The Greatest Tofu Press (Review And Buying Guide)

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The wonderful thing about tofu is the multitude of ways it can be eaten. Have it diced and add it to a vegetable stir fry; blend it with cacao and other ingredients for a chocolate mousse pie; steam, grill, or fry it and create a tofu barbecue sandwichthe possibilities are endless.

Nothing beats using the best tofu press in your kitchen, no matter how you slice it. It will extract the moisture from your protein-rich block, allowing it to absorb all of the delectable marinades and sauces you pour over it. There is a secret to using this stunning ingredient at the heart of Asian cuisine! What’s more, the finest part? Tofu pressing is a simple process.

You’ll need your beloved tofu press to receive the advantages of these cancer-fighting, bone-strengthening nutrients. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve produced this list of the top devices available. Let’s get started.

1. EZ Tofu Press

This press is one of the most practical and inexpensive tools available. It completes the task in as little as fifteen minutes, if not less.

This low-cost press has a typical plate type construction and relies on tension to effectively remove water. The hardware includes a huge butterfly screw and wing nuts to tighten the system if any of its pieces go loose over time. There are no spring vacations for this one, so you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is apply pressure for around two minutes or until all of the water has been extracted.

You’ll discover marks in the middle of the bottom plate of this helpful kitchen utensil, so you’ll know exactly where to lay the tofu. Moreover, the press is composed of long-lasting FDA-approved food-grade plastic, and its bolts, nuts, and other minor parts are made of food-grade stainless steel for smooth pressing.

This flexible press developed in the United States may be used with any size tofu block and can also be used to press sliced tofu.

Its size cannot be reduced for storage, yet it is small overall. It takes up a little more room since it employs screws instead of springs.

It weighs just more than one pound, which is ideal if you want something as light as a feather.


2. Raw Rutes Tofu Press Ninja

This is the most stylish and one of the best tofu presses available. This device is a high-end, heavy-duty option made of 304-grade stainless steel.

This option includes a monster press with a 4.5-pound top weight that you push down after setting the tofu on it—all that’s left to do afterwards is come back and prepare it once all of the water has been drained. If you’re wondering how to press tofu quickly, this is one of your best choices.

This fantastic alternative is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with a lifetime warranty.

With this excellent press, you can also press any leftover moisture from canned veggies and remove any moisture from cheesemaking if you’re going that route.


3. TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press

The Gourmet TofuXpress is an excellent middle-of-the-road option for tofu presses, saving you money while providing decent enough quality that you won’t want a refund.

This is a little machine that can only press one block of tofu at a time. If you want to make larger portions, simply chop them up first. Overall, it is simple to use.

This fantastic, gourmet tofu presser comprises of two components the first portion comprising of a handle, a durable stainless steel spring, and a presser, with the second half consisting of a box (with a cover beneath) where the tofu will be put for pressing. If you prefer to add tasty sauces, the separate serves as a marinating dish.

If you’re short on time and need to do other things in the meanwhile, this tofu presser type enables for fuss-free drainage without the need to watch it.

The TofuXpress is constructed of thermoplastic, so it will not be harmed by temperature changes, and it is also dishwasher safe.


4. Mangocore Mold Kit and Press

The 3-piece Mangocore Press Mold kit and press functions as a press as well as a mold. Also, it is most likely the most economical press available.

This simple Mangocore tofu maker is 5.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high, and it comes with a cotton cheesecloth.

It not only presses and molds tofu, but it also functions as a steamer, steaming a block of tofu at a time. And these are just a few of the various ways you may cook this versatile menu item.

This incredible tofu press is composed of food-grade plastic, so there will be no foul aftertaste. Also, you may put this press in the dishwasher without fear of it being destroyed.


5. Tofu Presser Super Press

The Super Tofu Press is a more classic choice that is incredibly simple to operate. Despite its simple design, it performs an excellent job of squeezing out the water in your tofu block.

You’d be using two plates with screw clamps on the sides. Just place the tofu in the press and you’ll have pressed tofu in no time.

This BPA-free HDPE-plastic Tofu Super Press weighs one point two pounds. It has BPA-free plastic plates and food-grade stainless steel nuts, bolts, and screws. It is so sturdy that it might last you the rest of your life!

The footpads on the bottom plate provide a stable platform and elevate the press slightly from a level surface.

It has also been subjected to 50,000 dishwashing cycles to demonstrate its resistance to wear and tear.

This one, too, features four spring technology, which gives the press a powerful pressure that allows it to work with both hard and extra firm tofu. All you have to do is push down for perfect tofu. It’s that simple.

The company also provides a 60-day unconditional warranty on the Super Tofu.


6. Bamboo Tofu Press

This visually beautiful Bamboo Tofu Press was designed by a long-term vegetarian and is manufactured from eco-friendly bamboo boards with no plastics.

If you’re concerned about chemical contamination, this selected bamboo is treated with a food-grade safe stain.

This one comes with an instructional booklet as well as additional recipes from world-renowned plant-based chefs.

The Bamboo press can accommodate tiny, normal, and big tofu blocks. It has sturdy, robust planks that will last a long time and will not bend with wear and strain.

To thoroughly squeeze water out of the block of tofu, most tofu press reviews advocate tightening the screws every three minutes or so.

This one presses water uniformly (for excellent, consistent texture) from tofu in 5 to 15 minutes, which is good if you need to cook supper quickly. If you want a press that quickly removes extra tofu water, this might be the one for you if you’re looking to add more plant-based protein to your diet.


7. Simple Drip Tofu Press

This Glue Theory Easy Drip Tofu Press 2-spring tofu press is an excellent option for a high-quality, multipurpose tofu press.

