Tasted and Reviewed: The Finest Frozen Spinach

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A stroll down the frozen vegetable aisle will reveal a variety of vegetables that seem to be front and center. We’re talking about frozen peas, carrots, maize, and, of course, green beans. Yet there is one simple green vegetable that is possibly the freezer section’s best hidden secret. Spinach from the freezer!

The beauty of cooked frozen spinach is that its texture is almost identical to that of prepared fresh spinach! This makes frozen spinach great for your favorite frozen spinach dishes, like traditional spinach and artichoke dip, vegetable lasagna, chicken Florentine, and Italian wedding soup, to name a few.

Since not all frozen spinach selections are the same, we took it upon ourselves to sample as many as we could locate. Let us to bring the finest frozen spinach to you!

Ranking the Best Frozen Spinach

To ensure that we covered all of our bases, we purchased and tested the following seventeen commonly available frozen spinach brands and kinds.

  • Organic Whole Leaf Spinach 365 Whole Foods Market
  • Chopped spinach with birds’ eye
  • Creamed Spinach with Birds Eye
  • Cascadian Farm Organic Cut Spinach Premium
  • Cut Leaf Spinach from Food Club
  • Organic Chopped Spinach from Full Circle Market
  • Organic Steam-In-Bag Chopped Spinach from Good & Gather
  • Chopped Leaf Spinach, Excellent & Collect Steam-In-Bag
  • Just Steam Chopped Spinach from Green Giant
  • Just Steam Creamed Spinach from Green Giant
  • Steam-in-Bag Hanover Chopped Spinach
  • Steamables Baby Leaf Spinach from PictSweet Farms
  • Farm Fresh Creamed Spinach from Seabrook Farms
  • Spinach Creamed Tabatchnick
  • Chopped Spinach from Trader Joe’s
  • Organic Chopped Spinach from Trader Joe’s
  • Organic Woodstock Cut Spinach

Frozen Spinach Facts

Before we go into our top frozen spinach reviews and rankings, let’s go over some ground rules.

Serving Size

Like with other frozen veggies, there is a significant change in volume between the frozen and cooked states. This is because the water inside the veggies expands when it freezes, resulting in a collapsed form of the food when heated.

Several of the brands and kinds we evaluated provided serving amounts in frozen spinach, whereas others chose to measure serving sizes in cooked spinach. We attempted to standardize this such that all serving sizes were between 80 and 90 grams, ensuring that the nutrition information was appropriate.

Ingredients and Allergens

With the exception of creamed spinach, which, of course, incorporates a variety of other delicacies, the majority of the frozen spinach variants we examined had simply spinach. Nevertheless, there were a few selections that did include additional components, and we will make note of them wherever possible to avoid food allergy difficulties.

Frozen Spinach and Food Safety

It is not safe to defrost frozen spinach before cooking it, nor is it safe to eat it raw or undercooked. This is due to the presence of bacteria that cause foodborne disease, such as Listeria, E. Coli, and Salmonella, which may regrettably find their way into vegetables during processing and packing.

Most commercially manufactured frozen vegetables are blanched and frozen, which kills some of these parasites but not all! As a result, it is best to cook frozen spinach directly from the freezer, and to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking Frozen Spinach

For the purposes of our tests, all frozen spinach was boiled according to the package directions. Most packaging included directions for both stovetop and microwave cooking.

Knowing Your Microwave Wattage = Perfectly Cooked Spinach!

If you’ve ever read the back of a frozen food label, you’re probably already acquainted with the cook time chart, which provides numerous timings for various microwave wattages. How are you expected to know what your microwave’s wattage is? Or the microwave at your friend’s apartment you’re visiting, or the Airbnb you’re staying in, or…the list goes on.

Fortunately, there is frequently no need to seek out the owner’s handbook or attempt to find your specific make and model on the internet. Look on the bottom edge of or just inside the microwave door for a label with all the information you want! This information is often sometimes printed on a plaque on the back of the microwave.

1. Best Tasting Frozen Spinach: Green Giant Simply Steam Chopped Spinach

If you grew up thinking that spinach was one of those unappealing meals, you’re not alone! This leafy veggie’s strongly earthy, almost metallic flavor hits hard, particularly on youngsters, who appear to have an allergy to all things green. Fortunately, most people outgrow their pickiness and discover that the rich, delicious flavor of fresh spinach is something to look forward to. Although spinach is unlikely to become a favorite flavor, its flavor is essential to the overall pleasure of your meal. If it’s delicious, you’ll eat more of it!

