Tasted and Reviewed: The Best Kona Coffee Beans to Try in 2022

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If you are a coffee enthusiast like millions of other Americans searching for something to elevate your experience and get you hooked, Kona coffee is the way to go.

It is the world’s most excellent coffee, with a rich flavor, enticing scent, and a smooth and fruity flavor. It’s also the most costly, but it’s well worth it.

However, the internet is rife with scammers who prey on unsuspecting customers. The majority of Kona coffee has a substantially smaller proportion of genuine Kona coffee. The remainder is low-quality, low-cost coffee.

That is why we have produced a list of the greatest (and most authentic) Kona coffees to taste. But be cautious. You may find it difficult to drink other coffees after tasting the greatest Kona coffee.

Best Kona Coffee

These are some of the top Kona coffee selections available today:

1.Top Pick – 100% Kona Coffee Espresso Roast

Hawaii Roasters’ 100% Kona Coffee Espresso Roast is made from natural, hand-picked whole beans produced in the Kona Coffee Belt. At the farm, they are sun-dried and medium-roasted. To provide the best taste, the beans are roasted in batches. You don’t have to be concerned about freshness since they are neatly wrapped to keep them fresh.

This medium roast, also known as Full City roast, yields a delicately flavored and moderate beverage. Kona coffee is low in acidity and produces a smooth, light brew.


  • Whole beans, ground beans, and K-cups are all available.
  • slick and light


  • There is no international shipping.

2. Best French Roast – Lion Coffee 100% Kona Whole Bean

The Lion Coffee is 100% pure Kona coffee that has been properly roasted to provide a pleasant brew. The beans are made from excellent Arabica beans that have been hand-picked, roasted, and packaged under tight quality controls. The coffee beans are French roast and provide a robust and rich drink with smokey notes.

Since 1969, the Lion Coffee Company has been roasting 100% pure Kona coffee. Every bag is full of taste and freshness. Sadly, the bags are only available in one size and only ship to the United States.


  • Delicious tastes
  • It comes in a pack of one, two, or four 7-ounce bags.


  • Only available in the United States.
  • There is just one size available.

3. Best Full City Roast – Greenwell Farms – 100% Kona Coffee

Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee is cultivated, harvested, and roasted in the heart of Kona at Greenwell Farms. The Farms have been in operation for almost 200 years. The coffee includes aromas of roasted almonds, fruit, and caramel that are all nicely balanced. It has a velvety texture, a pleasant scent, and is naturally sweet.

The extra special Kona includes traces of caramel and chocolate and a citrus finish.


  • Extra special grade
  • Nutty with caramel and fruit overtones
  • supple body


  • Just an 8-ounce bag is available.

4. Best Medium Roast – Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee

The Blue Horse Kona Coffee is cultivated on a single coffee plantation and is not the result of several farms. It is shade-grown, which contributes to its overall sweet flavor and lower acidity. The coffee is hand-picked, sun-dried, inspected, and government-certified as pesticide and herbicide-free.

Roasting is done in small quantities on the farm, then packed in zip lock bags and mailed to you. Only freshly roasted 100% pure Kona is available. In terms of flavor, it features a chocolate flavor, a caramel finish, and a nutty aftertaste. The Blue Horse medium roast corner is a little pricey, but it’s worth it.


  • Free of pesticides and herbicides
  • Sun-dried and hand-picked
  • Excellent for espresso or drip coffee.
  • Ziploc bags are used to keep food fresh.


  • Pricey
  • For optimal taste, a high-quality grinder is required.

5. Best Peaberry – Hualalai Estate PEABERRY

Peaberry coffees are known for their high acidity. The Hualalai Estate Peaberry 100% Kona coffee, on the other hand, has a subtle spiciness that distinguishes it from other kinds. It has a smooth, silky finish with flavors of cocoa chocolate, juicy lemon, and a touch of cedar from the Hualalai estate in Kona.

It’s a half-caffeinated, medium roast, ground quality Kona coffee that’s perfect for making an afternoon coffee.


  • Acidity is kept to a minimum.
  • Creamy, peppery flavor


  • Caffeinated less
  • There is no international shipping.

The taste profile of Kona coffee, like any other coffee, is impacted by freshness, where it grows, the roasting procedure, and the kind of bean. Yet, because to its rich tastes and smells, Kona is still considered as a high-quality speciality coffee.

As a newbie, you might try out many products before settling on what you like most. But be careful not to be duped into purchasing low-quality Kona.

