Lemongrass Substitutes That Are Easy to Find

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You want to make Asian food but don’t have any lemongrass in your pantry? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the perfect spot because today we’re going to learn about some wonderful lemongrass alternatives that you can use to make a sour lemony dish.

What is Lemongrass and What it is Used For?

Lemongrass Substitutes That Are Easy to Find

Lemongrass is a herb that has a lemon and ginger taste. It is a common tropical island plant that is utilized as a culinary ingredient in South Asian nations such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

However, its use is not confined to South Asian nations. Lemongrass is utilized in a variety of ways across the world. Some people use it in their cuisine, while others use it to flavor tea and other beverages. Looking for some delicious green tea recipes to keep you healthy? Best green teas may be found here.

What is the Culinary Use of Lemongrass?

Lemongrass Substitutes That Are Easy to Find

It is used to provide a delicate citrus taste that compliments ethnic cuisines such as Thai recipes, as the name indicates. Lemongrass is available in fresh, dried, and powdered forms and is widely used in curries, soups, and tea. Its mild and fragrant citrus taste goes well with a variety of foods, including steak, fish, chicken, and vegetables.

Are There Any Benefits of Lemongrass?

Lemongrass has various health advantages apart from its culinary use:

  • It is high in important minerals and nutrients.
  • It helps in relieving anxiety
  • It has anti-inflammatory elements
  • It contains A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, and folates.
  • Potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, and phosphorus are all present.
  • It is used as a natural diuretic

Can You Substitute Lemongrass?

Preparing an authentic South Asian cuisine but without lemongrass? Wait! Before you give up on the notion of making that specific cuisine, keep in mind that there are various substitutions accessible. There’s always space for experimentation, and you don’t always have to stick to the rules.

Using substitutes may sometimes give your dish a distinct taste. What if we argue these replacements are easily accessible? Yes, it is readily accessible in your pantry, refrigerator, or at your local food shop. Isn’t it wonderful news?

8 Best Substitutes for Lemongrass

1. Lemon Zest

Lemon zest is a terrific and simple replacement that you most likely have on hand! Lemon zest is an excellent replacement for lemongrass since lemons are readily accessible all year. To reproduce the tart citrus taste, just grate some fresh lemon zest.

A medium-sized lemon’s zest equals two tiny lemongrass stalks. So, use caution while utilizing lemon zest.

2. Dried Lemongrass

Dried lemongrass is an excellent replacement for fresh lemongrass in meat and poultry recipes. However, you must take it with caution since the dried version has a greater quantity of citrus and herbal taste.

For example, if your recipe calls for one stalk of lemongrass, you may use one teaspoon of dried lemongrass.

3. Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime leaves, which have a citrus taste similar to lemongrass, may be used as an alternative. You may use it whole or cut it in half to remove the midrib before adding it to your meal. Consider mixing kaffir leaves with lemon juice and lime zest to add citrus flavor to your curry or soup.

If your recipe calls for one stalk of lemongrass, a kaffir leaf, a tablespoon of lime zest, and two teaspoons of lemon juice would sufficient.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another excellent lemongrass alternative. To create a delicate citrus taste, substitute four lemon balm leaves for one stalk of lemongrass. Chop them and add them towards the end of the cooking procedure. This allows it to keep its delicate taste.

Lemon balm can readily found in the herb department of any supermarket or neighborhood shop. Apart from being used as a replacement for lemongrass, lemon balm is believed to offer several health advantages such as relieving cramps, digestive issues, and headaches. To create a delicate citrus taste, substitute four lemon balm leaves for one stalk of lemongrass.

5. Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is a plant that is related to lemongrass. It has a citrus and herb taste. Begin by adding one leaf and tasting it as you go. You may add more till you get the desired citrus flavor in your cuisine.

You might either slice the leaves or use them whole. Make careful to take it out before serving the dish. One stalk of lemongrass may usually be replaced by one to two lemon verbena leaves.