The Glue Hypothesis The Simple Drip press has a standard top plate for pressing tofu, a bottom plate with drip holes, and a removable drip tray. Moreover, all of these components are produced from FDA-approved food-grade plastic and stainless steel.

The bottom plate is equipped with holes for water leaking and speedier pressing, as well as a bottom drip tray to capture extra water.

What distinguishes this press is its bottom plate and drip tray. Unlike most bottom plates, which are solid plastic and require you to place the press in a container to hold excess water as it presses, this one has a convenient drip tray attached to the bottom, making for easier cleanup and fewer dishes to clean.

This device is very lightweight, weighing slightly over two pounds.

This complete item is dishwasher safe on the top rack. The main drawback is that the press pieces are not removable for flat storage, but it is tiny and simple to store.

This one comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.


8. Yarkor Tofu Press

The Yarkor tofu press is a spring-loaded press that removes the maximum amount of surplus water.

The Yarkor tofu press is a food-grade device that is made with only the safest substances. As a result, it claims optimal food safety.

If you want to know how to press tofu quickly, this time-saving choice has a built-in drainage press with holes on the bottom that enable water to flow into the collecting tray, and no extra components are required. This facilitates cleanup, which is useful if you lead a busy life.

This tofu press employs a powerful spring to push out the water while being easy to operate… so you don’t need a lot of strength to perform the magic on this one. It should be noted that this one is only meant to be used for one block at a time.

Different Types of Tofu Presses

Before we go into our handy shopping guide, let’s have a look at the many varieties of tofu presses available.

Plate-Style Tofu Presses

The tofu block is put between two plastic or metal slabs that work together to squeeze the liquid out of the blocks using plate-style presses.

The plate type requires more frequent monitoring of the wingnuts to guarantee proper drainage as the blocks lose their water.

This alternative is simple, easy to clean, takes up little room, and is the most cost-effective.

Box-Style Tofu Presses

This is the perfect tool for anybody who presses a lot of tofu each week. It is also far less expensive and can last just as long as plate-style presses.

It may also be simpler to operate since the top plate does not need to be adjusted. Just apply some weight and pressure on the box and let the device do its job.


How to Find the Best Tofu Press? Buying Guide

Now that we’ve covered the most basic and frequent varieties of tofu block presses, let’s talk about the characteristics you should seek for in your new device.

Sturdy Build

You need your press to last a long time, so choose one with a sturdy construction. For the finest results, use stainless steel, wooden, or bamboo presses. Plastic presses may also perform miracles, but watch out for the quality of the material.


Look for ridges to collect the water that drains from the tofu when pressed. It will make cleanup simpler and help to keep your kitchen clean.

Easy to Use

Choose a device that is simple to use and functional. Otherwise, why not just use a homemade tofu press?


How we picked the best of the best

We looked at the material the press was constructed of, the ease of use, the pricing, and what consumers had to say while making a list.

Finally, we wanted to verify that the products we propose are of high quality, simple to use, and remove as much superfluous water droplets as possible from your tofu. We want you to have the best-tasting tofu possible, and a press will guarantee that you do!

Using a tofu press is preferable to drying your tofu with old-fashioned paper towels. Also, it saves resources!


Is it worth getting a tofu press?

Tofu pressing is an important stage in the cooking process. Pressed tofu absorbs marinades better and crisps up faster. It also keeps its shape better when cooking in its thicker, dried state, rather than collapsing into sad, soggy chunks. I’m not sure whether I ever properly drained my tofu before I got a tofu press.

Is Tofuture tofu press dishwasher safe?

Is it okay to put the Tofu Press in the dishwasher? Yes.

Do I need to press extra firm tofu?

Even hard and extra-firm tofu has to be pressed to be effective in most recipes. Pressing increases the texture of tofu and is vital when it will be cooked. Professional tofu presses are available, however you may make an equally fine tofu with only a few household ingredients: Board for chopping.

Can a tofu press be used for cheese making?

Thanks. A: Yes. The tofu maker can produce tofu, sushi, and cheese.

How long can you leave tofu in a tofu press?

Then, take the tofu block from the container and discard the liquid in which it was packed. Wrap the tofu in a paper towel and set something heavy on top for 30-60 minutes. How long should tofu be pressed? Tofu should be pressed for at least 30 minutes, preferably 1 hour.

How long does tofu last after pressed?

I normally keep pressed tofu in the fridge for up to 3 days, although it may theoretically be stored for up to 5 days after pressing.

What happens if you press tofu for too long?

Is it possible to over-press tofu? When you follow the directions and just press tofu when the recipe asks for it, you won’t have to worry about over-pressing it. When you press tofu for recipes when you don’t need to, it might result in crumbly or mushy tofu.

Can I leave tofu in tofu press overnight?

Short Answer: Yes, you may press tofu overnight or ahead of time. In fact, it’s definitely the best way to go so you don’t have to wait while the water drains. Nevertheless, there are a few things you need know about doing it so that you don’t ruin your fridge or your tofu.

How do you get moisture out of tofu without a press?

Wrap fresh (not frozen) tofu in a dish towel before draining. Next, on top of the tofu, add a heavy item, such as a sheet pan, cast-iron skillet, heavy frying pan, or a combination of these, to weigh it down and press out the extra water.

Should you rinse tofu?

Remove the tofu from its packaging, rinse it, and then drain the water. Just drain and blot dry soft tofu; however, for medium, firm, and extra-firm tofu, simply drying is insufficient; you must press the water out. Consider the following: Tofu, like a sponge, is porous.

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