Kitchen Shears That Work (Review And Buying Guide)

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To think that scissors were nothing more than a toy when we were youngsters. In fact, I’m sure scissor handling was one of the first skills you learnt in preschool, long before you realized how crucial they were. Professional and inexperienced chefs alike now depend on the finest kitchen shears for almost anything in the kitchen.

You might easily break down a chicken with a boning knife, but having the finest shears will get the job done better. And rather successfully, I should add. And because of the training you received as a toddler, you are less likely to cut yourself.

In this post, we will look at the best kitchen shears models on the market now. We will also discuss the aspects to consider while shopping for this cooking item. Let’s get right to it.


1) Chef Remi Multi-Purpose Utility Shears

A nice pair of shears can make making excellent dishes simpler whether you are a whiz in the kitchen or a walking mess. And the Chef Remi set is a great place to begin.

With micro-serrated blade edges intended to hold even the slickest of foods, this innovative set is the ideal ally for whipping up a nutritious supper in no time.

The Chef Remi shears include ultra-sharp, stainless steel corrosion-resistant blades that will remain sharp for years to come, as well as ergonomic grips that will keep you as comfortable as ever when squeezing the shears. Moreover, they are an excellent option for the elderly or those suffering from arthritis.

Best Features

  • Comfortable easy-grip handles that make food preparation a breeze.
  • Sharp stainless-steel blades that make food prep a snip.
  • Chef Remi is awfully versatile and so whether its poultry shears, meat scissors, nutcracker, or all-purpose utility scissors you’re looking for, it won’t let you down.
  • Interchangeable handles make it easy to use, for both right- and left-handed cooks.


2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin L Kitchen Shears

Zwilling J.A. Henckels International is a gold-standard trademark for high quality cookware, cutlery, and kitchen utensils all over the globe. These kitchen shears are no different.

Even if they can only assist with little chores, they are still worth the cost. The blades are of the finest quality and are securely fastened.

They’re also small enough to take up little drawer space. The Twin L Shears feature an exceptional feeling of ease that you will undoubtedly love. They also include a handy bottle cap opener incorporated into the handle for all your bottle-opening requirements.

Best Features

  • Spacious cushioned handles for comfort and control.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe for handwashing and the dishwasher.


3. Kitchen Aid Kitchen Shears

Being a famous brand, it’s no surprise that the KitchenAid Soft Grip Shears are ranked fourth on our list today.

KitchenAid soft grip shears do everything correctly. They are a foregone conclusion from the start. With micro-serrated blades for increased cutting action, you’ll not only be able to cut through dry meals with ease, but you’ll also be able to cut through wet, slippery foods.

The kitchen scissors also include stainless steel blades that prevent corrosion and soft grips for optimal comfort. This means you don’t have to hand-wash them; just placing them in the dishwasher is OK.

This low-cost set of shears comes in four distinct colors and is ideal for anybody wishing to undertake basic culinary duties. Nothing too complicated.

Best Features

  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • The blades keep sharp for long.
  • Extra thick for added strength and durability.


4. Oxo Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Kitchen Shears



This unusual set of kitchen shears was created particularly for handling chickens. The curved tapered blade design allows you to nail even the most difficult cuts.

Yet it isn’t the only thing you can do with them. You also have the ability to cut flowers, twine, snip veggies, cut through various types of meat, open boxes, and, of course, cut paper.

The micro-serrated blades firmly hold things to avoid sliding. They feature soft, plush, comfy grips that make it easy to operate. Also, since the blades can be separated, cleaning them is considerably simpler. You just need to wash the two blades separately.

As if that wasn’t enough, the handle is spring-loaded to alleviate the difficulty of cutting through tough meals.

Best Features

  • Blades come apart, making them easy to clean.
  • Micro-serrated blades that grip onto foods and stuff securely.
  • Cushioning pads on the grip absorb the pressure so that you can prepare food with ease.


5. Wusthof WU5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof kitchen shears live up to the brand’s impeccable reputation. They are simple to use, incredibly convenient, and even more durable.

With a single snip, these strong 8-inch shears can cut through anything from thread to flesh. They are well-balanced and readily replaceable, making them suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

The serrated blades aid in preventing slippage and improving grip. So much so that we are certain that these multipurpose shears will find several applications in your kitchen. As an extra bonus, the shears may be disassembled for simple cleaning. Isn’t that ideal?

Best Features

  • Pull apart the blades for easy cleaning and sharpening them an easy task.
  • It triples as a regular pair of shears, a bottle opener, and a jar opener.


6. Fiskars Fast-Prep Herb Shears

The Fiskars Quick Prep pair of herb kitchen scissors has it all for people looking for kitchen shears that are both trustworthy and outstanding.

These eye-catching kitchen scissors are designed to provide you speed and control, making meal prep a breeze.

The shears also include a unique spring-action construction that makes every blade stroke extremely effortless, and they are incredibly simple to clean.

