The Top 10 Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2022

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Knives are essential kitchen utensils. They cut more items than we can recall. Sadly, they do not retain their sharpness for long, particularly if used often. And, as you are surely aware, dull blades are not only less effective at cutting, but they are also more hazardous than sharp knives.

Knife sharpeners, thankfully, can accomplish the chore of maintaining them in excellent shape. Electric sharpeners are the most effective for knives. They sharpen, reshape, and polish the blades using several grinding wheels of varying grit levels.

It is admirable that you decided to get an electric knife sharpener. It is, however, the easy part. Choosing the best electric knife sharpener among the many alternatives available is a more difficult selection. Although purchasing these practical instruments is rather straightforward for someone with extensive knowledge, it might be a daunting task for a novice.

As a result, we’ve analyzed ten of the finest electric knife sharpeners on the market to make your decision easier. Before we get into the reviews, let’s start with some shopping advice.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener – Our Top 10 Picks

1. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener


This electric knife sharpener levels the playing field for other models. There is no denying that Chefs Choice’s 15 Trizor XV model is the finest electric knife sharpener for achieving the coveted 15-degree bevel angle.

This knife sharpener easily converts any 20-degree blade to a 15-degree bevel angle. This bevel angle is popular because it produces razor-sharp cutting edges, reduced friction when cutting, and more accuracy for most sorts of cooking. These knives are often seen in Asian nations, but with to the 15 Trizor XV, you can have one made right in your own kitchen.

While a razor-sharp edge is desired, it has one big drawback. A 15-degree bevel angle indicates an extremely thin edge that can readily broken or chipped away. This device addresses this issue by turning your blade to a triple bevel, which increases the edge’s longevity.

Because Chefs Choice is a well-known brand, it is not surprising that this model has all of the necessary features. It includes 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening straight and serrated blades. It also has three slots for a three-stage EdgeSelect sharpening system and variable angle guides. The first two phases sharpen and hone the blades using diamond abrasives, while the third stage polishes the edges to extend the blade’s life.

This sharpener is simple to use. You can use it efficiently even if you simply know the fundamentals of knife sharpening. Beginners will have little trouble transforming their regular kitchen knives into high-performance alternatives. And it all occurs pretty rapidly. When sharpening a knife for the first time, it takes around 60 seconds to get an ultra-sharp edge. It simply takes approximately 10 seconds to re-sharpen.

Chefs Choice backs this item with a robust 3-year guarantee, so you can buy with more assurance.


  • Sharpening discs are made entirely of diamond abrasives.
  • Very adaptable
  • Serrated blades are compatible.
  • Sharpening in three stages
  • Knives may be converted to various degrees of bevel edge
  • Simple to use
  • Angle guides that are flexible


  • Diamond abrasives may remove an excessive amount of metal from blades.
  • Knives that are thin or sensitive should not be used.

2. Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


If you want an electric knife sharpener that is attractive enough to match your contemporary kitchen decor, this Professional Electric Knife Sharpener from Presto is a good option. It is both tiny and simple, but instead of two slots, as is common in many compact versions, this one includes three slots for improved outcomes. That is, it offers a three-stage sharpening procedure that involves coarse grinding, precision grinding, and finer honing to finish the cycle.

You don’t have to worry about knowing the precise angles of your blades with this model. Since each slot is slanted, you only need to pass your knives through them a few times to acquire a professionally sharpened blade in no time. The first slot has a sapphirite wheel for coarse grinding of blades. The sapphirite wheel in the second slot is designed specifically for medium grinding. And the third slot has a ceramic wheel for precise finishing.

This type can sharpen knives of various thicknesses since it has settings for thick, medium, and thin blades. You won’t have to buy separate electric sharpeners for different blade thicknesses. The machine is compatible with all regular kitchen knives as well as fillet, paring, sports, and hunting knives.

Electric knife sharpeners are often ineffective for sharpening Santoku blades. Or do they? This device is capable of sharpening Japanese-made knives. Thus, if you have one of those, you’ll want to get this multifunctional sharpener from Presto.


  • Simple to use
  • Very adaptable
  • Metal fillings are collected in receptacles at the sharpener’s base.
  • Angled slots remove the need for guessing.
  • Sharpening technique in three stages for professional-level results
  • There are three sharpening modes.


