Review of the Goldilocks 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set!

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Nowadays, it seems like every product we use has a new direct-to-consumer manufacturer who is lowering the cost of consumer goods while simultaneously producing exceptionally high-quality items that exceed long-standing brands. Now, it seems that direct-to-consumer competition has entered the cookware industry, and I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve had the chance to cook with a brand new set of Goldilocks Cookware over the last several weeks, and I’ve been really pleased thus far. By using a direct-to-consumer business strategy, Goldilocks is able to offer the high-end experience of a brand new, name-brand set of stainless steel pans while being on the budget-friendly side.

If you need a new set of stainless steel cookware and want to save money, you won’t find a more adaptable selection of pans than the Goldilocks Cookware 7-Piece Set.

Goldilocks Cookware Review.

Goldilocks 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set Review!

Goldilocks Cookware, formerly known as Potluck Cookware, is a direct-to-consumer seller of high-quality cookware. Goldilocks strives to give the Just Right balance of quality and affordability in everything from utensils to knives to sets of high-grade stainless steel cookware.

The importance of direct-to-consumer goods in the consumer marketplace has only expanded in recent decades, with firms like as Warby Parker, Casper, and Dollar Shave Club achieving enormous success by challenging the standards connected with their products. Goldilocks has followed a similar strategy with its kitchenware items, making high-quality cookware and kitchen utensils and then selling straight to customers at a discount.

By removing a reseller or middleman, Goldilocks can concentrate on making the greatest quality pans, utensils, and knives while giving unbeatable value prices. If you want a high-end stainless steel cookware set, Goldilocks should be at the top of your list.


  • Cookware made of high-quality stainless steel with a three-layer construction and an aluminum core.
  • Low price
  • Induction Ready
  • Oven safe
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not quite as robust as more expensive cookware
  • Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel may be tough.

What’s in the box?

The 7-piece Goldilocks stainless steel cookware set contains 4 pans and 3 lids.

  • 1.5-quart saucepan with lid
  • 3-quart saucepan with lid
  • 10 skillet
  • 8-quart stockpot with cover (may also be used as a skillet)

How do the Goldilocks stainless steel pans look and feel?

I’ve had the opportunity to utilize a wide range of stainless steel cookware throughout the years. While stainless steel pots and pans are not for everyone, the feel of well-made, completely coated stainless steel cookware is highly appealing.

pot.Overall, the Goldilocks 7-piece pan set is a high-quality, well-made product. With good thick walls, robust handles and rivets, tightly fit lids, and a solid bottom to each pan, this cookware set seems more costly than it is.

One disadvantage of stainless steel cookware is that, although having a mirror appearance, it will reveal imperfections, water marks, and stains. The finish on these Goldilocks pans is pretty beautiful, with a high mirror gloss that should endure for years with appropriate care, however it will show if they are not cared properly.

Cooking with Goldilocks Cookware.

When it came to evaluating the Goldilocks Cookware, I was more interested in how effectively these pans handled the actual cooking activities. It’s simple to prepare wonderful cuisine without much work once you’ve learned a recipe or method, but with the right equipment, you can truly take your taste and quality to the next level.

Because it removes many variables from the equation, a high-quality cookware set makes it much simpler to produce consistently great dishes. You can concentrate on tastes and technique once you know you can rely on our pans to cook evenly and effectively.

To put the Goldilocks Cookware set to the test, I chose recipes I was acquainted with or basic approaches that would reveal the set’s general strengths and limitations. While it was tempting to push these pans to their limits, I was more interested in seeing how they performed in regular duties.

Using the Saute Pan

Take the griddle for a whirl. The Goldilocks 7-piece set’s 10-saute pan is well-made and seems like a high-end piece of cooking equipment. If you’ve ever used professional all-clad pans, you know what a well-made piece of stainless steel cookware feels like. Goldilocks pans have a same feel.To start testing the pans, I decided to start with the saute pan.

