Top Kitchen Food Dehydrators in 2022

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Food dehydrators are fantastic gadgets. They may assist you in eating better while also reducing waste or conserving the wealth of a garden or CSA share. The ability to prepare anything from jerky to fruit leather or dried herbs in your own kitchen is a game changer, and selecting the finest food dehydrator for your requirements will only make that work simpler.

Whether you want to increase your beef jerky intake, make homemade apple chips or fruit leather, or replace your spice closet with house dried herbs from your garden, there is a food dehydrator on our list for you!

Top 6 Best Food Dehydrators!

Whether you are new to drying food or have been using dehydrators for a long and want to upgrade, this list has a choice for you.

From all-purpose versions like the Cosori 6-Tray Dehydrator to professional units like the Excaliber and budget alternatives like the Presto Dehydro, if you’re wanting to add a dehydrator to your kitchen arsenal, this list may help.

While shopping for a dehydrator, keep in mind that food shrinks as it dehydrates, so you’ll probably need a bigger choice than you’d think. This is particularly true if you want to use your dehydrator extensively throughout your weekly meal preparation. Choosing a bigger size to begin with may frequently save you a lot of trouble later on, particularly if the choice you select can grow to handle greater volumes of food, such as stacking machines.

Best Overall: Cosori Premium 6 Tray Food Dehydrator


  • 6 tray capacity is rather large.
  • a powerful fan
  • Temperature regulation through digital
  • Trays that can be washed in the dishwasher
  • It may run for up to 48 hours.


  • The large size makes storage problematic.
  • It is tough to clean the inside of the oven chamber.

Using the Cosori Food Dehydrator:

With its heating element, this dehydrator allows you to manufacture big quantities of dried meals without having to worry with the trays or rotate the product. The Cosori 6 Tray Food Dehydrator is an excellent piece of kitchen equipment. With a huge 6-tray capacity and a convection fan on the back,

Tray dehydrators are among of my favorite kinds of dehydrators to use since they are simple to load and produce extremely nice-looking fruit leather or garnishes without the need for a circular profile. I prefer to use dehydrator liners, and the Cosori Food Dehydrator works well with both regular paper liners and custom-fit silicone liners for soups and fruit leathers.

The Cosori model has six stainless steel racks as well as six plastic liners to protect tiny materials from slipping through while they dry. This is extremely beneficial for creating vegetable chips or crispy dehydrated garlic, among other treats.

To dehydrate meals in the Cosori Dehydrator, just place the items on the stainless steel tray, liner or not, and place it in the oven. The glass door allows you to see the product as it dehydrates, allowing you to know when the food is done without having to open the door.

tastes.temperature settings for different components, however these suggestions will be fine-tuned to your demands over time. When you’ve loaded the product, you may configure the digital thermostat and timer to your liking. The Cosori dehydrator’s user handbook includes a chart with typical time intervals.

texture. The mats and trays are dishwasher safe, however it is advisable to hand-wash them with non-abrasive detergents to maintain them in good working order. After your vegetable chips or beef jerky has reached the ideal amount of crispiness, take it from the oven and store it in airtight containers to preserve the taste.

huge bowl that may be used to assist speed up the proofing stage for bread or to retain milk at the right temperature for producing yogurt. baked foods. If the trays are removed, a medium may be accommodated. One advantage of the Cosori oven’s huge chamber capacity is its potential to act as a proofing box or fermentation chamber for foods like yogurt or bread.

Best Stackable Tray Unit: Hamilton Beach Digital Food Dehydrator


  • It conveniently fits into drawers or cabinets.
  • Construction is dishwasher safe.
  • Control Panel and Digital Display
  • Rectangle Shape


  • Food dehydrates unevenly across platters.

Using the Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator:

In terms of general design, the Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator offers the best of both worlds. Although this type is a stackable device that can easily fit into a cabinet or drawer, its rectangular form and digital display make it simple to load and operate.

The Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator is simple to operate and scale based on batch size, with a heating element and a digital display. If you simply need to dehydrate enough food for yourself or a buddy, 1-2 trays should enough. If you want to produce enough beef jerky or vegetable chips for your whole family, though, you may increase the number of trays you use to meet the bigger batch size. Featuring a bottom-mounted fan

Due of the bottom-mounted heating source, it is essential to rotate the trays during the dehydration process to ensure equal, consistent results. Because of the design of tray-style, stacking versions like the Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator, food on the bottom trays dehydrates faster, while food on the higher trays takes longer to dry.

