.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station FAQs

How to use the Hamilton Beach Brew Station

  1. Connect the machine to a power source and turn it on.
  2. Open the top cover of the brewing machine.
  3. If there is no paper filter, put one and fill it with the proper quantity of ground coffee for the number of cups you wish to prepare.
  4. Fill the detachable internal water tank with the proper quantity of water.
  5. Put the cover back on.
  6. OFF) button to activate. You may choose the strength of your brew. Turn on the (ON) switch.
  7. The coffee will be kept in the internal tank once the internal brewing equipment has brewed it.
  8. Dispense by pressing the bar.

How do you clean and maintain the Hamilton Beach Brew Station?

To keep the Hamilton Beach Brew Station running smoothly and for a long time, it must be cleaned and maintained correctly.

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Remove the unit’s plug from the socket.
  2. Let the brewing station to cool down if you have recently used it.
  3. Take the coffee reservoir out of the main unit. Rinse with water to remove any residue. Next, using a soft cloth or sponge, clean it with warm water, light detergent, and a soft cloth. It should be noted that the reservoir is not dishwasher safe.
  4. Wipe off the outside using a moist cloth. Do not immerse the main unit or the plugin in water as you risk harming them or being electrocuted.
  5. Reassemble the main unit and the reservoir after drying. You may keep it on your counter.


The Hamilton Beach Brew Station’s major maintenance need is to descale according to the manufacturer’s specified schedules. You should descale your system every 3-6 months. Descaling normally takes an hour and entails washing the machine using a descaling solution that can be found online or at major retailers.

Brew the descaling solution for a few minutes. Pour hot water through the device for many brewing cycles to rinse it. To collect the descaling solution or water, place a mug or cup under the dispensing nozzle.


Are Hamilton Beach coffee pots good?

Hamilton Beach has been a household brand in kitchen equipment since its inception in 1910. Hamilton Beach coffee makers, in particular, are recognized for being economical and dependable, making them an excellent choice for folks who caffeinate to live and live to caffeinate without breaking the bank.

Why is my Hamilton Beach BrewStation leaking?

What is causing my BrewStation tank to leak? There might be a buildup in the tank seal. Flip the brew tank upside down over the sink, then push the dispensing valve (located on the tank’s bottom) and flush with water for 30 seconds.

Is Hamilton Beach Flexbrew worth it?

If you’re anything like me, I highly suggest it. I purchased this Hamilton Beach 49900 single cup coffeemaker to replace a Keurig that I believe was overpriced and of poor quality. Because of the flexibility with which you may brew, this coffeemaker is much superior. It works exactly like a standard drip coffeemaker.

Are expensive coffee pots worth it?

A high-priced coffee machine is worthwhile. Period. We mean one that is SCA approved and costs between $200 and $300. Step up your coffee game if you want complete taste, wonderful nuanced coffee notes, and the perfect brew temperature.

How long do Hamilton Beach coffee makers last?

Coffee makers like Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker should last at least 5 years (if cleaned and maintained properly).

What are the options on Hamilton Beach BrewStation?

This BrewStation® allows you complete brewing control. It may be programmed for morning coffee 24 hours in advance and has four settings: bold, normal, 1-4 cups, and iced coffee. You may also configure the keep-hot feature for up to 4 hours.

Why is water coming out of the bottom of my coffee maker?

Don’t overfill the water reservoir. At the top of the water reservoir, the coffeemaker has an overflow slot. If you add too much water, it will run out of this slot and gather towards the bottom of the unit.

How do you unclog Hamilton Beach BrewStation?

Pour 12 cup plain white vinegar and 12 cup cold water into the water reservoir of a regular coffee maker to clean it. Choose the ON or BREW option. Press OFF after 30 seconds to halt the brewing operation. Let 30 minutes.

Can you use Keurig pods in a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

FlexBrew® coffee machines create a wonderful cup of coffee using single-serve pods like K-Cup® pods* or your preferred ground coffee. With a FlexBrew® coffee maker in your kitchen, you’ll have complete brewing control. Brew into a cup or travel mug and enjoy up to 10 oz.

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