About Green Giant Simply Steam Chopped Spinach

Green Giant is without a doubt one of the largest and most well-known vegetable firms on the market. The Jolly Green Giant has even been known to appear as a large balloon in the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! With all of this attention, it’s no wonder that Green Giant Just Steam Chopped Spinach is the finest frozen spinach in one of our categories. Although several frozen spinach selections had excellent flavor and texture, we chose this kind because of its rich but lively flavor, which is significantly less earthy or bitter than many of the others we tried.

Also, unlike some other frozen spinach kinds, we found this spinach to keep its form nicely after cooking, when others tended to wilt into oblivion. We also like that it has just 20 calories per serving, which is the lowest of all of the alternatives we looked at. Not to mention, this tiny package of greens is a proud product of the United States! This frozen spinach has an outstanding nutritional profile, including 90 milligrams of immune-system-supporting vitamin C and 45% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A. As if that wasn’t enough, it also features a Smartlabel QR code on the back that, when scanned, sends you to a useful and educational website about the product.

Sadly, exquisite flavor is typically accompanied with high salt levels (queue the Spiderman references!). Green Giant Just Steam Chopped Spinach is no different. Each serving contains 130 milligrams of sodium, which surely contributes to the savory flavor of the greens, but we believe that adding your own sodium may make anything taste just as wonderful at a far lower salty cost. We also discovered that the ostensibly easy microwaveable bag was not that convenient. Once the cook and rest times were completed, the outside edges of the cooked spinach were searing hot but the core remained cool. This entailed opening the box along the (not-so-easy-open seam, which required the use of scissors to get through, and emptying it into a different dish to complete cooking. Excellent effort at convenience! But not so much success.


  • It has the greatest flavor and the most meaty texture of any kind tested!
  • Each serving has just 20 calories.
  • Is a product of the United States!
  • It contains 90 milligrams of vitamin C and 45% of your recommended requirement of vitamin A.
  • The packaging has a QR code that can be scanned to access a wealth of product information.


  • Contains a high salt level, at 130 milligrams per serving.
  • The microwaveable bag was inconvenient since it did not enable the spinach to cook uniformly and was difficult to open when heated as suggested.

2. Most Nutritious Frozen Spinach: 365 Whole Foods Market Organic Whole Leaf Spinach

It does not take a dietitian to realize that spinach is healthy. Each of the frozen spinach alternatives we tested delivers a plethora of health benefits and nutrition, ranging from essential vitamins and minerals to the pigment molecules schlorophylls and carotenoids, all of which have antioxidant characteristics. Other leafy greens, such as kale and chard, have these critical elements, but they are significantly less likely to be found in the time-saving freezer area! Some of our frozen spinach alternatives are unquestionably healthier than others, so we choose to highlight the healthiest frozen spinach of the group here.

About 365 Whole Foods Market Organic Whole Leaf Spinach

With a name like Whole Foods, it’s no wonder that this firm provides one of the most healthy frozen spinach options we tested. Within the bag are very green, large, lovely baby spinach leaves that seem virtually identical to softly steamed fresh spinach! Each serving has 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, the most of any spinach alternative we discovered. It also has a lot of nutritional value, with 600 micrograms of vitamin A, which is 70% of your daily need! It also provides 150 milligrams (10% DV), 2 milligrams (10% DV), and 300 milligrams (6% DV) of calcium, iron, and potassium, respectively. Moreover, this spinach is certified organic by Quality Assurance International and non-GMO confirmed, so you can rest certain that not only is it high in nutrients, but it is also free of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

But, the old saying “good things need time” definitely applies to our most nutritious frozen spinach. With an advised microwave period of 7 to 12 minutes, 365 Whole Foods Market Organic Whole Leaf Spinach had the very longest cook time of any product we tested! Also, since the product cannot be heated in its packaging, you must move the frozen spinach onto a plate that can be microwaved for a prolonged amount of time. As a result, we do not advocate using plastic in this situation since even microwave-safe polymers may degrade after such a long period. Use microwave-safe glasses or cook on the stovetop instead.