You can achieve ultra crispy, uniformly dehydrated items by turning the trays every hour or so. After your food has reached the desired crispness level, remove the trays one at a time and leave the other items to continue dehydrating. This can be excellent, particularly if you’re yearning some beef jerky or apple chips, but it also means you could consume most of the batch before it’s completed drying, so use caution.

Since the stackable, dehydrating trays are dishwasher safe, you can easily toss them into the dishwasher when you’ve done using them. When it comes to stainless steel appliances, I prefer to hand-wash them to help protect the sheen and prevent corrosion. Nevertheless, with high-temp plastics like the Hamilton Beach dehydrator trays, this isn’t essential, and it’s sometimes preferable to run them through the dishwasher.

Overall, if you want a dehydrator that can rapidly grow to a big batch size and store comfortably under your countertop or in a drawer, the Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator is an excellent choice. The Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator is simple to use, thanks to its rectangular form, digital control screen, and easy-to-clean trays.

Best Budget Model: Presto Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator


  • Low Price
  • Because of its small size, it is simple to store.
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Transparent lid


  • Food dehydrates unevenly across platters.
  • There is no power button.
  • There is no temperature control.

Using the Presto Dehydro Foood Dehydrator

The Presto Dehydro’s on/off switch makes it exceedingly simple to dehydrate practically any food you can think of. Go no farther than the Presto Dehydro if you want an amazingly basic and uncomplicated food dehydrator. With just one temperature setting and no on/off switch

Just fill the trays with your items, stack them on the dehydrator base, then cover the uppermost tray with the see-through lid to use the Presto Dehdyro. Next, turn on the dehydrator and wait until your food has reached the desired amount of dehydration.

Jerky with vegetable chips. Although many more costly dehydrators include temperature controls that enable you to fine-tune your dehydration timetable, the Presto Dehdyro maintains a constant temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this may be a little high for more delicate components, it is certainly suitable for virtually all meals, particularly the ones you’ll be dehydrating the most if you prefer fruit.

Due of the stackable tray-style construction, the trays must be rotated during the dehydration process. Because of the bottom-mounted fan and heating element, this is a regular problem with tray-style dehydrators. I try to move the trays of the Presto Deyhdro food dehydrator every hour or so to encourage equal drying. It is not strictly required to rotate your trays; just remove the ingredients from the bottom trays sooner than the higher trays.

Overall, the Presto Dehydro is a fantastic small dehydrator, particularly if you want to start dehydrating your own foods but don’t want to invest a lot of money. Although more costly versions offer features like as a digital display, bigger capacity, and temperature control, the Presto Dehydro is perfect for creating vegetable chips or fruit leather for only 1-2 people.

Best Large Capacity: Excaliber 9 Tray Food Dehydrator


  • 9 tray capacity is extra-large.
  • Strong Engine
  • Dishwasher-Friendly Trays
  • Building of Professional Quality


  • Extra-large footprint
  • Temperature controls that are analog
  • The cover design is difficult to utilize. Door

Using the Excalibur Food Dehydrator:

The Excaliber 9 Tray food drying system is a big or professional-grade model dehydrator in my opinion. Although obtaining this attachment for your house is entirely conceivable, it is enormous and ideally suited to a countertop placement, which is not always accessible for individuals with smaller kitchens.

Whether you want to make apple chips or yogurt, this is the dehydrator for you. The Excaliber Dehydrator has a footprint of 19x17x12.5, implying a total capacity of around 15 square feet. If you need a huge dehydrator to tackle major undertakings like preparing pounds of jerky or bags of bananas, look no further.

The Excalibur, with a temperature range of 110-165f, is designed to handle a wide variety of foods and recipes. The Excalibur Food Dehydrator is designed to handle everything you put at it, from low temperature things like vegetable chips or fruit leathers to higher temperature activities like jerky manufacture or even yogurt churning.

cover. This machine features a detachable door panel that hangs from the top of the dehydrator when closed because it has vertically stacked trays that are loaded from the front of the unit. The Excaliburs lid is a bit more difficult to be seated than other hinged door dehydrator models. Also, if bumped or irritated during the dehydration stage, it may fall off. The door is one of the most inconvenient aspects of this dehydrator.

Using the Excalibur Dehydrator is a simple procedure. Just fill the drying racks with materials, place them in the dehydrator, and gently hang the cover from the front. Adjust the temperature knob to the appropriate temperature and leave the food to dry until it is done to your liking.

The rear-mounted heating element and fan eliminate the need to rotate the trays while the food dehydrates, which may be beneficial. Nevertheless, since the Excalibur lacks a timer, you’ll need to keep an eye on the doneness of your components to ensure they don’t overcook.

