Ranking the Best Yogurt Makers of 2022

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When you think of creating meals at home, yogurt is certainly not the first thing that springs to mind, but handmade is always superior. You are aware of all of the elements in the dish, and the flavor is always better.

Homemade food does not have to be a tough procedure, particularly if you have the proper instruments. To create yogurt, you’ll need the greatest yogurt maker, just as you’d need the best cookie press to produce precisely shaped cookies.

Thanks to the yogurt maker, making yogurt at home has never been easier. What may seem to be a hard do-it-yourself task at home is now feasible with the finest yogurt maker. A yogurt maker will take milk and starter cultures (the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt) and hold them at a consistent warm temperature for a certain amount of time.

Although it is a simple process that can be done at home, the yogurt maker you use can affect how easy and successful the yogurt is. That is why we have provided a shopping recommendation for the 8 best yogurt makers in this post. We strive to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to choose the finest yogurt maker.

1. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker (Best Overall)


The Euro Cuisine yogurt maker is the finest overall yogurt maker. It is not only inexpensive, but it is also simple to use and allows you to produce a large range of tastes at once.

The yogurt maker has an on/off switch and an indicator light that illuminates when the machine is turned on. The numbers on the side of the maker also light up to indicate how many hours till the yogurt is done cooking. If necessary, it may cook for a total of 12 hours.There are seven 6oz glass jars in total that may be filled to produce seven different kinds of yogurt. There is a simple on.

The cover of the yogurt maker is transparent, allowing you to view the yogurt jars within as they cook. If you do not want to use the jars that come with the yogurt maker, you may replace them with any glass dish of your choosing. Simply adjust the cooking time based on how much yogurt you’ve made if necessary.

The yogurt maker’s glass jars are dishwasher safe, but the remainder of the yogurt maker should be hand cleaned. This includes the jar lids as well as the transparent cover of the yogurt maker.

2. Cuisinart Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling System (Best Premium)


The Cuisinart yogurt maker is a premium yogurt maker for a reason.

We’ll start with what is undoubtedly this yogurt maker’s finest feature: the automated chilling mechanism. When the yogurt has finished cooking, the cooling system will activate automatically. This eliminates the need to remove the hot container of yogurt from the maker and set it in the refrigerator after it has done cooking; the Cuisinart yogurt maker accomplishes this for you. The yogurt maker will stay on the cold setting until you turn it off.

The interior container holds 50 ounces of yogurt, which is little more than six 8-ounce servings. Unlike the separate jars in the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker above, which allows you to manufacture seven distinct types of yogurt, the yogurt you make in this yogurt maker will all be the same taste. The good news is that you can produce a simple vanilla taste and then customize each serving with various fruits and flavorings.

To use the yogurt maker, switch it on and set the timer for how long you want the yogurt to cook. It may be extended to 24 hours. After you’ve set the timer, press the start button, and the yogurt maker will begin to cook.

When the cooking time is up, the cooling system will automatically activate to begin cooling the yogurt. After that, remove the yogurt’s internal container from the yogurt maker and place it in the refrigerator.

The display on the front of the yogurt maker is made of stainless steel and has blue LED lights that indicate the numerical cooking time or a C for cooling.

We suggest hand-washing the yogurt maker to avoid deterioration or changing the taste of the yogurt when it is created.

3. TRACONN Automatic Yogurt Maker (Best Budget)


This TRACONN yogurt maker is the ideal budget yogurt maker for individuals who wish to create a smaller quantity of yogurt without spending a lot of money. The yogurt maker produces 750mL (25 ounces) of yogurt. It is simple, straightforward, and effective.

It is the best affordable yogurt maker since it lacks some of the features seen in other yogurt makers. It lacks an automated shutdown or cooling mechanism that will activate after the cooking time is up. It also lacks a timer that indicates how many hours are remaining in the cooking process. To determine the cooking time, you must manually watch the yogurt maker and set a separate timer.

The yogurt producer, on the other hand, consistently produces high-quality yogurt. It warms the whole inside container from all sides in a complete 360-degree radius. This consistently produces precisely fermented yogurt and prevents the yogurt from scorching on one side of the container over the other.

Just because it’s a low-cost yogurt maker doesn’t imply it’s useless, as this TRACONN yogurt maker demonstrates. To avoid being damaged in the dishwasher, we suggest cleaning the inside container and lid by hand.

4. Proctor Silex Yogurt Maker


If there was a best yogurt maker runner-up, it would be this one from Proctor Silex.

First, it includes an automated timer on the top of the yogurt maker that turns it on and off as well as sets the cooking time for the yogurt you’re creating. The number shown on the yogurt maker indicates the number of hours remaining in the entire cooking time.