The weight was the most noticeable difference between these pans and some higher-end models. Although the Goldilocks pans are sturdy, they lack the weight of more costly cookware.

To put the 10 Saute pan to the test I opted to cook pan-roasted rib-eyes with a caramelized onion, red wine cream sauce flavored with apple brandy.

quite hot. I then took my steaks out of the fridge and heavily seasoned them.To begin, I heated the Goldilocks saut pan over medium heat on my stovetop.

I added some high heat canola oil to the pan after it was heated and let it cook for a few seconds before gently putting my steaks in the pan.

The steaks instantly started to sizzle and sear, and I let them rest for about 3 minutes before starting to adjust them. The steaks were properly seared on one side after 3 -5 minutes, then I switched them over and cooked for another 4 minutes.

My steaks were about medium-rare at this time, so I withdrew them from the hot saute pan and left them aside to rest. I reheated the Goldilocks saut pan on the stove for a minute before adding a handful of chopped onions.

In the pan, I rapidly browned the onions before adding a cup of red wine. I added some heavy cream, salt, pepper, and a few drops of apple brandy after letting the wine to reduce.

I briefly returned the steaks to the pan and let them stew in the cream sauce until it was appropriately reduced.

The Results:

When the steaks were done, I poured a glass of wine for myself and my spouse and sat down to a great lunch.

Overall, the steaks were well cooked. Partly because I know how to cook steaks in a pan, but partly because the Goldilocks stainless steel sauts pan is a really well-made cooking utensil.

I was pleasantly impressed by how nicely this pan performed, particularly given the inexpensive cost of the full set. While the Goldilocks pans are lighter than other cookware I’ve tried, the aluminum core was more than sturdy enough to hold a lot of heat and generate a very uniform heating profile throughout the pan.

When I started searing the steaks, it seemed like every part of the pan was heating equally, and the steaks were searing in a much more consistent manner than some of the other cookware I’ve used. Aside than that, the cream sauce was a breeze to make, thanks to the leftover heat in the pan.

Using the Stock Pot

Cooking a huge quantity of spaghetti seemed like a no-brainer when it came to testing the stock pot. Pasta night is a tradition at our dinner table, and we always cook enough for plenty of leftovers. A large stockpot makes it simple to cook larger amounts of food, which is particularly useful if you intend on entertaining a large number of people.

The 8 quart Goldilocks stockpot is ideal for large amounts of stew, sauce, or even braised foods such as shortribs or oxtails. It’s easy to boil water in this pot thanks to its huge size, broad profile, and tightly fit cover, and with a 2-gallon capacity, you can definitely make a lot of food in here.

The idea of boiling water for pasta seemed straightforward. I filled the Goldilocks 8-quart stockpot with water up to the handle rivets and set it on a hot burner. I sat back and waited, putting the cover on top of the pot to assist the water boil faster.

It took 10 minutes from start to finish to bring 6 quarts of water to a boil. While not a land speed record for boiling water, 10 minutes is very rapid, and the water kept at a boil after I removed the cover owing to the extremely conductive metal core.

Cooking the pasta was likewise simple; I dropped a package of spaghetti into boiling water and set a timer for 6 minutes to check on the noodles.

The Results:

When you drop a package of pasta into boiling water, the boil usually comes to a halt due to the chilling impact of room temperature pasta on the water itself. By returning the cover to the pot, I was able to rapidly bring the pasta back to a boil, resulting in more uniformly cooked pasta in less time.

The Goldilocks Stock Pot performed well when it came to making pasta. Because of its handy size and construction, you can cook a large amount of pasta in this 8-quart stockpot while still moving it about the kitchen with ease.

The pot’s curled lip made it simple to drain the pasta without spilling hot water. These pots are very effective because to their three-layer construction, which includes an aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. They are lighter than other stainless steel cookware sets due to the aluminum core, and the high-quality stainless steel combines to give them a highly even heat profile and good heat retention. This means that these pans heat up rapidly and remain hot for an extended period of time, making it simpler to cook with confidence.