Overall, the Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator is a wonderful choice for someone who expects to make a lot of dehydrated foods and has enough counter space to leave it on all the time. Due of its big size, it is not designed for closet or drawer storage, so you will need to locate a permanent location for it if you want to use it often.

Best Old School Design: Nesco GardenMaster


  • Reliable brand with decades of expertise in the construction of food dehydrators
  • expandability Huge dimensions
  • A powerful motor


  • Clean edges are difficult to achieve with circular trays.
  • The level of noise

Using the Nesco Garden Master:

Nesco has been manufacturing food dehydrators for a long time, and the Nesco dehydrator is now associated with home food dehydrators for many people.

Even after all these years, they haven’t altered much about their design or, at the very least, their general look. The Nesco Garden Master includes all of the trademarks of the Nesco design, including a white finish and a modular stacking mechanism that allows for simple expansion for bigger quantities.

The Nesco Food Dehydrator is one of the simplest models to use on our list, with a bottom-mounted fan and an easy-to-use Temperature Selection Knob, and with a 1000w motor, it can surely handle a lot of food at once.

Despite its round appearance, the Nesco Garden Master makes dehydrating your ingredients simple. Load as many trays as you need with banana chips, apples, jerky, or anything else you want to dry. Fill as many as you need, then place them in the Garden Master dehydrator.

Food at the top of the stack will cook quicker than stuff at the bottom. To guarantee consistent drying, alternate your components during the dehydration process. After the trays are filled, close the lid and turn the temperature selection knob to the desired temperature setting. Since the Nesco GardenMaster lacks a timer feature, you will need to keep track of the time manually. Moreover, because to the stacking design, food near the bottom will be closer to the heating source.

After your fruit chips or snacks are finished dehydrating, store them in an airtight container. Dehydrated food can keep for 7 days if kept dry and airtight. If you want to retain dried ingredients for an extended period of time, you may want to invest in desiccant packets, which help wick away excess moisture before it has a chance to impair the quality of your cuisine.

Best Air Fryer/Multi-Function Model: Chefman 6.3 Quart Air Fryer/Dehydrator


  • Control panel with a Touch Screen
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Dishwasher Friendly


  • Batch Size Is Small There are just two racks.

Check out our Chefman Air Fryer Comparison here, but my favorite model from that list is the Chefman 6.3 quart digital air fryer oven. If you want a complete overview of the Chefman air fryer ovens, go here.

This model air fryer is the ideal size for practically any family; it can handle a large amount of food at once and is very simple to operate owing to its 8 preset features, digital control panel, and front-loading design. This air fryer works well as a dehydrator because of its exact temperature control and auto-shutoff, making it easy to prepare reliably crispy dried food with minimum effort.

Set the timer to the appropriate settings. All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the dehydrator to do its work! Just stack your items onto the two front-loading oven racks and slide them into the air fryer oven to activate the dehydrating function. Set the dehydrator function and temperature on the control panel.

Despite its modest size, this is an excellent dehydrator. Most purpose-built dehydrators have a much higher capacity than an air fryer since the heating element for dehydrators takes up less space due to the lower power needs. s Larger, higher-powered fans and heating components need more space in the oven chamber, leaving less room for racks and ingredients.

I prefer combination cookers like air fryers since they can produce so many varied outcomes from an one appliance. Although I wish this model had a bigger capacity so that I could dehydrate more items at once, it is very amazing to be able to discover an appliance that can do so many various things properly.

How To Choose a Food Dehydrator.

Although today’s appliances are sleeker, probably better constructed, and frequently safer, the basic technology of food dehydrators hasn’t evolved all that much over the last several decades.

All food dehydrators are basically low-temperature convection ovens at their core. Dehydrators may progressively eliminate the natural moisture in foods by circulating regulated hot air around the cooking chamber, concentrating taste and generating distinct textures and flavors.

There is a food dehydrator for everyone, no matter how big or little your kitchen is. As you begin your search, it is important to examine a few criteria to ensure you choose the greatest choice for your lifestyle and available space.


Stackable devices that fit easily in a cabinet or drawer to bigger oven-style units that are supposed to be permanently installed on a tabletop. Food dehydrators come in a variety of sizes, from little to large.

Based on your available space and dehydration timetable, you may choose one or the other. It is critical to determine how often you will dehydrate and how many people you will try to feed.

Fruit snacks. Although Jery will lose weight due to dehydration, fruits and vegetables will shrink significantly towards the conclusion of the drying process due to their high water content. Most novice dehydrator users are typically shocked at how much room is required to produce an acceptable quantity of any dry food, particularly vegetables.