  • Has entire baby spinach leaves that mimic the real thing!
  • It contains 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber.
  • Good source of vitamin A, providing 70% of the daily requirement.
  • It also contains important minerals including calcium, iron, and potassium.
  • Quality Assurance International has certified this product as organic.
  • Non-GMO certification.


  • It takes a long time to cook, 7-12 minutes on high in the microwave.
  • Inability to cook in the package, necessitating the search for a food that can tolerate such a lengthy stay in the microwave oven.

3. Best Steam-In-Package Frozen Spinach: Good & Gather Steam-In-Bag Cut Leaf Spinach

The steamable packaging option may be the finest thing since sliced bread among all of the food technology to reach the freezer aisle. These packages are particularly built with numerous layers to properly balance retaining the steam created by the food as it warms up, so assisting in cooking, while also releasing a portion of the steam to avoid excessive accumulation. Although many manufacturers provide some kind of steamable packaging, not all of them strike the mark, and a poorly constructed steam-in-bag option may drain the convenience factor right out of your frozen vegetables!

About Good & Gather Steam-In-Bag Cut Leaf Spinach

Nice & Collect Steam-In-Bag Chopped Leaf Spinach comes in handy here. Target has done it again, producing a product that checks so many of the boxes we look for! The steamable bundle comes first and foremost. It truly performed as said, completely and evenly cooked the spinach without causing it to disintegrate! The packaging directions for how long to boil and rest the spinach were right on, and it everything came out sizzling hot with a beautiful green color and excellent delicious taste. The nutritional benefits are also nothing to scoff at! This frozen spinach type has one of the lowest salt levels we discovered, with just 65 milligrams per serving, while still offering 500 micrograms of vitamin A. This bag of excellent greens is also manufactured in the United States, and at $0.14 per ounce, it is one of the most economical frozen spinach alternatives we discovered!

One of the most disappointing aspects of this Good & Gather Steam-In-Bag Cut Leaf Spinach container is that the steam vents (a series of tiny slots throughout the packing) seem to be significantly bigger than those of many other brands. After removing the bag from the microwave, green-tinted liquid dripped out, making a bit of a mess. Nevertheless, if you’re aware of the problem, you can simply prevent it by spilling the bag over a plate, which seems like a little price to pay for properly cooked spinach that didn’t need you to dirty up a cooking pot! Another disadvantage to be aware of is that produced at a facility that also handles milk, soy, and wheat components is clearly stated on the allergy section of the ingredients label. Take care if you have food allergies that are susceptible to cross-contamination!


  • Perfectly cooked spinach from a steamable box!
  • The cooking procedure was precisely explained and performed just as promised.
  • Spinach has a strong savory taste and a vivid green hue.
  • It has just 65 milligrams of sodium, which is one of the lowest quantities we discovered.
  • It contains 500 micrograms of vitamin A.
  • Manufactured in the United States!
  • One of the most cost-effective frozen spinach solutions.


  • The steam vents in the bag are cut in such a manner that if you tilt the bag while taking it from the microwave, spinach water will flow out.
  • The label advises that it is manufactured in the same facility as several food allergies.

4. Best Organic Frozen Spinach: Woodstock Organic Cut Spinach

Shopping organic 100% of the time is almost hard for most people due to limited variety or geographical availability, brand preferences, and the basic reality of living on a budget. As a result, it makes sense to seek organic choices when your individual circumstances allow, since becoming organic is more vital for certain items than others. Spinach is one of these vegetables that is especially susceptible to pesticide contamination owing to its delicate, porous leaves. Although the washing and blanching procedure that most frozen spinach goes through does remove a large portion of any chemical residues, some may still remain. As a result, we’ve decided to put the finest organic frozen spinach in its own category!

About Woodstock Organic Cut Spinach

First and foremost, Quality Assurance International, an independent organic certification firm, has certified Woodstock Organic Chopped Spinach as organic to USDA standards. Similarly, this bag of spinach has been non-GMO confirmed. It has a powerful, substantial flavor, and we appreciate that the sole ingredient listed on the label is spinach! There is no additional salt or preservatives here, nor is there any baking soda, which many manufacturers put to retain greenness, but according to The Boston Globe, it may actually subtract from the nutritious quality of frozen vegetables.