Kona coffee, regardless of brand, produces a unique brew. The climatic circumstances in which it is cultivated, together with the dedication of the workers and producers, make it a wonderful drink for coffee enthusiasts.

What Is Kona Coffee?

You’re probably wondering what Kona coffee is and why there’s such a big deal about it. Kona coffee is a speciality coffee cultivated on the Big Island of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and Hualalai regions. The places are situated on the slopes of two volcanoes in the Kona districts’ northern and southern regions.

The volcanic soils are mineral-rich , permeable and fruitful. The location is also at a high elevation, which effects the flavor of the coffee. Moreover, environmental circumstances such as plenty of rain, plenty of sunlight, moderate evenings, and minimal wind contribute to the high quality of Kona coffee.

It is crucial to clarify, however, that not all coffees cultivated in Hawaii are Kona; only coffee grown in the Kona area, also known as the Kona Coffee Belt, is. Also, harvesting and processing have a considerable impact on its quality.

How to Avoid Kona Scams

Throughout the years, Kona coffee has grown in popularity. Due to the expensive price of this better grade coffee, opportunists seek to profit by selling counterfeit Kona goods.

Surprisingly, there are more counterfeit items than real ones. Kona coffee is cultivated in just one place in the globe. As a result, demand exceeds supply. Here’s how to prevent being duped:

Make Sure the Kona Beans Are from Kona

Kona beans are named after the Hawaiian island of Kona. All else is a ruse. Be sure the beans you buy are from Kona. Other beans from Hawaii are available, but they are not Kona. Hawaiian Coffee is used by several marketers in their packaging and advertising. This is deceptive advertising since not all Hawaiian coffee is high quality.

Avoid Kona Blends

Several firms make a Kona blend, which is a combination of Kona and other coffees. Pristine Kona is scarce and pricey. The combination makes it less expensive, but it is not pure Kona. Avoid Kona mixtures unless you want subpar beans.

Check the Grade

The Hawaiian Department of Agriculture tests and classifies coffee into eight distinct classes, ranging from the greatest quality to the lowest. The beans are also classed as Type I or Type II based on the number of beans in the cherry.

The cherry in Type I contains two beans, but the cherry in Type II has just one bean. Just around 5% of Kona beans are Type II, sometimes referred to as peaberries. When it comes to coffee beans, peaberries are the crème de la crème.

The eight Kona coffee grades are as follows:

  • Extra Fancy Kona (highest quality)
  • Fancy Kona
  • No. 1 Kona
  • Kona Choice
  • Kona Premium
  • No. 3 Kona
  • Natural Prime Kona
  • Natural Mixed Prime Kona (lowest quality)

Grading is determined by factors such as size, moisture content, weight, flaws, and so on. Kona Extra Fancy is the most opulent and high-quality option. These are the biggest beans, with no flaws and an excellent taste.

How Does Kona Taste?

The taste of genuine Kona coffee is distinct. It has a unique blend of tastes and qualities that set it apart from others.

But, the method of cultivation, roasting, and brewing all have an impact on the flavor. Yet, if done well, anticipate milk chocolate, brown sugar, honey, pleasantly fruity, and nutty flavors with undertones of caramel, lemon, or butter.

Also, Kona coffee is inherently mild in acidity. It wont irritate your stomach and is smooth on your palate. You’ll probably like the aftertaste of almonds or citrus. The beer has a distinct flavor that is not due to scent, flavor, or aftertaste. Instead, combining all three produces the greatest cup of coffee. It’s simple to get addicted.

It also has distinct physical effects that distinguish it from normal coffee. Although some coffees produce jitters, a cup of Kona coffee will leave you feeling both energized and tranquil. One word to characterize Kona coffee? It’s a coffee that’s sweet, rich, full-bodied, and fragrant.

Kona Coffee FAQs

Why is Kona Coffee Expensive?

Kona coffee is pricey because it is in short supply. It is solely cultivated in Hawaii’s Kona area.

Moreover, it is hand-picked, and in the spirit of fair trade, the employees are given a living wage, resulting in high labor expenses. When manufacturing expenses, roasting costs, marketing costs, and so on are included in, the entire cost is expensive, but with ethical consumption.

Is Kona Arabica?

Arabica coffee is used in Kona. Arabica grows nicely at high altitudes. There are several types of Arabica, with Kona being one of the finest grade.

What is Kona Blend?