Best Features

  • Full lifetime warranty.
  • Spring-action design that automatically opens the shears after each cut to reduce hand strain.
  • Soft grip touch points that enhance comfort.
  • Sharp stainless-steel blades that make clean cuts.


7. Mairico Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy-Duty Kitchen Shears

The Mairico Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy-Duty shears are the sharpest professional shears on the market, according to Mairico. And we must concur. This stunning high-grade kitchen shears pair is a cut above the rest when it comes to getting the job done, providing outstanding performance and great quality both inside and outside the kitchen.

We adore how inexpensive these kitchen shears are. But, this does not imply that they are composed of low-quality materials; just the contrary.

The blades are exceptionally sharp to give perfect cuts with no effort. They are also fairly flexible, allowing you to chop vegetables, meat, fresh herbs, fish, even butterfly a bird. Indeed, we believe they are the greatest kitchen shears for cutting chicken. Thus, if you need poultry shears, try these.

You may also use it to open bottles and break nuts as an added bonus, so you receive more than what you paid for.

Best Features

  • Mairico shears are quite durable.
  • Ultra-sharp blades that deliver precise cuts with minimal efforts.
  • The handles are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip.
  • It is super light which helps make performing your chores effortless.


Best Kitchen Shears Buying Guide

The components of top-rated kitchen shears work together to provide you with an exceptional experience. These are some things to keep a look out for while making a buying choice.


The finest kitchen shears are made to cut through some extremely difficult foods, so it goes without saying that you want to discover kitchen shears that can easily debone, snip, and cut through everything. Yet, like with knives, some are unquestionably sharper than others.

Most shears, like chefs knives, are composed of high-carbon stainless steel that is meant to remain sharp. If not, you may always sharpen them with a damp stone or a knife sharpener.

Bottle openers have become even more flexible and practical. Moreover, kitchen shears with a sharp built-in jar opener


Pull-Apart Blades

Most shears include a pull-apart mechanism that makes unlatching the blades simple. This option is often included to make the comprehensive cleaning procedure a little simpler, and it does.

There must, however, be a balance. If the blades readily separate, it will be difficult to operate and even hazardous. If they are excessively tight, you may have greater difficulty taking them apart for simple cleaning.

Thus, if you’re going to purchase shears with pull-apart blades, be sure they’re well-made enough to open properly without breaking apart.


Hand Size and Strength

After you’ve decided on the size, weight, and model you desire, it’s time to consider how comfortable the shears will be in your hands. Or even whether it’s the perfect size for your hands.

If you have tiny hands, you should avoid shears with spring-loaded handles since they might be difficult to open and shut, causing your hands to get exhausted.

Individuals with large hands are not exempt either. Having big handles is insufficient. They should be constructed of a soft material and fit snugly in your hand so they don’t fall out.



Shears are available for almost any budget.

  • Basic shears cost under $15.00. And while most bargain shears are likely to be of lower quality, there are some pretty decent shears that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Middle range shears, which cost between $20.00 to $30.00, tend to be of much more decent quality.
  • For the utmost quality, you’re sure to part with a little more. Say $30.00 and above. A luxury kitchen shear like this will probably be made of fine materials that should last for years to come.



Cooking is difficult enough without having to deal with hand fatigue due by tight and unpleasant kitchen tool handles. Thus, after you’ve found the perfect size shears, make sure the handles are comfortable to use.


Blade Weight and Length

Shears are available in a variety of lengths and weights. Before making a purchase, try holding the shears in your hands and looking for kitchen shears with exactly the correct amount of balance.


Kitchen Shears Style

Kitchen shears are available in a variety of styles. Hence, based on your tastes, you may choose one that speaks to you visually.



For such delicate cut, most shears feature serrated blades or fine blades. Little serrations on blades are crucial because they offer a bit extra grip, particularly when cutting slippery objects.



Kitchen shears that are well-made may endure for many years. The opposite is true for a pair constructed of low-quality materials. If you don’t want to replace your shears every few months, your best choice is to look for durability.


Kitchen Shears: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different shears for cutting different foods?

Yes. Poultry shears are often longer and heavier than standard shears. Then there are shears that are considerably tiny and are used for much minor jobs such as snipping fresh herbs. Finally, there are shears designed specifically for proteins and seafood.

Yet, unless you are a skilled cook, you will be fine with only one nice pair of multi-purpose kitchen shears.


What do you use a kitchen shear for?

There are several things you can do with shears in the kitchen. The most apparent applications, however, are deboning birds, snipping fresh herbs, and cutting open food packing.

Kitchen shears are not the same as standard kitchen or steak knives. You may not even like them at first. But trust me when I say that decent shears will save you a lot of misery in the kitchen. They are efficient, dependable, and a jack of all crafts, which is just what you want to make dinner preparation a breeze. The greatest part is that they come in a number of styles, so you can simply choose the finest kitchen sheers that fit your taste.

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