This frozen spinach is also packaged in a BPA-free bag, something not many manufacturers have acknowledged! Moreover, although this particular product is fantastic for the reasons stated above, we also believe that Woodstock Organics as a whole is fantastic. They appear to live by the credo “eat because it’s delicious!” and their product range consistently impresses us. As a sponsor of the American Farmland Trust, they help guarantee that farming is sustainable and ecologically sound, ensuring that nutritious food is available for future generations!

Regrettably, this frozen spinach does not seem to be very appealing. It seems brown in comparison to the other, brilliant green kinds we tested. Woodstock Organic Cut Spinach has an odd, shredded look rather than huge, gratifying leaves or chopped bits of spinach. Moreover, it cost $0.36 per ounce, making it by far the most costly frozen spinach in our sample! Additionally, that little bag of spinach traveled from Mexico to your shop and dinner table, which isn’t always optimal when there are possibly numerous farmers farming the same spinach closer to your house.


  • Quality Assurance International has certified this product as organic.
  • Non-GMO certification.
  • The spinach has a really meaty and powerful flavor!
  • The spinach is the sole component in this product.
  • It comes in a BPA-free bag.
  • Woodstock has appealing corporate principles and is an enthusiastic supporter of the American Farmland Trust.


  • With a more brownish tint and somewhat crushed spinach leaves, the appearance is less than ideal.
  • The most costly frozen we discovered, ounce per ounce.
  • Is imported rather than grown and obtained more locally.

5. Best All-Around Frozen Spinach: Food Club Cut Leaf Spinach

Sometimes you simply need a solid all-around choice. One that isn’t ideal in every aspect, but yet doesn’t fall short on anything significant. On those extra-busy days when you don’t have time to explore all of the many possibilities, or if you’re just the sort of person who appreciates traditional and trustworthy over innovative and original, this is the greatest all-around category for you!

About Food Club Cut Leaf Spinach

The picture of the product on the front of the container is what initially drew our attention to this bag of frozen spinach. That doesn’t seem good, and our expectations were modest. Imagine our amazement when the spinach that flowed out of the bag turned out to be brilliant, green, and lovely! The front of the package also boldly proclaims that there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so you can be certain that all of this gorgeousness is all natural! Although not the healthiest option, Food Club Cut Leaf Spinach has a significant quantity of calcium and potassium, as well as trace quantities of iron and vitamin C. This nutrition is very inexpensive, ranking third in price! Not only does Food Club promise your pleasure or double (yes, double) your money back, but it is also wrapped in a totally recyclable bag. Come on, people!

Although it performs well in several nutritional areas, Food Club Cut Leaf Spinach falls short in protein content. At just 2 grams of spinach per serving, this was the smallest amount of spinach we tested. Additionally, this spinach comes in just a 16-ounce packagea complete pound of frozen spinach! This may easily fall into the positive column if you eat spinach often or have a large family to feed, but it is a big freezer-space problem otherwise.


  • In sharp contrast to the images on the label, this frozen spinach is brilliant green and lovely!
  • There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this product.
  • It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.
  • One of the most cost-effective frozen spinach solutions we discovered.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
  • Plastic packaging is 100 percent recyclable.


  • It barely has 2 grams of protein, which is the lowest quantity we found in our investigation.
  • Only comes in a huge 1-pound box. That’s a lot of spinach to go through!

6. Best Frozen Creamed Spinach: Seabrook Farms Farm Fresh Creamed Spinach

Of course, no comprehensive review of frozen spinach would be complete without including creamed spinach! Although some people choose to purchase plain frozen spinach (such as the one seen above) to make their own creamed spinach dish, there are other wonderful tasting and ready-made creamed spinach alternatives in the freezer aisle. One of these options stood out clearly from the others!

About Seabrook Farms Farm Fresh Creamed Spinach

When you see something like Since 1893 on a product, you can instantly assume that it comes from a firm with a long history and hence has had all of that time to perfect the item in question. This is true of Seabrook Farms Farm Fresh Creamed Spinach. In comparison to the other creamed spinach variants we tested, this one had by far the greatest flavor and texture. Rich without being too greasy, and thick and cohesive rather than soupy. This thing tastes like a great delicious dessert, yet it only has 80 calories per serving! For that, we recommend eating the whole packet for lunch (2 servings). You get all of the calcium, iron, and potassium of ordinary frozen spinach, plus 4 grams of calcium in a much sweeter small package, if you ask us! If you want to amp up the flavor of your creamed spinach even more, Seabrook Farms has an easy recipe for Spinach Souffl on the back of their container. Just combine egg whites and cream of tartar! And once again, we have a product created in the United States on our hands.

