Top Steak Knives

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Nothing is more annoying than sitting down to a lovely steak meal and realizing that your standard set of knives is incapable of cutting through a thick piece of steak.

Having a good set of steak knives on hand isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Steak knives may be used to cut a variety of different meats and meals, although many people still use standard butter or table knives to do so.

A good pair of steak knives will not only help you cut your meal, but will also spruce up your table and make an excellent present for foodies. Each home will enjoy the ideal pair of steak knives.

If you’re not sure what to look for, check out our list of the finest steak knives to discover more about what made the cut.

7 Best Steak Knives for Your Kitchen Block

1. Laguiole en Aubrac Steak Knives, Mixed French Woods Handles

If you want true, heirloom-quality steak knives, go no further than these Laguiole French wood-handled knives. Each knife has a high-performance Sandvik stainless steel blade and a mixed French wood handle, making it a precious piece of art.

Every knife is handcrafted by a single artisan in the French community of Laguiole in Aubrac, rather than by a machine. When you buy this set, you will get six heritage knives, each with a distinct wood handle (including boxwood, apple, olive, plume, juniper, and walnut). Each blade is razor-sharp and resistant to rust.

The shepherd’s cross is etched on each handle, as is a bee towards the top of the spring plate. The knives are not only gorgeous, but they are also incredibly balanced and designed to withstand several usage.

These knives, which come in high-quality wooden gift boxes, are excellent presents for any cook.

What We Enjoyed:

  • It comes in a lovely wooden display box.
  • Sets of six are available.
  • These knives make an excellent present due to their handcrafted French wood handles.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Option that is very expensive

2. WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON High-Carbon StainlessSteel 4 Piece Steak Knife Set


The Wusthof Classic Ikon Knives are among the most stylish and elegant steak knives available. Each set includes four stainless steel steak knives. Each set is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee and is precisely constructed to withstand dulling and corrosion.

Wusthof is a corporation to be aware of. It has been in the family for more than seven generations and was started more than 200 years ago in Solingen, Germany. The firm provides some of the highest-quality cutlery available, including knives that are 20% sharper than rivals.

This knife set has a practical narrow bolster design for a lightweight feel. With an ergonomically balanced grip that fits securely in your hand, you can sharpen and utilize the whole blade. The knives are individually forged from a single piece of stainless steel and include an etched emblem, so you know you’re receiving the finest. Before being mailed to you, each one is hand-polished using a special disc.

What We Enjoyed:

  • Beautiful silver finish and high-carbon German steel knives
  • Full-tang structure and a bolstered design
  • A lifetime warranty is included.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Not the best case scenario provided

3. Enso HD 6-piece Steak Knife Set


This Enso set is another excellent choice for steak knives. These knives contain VG-10 steel cutting cores and are available in two-, four-, and six-piece combinations. Each knife has a black canvas micarta handle providing a comparable appearance and feel to wood but without the danger of breaking.

Each knife is heat-treated to a Rockwell scale of 61 before being hand-ground for a 12 cutting angle. The handle has a simple and safe full tang design, as well as being entirely encased for increased durability and strength.

Moreover, these knives have 37-layer stainless Damascus blades with a hammered finish. These are made by hand in Japan and come with a lifetime guarantee. These knives feature double bevel edges and are suitable for both right and left-handed users.

What We Enjoyed:

  • It has twin beveled edges.
  • It has a VG-10 steel cutting core.
  • A lifetime warranty is provided.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • easily harmed

4. Bellemain Premium Steak Knife Set


If you want rust-free blades with a surgical polish, this premium set of steak knives from Bellemain is one of the finest. These knives are developed exclusively for steak aficionados and provide the highest degree of sharpness!

The knives are made of ice-tempered steel, which keeps its edge longer than heat-tempered steel. They have finely made five-inch precision-cut edges that let you to easily cut steaks and other materials.

The knives are ergonomically constructed to provide an air of sophistication to your dinner. They boast a full-tang construction for increased robustness, so you won’t be breaking your knives in two anytime soon.

While they are theoretically dishwasher safe, the manufacturer suggests handwashing these knives to optimize their lifetime.