This yogurt maker can produce 32 ounces of yogurt. The plastic container may be easily transported from the yogurt maker to the refrigerator.

Finally, the yogurt maker’s storage container is dishwasher safe. Because the container and lid are dishwasher safe, they can be placed in the dishwasher after use for easy and quick cleanup.

5. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker


The Dash Greek yogurt maker is another wonderful yogurt maker that is simple to use and inexpensive, particularly if you like Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is yogurt that has been strained to remove a large portion of its water content after it has been prepared. This is what gives Greek yogurt its thick, creamy texture. So, if Greek yogurt is your thing, you’ll need Dash’s Greek yogurt maker.

To begin, the front of the yogurt maker features simple controls for starting, stopping, and adjusting the overall cooking time of your yogurt. This is identical to any yogurt maker you could come across.

What distinguishes this yogurt maker? A strainer is incorporated in the inside container of a Greek yogurt maker. The strainer will remove the whey after the yogurt has been manufactured, resulting in a thick, Greek yogurt consistency.

The total amount produced by the Greek yogurt maker is around a quart, so if you are making yogurt for your family or a large group, you may need to get a larger model. However, if you only make Greek yogurt for yourself, this is the best yogurt maker for the job.

To be safe, the strainer and container should be cleaned by hand rather than in a dishwasher.

6. The Country Trading Store Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker


We included this yogurt maker from The Country Trading Store on our list since it does not utilize electricity or heating components to create yogurt. We recognize that some people prefer to make yogurt by hand rather than using an electric machine.

To use the stainless steel yogurt maker, heat the milk to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. The milk will then be cooled to 113 degrees before adding the starter. The glass jar of yogurt will then be placed in the stainless steel container for roughly 8 hours.

After the 8-hour cooking time, open the stainless steel container to find your yogurt has fermented perfectly in the glass jar. Chill the glass jar in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before serving.

The stainless steel yogurt maker comes with a 42-page recipe book, so you’ll never be stuck wondering what sort of yogurt you can create.

The glass jar is dishwasher safe, making cleanup fast and simple.

7. MVPower Yogurt Maker


This yogurt maker by MVPower is another yogurt maker that allows you to produce a range of distinct tastes. It comes with eight glass jars that can be securely put in the yogurt maker to produce excellent yogurt every time.

The front of the yogurt maker includes an easy-to-use interface that allows you to switch the machine on or off as well as adjust the time and temperature for the yogurt to ferment. Each glass jar holds 6 ounces. This enables you to produce roughly 50 ounces of yogurt every batch.

The glass jars may be washed in the dishwasher. When you’re done with the jar, put it in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes. Just make sure to hand-wash the jars because dishwashers can damage or deteriorate them.

8. Greek Yogurt Maker with Ceramic Cups


The last yogurt maker on our list is this Greek yogurt maker by Bear. It includes four ceramic jars that are 4.2 ounces each and two 33-ounce glass jars. The glass jars come with lids so you can easily store the yogurt you make.

Even though there is no strainer included, you may create Greek yogurt or plain yogurt with this yogurt maker. To produce standard yogurt, heat the yogurt for 8 hours; to make Greek yogurt, heat the yogurt for 10 hours.

Another fantastic feature of this yogurt maker that makes it highly adaptable is the ability to produce wine or cheese with it. Wine will need to ferment at a lower heat (86 degrees) for 36 hours, and cheese will need to ferment at high heat (140 degrees) for only 6 hours.

The front of the yogurt maker contains function buttons that enable you to quickly pick the appropriate setting for what you’re creating. The temperature of the yogurt maker will also be shown on the yogurt maker. That way, you’ll know your product is fermenting at the proper temperature.

The glass jars may be cleaned in the dishwasher, however the ceramic jars and lids should be washed by hand.

The Ultimate Yogurt Maker Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting the finest yogurt maker, there are several features and applications to consider. You should think about the amount, variety, and ease of use of the yogurt maker. These are all critical considerations to bear in mind before purchasing the first yogurt maker you come across.

Make a list of the characteristics that are most essential to you. This may also include making a list of how frequently you will make yogurt and at what time of day you will make it. That way, you’ll know precisely which yogurt makers to consider and which ones to cross off your list right away.


Will you be making yogurt for your entire family or just yourself? This will assist you in deciding which yogurt maker to purchase.

If you are making yogurt for your whole family, you will need to get a yogurt maker that has a big capacity. Look for a container that can hold at least one quart of yogurt, which is 32 ounces. Otherwise, if you’ll only be making yogurt for yourself, you can get by with a smaller-capacity yogurt maker (32 ounces or less).