7. Lemon Juice

A basic, freshly squeezed lemon juice may also be an excellent substitute for lemongrass. Be wary of using too much lemon juice, since it may overpower other tastes by making your cuisine excessively acidic.

Choose a lemon that is somewhat tender and thin-skinned. Use a teaspoon of lemon juice for every tablespoon of lemongrass.

8. Fresh Coriander and Ginger

9. Kreung (Lemongrass Paste)

Kreung is a lemongrass paste from Cambodia that may be used in place of lemongrass. It’s made using crushed lemongrass, galangal, and shallots.Kreung comes in squeezable tubes or jars, making it convenient for regular usage and safe storage.

It is widely available at Asian food shops and any other specialist store that provides Cambodian culinary supplies. Substitute lemongrass paste for the lemongrass stalks, using 2 tsp paste for every 2 stalks of lemongrass.

This is a simple and readily available lemongrass replacement. Crush and mince the coriander before combining it with the ginger.

The mix of fresh coriander and ginger creates a taste similar to lemongrass. For one stalk of lemongrass, 2 tablespoons fresh ginger and coriander stems are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I substitute dried lemongrass for fresh?

You may achieve this by using roughly half of the amount recommended for fresh lemongrass. Dried lemongrass is more potent than fresh lemongrass, so use with caution.

What’s the difference between lemon and lemongrass?

Lemon is a fruit, but lemongrass is a stalk. They are pretty similar, yet they are not the same thing. Lemongrass, unlike lemon, has a gingery flavor.

How can I store fresh lemongrass?

Simply cover the lemongrass loosely in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you might make a paste out of it by mincing it.

What is the shelf life of lemongrass when kept in the refrigerator?

Lemongrass may last for many weeks. However, it is advised that you utilize it within the first 10 days to acquire the greatest taste.


What tastes like lemon grass?

Leaves of Kaffir Lime

The beautiful thing about Kaffir lime leaves is that they have a zesty, tart taste that is comparable to lemongrass.

What leaf tastes like lemongrass?

If you want something stronger and more flavorful than lemongrass, try kaffir lime leaves instead.

What grasses are similar to lemongrass?

Citronella Grass and Lemongrass are fairly similar plants, so it’s no surprise that people confuse them. They may smell and look almost similar, but there are several significant variations, the most noticeable of which being their culinary purpose.

What is a good substitute for lemongrass essential oils?

If you can’t get Lemongrass, try Lavender on your skin, Chamomile on your hair, or Ylang Ylang on both!

What herbs are similar to lemongrass?

Depending on what you have on hand and what you want to add to your recipe, there are several lemongrass replacements available. Lemon verbena, basil, mint, lavender, thyme, oregano, parsley, and citronella are all terrific choices. Other choices include preserved lemon, coriander stems, and arugula.

What is the same as lemongrass?

Many people mistake lemongrass and citronella grass for one and the same. However, the citronella plant and lemongrass are not the same. Both, however, are tropical grasses and are closely related. To a large degree, lemongrass oil and citronella oil smell identical.

Does lemongrass taste like green onion?

It also doesn’t taste like a spring onion. One myth regarding lemongrass is that it is sour. No, it isn’t. This wonderful, zingy herb is utilized for its scent, which is citrussy, lemony, and, predictably, grassy.

Is lemongrass like green onion?

Lemongrass has a similar swelling base to fat spring onions, but the stem is woodier and consists of densely packed grey-green leaves. The scent and flavor are distinct – lemony yet sweet – and remain unnoticed until the stalk is sliced or smashed.

What is the green plant that tastes like lemon?

Sorrel’s hue is forest green and grassy, yet its flavor is all yellow and lemon. This so-called weed, whether wild or cultivated, has a delicious, strong lemony taste (due to oxalic acid in its leaves). It is rich in nutrients and has a more intense and vivid flavor than other types of greens.

What is the generic name of lemon grass?

The plant Cymbopogon citratus, Stapf (Lemon grass) is extensively utilized in tropical areas, particularly Southeast Asia.

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