The Greatest Oven Mitts

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Certainly, they aren’t the most attractive items of clothing you possess, but if you’ve ever attempted to take hot food out of the oven without a set, you know how important a decent pair of oven mitts are.

Oven mitts are required no matter how often you cook. Oven gloves will protect your hands and save you from harming yourself as you handle hot pans, whether you are a casual baker whipping up a batch of store bought cake mix or you frequently create five-course dinners every night for supper.

Choosing the finest oven mitts may be difficult, especially if you want a pair that is not paper thin and can withstand the rigors of regular kitchen chores. Don’t know what to look for? Don’t be concerned. You’ve arrived to the correct location.

7 Best Oven Mitts 

1. HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt


HOMWE’s selection is first on our list of the finest oven mitts. These oven mitts are available in a range of hues, including red, turquoise, gray, and black, and in two different lengths, 14.7 and 13.7 inches.

They are flame retardant and resistant to heat up to 450 degrees. They include a quilted cotton inside that provides greater comfort while cooking. Not only that, but they may assist protect your delicate forearms from burns, which can occur whenever your grill flares up.

You don’t have to worry about these oven mitts catching fire or melting when used near an open flame. They are extra-long to protect your hands, fingers, and wrists from burns and feature a non-slip grip to allow you to easily handle any kind of pot.

These mittens are steam-resistant and waterproof, and they do not absorb liquids, so you will not be burned by excessively hot water. They are simple to clean and offer a textured grip. Since they are machine-washable, they do not take long to clean. Just throw them in the washing machine or dab them with warm water and soap. There’s no need to be concerned about them ripping, fraying, or thinning.

What We Enjoyed:

  • Extra-long protection protects your forearms.
  • The textured surface provides a non-slip grip.
  • Since the inside is cotton, it is more pleasant to wear.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Some persons with little hands may find it overly large.

2. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves


If you want the full armor protection while working near a hot plate, stove, or grill, try the Grill Armor Oven Glove. This glove is one-size-fits-all, but a smaller lady size and an extra long cuff variant are also available.

It has the greatest level of heat resistance, with temperatures reaching 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, but these gloves are machine washable, making them simple to maintain. They come with a handy hook for hanging and are composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

With each push, youll get a free eBook with some of the most up-to-date grilling ideas and methods.

These oven mitts also double as barbecue gloves and potholders. They are thick without being big, lightweight without sacrificing flexibility. You may effortlessly grasp the handle of a cast iron skillet or a hefty pizza stone without fear of burning your fingertips. They come in a variety of hues, including gray, red, blue, and black.

What We Enjoyed:

  • It has a lengthy cuff for extra forearm protection.
  • Design that is machine washable
  • It has drying and storing hooks.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Not suitable for steam or hot liquids.


3. ‘Ove’ Glove Oven Mitt/Grilling Glove


The Ove Glove is another excellent oven mitt option. You will get two machine-washable gloves created in the United States when you purchase. They are not only flame resistant, but can also sustain temperatures as high as 540 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is due to the fact that they are comprised of strong Kevlar. Each glove has a non-slip silicone grip, so you won’t have to worry about dropping one of your favorite dishes when you take it out of the oven.

You won’t have to worry about an odd feel or grip since these gloves are designed as gloves rather than mitts. They provide a comfortable, solid grasp with five-finger movement and complete flexibility.

What We Enjoyed:

  • Provides optimal grip and flexibility
  • The inner layer is comprised of cotton that has been thrice knitted.
  • Temperature resistance up to 540 degrees

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Since it is not completely waterproof, it is not suitable for hot liquids.

4. Big Red House Oven Mitts


These Big Red House oven mitts are among the finest on the market. They come in a variety of hues, including red, blue denim, black, gray, and turquoise. You’ll like having them on display in your kitchen since they’re both attractive and comfy.

They can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t have to worry about burning your hands whether taking up a pan from the oven, watching a hot grill, or working with steamy pots on your cooktop. These oven mitts will provide you with complete protection.