When buying an equipment like a dehydrator, I’ve always felt it’s wise to err on the side of caution, particularly if you want to use your dehydrator to feed your family. Bigger models or stackable units enable you to scale to the quantity of food you wish to create, but smaller ones are ideal for 1-2 people who enjoy dry foods on occasion.


rectangular. This is mostly due to the fact that the trays must readily slide in and out, making square alternatives the best overall. Stackable units, on the other hand, are available in both rectangular and circular configurations. Oven-style models are usually often square.

A fan serves as the foundation, with food trays placed on top. Stackable models are ideal since they are frequently less costly and enable you to scale the unit size to whatever batch size you are producing at the moment. When most people think of food dehydrators, they envision a circular stackable device with an oven.

So it basically boils down to personal choice. Food dehydrators work in the same way regardless of style.


Other from dehydrating food fast and effectively, food dehydrators now come with a variety of other features. Whether you want a digital display, wifi connectivity, or the capacity to produce yogurt or even proof bread, there is a food dehydrator that will meet your needs.

The majority of air fryers also include a dehydrating function. Although they sometimes have a significantly lower capacity than

Nevertheless, if all you want is a food dehydrator that makes it simple to create superb jerky, fruit leather, or dried herbs, there are many of alternatives.

Final Thoughts.

Whether you want to use a dehydrator to make vegetable chips, beef jerky, or preserve the abundance of your garden, doing your homework before purchasing can assist guarantee you acquire the ideal model for your purposes.

When you buy a food dehydrator, consider how many people you are cooking for, how much dried food you consume every week, and how much kitchen space you are prepared to allocate to it.

If you have a favorite dehydrated recipe, please share it in the comments section below!


Which is the best home food dehydrator?

2023’s Best Food Dehydrators
Overall, the best value. Nesco Digital Food Dehydrator in Stainless Steel. 6.5 ft2 tray capacity… Runner-up. Cosori Premium is a premium brand. 6.5 ft2 tray capacity… Finest Top-End Model. SAHARA, Brod, and Taylor. 11 ft2 tray capacity… Affordable Choice. Nesco Snackmaster 75…. Highest Capacity. Premium Pro by Cosori.
Feb 28, 2023

What is the number one food dehydrator?

The best overall

In our testing, the Magic Mill dehydrator scored high grades for simplicity of use, design, performance, ease of cleaning, and noise. The Magic Mill is silent, easy to use, and can be fully cleaned so that the food dehydrated in one batch does not contaminate the next.

Why is Excalibur dehydrator so special?

Excalibur’s Adjustable Thermostat enables HyperwaveTM Fluctuation (varying heat throughout the drying cycle) for quicker, better, and safer dried foods. The surface moisture evaporates as the temperature rises. The interior moisture then travels to the dry surface when the temperature drops.

Is a square or round dehydrator better?

The majority of dehydrator trays are spherical with a hole in the center. As compared to a square tray with no hole in the center, the hole in the middle and round form diminish capacity per tray by 20% to 45 percent.

How do I pick a food dehydrator?

7 Features to Look for in a Food Dehydrator Nutritional Value is Retained…. Fruit and Vegetables are Preserved Longer…. Easy and Cost Efficient.
Stacking Trays May Increase Capacity…. Shelves Can Make Checking for Doneness Easier.
Seek for an Even Airflow System…. Use an Adjustable Thermostat to Keep Temperatures Consistent.
Additional information…•September 9, 2015

Is it worth buying a food dehydrator?

Dehydrated food has a lengthy shelf life, making it perfect for emergencies. You don’t have to prepare it, cook it, or deal with dirty dishes. This means it’s ready to travel at any moment and in any weather. It’s also lightweight, so you can carry a lot with you without weighing yourself down if you need to go.

Is the Excalibur dehydrator worth it?

9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator Excalibur 3926TCDB

This Excalibur model is unrivaled for a large-capacity dehydrator. It worked well in all of our testing, and although its massive size made it difficult to maneuver, its trays were dishwasher-safe and simple to clean.

Where is the best place to put a dehydrator?

High interior humidity, air conditioning, or winds may all affect how long it takes to dehydrate items. Set up your dehydrator in a dry, warm location away from air vents and windows.

Do dehydrators use a lot of electricity?

Most big dehydrators utilize one kWh or less per hour.

What are the disadvantages of dehydrator?

Dehydrated foods have a greater calorie content by weight and, depending on the meal, might be rich in salt and carbohydrates. Certain nutrients, in excess, may induce weight gain and raise your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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