Substitutes for Goat Cheese

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Knowing which components pair well is one of the most essential culinary abilities. This involves knowing which elements may be swapped for one another to get a comparable outcome.

In this post, we will look at the best alternatives for one of the world’s most popular cheeses, goat cheese.

What is Goat Cheese?

To understand how to properly replace for goat cheese, you must first comprehend goat cheese.

In its most basic form, goat cheese is cheese prepared from goat milk. Since any cheese prepared from goat milk is called goat cheese, the market offers a broad range of goat cheeses.

Goat cheese is most recognized for its distinct texture. Typical goat cheese flavors vary from crumbly to smooth to creamy. Its texture should be taken into account while determining which cheese to replace.

Goat cheese is well-known for its tangy, woodsy, sweet, and somewhat bitter taste (with different flavor profiles depending on the type of goat cheese). Its flavor may also be changed by ingredients such as herbs, nuts, leaves, and so on.

When replacing goat cheese, search for a cheese that closely resembles the flavor and texture.

Goat Cheese Alternatives

Cream Cheese

Why not use good old-fashioned cream cheese as a spreadable cheese? It’s rich, creamy, and spreadable. For these reasons, cream cheese has become a popular baking ingredient.

Cream cheese has a softer taste profile and is much sweeter than goat cheese.


Mascarpone is similar to Italian cream cheese. Its smooth, spreadable texture makes it an excellent goat cheese alternative in a variety of scenarios. It’s also rather sweet, making it a favourite dessert and baking cheese.

It loses much of the tartness present in goat cheese, but it might be a good option for individuals searching for a softer taste profile.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese has a taste profile comparable to goat cheese. Each have distinct tastes that are tangy and salty. Although the differences are evident, they are both powerful cheeses that complement practically any cuisine.

Feta has a crumbly and hard texture. But, there are crumbly varieties of goat cheese, so feta would be an excellent substitute in any dish that asks for this.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is an excellent flavor replacement for goat cheese. These cheeses have an aged, sharp, tangy taste that pops in any meal. Ricotta is often manufactured from sheep’s milk, which is recognized for producing cheeses with taste characteristics comparable to goat’s milk.

The textures of the cheeses are comparable, but not identical. As opposed to goat cheese, ricotta has a firmer, crumblier texture. Goat cheese is often smoother and more spreadable than ricotta.


Cotija is another strong taste choice that, like goat cheese, can make a powerful statement. Cotija is saltier than goat cheese, yet both have comparable aged taste characteristics. Cotija is most well-known for its use in Mexican cuisine.

Cotija is more crumbly than other goat cheeses in terms of texture. When the cheese is used to top the meal, it works best as a replacement (such as in salads, sandwiches, tacos, etc.). Since cotija does not spread like goat cheese, it is best utilized as a flavor alternative.


Camembert has a more classic cheese-like consistency. But, if your cuisine calls for the cheese to be melted, camembert will suffice. It has comparable flavor qualities to goat cheese, with both cheeses having a stronger, sharper taste.

The texture is significantly different from typical goat cheese, therefore this is only a good substitution if you want to melt the cheese into the taste of the meal.

Queso Fresco

Another Mexican cheese that may be used in place of goat cheese. The taste characteristics of queso fresco are intense. It is quite salty, like many Mexican cheeses, but it also has a sharpness that is akin to goat cheese.

The texture is what makes it such a good alternative for goat cheese. It has that little crumbly, but smooth and spreadable quality that allows it to stand in for goat cheese in nearly any setting. If you don’t mind the high salt level, this is a wonderful replacement.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is our first goat cheese alternative. Blue cheese is delicious because it has a spreadable consistency comparable to many varieties of goat cheese. For many people, the texture of a cheese determines how they appreciate it. Because it influences how it may be used in various meals or even on its own.

Blue cheese has a similar flavor profile to goat cheese (in fact, some types of blue cheese are made with goat cheese). Blue cheese has a stronger taste and is more sour and harsh than goat cheese. It’s one of those cheeses that you either love or despise.