  • Serrated or curved blades are not recommended.

3. Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener


The Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener, weighing just 2.95 lbs, is a lightweight knife sharpener with an attractive appearance. If there is an award for the finest electric knife sharpener in the area of simplicity, this model will undoubtedly win.

Presto created this knife sharpener with the goal of combining simplicity with great performance. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it gets the job done quickly, making it excellent for anybody seeking for something that will provide results quickly.

Even if you’re new to sharpening knives, this knife sharpener is simple to use. It includes clear and simple directions for sharpening knives. Just follow the directions, and your knives will be razor-sharp in no time.

This type has two sharpening slots for a two-stage sharpening operation. To prevent uncertainty, the slots are angled. As you run the blades through the slots, you will get consistent results every time. For professional-grade sharpening, the grinding wheels are made of sapphirite. This means that your knives will have razor-sharp edges and a perfectly polished finish.

The machine is fairly sturdy and comes with a one-year guarantee against manufacturer faults. With almost 7,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, you can be certain that you are not wasting your money with this purchase.


  • Elegant and small design
  • Sharpening wheel made of sapphirite for a smooth finish
  • Sharpens in two steps to provide a flawless finish.
  • The location of the slots aids in knife sharpening angle.
  • It is appropriate for novices since it is simple to use.


  • Fixed angles restrict the sorts of blades that may be sharpened.

4. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener


Work Sharp’s Knife & Tool Sharpener is designed for individuals searching for the finest electric knife sharpener that can also sharpen other sorts of blades. Using a single sharpening instrument for all of your blades makes a lot more sense than purchasing several equipment for each blade type. This electric sharpener has a high degree of flexibility and versatility, as it can sharpen straight, curved, and even irregular blades.

This device’s motor speed may be simply increased or decreased. This provides you greater control over the sharpness of your knife’s edge. The machine grinds the blades at high speeds. At slower speeds, the gadget enters an honing mode to provide a smoother cutting edge.

You may also use a dial to modify the sharpening angle to fit various blades. This means you may use it to sharpen any kind of knife. The angle may be altered to fit any knife, whether it’s a basic kitchen knife or a hatchet. Whether if you have a mower blade, a gut hook, an ax, or any other outdoor knife, this very flexible sharpening tool can swiftly chip through the steel.

The bands on this sharpener are adjustable and may provide coarse, medium, or fine results. The sharpener has some form of handle that allows users to grasp the instrument securely while using it. Work Sharp developed this gadget to seem tough because it is. It has a continuous operating time of up to an hour, making it perfect for heavy-duty blade sharpening.


  • It is suitable for a broad variety of knives.
  • A very adaptable alternative
  • It has a dial for adjusting the sharpening angle.
  • Strong gadget with a good grip
  • Honing and grinding may both be done using an adjustable speed motor.
  • Sharpening bands for coarse, medium, and fine sharpening


  • This is a rather large choice.
  • It may be challenging to use for beginners.

5. Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Hone Knife Sharpener


Our following entry is likewise from Chefs Choice, which is not unexpected given the brand’s prominence in the business. This model, however, differs from the others on our list in that it combines a manual and electric sharpening procedure, thus the hybrid in the name.

The overall white top and black base design, together with its small construction, make it a timeless complement to any contemporary kitchen. This approach is intended to provide you with a high level of control over the sharpening process.

It works by first grinding the blade and then finishing with a manual honing phase. The objective is to initially chip off steel or metal with forceful grinding in order for humans to handle the more sophisticated honing stage. In other words, you decide when to stop cleaning the blades to avoid excessive chipping, which is common with many electric sharpeners.

The Hybrid Hone Knife Sharpener has a crisscross-patterned grinding wheel comprised of 100% diamond abrasive material. This one-of-a-kind mechanism guarantees that your knife’s blade is razor sharp, with plenty of bites from the wheels.

This semi-electric device can sharpen a wide range of knives, including serrated blades. It comes with a one-year guarantee, so you can be certain that it will not break apart a few weeks after you buy it.


  • Sharpening wheels that are crisscrossed provide greater results.
  • The grinding slots have a set angle.


  • There is no all-electric option.

6. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener


Are you looking for the best electric knife sharpener for ceramic knives? This electric sharpener with diamond abrasives from Shenzen Knives might be just what you’re looking for. It can remove chips as small as 1mm from ceramic blades. Yet, since most individuals do not possess just one kind of knife, this tool is also ideal for sharpening stainless steel blades. Hence, if you possess both ceramic and stainless steel knives, this tool will be useful for maintaining your various blades in great condition.

This gadget has a cartridge with two sharpening wheels. Since the cartridge is removable, it is simple to change and clean. The cartridge includes two sharpening stones: a 600 grit stone for rougher sharpening and an 800 grit stone for honing or more sophisticated sharpening. Both stones are diamond grinding stones, which makes them very efficient.

Many knife sharpeners are ineffective when it comes to sharpening near knife handles. To address this issue, the slots on this model have been elevated to fit the parts of blades that are difficult to reach and sharpen. As a consequence, the knife blades are razor sharp from the handle to the tip.

This electric knife sharpener is designed differently than other traditional models. It is both modern and adorable, making it a stylish addition to your kitchen.


  • Sharpening cartridges that may be removed and replaced
  • Abrasive sharpening stones made of diamond
  • Contains fine and coarse grits for sharpening.
  • Removes 1mm deep chips with ease.
  • Sharpens knives near the handle that are tough to reach.


  • Serrated blades, scissors, and outdoor knives such as hunting knives, pocket knives, and folding knives are not recommended.

7. Chef’sChoice 120 EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener


To obtain professional-level sharpening from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to be a professional or visit one. Chefs Choice’s EdgeSelect 120 Electric Knife Sharpener offers your knife’s edge an outstanding polish every time.

True, this device does not convert your knife to a 15-degree bevel angle, but it is not a defect since it was not designed for that purpose. You know, not every knife edge has to be that thin. Thus, if you’re looking for the finest electric knife sharpener that won’t chip away too much steel from your knife while still keeping it as sharp as they come, this may be the best option.

This model has all 15 Trizor XV model features, including flexible angle guides, 100% diamond abrasives for the first and second stages, and a stropping disc for the final sharpening step. After going through the third stage’s special stropping and polishing, your blades will be razor sharp.

This powerful device has a strong foothold that prevents it from moving about on your work table while in use. Additionally, unlike other models that need extensive training, this one is surprisingly simple to operate, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who are new to using electric knife sharpeners.

Chefs Choice offers a 3-year home warranty on this product. That’s a lengthy warranty term to put your mind at rest. Hence, although you may not receive a razor-sharp blade edge as with the 15 Trizor XV model, you can be certain that this model will last a long time.


  • Extremely efficient
  • Ideal for a variety of blades, including serrated, sports, and butcher’s knives.
  • Provides razor-sharp edges
  • All of the essential features of the Chefs Choice 15 Trizor XV model are included.


  • That is not a portable option.
  • It weighs more than many other models.

8. Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener


Certain knife sharpeners are meant to be not just sleek and contemporary, but also versatile and automated. Work Sharp’s Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener is the pinnacle of such sharpeners. This gadget won the 2018 Innovation Prize for its small form and modern design.

Yet, this sharpening equipment offers more than simply a portable and elegant design (although thats a huge plus for your kitchen aesthetics). This device is ideal if you want the finest electric knife sharpener that can work automatically. It is designed to recognize when it is time to cease sharpening your blades.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t keep a watch on the sharpening process, many sharpeners may chip away at steel and even ruin your knife. However, this is not the case with this auto-sharpener. It has been pre-programmed to shape, sharpen, and polish your knife automatically and to switch off when the blade is sharp enough. All of these steps may be accomplished in 90 seconds or less! All you have to do is press a button, and your knife will be as good as new!

Instead of a fixed abrasive, this electric sharpener employs a flexible belt to provide razor-sharp edges. Utilizing a belt allows you to sharpen many various sorts of blades, such as serrated knives, poultry shears, kitchen scissors, and any high-end exotic steel or even the most basic cutlery.

But that isn’t all. This gadget has a built-in suction to collect all metal fillings and keep your desk and kitchen clean. There is simply no danger of debris getting into your food or other costly kitchen appliances.

