Taotronics 13 Quart Air Fryer Review

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Taotronics’ 9-in-1, 13-quart air fryer is a great example of a countertop, toaster oven-style air fryer. With a 1700w heating element and a high-powered convection fan, this 13-quart air fryer can handle a variety of cooking jobs beyond making usual favorites like french fries and chicken tenders.

Taotronics 13 quart 9-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

Taotronics 13 Quart Air Fryer Review

Taotronics has many air fryer types, but the 13-quart 9-in-1 countertop air fryer oven is unquestionably the most feature-rich. With a rotisserie spit, tumble roast basket, and even dehydrator operations in addition to air frying, this 9-in-1 air fryer is likely to check off a lot of boxes on your kitchen equipment wish list.

I recently got the opportunity to put the Taotronics 9-in-1 13-quart air fryer through its paces, and although there are a few design problems, this air fryer is a terrific kitchen gadget that can handle a variety of culinary operations.

What We Liked:

  • Extra Large oven space
  • Powerful heating element and fan
  • Lots of features and accessories
  • Super quiet

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Because the door opens from the side, countertop placement is difficult.
  • The Control Panel is tough to understand and operate.
  • Large design is unsuitable for tiny kitchens.

What’s in the box?

accessories.I quickly began unpacking and unwrapping my new Taotronics air fryer after receiving it.

I discovered the following items inside the package for my new Taotronic 13-quart air fryer:

  • 1, 13-quart air fryer oven
  • 1 drip tray
  • 1 oven wrack
  • 1 air fryer cooking tray
  • 1 rotisserie basket
  • 1 rotisserie skewer with 2 fasteners
  • 1 User manual

Look and Feel.

Taotronics air fryer oven is a huge and tall countertop air fryer. The Taotronics 13 quart air fryer is more thin and taller than other countertop toaster oven type air fryer ovens.

The machine’s body is a high gloss black that looks wonderful but rapidly displays smudges and oil, which may be annoying when roasting or air frying food like wings or fries. The door has a mounded left hinge and opens smoothly, however it rattles somewhat and seems shaky. I discovered that I couldn’t just swing it closed and had to intentionally push it shut; I’m not sure whether this is due to the door fitting or because the machine is new. However, when closed, the door felt secure, which is a major positive.

The oven’s inside is spacious and can accommodate a chicken or even a small turkey breast, but with just two cooking racks provided, you can only fit so many pans of food at once. The oven light is located in the back left corner and offers enough lighting of the oven chamber, allowing you to check on your food without opening the door.

In terms of the control panel interface, I found the Taotronics 13 quart air fryer to be a little lacking. The interface is largely controlled by a huge control dial located at the top of the air fryer. The timing and temperature are shown in the middle of the dial, which flashes between them throughout the cooking process.

The touch screen interface on the right side of the control panel enables you to turn on and off the air fryer as well as regulate the oven light and rotisserie rotation. From the right side of the control panel, you may also manually adjust the time and temperature.

The preset settings are located on the left side of the control panel and include favorites such as french fries, steak, shrimp, pizza, seafood, rotisserie, dehydrate, and toast. To cycle between these settings, turn the control dial and choose the corresponding symbol.

Overall, the control panel is not difficult to use; it is just not intuitive. I had to refer to the user manual many times at first, and although you’ll become accustomed to using the air fryer with time, I like to be able to get it up and running with as little training or reviewing as possible.

Using the Taotronic Air Fryer Oven.

Once I had a decent understanding of how to use the Taotronics air fryer, I decided to put it through some easy tests to see how well it handled various recipes and cooking procedures. I opted to concentrate on three basket duties that each air fryer should be capable of:

  • Cooking French Fries
  • Roasting Chicken
  • Reheating Pizza

Air fryers are useful for much more than simply frying items like fries and wings; with the rotisserie attachment, high-powered heating element, and convection fan, these remarkable countertop ovens can quickly complete large chores.

Cooking Frozen French Fries

While creating homemade fries is every foodie’s fantasy, it’s not the greatest method to consistently create delicious, crispy french fries at home, especially with an air fryer. Given that some of the tastiest fries available are produced from frozen, iqf, prepared fries, there’s nothing wrong having a hearty serving of crispy frozen french fries every now and again!

To put the Taotronics air fryer to the test, I switched it on and selected the french fry setting using the selection dial. I placed a back of seasoned curly fries on the air fryer rack and turned it on.

Air fryers, with to their powerful convection fan, may transform frozen grocery store fries into something that tastes almost as delicious as if they were produced in a deep fryer, but with fewer mess and calories. The super-hot air that passes through the convection chamber swiftly and evenly cooks the frozen fries. While the frozen centers steam, you’ll get a crispy crunchy shell with a fluffy potato interior. While french fries are still high in carbs, air fryers encourage healthy cooking practices by eliminating as much fat as possible from the mix.

When the alarm went off, I lifted the tray from the fryer to find a heap of incredibly crispy, delicious-smelling curly fries. I promptly grabbed a bottle of the spicy ranch from my fridge and began nibbling.

The Taotronics 9-in-1 air fryer, like other air fryers, performs an excellent job at air frying fries. Because of the super-hot air that helps food cook uniformly, all of the fries were crispy and crunchy on the outside while remaining fluffy and flavorful on the inside.

Although the Taotronics oven comes with a big rotisserie basket that allows you to cook more fries at once, filling the large basket and connecting it to the rotisserie inserts takes longer than just using the provided perforated air fryer tray.

Using the Rotisserie Spit.

I’m a sucker for rotisserie chicken, I adore a nice roasted chicken, and I recall watching the Showtime rotisserie oven advertisements early in the morning and late at night.