Manchego cheese will finish off our lineup. Manchego’s texture is undeniably different from that of goat cheese. It is solid and not at all spreadable.

What it lacks in texture, it more than makes up for in flavor. Manchego has an aged, pungent flavor that is eerily similar to goat cheese. Therefore if flavor is your major priority, then Manchego is a perfect pick!

What’s the Best Alternative?

As you can see, there are several goat cheese substitutes. Several cheeses have tastes similar to goat cheese, many cheeses have textures similar to goat cheese, and some cheeses have both!

As a result, the ideal goat cheese alternative will be primarily determined by personal preference. You must examine your personal preferences as well as the recipe for which you need the goat cheese. For example, if you want a spreadable cheese, some of the options on our list simply will not suffice!

Our Favorite

Blue cheese is our favorite goat cheese replacement. It has the light, somewhat crumbly, and spreadable texture of goat cheese.

It is a suitable alternative in practically any recipe. Both cheeses have a pungent, aged flavor, but blue cheese is far more powerful. Blue cheese is polarizing among cheese enthusiasts, but we can’t get enough of it!


If you want something a little milder, try our runner-up cream cheese! Since it is so easy, cream cheese is an excellent replacement.

It is spreadable, solid, and tasty. It is gentler than goat cheese, but also more sweeter. If you’re searching for a cheese that’s more approachable to the ordinary person, cream cheese is always a good option.

That being said, the decision is entirely yours! Browse our selection to discover the finest goat cheese alternative for you.


Can I replace goat cheese with feta?

Feta is an excellent alternative for goat cheese. Feta cheese is a Greek cheese with a similar flavor and texture to goat cheese. Use a bit less feta cheese than the recipe asks for to replace for goat cheese.

What can I use instead of goat cheese for mac and cheese?

Substitute a box of Boursin cheese with herbs for the goat cheese and herbs. If preferred, leave out the Parmesan cheese. Before adding the cooked macaroni, stir in 1 cup of chopped ham.

What can I use instead of goat cheese in a cheese ball?

Absolutely, you may use cream cheese instead of goat cheese, exactly like a cheeseball. I suppose cream cheese with freshly grated Parmesan would be delicious.

Can brie replace goat cheese?

Brie is sometimes prepared using goat’s milk. As a result, you may immediately swap goat cheese for brie. Goat cheese has a similar off-white appearance, but it has a distinct texture.

Is Boursin cheese goat cheese?

Boursin is a soft fresh Garnay cheese with tasty additives produced by François Boursin in Normandy. To get a creamy, tangy texture, we combine goat cheese with cream cheese, and then generously sprinkle it with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon zest.

Does feta taste like goat cheese?

However, feta and goat cheese are both white cheeses with a creamy texture. Feta has a nuttier aroma and acidic, salty flavor, which is likely attributable to the brine curing process. Goat cheese has a more earthy scent and a tangy and robust taste.

What cheese is closest to goat cheese?

The best goat cheese alternative
The cream cheese. What is the finest goat cheese substitute? … crumbled feta (for salads). For salads that call for crumbled goat cheese, use feta cheese instead…. Labneh (spreads only)…. Ricotta cheese (spreads only).
Mar 6, 2020

What are three good cheeses for mac and cheese?

Gruyere is a staple because cheese melts similarly to Cheddar but has a beautiful nutty taste. Classics including Gouda, Muenster, Parmesan, Fontina, Havarti, and Monterey Jack are also available. Brie also works great; just be sure to remove the peel before incorporating it.

Is goat cheese and cream cheese interchangeable?

If you don’t want to sacrifice the tanginess of cream cheese, but rather embrace it, consider using fresh goat cheese or chèvre. Since it’s a bit crumblier than cream cheese, you may want to add more cream. Let the cheese to come to room temperature before adding just enough cream to get the desired texture.

Is there a vegan version of goat cheese?

VegNature Nancy Grenier, headquartered in Quebec, Canada, offers vegan goat cheese in six varieties, including the popular Nuts & Cranberries and Herbes de Provence & Onions. All are nut and seed-based, including cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds among the components.

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