As a bonus for purchasing this knife, you will get a ceramic honing rod with angle guides and a MicroForge slot. The rod removes the need for regular knife sharpening, hence extending their lives.


  • Design that is both sleek and small
  • After sharpening, it automatically shuts off.
  • Very adaptable
  • Sharpening belt using a flexible abrasive belt
  • A ceramic honing rod is included.
  • The integrated vacuum keeps the workplace clean.


  • Sharpening knives that do not fit into a 17-degree angle guide requires a separate purchase and installation.

9. Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener


It is no wonder that this electric sharpener is at the top of almost all internet evaluations since it is the result of a collaboration between two industry titans, Wusthof and Chefs Choice. Other models struggle to match the characteristics of this sharpener, as expected.

This model has a grey and steel accent with a sleek style that would complement any modern kitchen. It has Precision Edge Technology (PETech), which allows you to re-profile blade edges into 14-degree bevel edges. It has three holes for sharpening in three stages. The first slot is for coarse grinding using diamond abrasives, while the second slot is for honing the blades. The last slot and stage employ a stropping disc to finely polish the blades.

Each slot features a flexible angle guide to help you keep the knife at the proper angle. This removes the need for tedious measurements or educated guesses. Push the knife gently into each slot, then let the angle guide do the rest.

When it comes to providing high-precision sharpening, this is an excellent pick and the finest electric knife sharpener. It is a wonderful investment that is designed to exceed consumers’ expectations.


  • Modern style
  • Sharpening in three stages
  • Angle guide that is flexible


  • Not recommended for hunting knives, pocket knives, or other thick knives.

10. Chef’sChoice 320 Compact Electric Knife Sharpener


The fact is that not everyone wants a large appliance in their kitchen, particularly one that is seldom used. If you’re seeking for the finest electric knife sharpener that’s also portable, this could be your best bet. With a weight of about 1.25 pounds, this sharpener is very light and portable.

The Chefs Choice 320 model is built to last and delivers quick results. It needs 110 volts to function properly. Instead of three slots, as is typical of most Chefs Choice sharpeners, this one has just two crucial slots as a trade-off for its small size.

The included spaces, however, are the most important. The first slot contains just diamond abrasives, while the second slot contains stropping materials for honing the blades. The end product is a razor-sharpened blade that has been finely smoothed.

This little sharpener is quite useful. It may be used to sharpen a variety of knives, including culinary, sports, pocket, and serrated blade knives. Precision guides on each slot have special built-in elastomeric springs. This allows them to hold knife blades at exact angles throughout the sharpening process.

This is an excellent pick, particularly if you want something portable from Chefs Choice with all of the necessary features. With over 4,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, you may be certain that this electric knife sharpener will perform as promised.


  • The construction is quite compact.
  • Weigh significantly less than many competing models (1.25 pounds)
  • Sharpening in two stages
  • Simple to use
  • Very adaptable
  • Angle guides have elastomeric springs built in for flexibility.
  • The sharpening disc is made entirely of diamond abrasives.


  • Diamond abrasives may make it unsuitable for sensitive knives.

Buying Tips

Purchasing an electric knife sharpener entails more than just purchasing the first flashy equipment you see. Of course, electric sharpeners are superior than steel rods or sharpening stones, but not all are created equal. Here are some crucial considerations to make before selecting one of these tools.


Knives, like electric knife sharpeners, are inherently dangerous. As a result, when purchasing an electric knife sharpener, safety should be your main priority. You don’t want a knife to cut your fingers, so get a knife sharpener that will save your hand from being scraped or harmed. A model with a strategically placed protective feature is the finest electric knife sharpener. Regardless matter how elegant and sophisticated a sharpener seems, it is recommended to avoid it if it lacks a protective function.

Knife Compatibility

It might be irritating to bring home a brand new contemporary knife sharpener only to realize that it is incapable of sharpening your knife! In reality, not all sharpeners are designed to sharpen all sorts of knives. Of sure, some models do, but it would be a mistake to think that every electric knife sharpener is suitable for all blades. When you buy, be sure the tool can sharpen your knife, particularly if you want to use it on knives with thin blades, serrated knife blades, curved blades, or outdoor knives.