You should always consider purchasing an item or product that may be utilized for more than one purpose. Some yogurt factories just produce normal yogurt, while others produce Greek yogurt, wine, or cheese.

If you don’t believe you’ll ever use the yogurt maker to make cheese, wine, or Greek yogurt, don’t buy it, particularly if it’s more costly than another model you’re considering.


Take into account how simple the yogurt maker will be to use. You don’t want to use a difficult-to-use yogurt machine. Furthermore, if this isn’t an option, you shouldn’t choose a yogurt maker that you’ll have to babysit.

Some yogurt makers will not turn off or switch to a cooling mode after the yogurt has completed fermenting. This means you’ll have to manually switch off the yogurt maker after it’s finished fermenting. If you are not home when the yogurt is done, it may overheat and spoil. It may also cause damage to the yogurt maker’s container or jars.

If you usually make your yogurt at home, this option is unlikely to be useful since you will be there to check the yogurt maker when it finishes. Otherwise, look for a yogurt maker that has either an automatic cooling system or an automatic shutoff that stops heating the yogurt when the fermenting time is up.

Another feature to consider is if you can regulate the temperature of the yogurt maker. Some yogurt makers just enable you to set the timing without allowing you to change the temperature. This is great if you simply want to produce conventional yogurt; but, if you want to make Greek yogurt or other products, you may need to increase the temperature. Without control over the temperature of the yogurt maker, you will be unable to do so and will be confined to creating ordinary yogurt every time.


Is it vital to you to make a range of tastes at once? If this is the case, you should choose a yogurt machine that makes yogurt in jars. If you like, you may produce a different taste in each jar.

Other yogurt makers will have a single container into which you will add the milk and starter. This will only produce one flavor of yogurt at a time. To avoid this, produce vanilla yogurt to which everyone may add their own flavorings and garnishes.


A yogurt maker is a low-cost item that will enable you to create great homemade yogurt every time. When you create your own yogurt, you never have to wonder what secret components are in it. You know precisely what ingredients went into the yogurt and how it was made.

The ideal yogurt maker for you should fulfill all of your needs. You should not give up any features that are crucial to you. You may begin creating wonderfully handmade yogurt after you’ve selected the finest yogurt maker for you.


Are home yogurt makers worth it?

Making your own yogurt is far less expensive than purchasing yogurt from a shop. Homemade yogurt costs 60 to 80 percent less depending on the milk you purchase and the kind of yogurt you choose. Because one litre of milk yields a 750-g tub of yogurt (plus some), the savings are simple to calculate.

Are yogurt machines worth it?

In conclusion, purchasing a machine was completely worthwhile for us. Even with the 15-minute prep time, it’s a huge time saving. We are overjoyed to have it.

What is the best store bought yogurt to use as a starter?

The finest option is plain Greek yogurt. Additionally, homemade SCD yogurt can be used as a starter for a subsequent batch.

Do yogurt makers use a lot of electricity?

These Yogurt Makers are electrically powered and ready to use, with a power consumption of only 9 Watts.

What company makes the best yogurt?

Dairy Yogurts That Are the Healthiest
Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt with No Sugar Added.
Total 2% Greek Yogurt from Fage.
Chobani Total.
Skyr by Siggi.
Probiotic Coconut Yogurt from Coconut Cult.
Yogurt without dairy from Lavva.
Plant-Based Yogurt from Siggi’s.

How long will homemade yogurt last?

Once you’ve activated the starter culture and begun making yogurt, your homemade yogurt can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. We suggest re-culturing yogurt within 7 days after making a fresh batch.

What is the number one selling yogurt?

Yoplait is the #1 US yogurt brand, followed by Chobani and Dannon.

What are common mistakes when making yogurt?

If you culture yogurt for too long, at too high a temperature, or with an untrustworthy or damaged starting culture, your yogurt may separate or become lumpy. If your yogurt becomes lumpy, drain it to remove the whey, then whisk the yogurt solids in a dish until smooth.

Is there downside to eating yogurt?

Weakened immune system: Although it is uncommon, live bacteria in yogurt may cause disease in those with compromised immune systems. If you have a weaker immune system, consult your doctor before consuming significant volumes of yogurt containing live bacteria for extended periods of time.

How many times can you use homemade yogurt as a starter?

Typically, you can make 3-4 batches of yogurt before starting over with store-bought yogurt. Traditional yogurt starters, on the other hand, are reusable for considerably longer periods of time. More information about yogurt starters for homemade yogurt can be found here.

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