While rotisserie spits are visually appealing and produce excellent chicken, getting the chicken correctly positioned on the rotisserie skewer is sometimes tedious, and it is typically simply simpler in the long run to roast the chicken on a rack instead. However, if you want rotisserie chicken, bone-in chicken thighs or drumsticks are an excellent option to rapidly produce a rotisserie chicken product.

It’s far simpler to attach chicken thighs to the rotisserie spit than it is to position a full chicken. I just ran the skewer through the things, horizontal to the thigh bone, and then secured the chicken thighs with the rotisserie forks at either end of the spit.

I placed the rotisserie spit with the chicken thighs into the oven and inserted it onto the rotisserie skewer slots after some minor adjustments. I sat back and watched my chicken thighs rotate after selecting the rotisserie chicken setting from the digital control panel.

Air fryers assist encourage consistent cooking and lower calories by allowing excess fat to render out of the food while it cooks, thanks to the high-powered convection fan. This is especially true for rotisserie cooking, since a lot of fat and fluids build on the drip pan throughout the cooking process.

It was critical to remove the tray at least once throughout the cooking process to prevent excessive moisture from accumulating and causing a fire danger or a mess.

After 35 minutes, the chicken thighs were slightly under 165°F inside, so I increased the cooking time by 15 minutes using the control dial.

After another 15 minutes, I was the delighted owner of four perfectly cooked, juicy, and delectable rotisserie chicken thighs. While roasting chicken or chicken thighs flat on a roasting pan is certainly simpler, the rotisserie offers crispness and juiciness in chicken that is difficult to top.

Reheating Pizza in the Taotronic 13 quart Air Fryer

You may air fry a variety of foods in your new air fryer convection oven, including roasted chicken, chicken wings, and french fries, as well as bacon, frittatas, and baked goods. That being said, one of the more simple, yet constant, ways I use my air fryer is to reheat some cold pizza.

While I like cold pizza, there are times when I want it hot and fresh, and there are many methods to do this, but the simplest and best in my view is in an air fryer.

5 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.I slid a couple pieces of pepperoni and hot honey pizza from my local pizza joint onto the wire rack, cheese side up, and set the timer.

While microwaves may rapidly cook food, air fryers keep the crispiness of practically any dish in ways that microwaves cannot. This is mostly due to the high-powered heating element and the convection fan’s super-powered hot air. The flowing air in the cooking chamber produces a climate ideal for swiftly reheating meals like pizza that need to stay crispy and tasty.

My pizza pieces were properly heated and ready within 5 minutes. While it wasn’t exactly as nice as a fresh slice of pizza, it was a close match to the original and much superior than anything I could create in a standard oven or microwave.

Should you buy the Taotronics 13 quart Air fryer?

Including an air fryer in your kitchen arsenal is one of the finest decisions a home chef can make. While the Taotronics 13 quart air fryer isn’t perfect, it performs an excellent job in the majority of areas. The side-mounted door hinges make loading more difficult than I would have like, particularly if you want to position the Air Fryer in a corner, but the general usefulness and capabilities of this air fryer are excellent.

air fryer choices.The rotisserie accessories are a lot of fun to operate, and the food crisps up rapidly thanks to the powerful convection fan and heating element. If you want a large capacity air fryer that can do more than just cook fries or crispy chicken nuggets, the Taotronics 13 quart air fryer should be at the top of your list of convection ovens.


Which company is best for air fryer?

90-degree air fryer.
Air Fryer Inalsa.
Prolife Digi Air Fryer by Havells.
Aster Digi Oxy Fryer from Kenstar.
2.6L Koryo Air Fryer.
Hilton 1400 Watts 3.5 Liter Air Fryer (Black, Large)
Digital Air Fryer by Balzano.
Solara Digital Air Fryer Large.Philips HD9252 Digital Air Fryer

What is the best qt size for air fryer?

If you’re wondering what size air fryer to get, we recommend the 3-4 qt for about two people (or if you don’t mind cooking several batches) and the 5-6 qt for households of 3-5 (you’ll still cook several meals in batches, but maybe not as much as you want the more…

Is 1300 watts enough for an air fryer?

The wattage required by an air fryer varies according on its size. A small air fryer requires 800 to 1,000 watts, a medium air fryer requires 1,200 to 1,400 watts, and a big air fryer requires 1,600 to 1,800 watts.

How much is the TaoTronics air fryer?

The TaoTronics Air Fryer, which costs roughly $130, isn’t the cheapest choice available, but it is much less costly than others of its quality and size.

What cannot be cooked in air fryer?

8 Things You Should Probably Not Cook in an Air Fryer
Foods that have been battered. Do not use wet batter in the air fryer.
Greens that are fresh. Because the machine utilizes high-speed air, leafy plants like spinach may cook unevenly.
Roasts in their entirety.
Grain in its natural state.

What I wish I knew before I get an air fryer?

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Fryer
1) It’s rather loud.
2) It has a lot of smoke.
3) It only has a temperature range of 400 degrees.
4) The food is hidden.
5) It will not cook battered fried food.
6) You must still add oil.
7) The inside is completely covered with nonstick surfaces.

What size of air fryer for a family of 4?

An air fryer with a capacity of 4-5.8 quarts is ideal for a household of four. This is fantastic news since most of the most popular air fryer companies offer models in this size.

What is the most common size air fryer?

The most popular air fryer sizes range from 2 to 6 quarts. There are, however, very big air fryers that can hold up to 13 quarts.

What size air fryer do I need for a whole chicken?

A 6- to 10-quart air fryer basket will hold enough food to roast an entire chicken, a complete pizza, and pounds of finger snacks.

Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

Most air fryers need between 800 and 1800 watts (W) of power to operate, however some larger ones require more. Air fryers also use less power than electric ovens, which generally consume between 2,200 and 5,000 W and so cost more to operate.

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