Because the Goldilocks Cookware set is oven-safe, you can use the 8-quart stockpot as a dutch oven to braise or slow roast anything from short ribs to a full chicken! It is essential to remember that baking your pots and pans may help bake on oil, making them more difficult to clean, but as long as you soak them in soapy water and scrub well with a non-abrasive cleanser, you should be able to get them completely clean.

Using the Saucepans

I wanted to try the saucepans, so I chose the biggest of the two, the 3-quart pan, as my test subject. Both pans perform well, although the 1.5-quart pan is better suited for reheating or single-serve dishes.

Jellies and jams are one kind of dish that I keep coming back to in my kitchen. Having fresh jelly on hand is a fantastic delight and an excellent life hack. Because of the year-round availability of high-quality frozen fruit, I can prepare personalized jellies on-demand, making my morning English muffin or biscuit even more wonderful!

A 3-quart saucepan, such as the one included in Goldilocks’ 7-pan set, is ideal making modest amounts of jelly, jam, or other fruit toppings. Furthermore, stainless steel pans are perfect for high acid foods like jellies since they are non-reactive; nevertheless, they may become quite hot, and if you don’t keep an eye on your jam attentively, you risk burning it.

In my Goldilocks 3-quart saucepan, I blended 1 pound of frozen fruit, 12 ounces of granulated sugar, and some of my favorite spices to create jelly. I put the pan on the burner and turned it to medium heat.

When the fruit began to break down and liquefy, I increased the heat slightly and let it cook for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I added an ounce of lime juice and an ounce of apple cider vinegar before softly mixing with an immersion blender. After everything was well combined, I took the pan from the heat to cool.

You may help solidify the pectins in the jam and produce a hard jelly texture by adding the acid towards the end of the cooking phase. The big sugar-to-fruit ratio aids in the gelling of the pectin; but, if you wish to go with a reduced sugar recipe, just add apple pectin to assist maintain the consistency the same.

The Results:

The secret to creating delicious jam is to stir often to prevent the fruit from scorching to the bottom of the pan. Jam thickens in the end, and fruit solids might drop to the bottom, making it easier to burn. You may use a nonstick pan, but even with nonstick pans, a jam can burn if left unattended.

The heat profile was remarkably even thanks to the Goldilocks saucepan’s tri-ply completely covered construction. A strong core at the bottom of the pan helps retain heat and maintain an equal heating profile throughout the pan, which is one of the advantages of stainless steel cookware. The Goldilocks pans feature a well-made core, which shows in how effectively these pans operate.

This saucepan’s 3-quart capacity was ideal for making jam. Because to the pan’s broad but not too wide shape, the jam was able to simmer evenly without evaporating too much as it cooked, preventing the jam from over-reducing or burning.

In terms of size, this pan definitely gets the mark. It’s big enough to create a lot of one thing, but not so big that it’s difficult to move about the kitchen.

jellies. Because reactive metal pans like aluminum, cast iron, or copper may alter the taste and quality of high acid meals, having a go-to stainless steel cookware set can be a lifesaver if you cook a lot of higher acid dishes.Finally, stainless steel cookware is ideal for preparing high-acid foods such as tomato or wine sauces or jams.

Overall, the jam I prepared in the Goldilocks pans was delicious. This was not surprising since it is a dish I prepare often. Instead, the uniformity of the cooking profile, as well as the general design of these pans, pleased me.

Cleaning the Golidloccs stainless steel cookware.

Cleaning stainless steel cookware, particularly pans that are used often, may be difficult. Because of the high polish, mirror surface, and propensity for grease or stains to cook onto the exterior of the pans, they may soon lose their shine if not cleaned properly.

I would soak the pans or pots in warm soapy water before cleaning them with a non-abrasive sponge or cleanser to clean this set of high-quality cookware. Personally, I prefer to use scrubbing pads with a small amount of roughness to assist peel off stuck-on stains, and I always find that removing stains isn’t typically a problem as long as I wet the pans well.

