The Healthiest and Unhealthiest States in America Have Been Exposed

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2020 proved to be an extraordinarily tough year for many individuals, making self-care more crucial than ever. Since we’ve all grown more concerned about our health, we at Ellellekitchen.com wanted to find out which states in the US are the healthiest, and which are the unhealthiest.

To do this, we used both publicly accessible and internal survey data to construct the study, resulting in the top ten healthiest and unhealthiest states in North America!

Regional statistics on obesity, drinking, smoking, exercise, depression, and general mental health were graded to construct the study. Each data category was awarded a score out of seven, with the higher the number indicating that the state performed poorly.

Check out the top ten healthiest and unhealthiest states below to discover how your state stands.

The top ten healthiest states are as follows:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Colorado
  3. Arizona
  4. California
  5. Florida
  6. Utah
  7. Wyoming
  8. Connecticut
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Nevada

The top ten most unhealthy states are:

  1. Kentucky
  2. Alabama
  3. Mississippi
  4. The state of North Dakota
  5. Tennessee
  6. The state of West Virginia
  7. Delaware
  8. Iowa
  9. Louisiana
  10. Missouri

Along with looking at external data, we wanted to learn more about People’ attitudes around general health and exercise routines, so we polled over 3,500 American adults throughout the country.

According to the study, more than half (57%) of participants acknowledged to not performing any type of regular exercise at all in 2020, and just one-fifth (21%) said they loved exercising.

Despite this, more over two-thirds (71%) of Americans said they want to be healthier, with just one in ten (12%) believing they are in good health. After this, four in five (85%) participants acknowledged that one of their New Year’s objectives is to be healthier in some way, whether that is by eating better, exercising more, or reducing alcohol intake.

In terms of eating habits, we discovered that three-quarters (73%) of individuals consume takeout at least once a month, with a further third (29%) admitting to consuming fast food regularly.

americas-favorite-family-dinnersEllellekitchen.com This came as no surprise given that a recent poll of ours indicated that over three-quarters of Americans (73%) said convenience is a key priority for them when it comes to supper, and that pizza, hamburgers, and chili are the top three convenience meals preferred by families throughout the nation. Further information regarding America’s favorite family meals may be found at: https:

Following what has likely been the most difficult year in many people’s lives, it was unsurprising to learn that mental health is now a greater concern for most Americans than obesity, with eight in ten (83%) of those polled reporting that they have struggled with their mental health in 2020, whereas 44% reported being concerned about obesity and being overweight.

We hope that our findings are useful and that the results inspire everyone trying to better their health.


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What are the healthiest and unhealthiest states in the US?

West Virginia comes first on the list of states having the least healthy populations, while Hawaii has the healthiest citizens. West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are among the top ten least healthiest states.

What is the healthiest states in America?

According to a survey published Tuesday morning, California is the healthiest state in America. Total Shape, an online fitness resource, undertook the study and studied important health indicators throughout the nation, including gyms per capita, proportion of adult smokers, and obesity rates.

What is the least healthiest state in America?

West Virginia scored first on Forbes Advisor’s list of states having the least healthy populations, while Hawaii had the healthiest citizens. The ranking, published on January 17, is based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Census Bureau, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

What is the sickest state in America?

Ohio is the sickest state, according to our Twitter statistics, with over 164 tweets for every 100,000 citizens. When it comes to infectious illness prevention, Ohio ranks 22nd in the nation, according to America’s Health Rankings.

What is the fittest state in America?

Top ten healthiest states in the United States in 2021
Vermont has a health score of 9.80, while Team USA athletes have a score of 3….
District of Columbia – 9.74 health score – Team USA Athletes: 3…. Colorado – 9.70 health score – Team USA Athletes: 31.
Montana has a health score of 9.39, while Team USA athletes have a score of 3….
Washington has a health score of 9.36, while Team USA athletes have a score of 8.
More to come…

What is the #1 healthiest city in America?

1. The city of San Francisco in California. In comparison to all other cities on expert rankings, San Francisco, California is the healthiest city in America. According to MindBody Business, “San Franciscans spend the third greatest amount on fitness, beauty, and wellbeing – on average $331 each month.”

What states are most obese?

With a 40.6% obesity prevalence, West Virginia is the most obese state. Kentucky is close behind with a rate of 40.3%, while Alabama has a rate of 39.9%. Oklahoma is the fourth most obese state in the United States, with a 39.4% obesity rate. Mississippi rounds out the top five, with a 39.1% obesity rate.

What is the least fittest state?

Final Thoughts on the Fittest States

Colorado tops our list due to its strong self-reported exercise rates, low obesity rates, and large number of gyms per population. West Virginia is last on our list for the opposite reason.

What is the unhealthiest city in America?

According to the research, the following are the ten unhealthiest cities in the United States:
Brownsville is a city in Texas.
Gulfport, Mississippi; Laredo, Texas.
Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; Charleston, West Virginia; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Augusta, Georgia.
Additional details…•April 4, 2022

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