It is a blend of Kona coffee and other coffees whose quality is lesser than Kona’s. Since pure Kona is costly, producers create mixes. Blends are less expensive.

The Hawaii Grown Coffee Law (HRS 486-120.6) requires Kona blends to include at least 10% pure Kona. Unfortunately, some dishonest manufacturers describe mixes as Kona blends despite the fact that they do not include the requisite 10% Kona needed by law.

What is Peaberry Coffee?

Coffee with one bean in the cherry is known as peaberry coffee. Coffee cherries typically contain two beans. One bean implies greater taste, more density, and a larger, rounder bean.

Because of their round form, peaberry beans roast differently, and the concentrated tastes make them rich and tasty. Peaberry coffee beans account for just 5% of all coffee beans and are typically roasted individually.


Kona coffee is a speciality coffee. It distinguishes itself from conventional coffee due to ideal growing circumstances, volcanic soils rich in minerals, and the distinct and cautious method they are treated, from planting to packing.


What is the best brand of 100% Kona coffee?

Top 5 Kona Coffee Choices in a Nutshell
Koa Coffee’s Kona Tri-pack is our top pick.
Koa Coffee’s Kona Peaberry is the highest quality.
Volcanica is the best medium roast Kona. Peaberry Kona.
Out of the Grey Hawaiian Island Getaway is the best Kona subscription.
Royal Kona Estate Kona Coffee is the best light roast Kona coffee (Hawaii Coffee Co)

What is the highest grade of Kona coffee?

Kona Extra Fancy is the finest quality of Kona Coffee available, cultivated on Hawaii’s Big Island. Kona Coffee is organized according to screen size. Kona Extra Fancy is sorted using a 19 screen size, resulting in a bigger bean.

What is the most popular coffee in Hawaii?

Kona coffee is the most well-known Hawaiian coffee. These are Arabica Typica Kona coffee beans grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai in Kona, Hawaii (source).

What is the tastiest coffee beans?

Best Coffee Beans of All Time (Purchase the Greatest Coffee in the World)
Volcanica Kenyan AA Beans.
Volcanica Peaberry Beans from Tanzania.
Volcanica Coffee imports Sumatra Mandheling beans from Indonesia.
Volcanica Toraja Beans from Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Volcanica Geisha Beans from Central America.
Volcanica Yirgacheffe Beans from Ethiopia.
Additional details…•March 3, 2023

How do I choose Kona coffee?

Always read the label before purchasing Kona Coffee. Check to see whether it says 100% Kona coffee.
Examine the grade of the beans.
Buy farm-direct brands.
Buy entire beans to make it easy to determine the quality of the coffee.
Avoid flavored coffee, particularly if it is ground.

Is Kona coffee the best coffee in the world?

100% Kona Coffee is famous across the world for its outstanding quality and taste, and we are happy to provide our guests the 100% Kona Coffee cultivated on Holualoa Hotel Estate.

Where is the best place in Kona for coffee beans?

Coffee plantations on the Big Island that provide tours of Buddha’s Cup.
Coffee from the Hala Tree.
Coffee from the island of Ueshima (UCC)
Plantation of Holualoa Kona Coffee.
Hello, Daddy.
Farm Greenwell.
Kau coffee mill (in Hawaiian)
Hilo coffee grinder (in Hilo)
Additional details…•February 24, 2023

Does Starbucks use Kona coffee?

Starbucks, on the other hand, has shown how excellent a dark roast can taste with the Kona Coffee. They employ Kona’s Extra-Fancy beans, which, as previously said, are the best coffee beans in an already gourmet coffee area.

Why does Kona coffee taste different?

Kona coffee bushes flourish in the unique microclimate and high elevations (4,000 to 5,000 feet above sea level) of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa mountains and volcanoes, imparting a deep, earthy flavor. The high elevation also causes the coffee beans to be firm and thick, which contributes to their distinct taste.

What is the best coffee in Hawaii beans?

Top 5 Best Coffee Brands in Hawaii
Coffee from Koa. Advantages…. Volcanica Coffee Company. Advantages…. Hawaiian Lion. Lion Coffee, Ground, 24K Gold Roast, 100% Kona, 7 Ounce Bag…
Hawaiian Kona Coffee by Landor. Blue Horse Hawaiian Kona Coffee – 1 Pound – Medium Roast – Whole Bean. 100% Kona Coffee – Medium Roast – Arabica Whole Beans from the farm.

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