What We Enjoyed:

  • ergonomically designed handles
  • The design is full-tang.
  • Serrated razor-sharp edges are ideal for chopping meat.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • There is no presentation box or carrying case included.

5. Wallop Senior Steak Knives Set of 4 


This Wallop set of four steak knives is one of the finest to consider. Wallop offers a variety of knives, including bread knives, serrated knives, straight-edge knives, paring knives, and others. Even poultry shears are manufactured by the firm! With such diversity, it’s evident that Wallop knows its way around a kitchen.

These steak knives are crafted from high-carbon stainless steel. They are of the highest quality, with maximum hardness and stain resistance. Also, they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

While chopping your ingredients, a fine-grinding V edge will provide the best cutting experience. You will, however, achieve the correct blend of elasticity and sharpness for a more pleasant cut.

The ergonomic handles are constructed of Brazil brown wood and have a hand-polished finish for a refined appearance and feel. A unique nail is inserted in the handle for increased strength.

When you purchase this set of steak knives, you will not only get the knives but also a beautiful gift box to help preserve the blades from handle to tip. Each bundle also makes an excellent gift!

What We Enjoyed:

  • Beautiful Brazil brown wood structure.
  • Blades constructed of tough German steel
  • These knives are ideal for a variety of tasks because to their 5 length.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • When compared to the handle, the blade is narrow.

6. J.A. Henckels 39350-000 EverSharp Pro Steak Knife Set 


This J.A. Henckels knife set includes four and a half inch steak knives and is available in four and eight-piece sets. Each knife is composed of solid, high-quality stainless steel and features a precision-stamped single-piece blade design.

These knives never need to be sharpened since they have a robust feel and a micro-serrated edge. They boast a lightweight full tang construction with a conventional triple-rivet grip for comfort and balance. The handle is made of balanced polypropylene and has rust resistant coatings, making it almost unbreakable.

The knives must be hand cleaned to avoid scratches, but they may also be washed in the dishwasher if you take care to keep them apart from other things in the dishwasher.

What We Enjoyed:

  • Design that is versatile and long-lasting
  • It has a useful full tang design.
  • blades 4.5

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Hand washing is required.

7. Homgeek Steak Knife Set


This Homgeek steak knife set is ideal for the home cook. It boasts micro-serrated edges and is produced with some of the greatest workmanship in the world. These knives are not only suitable for cutting steak but can also be used to cut lamb chops, poultry, pig, fruit, and other dishes.

These are a professional-quality pair of knives constructed of 4116 stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. Every knife blade has hand-polished edges that never need to be sharpened. The knives include full-tang blades and triple riveted handles for improved durability and lifespan (no more blade bending while cutting into a thick piece of meat!).

Moreover, these knives are ergonomically engineered for superior control. When you use these knives, you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself. They are comfortable and offer a tight fit to keep fluids and moisture out of your knife’s handle.

Each item comes in a beautiful gift box, making it the ideal present for anybody in your life. They are simple to care for, requiring just hand washing and drying.

What We Enjoyed:

  • The micro-serrated edge is ideal for cutting a variety of foods.
  • To withstand corrosion and rust, the blades include 15% chromium.
  • The razor-sharp, jagged edge effortlessly slices flesh.

Things We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • Dishwasher not recommended

Cut the Nonsense: Here’s How to Find the Best Steak Knives for Your Needs

Edge Type

Consider the blade type of your steak knives before you begin shopping for them. Plain-edged knives aren’t really traditional, but they’re becoming more fashionable. They are razor sharp and simple to sharpen, and are often referred to as straight-edged knives (a necessary feature, since they dull quickly).

You might also go for a set of serrated steak knives. They are the edges that resemble small teeth, much like a jaw. Since the grooves between the teeth are never visible to your plate, steak knives with serrated edges will keep sharper for longer.

A micro-serrated blade is another possibility. Lower-end steak knives often have micro-serrated blades. While they are not suitable for consumers looking to make a multi-year investment in steak knives, they may nevertheless get the job done properly at a fair price. Just remember that they cannot be sharpened.