These oven mitts are 12.5 inches long, which means they will protect your wrists and forearms as well as your hands from the heat. They offer a silky, comfy terry fabric lining and a pleasant non-slip grip. As you take your bowl of hot soup out of the microwave, you don’t have to worry about it sliding out of your hands!

What We Enjoyed:

  • Heat resistance up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in commercial grade.
  • Six distinct hues are available.
  • FDA-approved for durability and safety

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Just two colors are available in extra long length; the others are only available in ordinary length.

5. OrkaPlus Silicone Oven Mitt 


These oven mitts from OrkaPlus are easy to clean and come in a variety of hues, including green, blue, rd, and charcoal. The mittens are not only dishwasher-safe, but the detachable liner may also be washed in any washing machine.

The oven mitts are heat resistant to 480°F, which is all you’ll need to be safe and comfortable. The mittens include a cotton inner that can be removed and a 100% silicone exterior. They are waterproof, even in boiling water, and have a non-slip surface for a secure hold every time.

What We Enjoyed:

  • Both the dishwasher and the washing machine are safe to use.
  • It has a replaceable liner.
  • Five completely waterproof and stain-resistant hues

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Not the most malleable.

6. San Jamar KT0215 Oven Mitt


San Jamar has oven mitts in a range of sizes and shapes to fit every hand. These mittens come in both traditional and puppet styles. The traditional design features a thumb for comfortably gripping any kind of pan as you remove it out of the oven, but the puppet design does not have a thumb.

The advantage of this is that the gloves are completely ambidextrous, so if you happen to lose one of them, it is not an issue since both may be worn on any hand. They’re also quite dexterous, making it simpler to remove hot dishes from the oven.

Both types of oven mitts include long-lasting Kevlar stitching for optimal heat and steam protection. They include built-in hanging loops and magnets for easy storage and provide remarkable heat protection up to 900°F! That’s not something you see every day.

What We Enjoyed:

  • For 30 seconds, it can resist temperatures of up to 535 degrees.
  • Not offered as a pair, but as separate components, making replacements simple.
  • Extremely adaptable oven mitt

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • There are no non-slip features.

7. Frux Home and Yard Oven Mitts


Last but not least, Frux Home and Yard oven mitts. They are comprised of cotton and silicone and come in black and charcoal gray.

They can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F and provide the durability and protection you need to avoid burns when using your grill or oven.

They are completely BPA-free and waterproof, making them safe and simple to use. The insides of the mitts are lined with a cotton-polyester mix for increased comfort and dexterity.

These oven mitts have a raised design and are textured for a non-slip grip. You don’t have to be concerned about dropping a hot roasting pan when you remove it from the oven. Not only that, but these mittens are simple to clean. Because of the silicone coating, you can simply clean them with soap and warm water. The inside quilted liner can be be removed for cleaning and contains hanging hooks for simple storing.

What We Enjoyed:

  • It is available in four different hues.
  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • Free of chemicals

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • It’s not ideal for usage on pots and pans since it’s difficult to bend the thumb region around a handle.

How to Find the Right Pair of Oven Mitts for Your Sensitive Hands: A Buying Guide 


Oven mitts are often constructed of a fabric, such as cotton or silicone. Some are a blend of the two. Although cotton is unquestionably simpler to wear and wash in a washing machine, silicone is often more durable and provides a better grip.


Oven mitts made of non-traditional materials, such as Kevlar, are also available! Oven mitts made of neoprene and poly-cotton, a cotton-polyester combination, are also available.


Silicone is useful since it is waterproof, although poly-cotton and cotton are both quite pleasant. Neoprene may seem cold, but it may melt at extreme temperatures.

Comfort and Sizing

How comfy are the oven mitts you’ve chosen to wear? You must ensure that they are not too bulky so that they do not get in the way when you attempt to hold a pot cover. You should also seek for a pair that fits nicely in your hand. Choose a pair of oven mitts that can suit hands 14 to 17 inches long for optimum coverage.


Oven mitts are commonly available in three types. The type that looks like an oversized mitten is the most prevalent and presumably the one you are most acquainted with. This oven mitt is intended to be a one-size-fits-all design that allows your hand to naturally fall open. Sadly, it limits your hand mobility as you attempt to move the hot pan about your kitchen.