Although it’s not surprising that a prepared dish like frozen creamed spinach has salt, Seabrook Farms Farm Fresh Creamed Spinach has a lot. It’s not nearly as salty as the saltiest offender we discovered (450 mg per serving!) Nonetheless, each meal contains 390 milligrams of caffeine. And, as previously said, if you feel obliged to take both portions in the box and call it a meal (ahem, please join the club with us), you’ll consume a ton of salt in one sitting. Additionally, we discovered a long number of extra and not-so-whole components in this creamed spinach. What exactly is fumed silica, anyway?

But, flavor and texture were the focus here, and as long as you’re conscious of your frequency and amount of intake, we believe this creamed spinach is just wonderful enough to outweigh the nutritional drawbacks.


  • The best flavor and texture of any creamed spinach: rich, thick, and creamy without being greasy or soupy!
  • Is a delicious method to get a lot of nutrition: 4g protein per serving, as well as a lot of calcium, iron, and potassium.
  • On the back of the package, there is a simple recipe for spinach souffl.
  • Manufactured in the United States!


  • This meal is high in salt, with over 400 mg per serving.
  • The components list also includes a huge number of complex and additional ingredients.

What’s the Best Frozen Spinach? The Bottom Line.

We hope that one of these delicious frozen spinach alternatives catches your attention. Whether you’re looking for nutrition or flavor, convenience or reliability, there are several ways to analyze your options in the freezer aisle.

And, if you find yourself (somehow) in need of even another choice, freezing your own fresh spinach is a breeze with our step-by-step instructions! Whichever method works best for you, just make sure you receive your (frozen) greens. Your body will appreciate it!


Does frozen spinach taste good?

Spinach is a frozen vegetable with taste that withstands freezing and texture that does not degrade due to the softness of cooked spinach. Use frozen spinach for spanakopita, spinach dip, lasagna, or filled shells—basically, any spinach meal your mother prepared.

Is frozen spinach just as good as fresh spinach?

Even better, a cup of frozen spinach has more than four times the quantity of nutrients as a cup of fresh spinach, including iron, vitamin C, and calcium.

Is frozen spinach as good as frozen?

In general, whether you use fresh or frozen spinach, the nutrients and other defensive chemicals are the same.

How do you make frozen spinach not soggy?

2. Blanching: Blanch your spinach for a few minutes in boiling water if you want it to survive longer in the freezer without losing its green color. Put the blanched spinach in cold water to stop it from cooking, then drain it through a strainer.

How do you take the bitterness out of frozen spinach?

Grapefruit juice may effectively mask the harshness of spinach and give it a fresh flavor. You may utilize lemon, lime, or orange juice for this purpose. Place the cooked leaves in a bowl as soon as they are cool enough to handle.

Can you eat frozen spinach every day?

What’s the problem with spinach? Excessive consumption of spinach (more than a bowl per day) might have negative health consequences. Because of the high fiber content, the most typical side effects are gas, bloating, and cramps. Consuming too much spinach may also impair the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients.

Which is better canned or frozen spinach?

We prefer frozen spinach over canned because it tastes better and has less salt, but the same logic applies. One cup of frozen spinach has more than four times the quantity of nutrients as one cup of fresh spinach, including fiber, folate, iron, and calcium, so if you want to bulk up, go for frozen spinach.

Does frozen spinach need to be cooked before eating?

If you want to keep fresh spinach longer, put it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. When you purchase frozen spinach at the shop, it is already cooked, which gives it its texture. As a result, you must boil the fresh spinach before keeping it in the freezer.

Should you cook frozen spinach?

Frozen spinach may be used in almost any recipe that calls for raw spinach. Furthermore, since raw spinach is watery, you’ll almost certainly need to simmer it down anyway—otherwise, it’ll release its water and ruin the texture and taste of your completed meal.

Can you eat spinach everyday?

“A bowl of spinach every day would help you achieve the daily needs,” the specialist advises, adding that vitamin C antioxidants encourage “skin repair and prevent premature ageing.” Vitamin A boosts immunity, and its anti-inflammatory properties help to decrease inflammation and support eye health.

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