Use electric knife sharpeners that have at least two sharpening phases. Since the blades are initially formed with rougher abrasives before being smoothened in following stages, multiple-stage sharpeners provide superior results. A multi-stage sharpening technique, in addition to producing a better finish, may extend the life of the blade. It is OK to choose two or more steps. Nonetheless, it is preferable to avoid alternatives that only have one sharpening level.


Designs with several slots, on the other hand, provide additional versatility. One of the slots may be used to remove burrs, while the others can be used to clean and sharpen the blade.

Wheel Material

The material used to make the sharpening wheel of an electric sharpener determines its efficacy. Steel, stones, diamonds, and even specifically designed abrasive belts are used by some. These materials have advantages and disadvantages, but diamond abrasives are thought to be the best for sharpening blades. But, if you have sensitive blades, diamond is not the ideal material to use.

Sharpening Tips

Do not be concerned if this is your first time purchasing an electric knife sharpener or trying to sharpen your blades yourself. Most sharpeners are made with the user’s safety in mind, so you’re not in any imminent risk. Nonetheless, here are a few pointers to help you get the most of your investment.

  1. First and foremost, it is critical to remain focused throughout the whole procedure. These tools might grind off more steel than you desire, reducing the longevity of your knife. Maintain your focus on the process.
  2. It is critical to check that the blade will fit into the slots before turning on the machine. If the blades do not fit through, you will not achieve a flawless outcome.
  3. Begin with the coarsest stone. This will remove burrs before progressing to finer grits. Additionally, start sharpening from the heel and work your way up to the tip.
  4. For the greatest results, run the blade through the machine twice.
  5. Whether the sharpener has a magnet or not, always rinse and dry the knife after sharpening. Do not put your knife in the dishwasher. While quality dishwashers can clean most kitchen items, they may reduce the lifetime of your knives.


What is the best knife sharpener in 2022?

Our Favorite Knife Sharpeners
Overall winner (and best electric knife sharpener): Presto Electric Sharpener EverSharp.
Kyocera Ceramic Sharpening Rod is the best honing rod.
Kitchen IQ Edge Grip is the best budget sharpener.
Nov 18, 2022

What is the highest rated knife sharpener?

Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener – Elite is the best overall.
Best Electric: Sharp Work Onion, Ken.
Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 is the best pocket knife.
Smith’s Arkansas Stone is the best sharpening stone.
Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is the best knife sharpener for kitchen knives.
Keenbest Sharpening Stone is the best whetstone.
Bacher has the best strop.
More recently…•7 days ago

What do professionals use to sharpen knives?

“A sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone, is generally used by professional cooks to sharpen knives, razors, scrapers, and other tools.” He notes that “they may be constructed to need either water or oil for lubrication, which also helps to remove or wash away the metal that comes off the edge of the instruments during sharpening.”

Which knife sharpener does Gordon Ramsay use?

Royal Doulton® Maze 9-Inch Sharpening Steel by Gordon Ramsay.

What knife sharpener does Ina Garten use?

Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, third. Of course, any excellent knife necessitates the use of a decent knife sharpener! This heavy-duty, two-stage electric sharpener, recommended by Ina, will leave your knives sharper than when you initially got them.

Are electric knife sharpeners worth it?

complete the task Quick method; electric sharpeners work well. There is no need to do anything manually; these sharpeners function automatically and may deliver excellent results for restoring the sharpness of your blades. Those seeking a no-fuss solution

Should I use 6000 or 1000 to sharpen a knife?

The most typical general sharpening granulation (to put a fresh edge on a dull knife) is #1000 grit, whereas #6000 grit is a fine granulation for the finishing edge and final polish of the blade.

Which is better diamond or ceramic knife sharpener?

Ceramic rods have the ability to sharpen, and the higher grits are excellent for polishing a completed edge. Diamond sharpeners are quite aggressive and are ideal for swiftly fixing or resetting an edge to a new angle. Diamond sharpening substance eliminates steel significantly quicker than conventional sharpening products.

What do butchers sharpen their knives with?

You may be a fantastic chef or butcher, but you may need the services of a professional sharpener to maintain your edge in top shape. Check to see whether these pros are sharpening your blades with water-stones or oil-stones.

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