An oven mitt designed like a glove is another alternative that will allow you a little more dexterity. A glove, although more difficult to fit all hand sizes and shapes into, will provide you more freedom to move.

However A glove mitt isn’t much better, and you won’t generally find oven mitts made of silicone in the glove style.

An oven mitt that divides the thumb from the rest of the fingers is also available. This is one of the better styles to think about. You’ll be able to reach out and grab the pans and plates as usual, but you won’t have to worry about the above-mentioned size concerns.

Ease of Cleaning

Your oven mitts will become filthy quickly, believe it or not. Choose a pair that is simple to clean or, preferably, dishwasher-safe or machine-washable. That way, you can easily wipe them down.


Several oven mitts have a handy hanging loop. This is quite useful, especially if you have a tiny kitchen. If you hang your oven mitts near the stove, you’ll always have a pair on hand – more searching around in a cluttered drawer when it’s time to take the cake out of the oven!

Heat Protection

Assess the amount of heat protection provided by your chosen oven mitts. You want a pair that will keep you safe from extreme temperatures (at least approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 10 seconds, preferably longer.

Do I Really Need a Pair of Oven Mitts?

When it comes to protecting your hands from boiling hot pots, you may question whether you really need oven mitts in the first place. Why can’t you simply use pot holders?

Oven mitts are better than pot holders since they are larger and will cover the back of your hand as well as a portion of your arm. While they are less bulky and simpler to grasp in a hurry than oven mitts, they do not provide the same amount of protection.

Moreover, oven mitts aren’t costly, and with so many different colors, patterns, and designs to select from, there’s no excuse not to get a pair (or multiple pairs!) today. Consider this list of the best oven mitts to help you get started in your search so you don’t get burnt.


What do chefs use for oven mitts?

What kind of oven mitts do chefs use? Side towels are often used by professional chefs instead of oven mitts since they are less costly in bulk, easier to clean, and adaptable for a variety of culinary tasks.

Are silicone or cotton oven mitts better?

The majority of the finest oven mitts are made of silicone, which can endure temperatures in excess of 400 °F for an extended amount of time without burning or melting. Silicone also provides a more firm hold on a heated surface and does not slide as cotton does.

What is best material for oven mitts?

Cast iron cookware carries a lot of heat, and silicone is a fantastic material for oven mitts since it can withstand high temperatures. Most silicone oven mitts are heat-resistant above the standard 400-degree threshold, making them a great choice for cast iron’s temperature range of 500 degrees or more.

What are the best oven mitts for 550 degrees?

Silicone and cotton mittens, according to Smith, withstand heat the best and give protection up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Aramid or Kevlar mitts are perfect for industrial kitchens or grilling since they can withstand temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why do chefs use towels instead of oven mitts?

What’s going on? Cooks-chefs prefer to have a side towel accessible at all times to grip the hot handle of a pan, so they tuck one end of the towel inside their apron and the towel is always there.

What is the difference between oven mitt and oven glove?

Conventional oven mitt designs do not allow for the same finger mobility and dexterity as oven gloves, so you will be somewhat more limited in what you can safely and securely handle than if you had worn oven gloves. What they lack in grip, however, they make up for in heat resistance.

Do bakers use oven mitts?

out of hot ovens. The Mitt design makes them easy to slip on and take off, and they come in one size fits everyone. Mitts that can handle hot things up to 250 degrees Celsius right out of the oven. Long forearm protection (all the way up to the elbow) to safeguard forearms while inserting or withdrawing baked in Bakers Oven Gloves of Commercial Grade

How do you dry the inside of silicone oven mitts?

Cleaning Oven Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric oven mitts may be dried in the dryer, however silicone oven mitts should not be. Instead, let them dry naturally. Is it OK to put silicone oven mitts in the dishwasher?

What are the warmest mitts for winter?

More to come…

What can I substitute for Insul-Bright?

Insulation: Quilt batting or Insul-Bright (a heat resistant batting, which is the best option). You may also use old dish towels, flannel, or a strong durable fabric such as drop cloth or scrap denim.

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