Using vinegar, lemon juice, and salt as a cleaning medium is one method to completely clean your stainless steel Goldi Locks cookware set without using dish detergent. This method may take a bit longer, but it nearly always results in wonderfully clean, gleaming stainless steel pans and kitchenware.

Although the Goldilocks cookware set is dishwasher safe, I normally do not advocate washing stainless steel cookware in the dishwasher for a variety of reasons. The first big issue with washing stainless steel pans in the dishwasher is that even the most powerful dishwasher cycle will not remove tenacious, stuck-on stains. Furthermore, the high-pressure water in a typical household dishwasher weakens welds and rivets over time, reducing the usable life of your cookware sets. While it is easy to be able to toss your dirty pans immediately into the dishwasher and have them clean with the push of a button, if you want your pans to last the longest, handwashing is your best choice.


As an active home chef, I’ve learned the significance of having a modest collection of high-quality cookware in my kitchen. A huge cast-iron pan, a single nonstick skillet for eggs or crepes, and a decent set of stainless steel cookware, in my opinion, may add a lot of value to your cooking area.

Goldilocks really achieves the ideal balance of quality, performance, and pricing. These pans are very ideal. This set provides a lot of choices for your cooktop, with two saucepans for smaller prep items, a huge stockpot that can serve as a dutch oven, and a ten saut pan, all with lids.

If you’re looking for a new set of high-quality stainless steel pots and pans, the Goldilocks 7-piece Cookware Set is ideal. These pans will make quick work of practically any chore you throw at them thanks to their even heating profile, high-end feel, and strong construction.


Who makes Goldilocks cookware?

Minsuk Kim and Jessica Sheft-Ason, cofounders of Goldilocks, want to make cleaning fun. The kitchenware gurus know that a Scrub Daddy and a positive attitude are the keys to keeping your sink clean.

Is Goldilocks cookware non toxic?

The four pots also come with three lids to assist you pour food without dripping. This Goldilocks non-toxic cookware collection is also non-acidic, so you won’t have to worry about nickel leaching into your stew.

What is the best stainless steel number for cookware?

When it comes to food-quality stainless steel containers, grade 316 is typically the superior option. In a range of applications, 316 SS is more chemically resistant, particularly when dealing with salt and more acidic chemicals like as lemon or tomato juice.

How do you clean Goldilocks cookware?

Wash your pans (with dish soap), rinse well, and dry with a towel—or put them in the dishwasher. Allow your pans to cool after each use until they are safe to handle. After that, soak your pans in water with a dash of dish soap.

What cookware did Gordon Ramsay use?

HexClad, the hybrid cookware brand, certainly does. And they’re the same pans that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay uses at home. HexClad may have been discussed on Gordon Ramsay’s FOX program Next Level Chef. He became a partner of the business after using and appreciating them.

What is the least harmful cookware?

Nonstick pans and pots, such as cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and enamel-coated cast iron, are the least hazardous. These choices are free of Teflon coating and hence safe to use.

Is stainless steel the safest cookware?

Stainless steel is an excellent option for cookware since it is one of the safest materials available. It is adaptable, long-lasting, and resistant to rust and corrosion. It is often recognized as one of the safest forms of cookware.

Is stainless steel cookware safe to use?

Stainless steel is not only a high-quality and long-lasting metal, but it is also the most secure alternative for usage in your house. Stainless steel does not release pollutants and does not react with other chemicals. Furthermore, you may avoid using oil or butter to prepare your pans because CRISTEL’s high-end stainless steel nonstick cookware.

Do most chefs use stainless steel pans?

Stainless steel cookware is used by chefs, professional cooks, and restaurants. They like it because it is almost unbreakable. A stainless steel pan’s structure and composition provide greater heat distribution, and when used correctly, it may prevent food from sticking.

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