Next, evaluate the material of your steak knives. Stainless steel is often the material of choice, although there are many distinct types of stainless steel, each with unique properties. If you choose a more costly set of steak knives, you will be receiving ones manufactured of branded stainless steel, which has extra durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel with a high carbon content is another possibility. It is significantly lighter and easy to sharpen.


Grind is probably a phrase you’re not acquainted with, but it simply refers to how your knife is thinned to give a sharp cutting edge. The majority of steak knives have a hollow grind that forms a V-shape. It’s ideal for easily slicing into meat.

There are, however, steak knives with completely flat grinds. They aren’t as sharp, but they’re easy to sharpen and provide more strength.


Consider the handles on your steak knives next. Traditionally, steak knife handles are riveted to the complete tang of the blade, although there are various choices.

Traditional handles are often constructed of plastic or wood and are held in place by three rivets. They are ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably in your hand and avoid slippage. Others have complete bolsters that form a connection between the blade and handle to decrease the possibility of you cutting yourself.

A Japanese handle or a modern candle are two more options. They are constructed of plastic or wood and are flatter and thinner than typical handles. They aren’t as ergonomic, but after you get accustomed to them, you’ll notice that you can make better, cleaner cuts.

How the Right Set of Steak Knives Can Make a World of Difference

There are various reasons why you should get a set of steak knives for your kitchen.

To begin with, steak knives typically have significantly sharper blades than other kitchen tools. These blades are precision-crafted to let you slice through your steak like butter with minimal effort. Excellent steak knives are also simpler to handle and balance, allowing you to cut your meat naturally and smoothly while conversing.

They are strong, safe, and appealing.

What isn’t to love?

If you don’t already have a set of the finest steak knives in your kitchen, now is the time to start looking.



Which best steak knives?

Best Overall: Amazon’s Laguiole en Aubrac 4-Piece Steak Knife Set.
Amazon has the best price for the Messermeister Steak Knife Set.
Amazon has the best serrated: Zwilling Henckels Knife Set.
Dalstrong Steak Knives Set at Amazon is the best for thick cuts.
Nordstrom has the best modern: material table knives.
Best Day to Splurge: February 9, 2023

Are steak knives better serrated or not?

Serrated steak knives are the obvious winner in terms of performance. Their strong serrations allow them to quickly grab and tear through meat, but non-serrated knives might struggle to cut through without ripping or tearing the flesh.

What size steak knife is best?

Blade size is also a personal choice when it comes to steak knives. A smaller blade, according to several experts, is more useful for cutting a steak. If you want a shorter knife, look for blades that are 4″ to 5″ long.

Why are Wusthof steak knives so expensive?

Mostly because of brand reputation, although the reputation is generally warranted in this situation. Wusthof produces high-quality blades from high-carbon steel.

What knife does Gordon Ramsay use?

Ramsay favors Henckels knives, a German-style brand, according to MasterClass.

What steak knives does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay utilizes Wüsthof and Henckels knives; the brands are noted for their high quality and are two of the top knife makers in the world.

How do I choose a steak knife?

A decent steak knife set must be medium weight, which is achieved in part by using a full tang.
The best set contains the following characteristics:
A blade with serrations.
A comfortable grip.
A whole tang.
Stainless steel construction.
A Rockwell hardness of at least 50.
A healthy weight.

What to look for in a quality steak knife?

The Standards: What to Look for in a Steak Knife Set

A good steak knife, like a good kitchen knife, should be sharp, comfortable in your hand, well-balanced, and durable. You don’t want to be sawing and ripping away with a weak knife at an expensive, nicely cooked steak.

Do plates dull steak knives?

Avoid using your knife on glass, granite, marble, or ceramic surfaces. These materials are significantly tougher than steel and will erode the edge of your knife. A short cut on a porcelain dinner plate, a marble cheese board, or a granite countertop may all dull your knife.

Are Zwilling and Henckels the same company?

They are, in essence, two brands owned by the same firm, Zwilling JA Henckels. They are also of varying grades. Zwilling is the company’s luxury brand, whereas Henckels, often known as JA Henckels or Henckels International, is its entry-level brand.

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